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Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast XXII Honors

Kid Rock


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Kid Rock

Kevin Cronin From Reo Speedwagon

pg.20 Jean-Paul Gaster From Clutch


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“That was a moment” ALYSSA SIMMONS

Neil Sever

By Bob Bauer

By Eric Harabadian

They are the men and women that toil in the shadows. They are typically the first to arrive and the last to leave when it comes to putting on a live musical event. Being a sound technician means countless hours of slaving over mixing boards, enduring numerous sound checks and sometimes suffering the demands of temperamental musicians and their personnel. But maybe, just maybe, you might get a pat on the back at the end of the night if, the powers that be perceived, you have done a good job.

saw that there was a deficit in the conveyance of the music. The sound was an afterthought back then. In terms of audio gear there were Shure Vocalmasters, Bogen amplifiers and Peavey horns. It wasn’t the same as it is now. Sound and production has gotten a lot bigger than a lot of the organizations now. What you see is the production. You don’t see the actual core anymore. I saw the void and I thought I’d like to try it from the other side. So I’d be working with a Vocalmaster 4 Channel Mixer, trying to make it sound better for the bands. I started out as a sound man for bands in local area places like Dooley’s in Ann Arbor, Uncle Sams, and 24 Karat—this was all in the ‘70s. In 1969, I remember working at a place and a couple gentlemen walked in and wanted to sit in with the band I was working with at the time. Marshall Crenshaw and a number of people were involved. The guys that wanted to sit in were George Duke and Frank Zappa! I didn’t even know who these people were and when they played, it was phenomenal! I got to help the mixer at the time. These types of experiences got me working with very talented people and changed my career right away. I found myself working for Brothers Johnson, Brainstorm, Jimmy Castor Bunch and The Trammps.

Friday August 19th, 2011 is a day my friends and I will never forget. I know it’s a day I’ll always hold close to my heart. I’ve been around this world for 58 years. I’ve seen a lot, been to a lot of places and I’ve done plenty…some would say more than my share. What I am about to tell you is heartfelt, straight from the gut and the absolute truth. Anything good in this life is worth fighting for. Most of the time it’s painful, but the pain is what makes the taste of all the “little victories” all the sweeter. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd as an adult and have always craved the next adventure. I was fortunate enough to break into “Rock Radio” at a time when it was beginning to really take off. In Detroit, I was part of the last “Hurrah!” of historic rocker WABX. I was there almost from the beginning of WLLZ Detroit’s Wheels historic run.

During that conversation, Brian mentioned that he and his brother Mark and their friend and partner, Bijan Moradi had an idea for an internet radio station/social media site and cyber type café. I mentioned that I had just been a part of a project that was looking into marrying terrestrial radio and the internet. The project failed, due in a big part, to terrestrial radios lack of vision and just plain ego…they were wrong. I told them and Jeff Holme that if they were serious, I was in; in for a penny, in for a pound. In May of this year, we opened the Café and started broadcasting live. It was the new start of a brand new day in media. It was, in every sense of the word “historic” and way more than just internet radio.

Along the way, I managed to gain a partner for the first for me. Her name is Theresa Hebert and she is a wonderful addition to what I bring to the table. She is 24 years old, a recent graduate of Michigan State University and is immensely talented. She has opened me up to new music, musical styles, and man can she sing. She helps make the show When guys like Rush Limbaugh and Howard what it is, free and funky”! We work hard, really Stern were blazing the “Talk Radio” trail, I jumped hard, because we “believe” in what we’re a part to News Talk Radio AM1270 WXYT. Actually, I of. got a push when I got fired for the second time in my career. Someone once told me that “You’re That is the story leading up to this; Friday, nobody in this business until you’ve been fired at August 19th, 2011, we all had “a moment” at The least twice”. Funny, I didn’t feel all that special! UDetroit Café/ @ Harmonie Park. With two phone calls, Brian managed to get Dave A little more than two years ago I was reMason and his band and Mark Farner to come united with my old friends Mark down to the Café and be on the show with Theresa and Brian Pastoria. We met, back in the day, when I was at “Wheels” and they were journeymen rockers with Adrenalin & DC Drive. We were all learning our “crafts” at that time, but you would have thought we thought we were “Rock Stars”…and we we’re having a BLAST ! We met back up through, of all place - Facebook. Go figure. To make a long story even longer, I came down to the Harmonie Park Studios to have a look around and see what the brothers had been up to. They showed me around and we

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Rick Derringer, Theresa Hebert, Dave Mason and Bob Bauer

Cont on pg. 23

For professional, live sound mixer, Neil T. Sever, he wouldn’t have it any other way! Oakland County-based Sever has been in the music business long enough to have seen many of the changes that have taken place. Currently, as an Events Production Manager for KLA Laboratories in Dearborn, he is at the top of his game in terms of being a full-service audio/visual specialist. The fifty-something Sever has witnessed much on the local, as well as, the national scene, having worked with everyone from Bob Seger and John Mellencamp to Ke$ha. He recently sat down with Detroit Live for an honest and revealing chat on the makings of a live audio engineer and his take I was also mixing sound at Olympia Stadium when on the state of music, with a unique focus on the I was just 17 years old. It changed my life because now I could participate in music. I loved to play, Motor City itself. but was not up to the caliber of those who I could DLM: Can you talk about your position working at work for. So by working with them, I could be involved in it and participate in something that was KLA Laboratories? very much needed at the time because the sound NS: My official title is “Events Production aspect was always lacking. It needed help and I Manager”, which entails putting together events found my little niche there. It’s been over 40 years for corporations and festivals to make sure their and it’s been great and really enlightening for me organized; but my main objective in all of it, to be able to mix. involves mixing all of the audio, but we also do a lot of video too. The audio is really what I love to DLM: You’ve probably seen a lot of changes in do and the reason I took the job. But we do audio sound reinforcement technology over the years? and visual services for the general Midwest from very small events, with two speakers on a stand, NS: Oh yeah! Right now there are a lot of places where people get trained. They’re a lot more savvy political and big concert venues. with computers than I ever will be, because kids DLM: Have you done things down at Comerica are growing up with computers now. We didn’t have computers, digital memory settings on Park? boards and all the things that we do now. So I’m NS: We installed their sound system and one of my learning at my ripe old age what kids are learning employees runs the sound in-house for the games in kindergarten. It’s a learning experience and it down there. We also do all the special events like makes me smile every day. I love going to work press conferences, Fox Network Live with bands because I’ve got the best job in the world! before commercial breaks and special segments, DLM: You’re probably learning something new clinics and special events at Ford Field. every day? DLM: How did you get started in what you do? NS: Every day whether I like it or not (laughs)! NS: I have been playing instruments ever since The thing is that the whole mindset is to convey I was a wee little tot. I always loved it. I was a what the artists want to the audience. And we don’t drummer. Well….you could call me a drummer. I have a thing, like in the studio, where you able to don’t know if I was a real one but I played in rock say, “ Let’s take that again.” It’s all or nothing on and country bands ever since I was 14. I always the first take. And that’s what I like about mixing live audio. Cont on pg. 23

talked a bit. They told me all about the great ideas they had for what has become The UDetroit Café and

Detroit Live Magazine - Someone has Gotta Rock...Why not you? 7


Photo M.G.Nader

8 Detroit Live Magazine - You know you Love it!


Rob Zombie, Slayer, Taking Back Sunday

By Ryan Carney

The sun had been down for awhile and the crowd was restless after Slayer, but they were beyond ready for Hell to come to Detroit! The lights went down, the crowd roared and the smell of sulfur filled the air and then it was like from the mouth of hell spewed us Rob Zombie! With home town hero, John 5, (of Marilyn Manson fame) as well as Marilyn Manson drummer, Ginger Fish, Rob and his band was perfectly poised to stomp a hole in DTE Energy Music Theater! Playing anything and never been apart or even much less, everything you could want to in separate bands! Getting to hear old hear from White Zombie’s, school TBS songs like, Ghost Man On Thunder Kiss 65, all the way Third and You’re So Last Summer with to Mars Needs Women. The the voices that I first heard sing them was show ran behind schedule a definite treat! Photo Marc Nader due to equipment checks and other technical difficulties, Rob Zombie/Slayer The show was an explosion of but it didn’t stop the fun! Rob made an energy from start to finish. The crowd announcement that he was being charged I’ve never really been a huge fan of $1,000 for every minute they went over sang EVERY word and at most times, Slayer, but after seeing the chaos they the curfew cut-off point, and went on to caused on the hill at Detroit Energy say that, “for Detroit he can afford it”; a Music Theater, they had my attention! Zombie party (as he put it) that our city Playing everything from War Ensemble would not soon forget! to South of Heaven; even the most hardcore fans, walked away with some Taking Back Sunday - Review of the biggest smiles and blackest eyes I’ve ever seen. What I enjoyed the most I remember the first time I got to see was getting to see Kerry King shredding Taking Back Sunday at the 89X Birthday in person! Like I said before, I was never a huge fan of Slayer, but I’ve Bash in 2004, along with Blink-182 and been playing guitar for 20 years and my good friends, The Used! I’ve been have always wanted to see that man in a fan of Take Back Sunday since they person with a guitar in his hands! Slayer released their first CD, Tell All Your played hard, fast and with an album- Friends; and after quite a few line-up like precision. All in all, they were the changes, the original line-up has reunited perfect precursor to Rob Zombie! and is better than ever before! Having never seen the original members play together before, I was beyond blown away seeing them perform at St. Andrews Hall.

Photo Marc Nader

it was almost like Beatle-mania, trying to hear the band over the roar of the crowd. Despite having a sprained ankle, Adam Lazarra gave it his all until the very last note, climbing speakers up to the balcony and running around upstairs singing entire songs with everyone! This will be a show that Detroit will not soon forget.

The dynamic between Adam Lazarra & John Nolan’s vocals is as if they’ve Detroit Live Magazine - You know you Love it! 9


Rock With Remedy on


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for fans in the water.

311 Pow-Wow Festival

By Kyle Susalla and Rebecca Honeyman

What’s up Detroit Live Readers! Your brand new Detroit Live Magazine family additions, Kyle and Becca are here and we’re going to be your source of all things counter-culture. Needless to say, we are very excited to be working with the magazine, and could not have been more stoked for our very first assignment. Detroit Live sent us down to Live Oak, Florida, to see what was going on at the 311 Pow-Wow Festival! We began our journey by finding some fellow 311 fans to travel with on the internet. That’s right, kids, we drove over a thousand miles from Detroit down to northern Florida (with 7 People we just met) while making pit-stops only for grub, cleanliness, some disc golf and a chance to mark our path on the way. Upon arrival, we found the festival grounds to be incredibly lush, with plenty of draping trees and beautiful scenery. The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park is definitely a unique and perfect location for festivals of many different themes. The line-up gave you a little taste of everything. From DJ Trichrome, spinning old-school reggae jams and new school bassheavy remixes on WAX, to the melodic yet heavy sounds of the Deftones to Sublime with Rome, giving due respect to Bradley Nowell and proving to fans that they are worth taking notice of again. Up and coming groups like Full Service, who are so cool that they spent more time hanging out with the fans than anything else on the disc golf course and bringing their equipment to the river two miles away and playing a set Photo by Ryan LaPointe

If jam bands are your thing, you would have been spoiled by the set that G Love and Special Sauce put on, along with Electronica, Shinobi Ninja, DJ Soulman, and Mix Master Mike (yes, of the Beastie Boys) who were also on hand. Also on deck were Murs, The Movement, Ozomatli, Ballyhoo, Streetlight Manifesto, The Dirty Heads, Soja, The Supervillians, and comedians Doug Benson and Graham Elwood, although I don’t think they told a single joke. Then, of course, there were the founders and the hosts, 311. Both of us being definitely bias, 311 just happens to be our absolute favorite band, so this couldn’t have been a more perfect gig to start with them putting on four absolutely amazing shows. That’s right, FOUR. The two sets Friday night, which in our opinion, were the best sets we’ve ever seen the band play. BTW the two nights were our 19th/20th and 11th/12th shows, respectively. They played all of our favorites from their first three albums including “Applied Science”, which features one of the most massive and entertaining drum solo/jams you could ever witness.

Tiny’s Revolution By Tiny Tim Cook

Hey Motor City, let’s get right to it. There are some great new discs from some great locals coming out this fall. Forest Wade, Death of a Hero, Six Months Gone, The Worst Of, SBU and Rose From The Ashes just to do a little name dropping. I have heard some of Forest Wade’s upcoming CD ‘Peach’ and holy s*** is it going to be great. Plus, the upcoming CD release party at Rack ‘n’ Roll Nightclub on Saturday, September 24th is going to be epic. Not your usual CD release party, trust me I have been privy to what is going to happen and I can’t wait. Amanda and the amazing guys from Fall Prey, the eclectic Magnanomus and The Worst Of are opening this show. This will the debut show with ‘The Peaches’, the new Forest Wade girls.

I recently heard two bands that were new to me. First was S.N.A.F.U. from Ann Arbor, wow what an amazing punk band. They had an amazing Vandals vibe to them. The first time these guys played at Rack n Roll, I left before they played, what a mistake. I am so glad I stayed this time, plus the nicest, easy-going group I have met in a long time. Second was the Undaground Disciples, a group of bad-ass nu-metal veterans that put on a high-energy show with a tight sound. Plus one of the most impressive rhythm sections I have seen in a long time. Hopefully they will play again soon. Until next time, drop me a line at tinytimrocks@, or twitter. com/tinytimrocks. Remember as always Earth, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Life Rules! - Tiny

On Saturday, for their first set, they performed a mix of classic tunes from their catalogue and played Universal Pulse in its entirety, their new album just released July 19th. For the second and final set of the evening, they gave the 8,000+ strong crowd what they’d all been waiting for; playing their 1997 fan favorite album, Transistor, all 22 tracks from front to back for the first time ever. To cap it off, they closed the show in the most appropriate way possible, playing “F#ck the Bullshit”. Throughout the three-day festival, the heat index temperatures exceeded 109 degrees, but staying hydrated was not an issue. There were misters, water contraptions and fountains everywhere with even a blow-up slip and slide and water slide. Also, there were several amazing vendors selling all sorts of hippie clothing, jewelry and art, including our new favorite artist, Bean Spence, whose 3-D paintings will make you appreciate art all over again. Overall, this festival was an amazing adventure. We met a lot of great people and the weather was not quite as bad as we all thought it was going to be. Security and LLE agreed they had a very pleasant crowd who didn’t cause any issues. This was our first Destination 311 event and we can say without a doubt that we don’t want to miss another. Eagerly anticipating more adventures with this group, we hope to attend the 311 Day 2012 in Las Vegas (3/9/12-3/11/12) and a 311 cruise scheduled in May 2012, to a private island in the Bahamas, which they announced during their 3rd set at the Pow-Wow. To see and hear more, check out: 311powwowfestival. com,, or do a search on any of them on Facebook.

Detroit Live Magazine - Detroit Rock City!!! 11

12 - Detroit Live Magazine -

Detroit Live Magazine - 13

Detroit Live Magazine -14

That being said…who cares!? This was an old fashioned rock show from start to finish. Both bands put their best faces forward and delivered much better than adequate performances. The tightness of the sound and the gusto with which both bands performed speaks of time rehearsing, attention to detail and professionalism, with a strong passion for still being out there playing rock and roll. I almost felt like I was in Junior High again when Warrant’s classic power ballad, “Heaven”, came on and was performed beautifully.

80’s rock, for the most part, was all about living life and having fun. Not many people would claim that a lot of culturally significant music was released (at least in the mainstream) from the rock camp in the decade of tight pants and big hair. Warrant made efforts with great songs like, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, but let’s face it, deep music with a strong underlying social message and meaning didn’t exactly move product or fill concert arenas back in the decade of decadence.

was involved and energetic, with Poison playing to a packed house and Warrant to a smaller, but still very respectable crowd. Poison guitarist, CC Deville, put on a show of his own with an extended solo segment that was a top-notch crowd pleaser. The vocals of Poison lead singer, Brett Michael, were tight and performed with great enthusiasm. It was obvious these guys didn’t just throw themselves out on the road to help pay the bills. It is very obvious that the fire is still burning in each of them.

Story By Geff Sarna

I know this sub-genre of rock is definitely not for everyone, and that the band names alone would turn many people off. Still, it’s hard not to have a good time at any show put on with this level of professionalism, heart and soul, and most of all rock and roll. I can and without any reservation, recommend that you see both of these groups on their next concert engagement in Detroit.

Photo By Ryan LaPointe

Detroits Only Rock And Roll Times

Thousands In Metro Detroit Exposed To Poison!

Sept. 2011

Detroit has named “Lance Kellar Studios” number one in Detroit for the past three years and we know why. Lance Kellar, owner and artist, came to Detroit from Oklahoma eleven Most fellow years ago looking to establish a one-of-a kind shop where creativity, concert goers seemed boldness and quality are never to feel the same compromised – Lance Kellar Studios, way. The audience

Lance Kellar Making His Mark On Detroit

The Hayloft, The Rack N Roll and Emerald Theater

September 17

Charity Benefit to Aid Public School Music Students.



Evenings Cooler Temperatures Possible Rain Showers

High Temps: 55-89 Pleasant with occasional showers




Volume III


Falconberry, Howard Glazer, Broken Arrow, 11th Hour, Lath AlSaadi, Jill Jack, Killer Flamingos, Chain Reaction and our new favorite band SHOCK WAVE. Heard from Tearaway Tom, who has been doing inteviews on internet radio for ever. Tom has a new site he is promoting and says please accept my invitation to add your music-related site to Outsight’s Web Ring:http://d. Tune in to the Outsight Radio Hours, available 24-7 through the Internet Radio link on  . Adam the ICP fan (and friend of Wendel, Brenda, Ed, Emile - the Thunderbowl Crew) has a tree cutting business. With all the storms and crazy weather you want to save his number 810 858 2436.   Heard from singer songwriter Andy John, who wrote the Toy Chest Boogie. (the song loosely based on the Toy Chest nudie bar) Young Mr. John also enjoys the Yankeeville band, bass player Dan Harrington often holds jam sessions around town. Andy also mentioned a band called the Wall Clocks, who where part of that My Fox Rocks Bon Jovi contest at the Hard Rock Cafe. The Wall Clocks new CD is available at the Blues Airman Music Story on Ford Road in Garden City.   Heard from Dave Omar,  who plays drums for the Audio Band. Audio band which also features Chris Johnson and Jim Cooper have been hanging out at Jake’s Cross Roads Bar in Melvindale. The guys where very sad to report the passing of guitarist STEVE JOHNSON. Steve long time downriver guitar player for many are bands including Gamut,  Gandolff, Zooster and the Flapper’s band.   Also sad department: keabord player Bill Reiser reports the passing of  singer/karaoke host Wendy Premo. Wendy played in several area bands over the years including Wally Gibson and Jotown bands.     To contact Bob Harris call 313 399 8285 To contact Benny, to hire Benny and the Jets Band or Benny SOLO, DJ, Karaoke, call the 24 hour hot line 313 730 1627 or e mail


OK, September through New Years is prime rock and roll time. Outside festivals wind up, and the bad winter weather hasn’t hit yet. So find a band, find a club, and kick out the jams.   This is (or supposed to be)  a rock and roll, music, and entertainment scene column. Even though last issue we dove into the music magazine rock writing 101 class. That column mentioned if you are a writer, a wanta-be-writer, blogger, tweeter, a student, you don’t use the letter “I” as a word! You don’t write a column and say, I did this, I saw this, I want this. You just tell the story, what you saw, did or want. Sounds simple? But much like writing or singing a song, It can be a  lot tuffer then it sounds.   When you write, you are supposed to have a clear vision of the story you want to tell. You want to stay focused on that vision, as you write your story or column. (this also works for song writers) If not you end up all over the ice and your readers will have a hard time following you and loose interest.   When you try to tell to many stories at one time it is easy for the reader to get lost in this shotgun approach to writing. But it is what it is and this is going to be one of those kinds of columns. LOL. So hang on and try to follow.   Several columns back we mentioned local musician Phil Solarz (philsolarz@ was looking to start or restart his band. He still is. Phil could use a singing bass player or a singer that can play an instrument.   Heard from Dave who owns the All Around. Dave has been in contact with many important Government people. He knows a lot about the facts and figures and effects, LAWS have on local business, bars, casinos and the entertainment industry. Why is it so many local bars and entertainment venues are doing poor and the casinos profits are going up? Some might say going up in SMOKE?    My partner Bob Harris always likes to mention the area bands and entertainers. Rusty Lunchbox, 3 Whisker Betty, Full Tilt Boogie Blues band, Hometown Rival, Justine Blazer, Jane Doe, Category 5, Touch, 34 Bliss, Remedy, 50 Amp Fuse, Eddie Layton, Mark

OnBennyThe Scene Jet & Bob Harris

Granger Publications LLC.

Detroit Times


Detroit Live Magazine -15

est. 2005, has met and surpassed those expectations ever since. The award winning line up of artists alongside Lance are Kirt Decker, Rob Weir, John Robinson, James Maxwell, Aron Taylor and Steve Pelkey. These artists have their work featured throughout the country in magazines such as “Tattoo Magazine”, “Pain Magazine” and “Outlaw Biker Tattoo Magazine”. They were also part of MTV’s hit reality TV series “Teen Mom”. LKS and its artists continue to produce amazing art with special attention to detail and customize designs appropriate for your body and your taste. Lance Kellar Studios, on the SE corner of 21 Mile & Gratiot, is where you can make appointments, browse artists’ portfolios, design ideas and purchase accessories and apparel by Ink Addict. This is also the place for piercings done by Terry Morton, Shop Manager, and James Maxwell. You will also find Lance, Kirt and Rob in the “appointment only” addition two doors down from the shop. There is also a booth for out of town guest artists.  There are countless places you can go, but if you plan on making the financial investment and lifelong commitment for any tattoo, big or small, and if you want it done right the first time then you to go to Lance Kellar Studios.

On the main stage, Machine Head got the crowd going big time with songs such as “Halo” & others. While Megadeth kept it old school & true with playing a killer set for the motor city metalheads. Playing such classics as “peace sells”, “sweating bullets” & “symphony of destruction”, they really got the crowd going into a frenzy, in my opinion, best set of the night. Co- headliners Godsmack proved that it’s the about the pyro or the crazy light show, its all about their music. They kicked up with “Awake”, and Singer Sully Erna was putting on a great performance. Headliners Disturbed put on a great performance with “Ten Thousand Fists”, “Shout 2000”, “ Down with the sickness”,

When summertime rolls around, I get excited for all the great upcoming shows and festivals. This year’s Rockstar Mayhem Fest truly didn’t disappoint. From killer bmx bikers doing crazy tricks, great wrestling, to rowdy kids & mosh pits, this show was one not to be missed. On the second stage, bands such as Unearth. These guys put out one great set with songs such as “Glorious Nightmare”, & “Endless”. Hatebreed followed up with an ultra assault as the pits grew bigger & crazier. They threw down big time.

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Help Wanted Management

Scott: There’s so much that comes through Detroit, artists from Motown to now, that we don’t even have to mention by name, the whole culture of the auto industry. My mother and my uncles were born in this city. People like to give Detroit shit, but I say look at that Fuckin’ crowd and say, “Fuck Off”, because it will be reborn. It may not be the same, but it will be better.

DL: We know the Identity Festival is just getting rolling, but can you The park was filled with vendors tell us a little bit about it and how selling everything from tagged vinyl, does it feel to be a part of it? light-up toys for the late night acts, hippie clothing, jewelry and drug Scott: It’s about taking electronic testing kits from an organization music to a different place. A lot of called “Dance Safe”. The music never people think electronic music is stopped between the three stages, shrouded in darkness but it’s not. kicking off at 1:00 P.M. and running REO Speedwagon, 38 Special or through 11:00 P.M. The Crystal Method, could all kill it at this place. It’s about breaking I’m sure this is not the same crowd down barriers and doing the that was at the Kid Rock tailgate unexpected. Bringing this music party that same evening, but I’m into a beautiful venue like this, in sure the people watching, were just the daytime with the sun shinning, as interesting. You’d be surprised by not at a nightclub or a warehouse. who you would see at this festival; we It’s like when Sarah Palin took a saw several ladies and gents pushing dump on a bear and she was the at least 60, dancing and having just as first one to ever do that, so we’re much fun as any of the tweens, teens, the first ones to take a dump on a twenty-somethings and gen-xers. We stage. definitely enjoyed a lot of different sets throughout the day, especially the People will gradually get here as Disco Biscuits, Aoki, and the Crystal they realize that this isn’t some Method. Ten hours at the Identity out of reach genre, this is positive Festival felt like a day and a half at energy. You don’t have to roll the Pow-Wow and we are physically with gold teeth and a thousand spent, but eagerly anticipating our gallon fish tank. You could show next adventure. This show definitely up in your skivvies and a t-shirt had something for the average and and enjoy this music. Overall, we feel like we’re here to represent, because we’ve been leading the way for a long time, and one of the biggest compliments I can BIG FUN!!! Excellent opportunity ever receive is when someone for somone looking to establish tells me that they were turned onto themselves as a player on the Detroit electronic music because of one of Live Music Scene. Email us careers@ our first albums. with the word “promotions” in the subject line. DL: What can you say about Detroit?

We got the opportunity to meet one of the pioneers of electronic music, The Crystal Method; and lucky enough to get a chance for a quick interview with Scott, one of the two guys in the group.

obsessive fan of electronic music of all types. We really don’t feel like we could say it best so… we won’t. Instead…

By Kyle Susalla and Rebecca Honeyman

Barely recovered from Pow-Wow, we were sent to the Identity Festival at DTE Energy Music Theater, which was an all-day party filled with great electronic bands and DJ’s. DTE modified their grounds in order to accommodate the three stages needed for all the artists, which included, Aoki, The Crystal Method, The Disco Biscuits (or as fans affectionately call them, Bisco), Datsik, Modeskeletor, Leon, Nero, and Kaskade, among many others.

Identity Festival


As fall looks soon to be near, we can all remember & get ready for next year’s mayhem. It’ll be better than last years or the years past.

& others.. This was truly a great nightcap to a great night of music, booze & mayhem..

By Chris Grissom


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The Distinguished Gentlemen By Darian Counts

I don’t know if it’s something in the water or the air; but lately, there has been an incredible music sweep out of the downriver area. Unencumbered by traditional norms or expectations, Mike and Branden, aka, “The Distinguished Gentlemen” have been upending and offending crowds all of Michigan.

buy one idiot”. In about a week, he randomly showed up with an upright bass.  That bastard apparently gets stuff done.  We started putting bass lines behind the current songs Mike had, and then started writing more together.  It took about a month for This irreverent duo have cultivated and us to get up to 13 songs. perfected the art of conveying passion and emotion with a minimal instrumentation. Mike Robillard DC: Who writes your songs? on acoustic guitar and Branden Gelineau on standup bass are captivating. I had a chance to dive DG: We both have input on most of into their album; and at first, I was a bit confused, the songs we write.  There’s a few offended and felt like I needed a shower. Mike had already written before the band was formed, but it’s definitely But shortly thereafter, as I found myself a group effort. Justin Bieber and leisurely singing their song about cutting off Usher also helped us with our hit some girl’s feet, I realized these guys were onto single, “Eye For An Eye” which something. Their live show is action packed, quickly gained us multi-platinum exciting and offensive in a tongue-in-cheek sales throughout the country. entertaining sort of way. These guys definitely put all of their passion into their music. DC: Who are some of the band’s With Mike belting out the vocals and guitar and Branden physically abusing his stand-up bass, these guys create a vibe that is a fist-pumping, sing/drink-along. Throughout their show it seemed, as if at any minute, the crowd could break into a mosh pit or old-fashioned an old fashioned drinking sing-along (maybe both)! I had a chance to talk with them for a few to get a bit of history and back story on “The Distinguished Gentlemen” Enjoy…then check them out. DC: How did the band get started? DG: Well, we had both been playing solo sets at an open mic every Sunday night, and after a few weeks Branden suggested upright bass be added to the songs mike already had and he says “then


DG: The Misfits, Dustin Kensrue, Johnny Cash, Hank 3, Nekromantixect. Very heavily influenced by Vanilla Ice and Ace of Base. DC: What are some of your upcoming gigs?

catching us live. If you’re not into necrophilia, domestic abuse, murder, setting fires, vulgar acts DG: We’re playing September 10th at Charlie’s, and words, then our set is probably not for you. September 17th at Rack and Roll, September 27th Expect some fun and a few laughs at every show. for a Dust Fest Benefit. October 1st at Blackened Moon in Lansing, Detroit Psycho Billy Alliance Halloween Show, October 21st at Small’s in Hamtramck, then opening for the Misfits October 22nd. Which we have tickets available for, so come buy some shit. DC: Present or upcoming releases? DG: We had a free 3-song demo that we actually recorded in the basement of a funeral home in Trenton.  We gave roughly 150 away for free.  They went so fast, we hit another studio and got to work. Right now, we have a 6 track self-titled E.P. out.  You can get it at one of our shows, Dearborn Music, The Music Workshop, Mike Carey Music, Rock of Ages, and New Skool Tattoos. DC: What are some of your favorite Detroit venues to play? DG: Rack and Roll is always a great time.  We know it’s downriver, Assholes, so relax.  Simon’s, The Long Branch Saloon, Charlie’s.  We’re right in the middle of the transition from downriver venues to Detroit and Hamtramck.   DG: The general idea of our band is to get wasted, have a good time, and try to offend EVERYONE.  We wanted to write songs that nobody in the area was writing, or covering … Fortunately, we are both fucked enough to deal with one another. Mike likes to “reverse heckle”, which pretty much means he berates the crowd at most shows.  This, I feel, is an important disclaimer to read before

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Roll with the Changes DL Mags Jordan Weatherhead talks with REO Speedwagons Kevin Cronin

demo that inspired me so much.” “Looking back, it was the performances on that demo that really gave me the confidence to go in and make the Hi-Infidelity record. We were about to get dropped from the record label around that time and it was dire straits for us. For a phenomenon like that to occur, the stars have to be lined up in so many ways. I think it was a REO Speedwagon: Hi-Infidelity 30th Anniversary combination of the fact It was the fall of 1980, a little known band, who previously experienced only mediocre success, that all the band members’ personal lives were in a was about to release what would be the bestselling similar disarray that it became a ‘concept album’, album of their career and create a craze across without being planned that way. That’s the kind the nation. REO Speedwagon had released NINE of songs we were all writing which created a real studio albums before the launch of their 1980’s vibe. It was reaffirming and I’m glad we have it disc entitled, “Hi-Infidelity”. The band members’ back and that we can share it with the fans now,” personal lives were all in a bit of upheaval Cronin tells me. The whole album has been re-mastered and surrounding the late 70’s and it was with that pain th and suffering, they would ban together and embark they’ve rewritten some of the linear notes. The 30 Anniversary Edition also includes the demo tapes on a musical journey that would carry them all the way up to 2011 and the debut of their 17th album; before the songs went to the studio for recording. Kevin says, “That’s probably the most exciting Hi-Infidelity: 30th Anniversary Edition. When I got the chance to speak with Kevin part of it for me. It’s the ‘garage-band version of Cronin, the vibrant lead singer of REO, it was no the Hi-Infidelity record where it’s only just drums, mistake that this album was not only a life changer guitar, and live vocals; no background vocals, no for the bands’ career, but for all of the individuals keyboards. It’s just a really raw version of all the songs and gives some great perspective on how the in the band as well. songs evolved.” Lost & Found Again “We’re really embracing the 30 year anniversary. I’m not really a nostalgic person by nature, but this year I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about what happened 30 years ago,” Kevin explains. “The original tape was actually lost for almost 30 years and we just found it about a year and a half ago.” “Wow that is quite ironic that you found it right before the 30th anniversary. It sort of gives you goose bumps,” I exclaimed. Kevin chuckles, “It was totally lucky, because we looked for it for the 25th anniversary and no one could find it. The record company checked the vaults in New York and Los Angeles and it wasn’t there, and it finally turned up in a box when our manager was cleaning out his garage! For me, finding that demo tape was like the ‘Holy Grail’ because I had been so curious to see what it was about that

Youth Perspective Cronin explains the band’s outlook on their younger fans and the fresh music of this generation. I told Kevin, “I’m 25 and I grew up listening to you and bands like yours because of my parents, and I just love your music. What does it mean to the band to have a strong following of a younger generation of fans?” With a breath of awe, Kevin states, “It means the world to us, it really does. When we play, it’s not just people who remember us from back in the day, it’s like you said, a ‘second generation’ of fans. Places like Detroit, where we’ve been playing since the beginning; I think our music just becomes the fabric of people’s lives. So it’s incredible to have people who are 59 come out and then see some 20-something year-olds rocking out with me. It’s

kind of part of my mission to show people if you take care of yourself and body and keep your mental attitude positive, you can stay young forever. REO Speedwagon is living proof of that.” Kevin and the rest of the band is a big fan of many younger rock bands including the Foo Fighters and Green Day. They don’t just limit their musical taste to rock music; but are particularly fond of Kings of Leon, The Script, Bruno Mars, and Adele. During our conversation, Kevin was polite, sincere, and honest. He was extremely friendly, talkative and laughed when he said, “I’ve been playing in bands since I was 12 and I’ve never really had that, ‘ok it’s time to grow up’ moment yet! I’m still pretty connected to my youth.” REO & Detroit On July 22, REO Speedwagon rocked Detroit’s Riverfront at the GM Plaza and I had the chance to see their concert and meet them behind the scenes. A massive crowd turned out early to get the best spots in honor of one of the greatest 80’s rock bands of all time. They performed every song off of their Hi-Infidelity record and pleased the crowd with other hit favorites such as “Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “Roll with the Changes”. The band took the opportunity to speak with the roaring Detroit crowd several times, thanking us for our support and love throughout the years. Kevin states, “We’re from Illinois, but the people of Detroit somehow have always embraced us. Even in our lean times in the early 90’s, we were definitely struggling and the people in Detroit never deserted us, never gave up on us. The rock fans in Michigan are so loyal to their bands and we never forget that.” Kevin has so many memories from Detroit; from playing with Ted Nugent at CoBo Hall to rocking out with Bob Seger, they always have a blast in Detroit Rock City. Kevin refuses to call Pine Knob by its new name [DTE Music Theater] and they looked forward to playing that show every year and says, “It will always be Pine Knob to us!” he laughs. The humbleness and genuineness of the band was astonishing in person, and over the phone. “So much amazing music has come out of Detroit. We have a rich history with the people of Michigan and we are very lucky for that,” he states. Me, Kevin, a Fireplace, & a Guitar Towards the end of our conversation, I took the time to tell Kevin my thoughts about their music, speaking on behalf of all of us. “Being from North Dakota originally and now living in Detroit with great love

20 Join Darian Counts for the Debut of the New Darian Counts Show on Sept 8th @ 8am

for both, there is a beauty to your music. You are the roots of our country in a sense. Just hearing one of your songs, creates a flash back to a time in life that By MG you can really relate to. I know that you haveNader drawn on a lot of personal experiences as inspiration for your songs and it shows; that is what makes bands so great and it definitely has worked for you.” Kevin takes this to heart and explains why he agrees by saying, “I really appreciate that you notice the relatability of that; because, I think when you write about anything from an honest place, it’s universal. Everyone’s specific story is different, but the basic feelings behind them, we all got ‘em. We‘re all afraid sometimes, we’re in love sometimes, we’re all angry sometimes, we all have all these emotions. As long as the feelings are true, even though the facts are different, that’s what keeps us connected to our fans. It’s nice that you recognize that.” He sets up a little scenario that will leave the ladies eating their hearts out! “Our music is basically amped-up folk music; any song on any of our records, even our big heavy-duty rock ballads. I could sit down and have it be just you and I in front of a fireplace and I could have a guitar and I could play for you. Play a few, nice, slow, folk REO Speedwagon songs and they would sound just as good. I think that’s what gives our band longevity,” he says. Feeling a little special and very inspired, I blush a little. Kevin and the rest of the band are certainly planning big things in the future. He says he can’t reveal any details just yet, but it is worth looking out for. One thing he did tell us was to check out the upcoming movie, “Rock of Ages”, where Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand perform a duet of, “Can’t Fight This Feeling”! You can buy the Hi-Infidelity: 30th Anniversary Edition in stores now. See you in your nightmares… JSW



DRUMMER 2 July 23, 2011, will go down as of the most memorable days of my life. This is the day that I was honored with interviewing a long time hero of mine, Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch. Being a drummer of 24 years, and a fan for almost 20 years, to say the least, I was very excited. Needless to say, Jean-Paul was extremely nice, down to earth, and could not have been more gracious in granting me an interview. On a picnic table outside The Machine Shop in Flint, we sat down, drummer to drummer and had this conversation: JS: Jean-Paul, I’d like to thank you for your time here. I just want to say that I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years. Pitchfork was my first experience with Clutch and I have not stopped listening to your music since. You guys have never written a song I didn’t like. JP: Well, thank you very much, I appreciate it. JS: So, let’s start with how the tour is going? JP: It’s going great. We’re about three days in now, so we’ve got our sea legs back. Sometimes after you take a couple of weeks off, you’ve got to get back in the mindset of touring and playing shows. Takes a couple shows to get there. JS: How many stops in Detroit are you going to make on this tour?

JP: Actually none, tonight we’re here in Flint, and then tomorrow in Traverse City, but no off of your music. So it was always a tough Detroit dates at this time. relationship to deal with. Being able to take all that frustration out of the equation, all the energy JS: Wow, usually you guys hit Detroit at least that is spent doing things that are not music-related once a tour. What is it about Detroit, for Clutch, . . . all that stuff gets taken out of the equation, it that makes it such a great city to play. all becomes a lot more fun, and easier, really. JP: Well, we like that a lot if people come see us play. Detroit was one of the very first towns where we could have a very respectable audience. It was one of the towns where we could actually sell some t-shirts and make some gas money. That was 20 years ago, when we first started touring, and ever since then, it’s grown. I don’t know, I think it is something about the people in Michigan that are very rock and roll friendly. I mean they love to go out on Friday night, have some beers, and listen to loud music. We like to do that too. JS: Clutch owns their own record label now, correct?

JS: So are you guys self-employed now? JP: We certainly are! We’re completely independent, you know, we own our own record label now. We are lucky enough to have a fan base all over the United States, and really all over the world and consistently play shows where there’s a pretty good audience out there. JS: What advice would you give to a band that’s out there trying to make a name for themselves today?

around much. We don’t like to do it, and we can’t afford to, really. We do this for a living and it is important for us to stay busy.

JP: There is no substitute for hard work, and by that I mean you have to get on the road and play. JP: We do. But you also have to be honest with what it is JS: Excellent, I can’t wait! I look forward to it, you’re making music for. If you are the guy who as always. Well, it’s been a pleasure, Jean-Paul, wants to be a rock star, and have a fancy car, that’s thank you very much for your time. JS: Are you ever looking for up and coming bands . . . uh a pretty tough order to fill. to sign? JP: No Problem. JS: What are your near future plans for the band? JP: Nope, it’s just our own thing, our own music. JS: Break a leg tonight, brother. The labels from the very beginning of the band JP: We’ve got some new songs, we’re going to have been a source of frustration for us. At the make a new record sometime this winter. That JP: (Chuckles) I’ll try not to! end of the day, a label is there to make money will take a couple months to put together, and then we’ll go back out on the road. We don’t sit

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Adventures of a Cover Band Rocker Turns Teacher


By Karin Elizabeth

Almost everyone who knows me knows the story of how I used to be a public school music teacher; however, I will share this part of my life with my awesome readers and Remedy fans, just in case you haven’t heard it yet. Believe it or not, I am teaching once again! I will get to how that happened in a second, but first I must share my history with you:


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Naked Truth


By Jordan Weatherhead Making a statement with her unique poetry. Weatherhead goes against the grain and says “judge this book by its cover.”



Because my school had a performing arts emphasis, all of the students in school, grades K – 12, went through my class. As a result, the entire school had me as a teacher, and I had a total of around seven hundred and fifty students per semester. With parent-teacher conferences taking all day and night, studying for graduate school and with everything else going on in my Even though I had left my teaching career life, I was only earning a very small salary. that was in full-swing to begin my performance career as violinist and lead singer of Remedy, I Not that I was complaining! I loved my still missed teaching and for the longest time, job. This is what I spent all my years in school I kept complaining to everyone about how I for. I had dreamed of this my whole life and after “missed my kids” and “how I should take on all that hard work I could finally claim the title a few students.” People kept telling me how I that I had coveted all through high school and ought to take on a teaching job (yeah, on top of college: Orchestra Director. I was a leader in trying to run my own business) and they would my department and put on many amazing shows ask, in disbelief, why I would give up such a nice with my students and earned a lot of notoriety job like teaching. For starters, anyone that runs very quickly. I also met a lot of really nice and their own business knows that you barely have interesting people, both parents and students. enough time to sleep, let alone work another job, but that is another article altogether. The East Side of Detroit swiftly taught me some street smarts; like don’t leave your car running, Another reason was my full-time teaching while you “just run in and grab something for a job wasn’t very attractive. I was an orchestra second.” I loved my students and they loved me. teacher in Detroit at a performing-arts school. I was a favorite teacher. Unfortunately, after a I was brand spanking new out of college, so I while, it seemed like something was missing. had to earn my way up the ladder just as in any That is when I put my first ad on Craig’s List to new career. I spent long hours after school fixing join a cover band; an even bigger dream I had ignored for years, thinking I could never make any money at it. I also never imagined that my little whim would turn into an entirely different career; one that completed and fulfilled my life in the way that it has.


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instruments, talking to parents and organizing my program.


Looking back on the terrible struggle it was to change careers, I don’t regret a thing. One thing I do miss, however, was my students. Teaching is so rewarding; sharing your gift of knowledge with young, eager children, who desire and are open and willing to receive what you have to give, makes it even more gratifying. In addition, these young people will remember you throughout their lives, and you have the ability to inspire and create dreams in others. With music and the performing arts, you have the opportunity to teach someone else how to express themselves, and reach a higher mental and spiritual ground through art. I can’t think of anything else that puts a bigger deposit in your Karma bank. Needless to say, I have missed this part of my life dearly. So when Mike Carey, the owner of Mike Carey Music in Wyandotte, called and asked me if I would be willing to come in and fill a vacancy for a voice, violin and piano teacher, I said without hesitation, “absolutely!” For one thing, Mike is an awesome, good friend and sponsor of the band (a teacher himself), but more importantly, I just missed having my kids around. I had to give up a couple of days’ worth of my time, but I’ve never been happier. I go into that building every day looking forward in being part of changing someone’s life for the better through my talent. I finally feel like I have the best of both worlds. Who says you can’t have it all?

Neil Sever Cont...From Page 6 pick of the week and you’d listen all week to hear that song. Now they go online, listen to snippets of songs and it’s all accessible and selective. They don’t get exposed to different music. And this gets back to my point—if people don’t like some of the sound of a band or are not used to uncompressed sound, they don’t listen to the band.

DLM: Can you talk about your days as the head sound man at Memphis Smoke? NS: I was there for many years. I was there when they opened and quit pretty much after that because it wasn’t my style. I was doing concerts and club work which immediately turned me off because I wasn’t used to that environment. It brought the focus off the band and put it into a club atmosphere where people are having fun without the band. But Memphis Smoke opened a location in West Bloomfield, which was near where I lived, so I worked there for about a year and a half. I got a good taste of it and when I got the chance to move back to their Royal Oak location, I decided to do it. DLM: I didn’t know Memphis Smoke had another location? NS: They had one at Orchard Lake Road, just north of 15 Mile. They took over a Mr. B’s, which was the same owner, and turned it into a Memphis smoke which lasted for about a year and a half. It was a great room with national entertainment but that corner is really hard economically to keep something going. The rent district is really high and the crowd turnover has to be there. That brings me to my most important point of the changing of the listening audience. DLM: What can you tell me about that? NS: The listening audience has changed so much over my life span, as far as mixing. It used to be people would come to hear the band. Now they just come to the club. If there’s a band playing, well that’s something different. Working at Memphis Smoke for 16 or 17 years I would see this; the people would come in the door, look at the band and keep walking. It wasn’t a lack of appreciation, what it was, was that they’re there to see their friends, talk, and go upstairs and drink. But what that started was the downfall, I believe, of listening to local music. People didn’t really support what was out there and appreciate it for what it was. You get five guys or women on a stage now performing and people aren’t used to listening to raw performance. They’re used to listening to very polished, very accessible music on I Pods, downloads, online, and everything else. It’s instant gratification. They’re not used to listening to five songs until they hear one they like. They’re used to pushing a button and hearing it. So I think patience has gone away from the average listener. When I was growing up we’d listen all day to the radio. We don’t have radio support anymore. Radio stations are down to a 13 song play list. You can’t hear new material anymore. Radio used to have a

The band is up there giving their all, but most of the younger generation are used to accessing whatever they want to hear at any time and not used to traveling to hear or paying money to see someone in concert. They can just download a song and not necessarily listen to an album in its entirety. It really boils down to patience. Has the mindset of the listener been lost? In some respects, I think so, as far as the appreciation of local bands. People just assume there’s a local band there and kind of ignore them. DLM: I think music has been devalued in a lot of ways. NS: It has for a number of reasons. So it’s really hard to grasp when you put on a good show and people don’t appreciate it. I expect that because it’s a good show and I like music. I like hearing people play. It’s hard for me to accept that the majority of people that pay to see the show don’t appreciate it for what it is, than what they think it should be. A lot of people leave angry from shows because the band didn’t play their favorite tune. Well, is that the responsibility of the entertainer? There was a young woman who came on the scene a couple years ago and she plays to tracks. She said to me, “Neil can you hear my voice out there?” Being a live audio guy I said, “of course” I could hear her very clearly. She wanted me to turn her down so she would be under the track; the reason she wanted that, was because it was all about the track and not the live performance. It’s about the package being presented. It’s not about live musicians. For me, that’s a travesty, but it’s been changed from a live performance to an entertainment. You can’t say it’s a live performance in some of these atmospheres because a lot of times it’s not live. So I wish live music performance would be supported more.

This goes back to Memphis Smoke. A lot of people have disdain for the owners saying they shouldn’t have sold it and kept going. Well, the owners were doing live music six days a week for no cover since their inception. I have to hand it to the owners for the exemplary job they did sticking with it. What happened was, people stopped listening, caring and supporting live music. If this happens it will go away. It was a fairly well awarded and cool place to play. DLM: What kind of music have you been working with lately? NS: Some country. Most of the stuff I’ve been doing lately have been in the, old term, smooth jazz genre, but now contemporary jazz. I work a

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Bob Bauer Cont . . . From Page 6 and me. Now you should know that Brian and Mark Pastoria have worked with both Dave and Mark over the years and have become friends. Hell, they toured with Farner. I became friends with Mark while working on three shows for The Vietnam Veterans of America and for vets of the first Gulf War. When Dave and Mark came in there were hugs, handshakes and introductions going on and it was an awesome scene. Then, while I’m standing in the back of the house, I looked up and Rick Derringer just walks right on by, like he’s been there all his life…Rick Derringer?! Shut up! We didn’t expect that! And that brings me to this point, friendship and brotherhood. They mean a lot to the gang at Harmonie Park and it’s strong and it runs deep. We’ve got each others backs, through thick and thin, because we depend on each other. Dave Mason, Mark Farner and Rick Derringer came down to see us because they are friends. They didn’t come down to promote their show. The show had happened the night before. They came down to hang out and play their music and share their stories with old friends. As the show begins, I’m standing in the crowd looking at the stage, all the people and at my partner Theresa. By the way…these are her first experiences in “the business” and I am blown away by it all. It had to be my “best moment” in 33 years of broadcasting; and that includes the 2 Guitar Army Shows, the first of which was a live broadcast, coupled with doing 27 years of The Marathon for Meals food drives. The reason it was one of the best, is because I got to see my friends, the people who are in the “fox hole” with me, having the time of their lives. We weren’t working, we were having fun! Pure unadulterated joy! And we’re all just looking at each other and savoring a personal moment. For us, it’s not about the money, it’s about the music. For us, it wasn’t about “scooping the competition”, we don’t have any. We’re us and they are them and we are completely different from one another. Although I will tell you this, management at the terrestrial radio stations in Detroit couldn’t have cared less because they couldn’t make money on it. They also think that their audience couldn’t care either. Well I know our listeners, viewers and patrons; yes, we have all three, loved it. Not only were they thrilled to be a part of it, but they were thrilled for us…because they are our friends as well.

old. She’s the daughter of good friends, and when her mom asked me to get her an internship at Harmonie Park, I was pleased and honored to do so. Now she’s my co-host and producer. She’s an equal partner. Theresa and I drive about an hour and twenty minutes to the Café each way, five days a week. We talk a lot about what we’re doing and a lot about the music. I try to explain to her what it was like “back in the day”, about who was who and what was what. I’ve told her a hundred stories if I’ve told her one; however, when she can sit with a man like Dave Mason and hear him telling about walking into the clubs around London and there sits “Lennon and McCartney, and over there is Hendrix and Clapton…”. And then he tells about the time he turned Hendrix on to Bob Dylan and the song “All Along the Watch Tower” and then tells about recording the song with Hendrix. Well…I can’t even describe the feeling. I tell people all the time, “You’ve got to come down here and experience this to believe it because you never know who’s going to come in on any given day!” I’m not kidding! Jim McCarty, Johnny Bee, Jimmie Bones, Dave Mason, Mark Farner, Rick Derringer, Spyder Web, Marcus Belgrave, Ralphe Armstrong and so on…they all just walk through the door like “What’s going on man…”. And Theresa gets to experience these people first- hand. It’s an incredible feeling and experience. I can see her telling all her college buddies stuff like, “Yeah, yesterday I was standing at the bar talking to Mark Farner and Rick Derringer and Mark said, ” like it’s no big deal…“yep, happens every day”, it gives me chills man, I’m telling you it trips my trigger big time. So, just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough sometimes. But thank you to Dave Mason, Mark Farner and Rick Derringer for making that day one of the most memorable in my life and in “our lives”. Also, I want to thank Jeff Holme, Brian and Mark Pastoria for an incredible opportunity and a life-altering experience and for allowing me to be a part of your lives. Theresa Hebert, thank you for allowing me to pass on my legacy to someone who truly “gets it”. There are too many people to thank and this is truly one of those times when “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough. Sometimes I even can’t believe I “get” to do this. After the show was over, Dave and I were standing outside the Café and he looked at me and said, “Yeah that was a moment wasn’t it?” Brother, brother, brother…

Over recent years, it has become important for me to pass on whatever I’ve witnessed over the years. To tell the story, pass on what knowledge I have to others, especially as it relates to Detroit and the music scene here. As I mentioned I have a partner on my show, Theresa Hebert, who is 24 years

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Photo MG Nader

Christian Dreheim Photo MG Nader

The Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit To Honor Kid Rock and Kid Rock Foundation 22nd Annual Tribute Breakfast September 30, 2011 Detroit, August 24, 2011 – While ticket sales have been strong, it’s not too late to purchase tickets for the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit’s 22nd Annual Tribute Breakfast, September 30 at Cobo Center. The charity will honor internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, philanthropist and native Detroiter, Kid Rock and the Kid Rock Foundation with the Edward H. McNamara Goodfellow of the Year Award at the 8:00 A.M. event. The “Great Voice of the Great Lakes” WJR, a major sponsor of the event, will broadcast portions of the breakfast live during The Paul W. Smith Show.

Previous recipients of the Edward H. McNamara University, provides free shoes to children Goodfellow of the Year Award include President in need and helps send hundreds of need and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor children to camp each summer. Company, Alan Mulally, Detroit broadcast legend, Dick Purtan and his wife Gail, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, Judge Damon Keith, Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit Tigers Manager, Sparky Anderson Past Honorees (deceased), Governor Jennifer Granholm and First Alan Mulally Gentleman, Dan Mulhern, Lisa and William Clay Gail and Dick Purtan Ford, Jr., Cynthia and Edsel Ford, and Focus Hope George “Sparky” Anderson Co-Founder, Eleanor Josaitis (deceased).

Mayor Dave Bing Debbie and John Dingell Trudy DunCombe and Dennis Archer Connie and Robert Eaton Robert Ficano Cynthia and Edsel B. Ford II Lisa and William Clay Ford, Jr. Ron Gettelfinger Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and Daniel G. Mulhern Ernie Harwell Marian and Mike Illitch Eleanor Josaitis Honorable Damon J. Keith Ernest Lofton In addition to seeing Kid Rock accept the Founded in 1914, the Detroit Goodfellows is the Edward H. McNamara Goodfellow of the Year original and oldest Goodfellows organization and Hoot McInerney Award, attendees will also enjoy a performance by is not affiliated with any other Goodfellow group. Lucille and Ed McNamara school children from the Detroit Academy of Arts It also sponsors an emergency dental program for Bo Schembechler and Sciences Choir. children, awards scholarships through Wayne State Mary Ann and Art Van Elslander 24 Join Darian Counts for the Debut of the New Darian Counts Show on Sept 8th @ 8am

Ty Stone

Tickets for the benefit event are $150 or $1,500 for a table of 10. There are also special $5,000 The Edward H. McNamara Award is a prestigious Santa Circle tables available. Additional corporate honor presented to distinguished and noteworthy sponsorships re also available. individuals who have significantly contributed to the community. Kid Rock continuously shows his Revenue raised will go toward the Detroit support for Detroit and its people through various Goodfellows’ 2011 fundraising goal of $1.3 philanthropic initiatives, using his influence to raise million, which will help provide 35,000 holiday money for many causes. gift packages containing clothing, books, candy and toys for needy children in Detroit, Hamtramck, “The response we’ve had to honoring Kid Highland Park and River Rouge. Rock and Kid Rock Foundation has been very positive. With steady ticket sales, this year’s For more information or to purchase tickets, Tribute Breakfast will undoubtedly be one of the contact Detroit Goodfellows Director, Sari Klokbest attended ever. Thanks to Kid Rock who shares Schneider at (586) 775-6139 or sarigoodfellows@ our commitment to Detroit and its youth,” said Tickets my also be purchased online at Mike Coakley, President, Detroit Goodfellows.

Sammy Hagar

Photo MG Nader

tattoos, food and free drinks to artists, VIPs and press, as this was a perfect chance to see performers such as Skrillex hanging out, Elijah Wood DJ’n, and Samantha Ronson celebrating her birthday. Across the street at Grant Park, was where the real party was at. This year, Perry’s stage at Lollapalooza was turned into a massive tent in which electronic music had a chance to show its new found place in mainstream music. Skrillex, Afrojack, and headliner GirlTalk, whose plethora of mashups had everyone in the crowd wondering what song he’d mix next, turned the tent into a heat box that only the strongest and properly hydrated could survive.

This year marked the 20th year anniversary of the Lollapalooza Festival, and it has come a long way since the days of flannel shirts, pegged jeans, and mud-slinging ~Pine Knob style (ok so maybe the last one isn’t SO true). “Lol-la”, as attendees call it for obvious reasons, has become a destination festival in the heart of downtown Chicago for the last 7 years. Anyone from Detroit who hasn’t been to Chicago, I encourage them to take the 4 hour journey to see how an efficient city works. The downtown is beautiful, and businesses are open all day and night. The public transportation is on-point, though a little confusing, and driving in traffic with bicycles can be a little nerve racking. They have some of the best hotels and I highly recommend the fun, rock star atmosphere of the Hard Rock Hotel and the historic, perfectly located Chicago Hilton. One of the other perks of having the festival in Chicago, is that there is ALWAYS something to do! Whether it’s hitting up the Magnificent Mile for some shopping during the day or doing some sightseeing at the beautiful Shedd Aquarium, the largest in the U.S., which holds more than 1,500 species of animals. The city boasts a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and the skyline and offers up an array of entertainment with many bars and clubs staying open till 4am. This year’s event, August 5-7, took Chicago by surprise with a lot of newcomers; as 270,000 people hit the gates, some of them in a flash mob to crash it, and Lollapalooza became the talk of the Windy City. Friday began just like any other day in Chicago, with the streets packed with people and a good breeze in the sky. Inside the Hard Rock hotel, the Miami Express/Oasis Suites were in full gear (as they were all weekend) giving out haircuts, gifts,

Angeles trio, The Glitch Mob took to their boards while visually seducing the crowd with their light show and ‘adventure dance music.’ “The last time we played Lolla was in 2009 and it was just a small stage with a blazing sun and no shade, so we’re very excited that they have a full tent this year,” stated Glitch Mob member Ooah. Boreta and edIT exclaimed, “There’s so much good music, we made our custom line-ups on the phone app. We can’t wait to see A Perfect Circle, Muse and, of course, Eminem. Pretty Lights is on after us so that’ll be fun to check out.” Speaking of the Detroit native, by 8pm the Music Unlimited Stage was packed with probably half of the expected 90,000 fans TOTAL, primed and as one security guard put it, “ready to go ape shit” when Slim Shady hit the stage at 8:30. DJ Alchemist and hypeman, Mr. Porter, got the crowd running as Eminem hit the stage balls out, kicking out, “Won’t Back Down” and “3AM” just as the sun was setting. He continued to roll through his hits (pretty identical set to last years Comerica Park shows, well as far as I remember, lol) and was joined on stage by Skylar Grey during “I Need a Doctor,” and Bruno Mars during “Lighters,” their first time performing it together. Of course, Marshall’s set wasn’t complete without a few Bad Meets Evil songs with Royce Da 5’9 and a big thank you and “holy shit” to the immense crowd that hung on his every word for the last 90 minutes. He closed the night showing Chicago how we do it back home in the D, with his ode to hard work and dedication, 8 Mile’s favorite song “Lose Yourself.” Exhaustion, alcohol, and green medicine would take a lesser team down, but we took the train, cab, and even a rickshaw to the Spybar to catch Chris Cox and Joachim Garraud spin until the wee hours of the night, before we stumbled back to the Hilton for some much needed sleep until we did it again.

Across the park, older rock fans were asking the question, “Who is Muse?”, as they awaited the British threesome following a stellar set by A Perfect Photo by Ryan LaPointe Circle. Opening with their hit, “Uprising”, Muse hit the stage and showed Chicago why they are considered one of, if not the best, live band around. After catching a little of Muse and GirlTalk, we made the mile trek past the Buckingham Fountain to catch Coldplay in what you could describe as a Taking the early afternoon check-out, “visually and audibly stimulating” performance, we left from the Shedd Aquarium making further proof of a modern “British Invasion” to this our way into Grant Park just in time for Midwestern town. middle-day headliner, downpour of rain. The downpour was heavy and the, onceIf Friday was a chance for our friends across packed stage areas, were turning into mud the pond to show off, then Saturday was Detroit’s pits with people hiding under whatever chance to drop a little flavor from the 734 and 313. form of cover they could find (so much for Getting a late start, we made it just in time to catch hiding under the newly renovated Perry tent Ann Arbor’s own, Mayer Hawthorne and The now). We decided to take advantage of the County getting the crowd grooving and swaying to free drinks during ‘press happy hour,’ while Washtenaw County’s new Motown sound. Johnny braved the rain to catch “fuck the rain” sets by Cage the Elephant and Damian Lollapalooza being half over at this point, one Marley w/Nas. had to wonder why founder, Perry Farrell, has yet to hit the stage. The non-wonderers were packed A rainbow finally lit up the sky around inside his tent to catch the PerryEtty (Perry and his 7 pm, just in time to prepare a game plan wife) vs. Chris Cox DJ set. Thankfully, they took for the trio of headliners. Dave Grohl and out half the tent roof due to the exhaustive heat the Foo Fighters started off their 2 hour generated from the high energy crowd (the people set, just as the rain started again but all of in the front had been there four hours) though the us toughed it out as Dave seemed to control open air sort of backfired on Sunday, depending on the rain just as well as he did the crowd. It who you asked. would be hard for anyone to argue why Foo Fighters are possibly the most popular rock Leaving the Perry tent was hard, but we had to band around. make our way to see the Deftones; they sure didn’t disappoint us as Chino made his way into the Next up was the Perry tent/mud pit crowd during the third song, forcing an impromptu where Kid Cudi’s brand of hip-hop meshed sing-a-long with their fans. After a small break to perfectly as a closer for 3 days of electronic catch Cee Lo Green cover some of rocks greatest music. Now, one must wonder why Cudi hits; while wearing Legion of Doom shoulder closed the Perry tent instead of an electronic pads might I add, we once again braved the sweat DJ? The answer is simple: Deamau5! For and gyrating temptations in the Perry tent, as Los the very first time in Lollapalooza @ Grant

2011 Chicago

By Ryan LaPointe

Park history, an electronic DJ closed one of the 2 main stages. We wondered how there could be anyone at the Bud Light stage after seeing the mass of humanity watching Foo and Cudi, but we made the stroll past the now lit up Buckingham Fountain (Love and marriage..!!!) and with each step the bass kept getting louder, as our feet started to move faster. The crowd was so massive at this time; all we could see were a spectacular light display surrounding a pair of big mouse ears.

m-f 10-3

Eventually, Joel (Zimmerman, Deadmuau5’s real name) was joined on stage by singer, SOFI, and for the first time that I’ve ever seen, sang her parts on hits, “Sofi Needs a Ladder,” and “One Trick Pony.” It’s now been almost 30 hours of Lollapalooza (not counting after parties) but Deadmau5 had one more to keep the tired feet dancing. He took off the ears, donned the white sheet, and finally put an end to this non-stop party with his most known track, “Ghosts and Stuff,” before coming out and giving the city of Chicago a thank you and a much deserved bow. Detroit Live Magazine would like to thank the City of Chicago, C3 Presents, Hard Rock and Hilton Hotels, and all the cool people we met and the opportunity to share the weekend with. We can’t wait till next year! Photo by Ryan LaPointe

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Independent wrestling in the Metro Detroit area is slamming its way into several local venues this month bringing the intensity and the in-your-face action that only the sport of wrestling can provide. The plots are thickening, the storylines are evolving, and titles will change hands as Detroit Live Magazine becomes your personal guide to the live local wrestling scene as we preview what is in store for you in September. XICW returns to Warren this month and if you were in attendance for the August show, perhaps you can fill me in on some of the details that occurred after the first match. The Scarbonis, along with Truth Martini, were featured in last month’s tag team story, but they were upset with the article and had every intention of letting the XICW world know about it. They called me into the ring, after interfering in the Bowser vs. O’Malley match, and I introduced myself over a microphone that was being shoved into my teeth. I got


that I’m crazy and not stupid, I decided to high tail it out of there and live to write another day. I did, however, run into a Scarbonis pizza deliveryman in the parking lot, who seemed rather confused about who ordered all of the pizzas. I grabbed a slice for the road from the man with the poofy pizza hat and it was tasty, but cold much like the Scarbonis.

opportunity to speak and had only positive things to say about the XICW, all of its wrestlers, and the loyal fans who spend their Sunday evenings in attendance. I even referred to Truth Martini as being the “Picasso of Wrestling” due to the amount of time The event did not distract the they both spend on the canvass. Scarbonis and may have even added fuel to their fire, as they were able to pick up The Scarbonis, along with Truth the victory over The Bump N Uglies Martini, reminded me of what happened and advance to this month’s tag team to Detroit Live Magazine’s own, Ryan tournament championship against Ian LaPointe, last month when they injured Decay and ‘Sweet’ Willie Watts. The his neck with a spike pile driver, card also features a triple threat match disabling him from attending the show. putting D.B.A. vs. Rhyno vs. Eddie They gave me the opportunity to leave Venom, and also a main event type or get my ass kicked and with the odds match featuring Zack Gowen vs. Jamie stacked against me, along with the fact Coxx.

Metro Pro Wrestling returns to Wyandotte this month providing a family-friendly environment along with top local talent and offers something for every age and every fan of wrestling. The show features WWE Hall-ofFamer, Nikolai Volkoff, who is scheduled to wrestle along with Eddie Venom, The Bump-nUglies, and all the stars of MPW. If you followed wrestling in the 1980’s, then the opportunity to see a legend like Volkoff up close and personal, is an opportunity of a lifetime that you can’t afford to miss. So, get your vocal chords ready to scream out your loudest U.S.A. 31 Advertise in Detroit Live Magazine!!!

chants and make sure to cheer on and support your favorite MPW star. The Michigan Championship Wrestling Association returns to Riverview this month presenting Roughhouse R.O.B.’s Rockin Wrestling Super Show. The main event is a tag team match featuring The Brew Crew vs. Bad Company in a barroom brawl. This is the third and possibly final meeting between the two teams pending the outcome of the match. The card also features Ariel Angel, Gideon Malice, and an XICW grudge match between D.B.A. and his former friend Jamie Coxx. Stick around after the show for a live musical performance with the smooth sound of Mercy Brown, a band that combines Rock-n-Roll and Blues to create a style and a sound that is sure to bring the house down. Clash wrestling returns to Taylor this month offering unique style matches along with top local talent, a reality television star, and former WWE stars all in one show. The main event is a twentyman, “all-out war” match to determine the number one contender for the Clash Championship. A steel cage match between ‘Caveman’ Tyler Elkins vs.‘Sin City’ ‘Sparklin’ Cameron Skyy is sure to be a classic and also be sure to see Clash Champion ‘GQ’ Gavin Quinn and Clash Tag Team Champions ‘Too Sweet’ along with all the stars of Clash wrestling.

Upcoming Events: * Clash Wrestling returns to The Taylor Town Trade Center, September 3rd for All- Out War. Bell Time: 8:00 p.m. For more information, go to clashwrestling. com * MPW returns to the ARC Hall in Wyandotte, September 10th. Bell Time: 7:30 p.m. For more information, go to * XICW returns to The Ritz in Warren, September 11th for Scars and Stripes. Bell Time: 5:30 p.m. For more information, go to xicwdetroit * MCWA presents Roughhouse R.O.B.’s Rockin Wrestling Super Show, September 24th at J Dubs in Riverview. Bell Time: 7:30 p.m.








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