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There is a new crop of incredibly talented musicians starting to appear throughout the motor city. On Nov. 2 Detroit Live hosted an all ages show at the All Around Bar in Taylor with 5 up and coming bands that we think will be making waves in the neat future. Ominous Presence:


These four 16-17 year olds recently burst onto the scene with their performance at the All Around. Hailing for New Boston and opening the show with fantastic energetic versions of classic, hard rock and metal covers these boys got the attention


of all attendees as well as the other bands. I have to admit Tyler Emond, Anthony Munoz, Kyle Nieman, and Garrett Kohls we impressive. We look forward to seeing them at upcoming Detroit Live Shows. The Porcelain Doll Collection:


These girls and guy caught me off guard. They showed up in makeup to celebrate the “Day of the Dead “Holiday. Took the stage and started raging ultra high energy versions of punk songs. Their stage presence was fantastic. Lead vocalist Alayna Brooke was forceful and commanding, Drummer Zoe Kissel set the pace and kept the fire burning throughout the bands set. Guitarists Lauren Reyna & Cam Anderson combined with Bassist Dylan Kissel created a thick and powerful rhythm section that overwhelmed the crowd. This band is def one to watch! Bulletproof Snow.


Bulletproof Snow first appeared in early 2013 by throwing down an incredible performance at the Detroit Live Magazine Blow Up My Band Contest. After seeing them there I was hooked. These guys are definitely making waves due to their songwriting and charismatic live performances. Vocalist Trey McGlaughlin is a natural front man. Flanked by Jacob Yacobelli, Matt Coon and Connor Cheney they create a band that is incredibly impressive. Fresh from their victory at the Rockstar UPROAR contest these guys are on a roll. We look forward to seeing them perform in the near future and watching their rock and roll careers grow, Shock wave:



These guys are what I refer to as young veterans. For years Angelo Cappola, Dylan and David Frankel have been taking the stage and going toe to toe with musicians 3,4,5 times their age. This night it was apparent that even though, chronologically these guys are still kids they rock out like full grown men. There is nothing adolescent about Shock Wave. Their experience shows with every riff. A combination of originals topped off with an intense version of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy eliminated any doubt that these guys are the real deal.


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Detroit Live Magazine Dec. 2013  

Detroit Live Magazine Dec. 2013