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Even though the Governor has drastically reduced the Michigan film tax credit. Michigan filmmakers like Scott and Dan Gaeski are continuing to make their dreams a reality. Last month Detroit Live magazine was invited to the premier Scott Galeski Timothy King

THROUGH OUR EYES November was a fantastic month on The Detroit Live Show. First off we’d like to welcome new cohost, Detroit comedian Sidney Smith. Sidney is a Detroit comedian who has recently returned to the motor city after taking his show on the road. We had talented artists like, Through our Eyes,

Sidney Smith

Timothy King

of the Galeski Brothers latest release “The Tank 2”. Starring Timothy King, this film is a one day look into characters residing the Wayne County holding tank. Kings performance is steeped in gravitas uncharacteristic of someone just wading into the waters of the acting. The premier was at capacity with around 300 attendees. The film was warmly received by the crowd. Preceding “The Tank 2” was a debut of the Mike Eshaq produc-

tion “The Ed and Moe show”, which details the antics of Moe, a fumbling Arab living and Dearborn Michigan and his white friend and business partner Ed.

Cheyenne Goff, Jeremiah Ferguson and Cody StageFright. We had an opportunity to feature

the premier episode of Mike Eshaq’s, The Ed and Moe Show ( Mike is a local filmmaker based out of the Dearborn area. Check out his youtube channel Also, check out his action comedy Super Zombies ...great stuff. Writer / Director Mike Eshaq


Both productions were incredibly impressive, “The Tank 2” with its drama and intensity and “The Ed and Moe show” with its unexpected hilarity. Watch for more great movies in the near future with the upcoming release from the Galeski Brothers “Pookerland” and new episodes of “The Ed and Moe Show”.

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At the age of 19 Local artist Brilliance got his first break. It was a free style rap contest sponsored by a local radio station. The winner of the contest was challenged daily by other artist until he was defeated. Brilliance held the title for over two weeks, which is impressive considering we are in the city that the movie “8 mile “ was based on. From there, through hard work and networking Brilliance was able to establish himself enough to be chosen as one of the opening acts for the 2011 Detroit Music awards. This was where Detroit Live first became aware of Brilliance. Joined onstage by legendary bassist Steve King, Kid Rock saxophonist Dave McMurry and the “Selected of God” Choir (think Eminem Chrysler Commercial) Brilliance took full advantage of his moment to shine.


by D.C

As a youngster it was a foundation of guitar and piano that fueled his passion for music. This passion was eventually converted to an appreciation for song writing. “As a song writer and lyricist the transition to rap and hip hop came naturally to me.” Say Brilliance “Doing well in the 95.5 free style contest really helped me begin to feel like I was going somewhere. To be able to compete and do well in a talent rich city like Detroit really put me on the right track. I got a bit of radio exposure and began to network and establish connections”. Brilliance admits the last few years have taught him much. He credits his relationship with ex Eminem producer Jeff Bass for helping him accelerate his understanding of the music industry and his association with Park City Management for putting him in

contact with the right people. Meeting the right people and treating them properly is key for Brill when asked “how do you get radio stations to play your stuff” Brill responds, “The first step is recording a hot record, or a hit record, whatever you prefer. If the music’s hot, the DJ’s will support it, but only if you approach them with respect, a humble attitude, and present your material to them professionally. Just as success on the radio helped propel his career, the performance at the 2011 DMA’s served to increase Brills visibility and his popularity. “I got to perform if front of a lot of people who had never seen me. Before the DMA’s I mostly performed in clubs, but this was a whole new level. As far as the music industry in the state of Michigan, everyone was there; I was able to convert that performance into gigs, collaborations as well as a new release “one day” that hit the streets on Nov 1st.Catch him live on Dec. 13th at the Post bar in Novi for a “Toys for Tots “Benefit.

Brilliance’s website is, you can follow him on Twitter @iAmBrilliance, www.YouTube. com/BWorldwide, and “Like” his Facebook page at * Signed to Jeff Bass Music (Eminem) * Has Video “One Day” on MTVu right now. * Performed with- LL Cool J, three six mafia, Mike Posner, Flo rida, Kevin rudolph, Cody Simpson, Jesse Mccartney, Hush, * Opened the 2011 Detroit Music Awards. * Has had numerous songs on 95.5 * Part of national anti-bulllying campaign “Defeat the label” * Performed on Fox 2 news * Musical guest on “The MItch Albom show” * Recorded show intro for 95.5 “Mojo in the Morning” * Guest on Mojo in the morning.

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Benny jet & Bob Harris By Benny Jet & Bob Harris

write this column in the Detroit Live Magazine. I do Karaoke, Sunday and Tuesday at the Fiddle BIKINI Bar in Wayne (Girls in bikini’s, Karaoke, and no cover charge, WOW), Thursday and Friday at the Redford Moose.

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If you or your favorite band was NOT mentioned, it is because YOU, didn’t let us know about THEM!  Do people still have a favorite LOCAL band? Do you care?  That may be the big question for 2011 going into 2012 - DO people still have favorite LOCAL bands? Back in the day, it seems people knew, liked, and supported, local bands. Some could even be called regional stars. Today more and more the average kid on the street, knows less and less, about the local music scene.  We often (and you could try it too) play the band name game. Take that list of area bands and ask a few people if they have heard of them.  At a recent late night, after the gig coffee, at the lovely Redford Grill (5 mile west of Telegraph), I asked 2 young ladies if they had a favorite local band? Or even knew or heard of any of the bands on our list? They said NO!. These

Cont on pg.18

We like the idea that THIS column Bob likes to promote the entertainment could, and probably should, offend scene. some of the people, all of the time, and all of the people, some of the time. Area bands (Gee remember LIVE bands with drummers and real musi Bob Harris, is the guy who wrote the cians) like; Category 5, Steve King and Motor City Rock and Roll Book. I’m the Dittlies, Pistol Day Parade, Rusty Benny, of Benny and the Jets Band, we Lunchbox, Ty Stone, Jamie Coe band

(guitar player Joe Lagracie), Critical Bill, Yankeeville (Fred the sax player plays piano in this band and I think bass in Red Hill), Broken Arrow, Chain Reaction (new CD), 34 Bliss, Fall Prey, Chocking Susan, Christina Chriss, Killer Flamingos, REMEDY (Bob likes bands with GIRL singers), George Brothers (formerly Stonebridge), the Muggs (not) Muggsy (think Cub Koda and the Points), Knockout, Crackjaw, Shockwave, Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway, Square Pegz, Scoot Magoo, Danny D (looks like Rod Stewart), Cruzin Jupiter, Jane Doe, Distinguished Gentlemen, Rickett Pass, Infatuations, Forest Wade, Howard Glazer, illegal, SYKOFISH, Snap Kount (they hang at Guitar Center),  Full Tilt Boogie Blues Band (they been doing open mic at Trolley Stop and Timber Wolf), MATTO, Mitch Ryder, Harmonica Harris, Howling Diablos (new CD Funk D records), and even that Benny and the Jets Band (HEY KIDS let’s mention Benny and the Jets Band has a X-Mas CD! Hear it at




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unit, generally someone has an idea we all hammer into shape. Annette writes By Cheri Clair her lines and we usually Cheri Clair: How long have you been together? then mold them into place. Mark has a keen ear for pitch and harmony so he usually helps Annette Through Our Eyes: We got together in the begin- find out where she needs to be. John-E has a great ning of 2010, started as a cover band but myself sense of where were at in a song and how to make (John-E) and Kurt (our bass player), never being things transition well from beginning to end. Kurt in a cover band, loved writing music so we kept helps with his opinions on if the vibe feels right. pushing the others to write original material. After a few covers gigs, we decided to start writing mu- CC: Favorite venue to play? sic as our priority, sprinkling in covers we enjoy along the way. TOE: Annette - Hayloft; Kurt - Hayloft; Mark - Hayloft or Tammy’s basement, John-E - The CC: Who are the members of your band and their Dawghouse. instruments?  CC: How can people hear your music? TOE: Annette Bilek - lead vocals, Mark Bilek backing vocals/guitars, Kurt Hansen -Bass, and TOE: Come out and see us! You can hear us onJohn-E Boettcher-drums line at the moment on ReverbNation, and we will very soon be on itunes. We are also working on a CC: Who are your influences? video with Ed Serecky (, which will be on our ReverbNation page and YouTube. TOE: Our influences are: Annette - Pink, Haley com. from Paramore, Evanescence, and In This Moment; Mark - Metallica, Pantera, Killswitch CC: Where and when is your next show? Engage, Chimaira, Seether, and Creed; Kurt - Five Finger Death Punch and Avenged Sevenfold; TOE: November 19th at New Way Bar in John-E - Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Chris Adler Ferndale. We were invited by The Dregs to warm from Lamb of God, Mario Duplantier from Gojira, up this gig. Glitter Trash and EF.EYE will also Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, and Avenged appear. Sevenfold. CC: Who writes your material? TOE: Most of the material is written together as a Log onto to see more pics of the band as well as the entire Detroit Live show interview with T.O.E.

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AWOL A few months ago I was driving in my car, (bored out of my mind) listening to 89X- The Only New Rock Alternative as usual. Some Black Keys and Muse came on which was great but then they played a number of similar new rock songs that were all alike. Just as I was about to change the station, a little jam came on that lit my fire. I turned up this mystery tune as loud as I could. “What IS this song?!” I wondered to myself, trying to decide if it was new or an old 80’s song I had sadly never discovered until now. The DJ didn’t announce who or what it was so when I got home, I still had the chorus in my head and immediately logged on to YOUTUBE. ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION. Thank God! I listened to Sail about 10 times before I dared give their other music a go. I was scared I had gotten my hopes too high in finding a gem of a band among the cookie cutter rock musicians in today’s music scene. I then progressed to the other songs that were posted on YOUTUBE and was geeked to find out that they were all just as amazing as the radio hit. Over the next several months, I learned their music and became a huge fan, and a huge majority of the country seemed to follow me. Sail was blasted through the radio waves all spring and summer and with the witty and honest lyrics, became a phenomenon. T-shirts were made, bracelets were supported saying ‘Blame it on my ADD’, and everyone knew the words to the entire song.

Photo by M.G. Nader

Photo’s By M.G. Nader

With Aaron Bruno’s unique style to blend different and melodious music while adding lyrics that

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By: Jordan Sarah Weatherhead als that I think are an extension of what I see the song to be. I don’t consider myself an ‘artist’, though you realize you made a mistake. He continued without a The ‘89X Stole Christmas Show’ I suppose I am; but it just feels breath, “Having said that, every is going to be held at the Fillmore weird to say I guess.” time we are asked to do something Theatre on Dec. 17th and AWOLNAThis was such a true state- TION will again take over Detroit! I question it right away, by nature, and wonder if we could do it differ- ment that resonated with me and They will be joined with Taking ently than we are supposed to. So the photographers in the room Back Sunday and Rise Against as it’s not intentional but I do appreci- so I added, “I think that rings true well as other bands that are not ate you noticing that it’s different. with any ‘artist’, be it a photogra- yet announced. It is going to be pher, or writer, or poet, or an actu- one HELL of a show that you don’t That’s just who I am.” al artist. I feel like we all struggled want to pass up. So get your tickAlready this interview was so long to be that and make it as ets now before they sell out; which going great! I could tell Aaron such that when we do, saying it I am a big fan of all types they will! really was willing to let loose and feels like it’s fake or insincere. To of music and I know that Aaron There is plenty more of say that we are now truly the artist Bruno is too, which is what makes fully explain the answers to my my conversation with the creative his album so great to listen to. He questions so I asked, “I’ve heard we’ve always wanted to be, just Aaron Bruno, don’t you worry. I feels strange.” bends the mold of what he’s ‘sup- you state before that you think people are maybe taking your will be covering the Christmas posed’ to sound like and sounds Aaron nods his head in concept a bit too seriously when show in December and will be like what he wants to sound like. you just wanted it to be a different, complete agreement with this doing a full review for the January “So Aaron, I’m a huge fan light-hearted idea.” I am of course statement and I feel that he is a issue. This issue will also include and I hope you don’t take this the at this point referring to their anti- lot like me. He’s a lot like many of the remainder of my interview with bio which is a video instead of a us, actually. Like many struggling AWOLNATION. Aaron talks about wrong way, but I feel like you are artists who just want a shot, who his musical inspirations, his time more of a ‘concept band’ than just written story, also their band’s a regular band. Can you see what ideals as a whole with the “alien- just want to be original and make as a pop song writer, and more. I mean by that? Did you set out to beings” stuff they are doing with a difference, who just want to be Get out there and buy their album heard or seen. be that different or did it just come their music and videos. in stores now. We’ll see you on along with what you love to do?” Dec. 17th! Later at their show, was He shifted in his seat a I asked him right away on the tour bit and said, “Music is so impor- just as magical as the interview -See you in your nightbus before the show. tant and so impactful but I think if back on the bus. Their live permares… -JSW Aaron was riffling through you’re on the writing or perform- formance was complete mayhem. There’s no other way to explain it. the fridge and offered us all some ing end of music you shouldn’t take it too seriously. I take records They killed every fruit juice even though there seriously that aren’t my own be- song and had so wasn’t much left. He finally took cause they move me and have got much energy I a seat and began to respond. “I think it just came natural. I’m pret- me through some parts of my life thought they’d that I needed to get through and explode. They ty bored with modern music and they inspire me. But when I hear truly interacted so I set out to find different ways with the audisomething like early Madonna of doing things. Having said that interviews where she talks about ence on a difthere are a few bands out there how great of an artist she is and ferent level and that I’m a fan of and appreciate how everyone is an artist, that just the crowd went their art and what they’re doing. But no, it wasn’t necessarily a cal- seems so weird to me, ya know?” wild the whole night. culated intentional thing. It’s just He then says, “I think it’s a an extension of who I am and what So if I loved growing up and it’s just all little bit ‘trying’ to claim that I’m an ‘artist’. I’m really just writing these you missed the coming through me now for the Talks to Darian Counts songs that I like with these visu- show I suggest Cont on pg 1613 Get the Detroit Live Digital Edition!!! Sign up at TODAY!!! Dec. 2011 Detroit Live Magazine

are fresh, honest, and fun, he’s created a beautiful monster. Bruno has a great story of overcoming the ‘starving artist’ struggle that some of us know all too well. Which is why, when the 89X radio crew announced AWOLNATION’s free show at the Majestic Theatre this October, I was beyond stoked. I couldn’t wait to get in a room with this genius that gave me new hope with the currently dull music industry and pick his brain.

world to see. But I don’t think we have to do everything different.”


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Review by Marc Nader Photos by Merideth Gillhespy Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5 brought his Electro-House music to the Fillmore Detroit for a two night all out dance fest. As electronic music has grown bigger then ever, Deadmau5 is at the top of this music craze. Wearing a giant mouse head Joel takes Electronica to new levels. Perched on top of giant square blocks approximately 15 feet in the air Joel delivers one of the best light, sound and special

DL Magazine talks to Eddie Money Lou Gramm and Mickey Thomas

Jingle Bell Rock

Lou Gramm: Fantastic I think in back a hundred percent.

EDDIE MONEY, LOU GRAMM, MICKEY THOMAS DL: Hey Mickey, A few years after that last twenty years or so. When did Everyone thinks were doin all Christ- joining Jefferson Starship you became you first begin to realize Detroit was a mas song…Noooo. We are rockin all the leader of the band. How did you good city for you? the hits at Soundboard on Dec 11th. go from the “new guy” to captain the ship? Eddie: Well.. I’ll you...I’ve Been a lot Hey Lou Gramm: I know you had of Trouble in Detroit and met a lot of some serious health concerns in the Mickey Thomas: Well after Grace pretty girls in Detroit. I guess I began 90’s with a brain tumor and it’s been Slick and Marty Ballin left the band to realize things were going well in taken a while to get back on stage. Did there was a period of adjustment. And Detroit was like Bob Seger showed the downtime affect your writing or in all honesty I think I was just the last up at one of my shows. I mean I was your approach to music? man standing (laughs)... on cloud nine since I was always a big Seger fan. Detroit is just a great rock Lou Gramm: Well after a scare like Hey guys tell me some of your favorand roll town. I’ve always believed that its impossible not to feel things a ite songs of each others. the rock and Roll hall of fame should little deeper. Eddie what’s your favorite Lou DC: Eddie, you been the opening act be in Detroit. DL: How is your health these days? Gramm Song? every summer at DTE/ Pine Knob for

Mickey Thomas Starship

Dec 11th

Lou Gramm of Foreigner

cont on pg. 34

This December, Eddie Money, Lou Gramm and Mickey Thomas take to the stage to bring us the “Jingle Bell Rock Show. Singing the hits like Shakin’, Urgent and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. These rock and roll icons will help the motor city usher in the holiday season to some of the most popular songs of the last three decades. We got a chance to talk with all three rock and roll legends in late November to ask about their careers and what to expect at the Sound Board on Dec 11th...

effects shows I have ever seen. He is a master of his craft and it shows. Packing the house for two days Deadmau5 fans filled the Fillmore with crazed excitement, some were wearing lighted mouse heads, some had on giant ears and the rest were just biting at the bit to get their dance on. For two solid nights the Fillmore’s walls were saturated with synthesized sound, blinding laser lights and heart pounding beats. I friend of mine told me when I asked him why he likes these shows so much and he said quote “It’s all about the party”

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Spiritual Horoscope for December by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – Happy birthday Sagittarius! There’s a total eclipse this month affecting your relationships in a positive way. Meditate on what you’d like to change about how you connect with your spouse or partner. You can heal many subconscious problems that sabotage your ability to have smoothness in this area of life. If single, you can change your “vibe” so you attract better people. You’ll also be able to see selfesteem issues clearly and uproot them easily!

Do you think you’re unlovable because of money matters? Are you ashamed about spending habits? Meditation will reveal ways you can heal these difficulties. Share your story with someone who can help you create a budget. Just by being open, you’ll take a burden off your relationships and things will be smoother and more harmonious.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – This month’s total eclipse could make you feel strange. You rely on your brain, but the eclipse makes it feel like scrambled eggs! As you meditate, believe that higher parts of your brain are being accessed and activated. Visualize your intuition (the higher level of thought) is merging with your day-to-day thinking. You’ll be blessed with insights about relationship challenges, and even about childhood issues. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – This month’s eclipse will make you dig deep in your Just don’t struggle to “figure things out” – instead, let solutions flow into your mind by subconscious to see why you’re so mean to yourself. Meditate especially on eating issues, relaxing mental tension. and on how you run yourself ragged. Make Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Watch out it a priority to have breaks in your day. Use loving affirmations. Release perfectionism and for jumping to conclusions and saying halfappreciate your strengths, so more of them can thought-out ideas! The eclipse is triggering old fears and subconscious anger. Be especially come forward! Deep breathing will also have careful at work and with family. It’s as if you profound anti-stress results. You deserve to have glasses on that have pictures of the past treat yourself with gentleness! glued inside. Meditate to ask for emotional Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – The total centering. You’ll likely see you’re not even reacting to present circumstances. Keep sane eclipse this month is challenging your to see how you hold people at bay by seeming to have with frequent deep breathing! If you actually do need to confront someone once you’ve done all the answers. Let yourself be vulnerable by admitting to yourself that you are scared to be your inner reflection, you’ll be poised and clear. hurt. There’s so much energy right now to go to a deeper level of intimacy and bonding in Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – How are you your closest relationships. Mediate to let your doing with meeting important goals? Please mind take a backseat to your heart and your spend time in meditation to get insights into emotions. how you could be more effective with finances, Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – If you’re relationships and friends. You’ll be able to see if certain beliefs or actions are keeping you feeling at all defensive in your marriage or from your highest good! You could have a little partnership, please understand this month’s eclipse is releasing deep spiritual blocks. Your burst of money, especially if you’re clearing ego wants to protect itself, but your soul wants out the “junk” in your life. It’s also a great to trust and surrender. Relationships are a mir- time to reconnect with old friends. Keep up with meditation even when problems resolve, ror of how you connect with the Universe. As you let go of this internal struggle, you’ll feel a because there’s many “spiritual goodies” at deep peace and serenity – and your relationship your fingertips if you stay connected! will deepen. If single, you could attract a very Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – You’ve high quality person who is ready to be your got lots of courage and energy to make soul mate! changes! This month’s eclipse will help your Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Not only break through fears of confronting others at is there a total eclipse this month, but Uranus is work or at home. Confronting doesn’t mean being angry – it’s being clear and authentic. It moving direct in your sign. This means you’ll could also mean daring to give your insights have amazing revelations and insights about when you think they “won’t matter” or that how to solve long-standing problems in your you’re “not good enough” to speak up. Just life. If you have an anxiety, sleep or anger issues, you’ll come across cutting edge informa- taking these brave steps will increase your sense of self-worth! tion to correct the difficulty. You’ll also get information through meditation. Please act on Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Relationthe information so you can live in the change! ships are about to go to a new, exciting level! These deep shifts will alter the way your feel Old problems in current partnerships can be about yourself, as well as the way people perceive you. It’s like your soul is shimmering suddenly overcome, or, if single, you can meet someone great! But . . . you must meditate to on your surface! release old anger and disappointments. You won’t be able to enjoy these new blessings if Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – This you’re caught up with negative emotions from month’s eclipse will shed light on financial issues and how they relate to your self-esteem. the past. You’ll feel it’s too good to be true

or will still find fault even though issues are healed. Forgive yourself and others and move on to a joyous future! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) – Meditate on prosperity to reap wonderful rewards form this month’s eclipse! Focus on how much good stuff is in the Universe! See yourself receptive to finances, love, health and happiness. Find a friend or two who can give your spiritual pep-talks when you get negative or “poverty minded”. Poverty could be in the realm of shutting yourself out to self-love, intimacy or other

life blessings. There’s enough to go around and you deserve abundance! Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for appointments in her home or by phone. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit www.

Aluna Michaels ance of intellect and intuition Aluna Michaels is a emerging from her passion second-generation astrologer with for astrology and her own strong personal over two decades of teaching and counselcommitment to meditation and spiritual ing experience. At the age of three, her mother began taking her to astrology classes growth. where she was blessed to grow up around Ms. Michaels is devoted to helppivotal astrologers such as Isabel Hickey, Francis Sakoian, Caroline Casey and Robert ing her clients increase their intuition and unveil their soul's history. She also assists Hand. By the time she was eighteen, she in discovering practical solutions to deep was practicing as a professional. spiritual issues that have created longMs. Michaels graduated from Brown standing problems. She compassionately understands each client?s soul journey, University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Rewhich is revealed through the Esoteric birth ligious Studies, and later with a Masters of Spiritual Counseling from Andover Newton chart. She is dedicated to unveiling their Theological School. For over twenty years, next spiritual step that will lead to the greatshe has been counseling clients in her home est level of fulfillment and freedom. and over the telephone. She has taught variMs. Michaels also holds a certification ous levels of astrology courses, and has also in Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional written for many magazines and publications. Currently she is a regular columnist in Balancing from Westbrook University. She finds that mineral ratios in the body, as well Fit Yoga. as toxic metals, often mirror qualities of a Her work uniquely blends astrological person's astrological chart. She often uses knowledge with her extensive study of Soul this physiological method to compliment Evolution and meditation. She offers a bal- her Esoteric work with the soul's life plan.

rris Cont.

Benny Jet & Bob Ha where two good looking, 20 something girls, who had just come from a night at the US-12 (where the Rusty Lunchbox BAND was playing).There guy friend reminded them, that Rusty Lunchbox was at that club, and they had seen Category 5 at Bumpers the week before. Still the girls did not seem overly impressed. I asked them if they ever heard of Ty Stone? Nope. The Muggs, REMEDY, Howling Diablos? Nope. They though maybe Pistol Day Parade and Benny and the Jets Band (though they where probably just trying to be nice to me).  It seems like times are changing, and this may not be a good thing for bands. In the “OLD DAYS” girls would go to a club, sit at a table, listen to the band, and wait for a GUY, to ASK THEM to dance. This happed at countless neigh-

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borhood bars and clubs (live music and dancing). This was the way people met people. This may have been the way YOUR MOM met YOUR DAD? It doesn’t happen as often anymore. Now days, the ladies don’t wait to be asked to dance. They dance less often as couples, face to face. More often it’s hipno-trance-dance or the Hustle, ChaCha Slide or FACEBOOK and chicken wings. To the left, to the left. And bands may be left out. We don’t clam to have the answers, just some questions. If you have some ideas or thoughts (or a favorite band) let us know. To contact Bob Harris call 313 399 8285. To contact Benny (SOLO) or Benny and the Jets band call the 24 hour hot line 313 730 1627 FACEBOOK or e mail

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Jethro Tull, Aqualung 40th Anniversary Special Edition, 2 CD set ( Chrysalis, 5099908799920):


intensity. It bristles with the ferocity of metal tempered with a strong groove and progressive core. Lead vocalist and lyricist Steven Urenda is like a force of nature, with a stylistic delivery that falls somewhere between James LaBrie of Dream Theater and Don Dokken. His musical foil on the front line is guitarist Dann Howard and, along with drummer Mike Blackman and bassist Rick Ramsden, they forge a sound that is familiar yet in a class by itself. Examples of this This was Ian Anderson and the boys’ can be found in songs like album opener fourth album, originally released in “Zen Nowhere.” They erupt out of the 1971, and the refurbished mixes of gate with significant guitar crunch and the original tracks presented here are a chorus hook that grabs you by the no worse for wear. In fact, Anderson’s throat. “Everybody Knows” features a takes on homelessness depicted in the savvy take on the universality of fellow title track, observances of social disar- brothers and sisters in need accomparay in the song “Locomotive Breath” nied by funky lock-step rhythms and and the questions concerning organized searing lead guitar. Title track “Fire on religion posed in tunes like “My God” the Moon” mines a more soulful and and “Wind-Up” are still viable and rel- reflective vibe as Urenda’s thoughtful evant today. This two disc set includes repartee and Howard’s Hendrix-like Disc One, which is the entire Aquanuances really top this one off nicely. lung album in its entirety. Disc Two There are also some softer numbers like features alternate takes and unreleased “One Sparrow” and “Make You Bere-mastered material. There is also a lieve” along with two bonus tracks that beautiful and comprehensive 31 page cap the overall serious tone of the disc booklet, with rare photos of the band in on a comedic note. their heyday as well as detailed infor#### mation on the origin of the album and the remix of it done by Steven Wilson of the band Porcupine Tree. This is the James “JD” Wilkerson, Life Has Meaning (734-941-7573 / album that truly defined Tull’s unique jjdwilkerson1 ): amalgam of rock, folk, classical and prog and opened the floodgates to a mass audience. These remixes are quite remarkable allowing this classic gem to be experienced in a whole new light. #### Medisin Wheel, Fire On the Moon (Tate Music Group, TMG-13528):

This is Motor City fueled rock that burns with a spiritual power and poetic

Eramus Hall was a popular R&B club and recording act from the Detroit area back in the early ‘80s. Years later one of its founding members Wilkerson released two solo albums; the first of these is under review here. The trumpeter, keyboardist and vocalist wrote all eight tracks on the disc as well as arranged and produced them. Aided by top notch session folks, Wilkerson gets his swerve on with a number of stellar tunes that shimmer, with lush production values and major label gloss. The

By Eric Harabadian

was a magical night and captures these side/session veterans in their natural habitat. Keneally is a relaxed leader that knows how to keep the show moving with good humor and audience rapport. And the band is top notch, strattling the barriers of rock, funk, prog and jazz and melding things into palatable and cleverly crafted tunes. All modern rock and pop should be this good!

overall effect is upbeat typified by debut cut “Think Positively.” Wilkerson delivers plain, straight-forward lyrics that are uplifting and direct, accompanied by a funky beat. “Gotta Live Our Own Love Story” continues that friendly vibe, with a slow dancing track in the vein of Atlantic Star or Earth, Wind & Fire. “Life #### Has Meaning” takes a retro journey where Afrika BamBataa meets Sugar Hill Gang. “Will You Love Me the Same Pallas, XXV, CD/DVD set (Music Theories Recordings, MTR 7337 2): Way Tomorrow (As You Do Today)” is significant for its jazzy horn chart and tenor sax breaks by Al Jones. And “Bring it Back (Your Dreams Now)” has a catchy Whispers’ “Rock Steady” foundation. This is a fun party album, with some real meat to it! #### Mike Keneally Band, Bakin’ at the Potato, CD/DVD set (Exowax, EX-2412):

Emerging from the neo-progressive rock movement of the early ‘80s, Pallas is a Scottish band that has a rich history that came up with fellow European acts like Marillion and IQ. This is a conceptual project that deals with a not-so-distant world fraught with unrest and political breakdown. “Falling Down” kicks things off with an urgent call for change throughout the planet. It has an epic chorus reminiscent of the band Asia. “Crash & Burn” features fiery guitar hysterics from Niall Mathewson atop tight, syncopated rhythms. A little down the list “Monster” seems like a likely single, with smooth and articulate vocals from front man Paul Mackie. It’s a cautionary tale about a “monster” coming and it may be society itself. “The Alien Messiah” is another epic cut that has an Iron Maiden-type quality to it. There is a far eastern-like modality here that is orchestral and larger than life. One of the key songs in the album’s apocalyptic story is “Blackwood/Violet Sky.” It’s about the end of the world and Mackie unfolds a powerful and sensitive vocal that is bittersweet, melancholic and somewhat hopeful at the same time. The bonus DVD features select tracks from the studio album performed live at the Loreley Festival in Europe last year. ###

The Baked Potato in Studio City, California is located in the heart of Hollywood. It is a small unassuming club that just happens to be a legendary musical institution, having housed momentous gigs and jam sessions by some of the world’s top rock, jazz and blues players for over 40 years! Dwarfed in the shadows of the Universal Studios’ black tower, the burnt hued building is not much to look at but inside the warm and snug confines of the stage came alive, this particular night, with a set by former Frank Zappa guitarist/keyboardist/ vocalist Mike Keneally and company. That “company” includes current Zappa Plays Zappa alum Joe Travers on drums and vocals, Bryan Beller on bass and vocals, Rick Musallam on guitar and vocals and Griff Peters on guitar. It’s a two disc package featuring a full-length DVD of their live performance, with band commentary tracks, as well as a live audio CD of the tunes as well. This

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Jazz @ 37 North. Interview and Live Review Gratitude Steel Band

Detroit Live was there to cover promoter Mark Clark and his innovative jazz series “Jazz @ Trinity” when it was just getting off the ground over two years ago. At that time the gregarious yet mild-mannered Clark was encountering the frustrations and pitfalls all music promoters face when trying to establish a program and build a following. Well, it will be three years February 2012 and, while promoting jazz anywhere is a real challenge, the word is starting to get out, and the level of talent they consistently have brought in is undeniable.

Deon Yates in February and Downriverbased high school band “Jefferson Avenue Zingers” in the spring. “The only problem I have right now is that we get so many requests from folks to play,” says Clark. “ We treat our artists well and pay them. We treat them special, and they are! It’s a good problem to have.”

Clark is also quick to point out that all the concerts are free and all that is asked is that people can contribute a “free-will offering” to help pay the artists. Jazz @ 37 North is also sponsored by local businesses such as Big Apple Bagel in Al Past appearances have included, len Park, Detroit Tire & Wheel in Detroit, local, regional and national artists includ- Matt Lee’s Lawn Service in Wyandotte ing singer Sheila Landis and guitarist and Wash on Wheels Carpet Cleaning and Rick Matle, vocalist Kathy Kosins, Power Washing. “There’s not too many bassist Paul Keller, jam-fusion group The jazz clubs around anymore,” says Clark. “I Macpodz, singer-songwriter Tracy Kash love giving musicians a place to play.” Thomas , vocalist Brad McNett and, most The year-end concert for 2011 recently, Carolyn Striho, this past Sephad the theme “Holidays in the Islands” tember and California-based pianist and and featured The Gratitude Steel Band. If vocalist Jim Martinez and Laura Didier you’ve ever heard the phrase “the family last October. that plays together, stays together,” they The concerts typically take must have been talking about this group. place from 6-8pm the last Sunday of each This was a family steel drum band led by month at Trinity Wesleyan Church, 14250 the father Chaz Russell. He was a dynamic Reeck Road in Southgate. Recently Clark and charismatic person that had a good did a little retooling of the series name rapport with the audience and instilled a and its image. “We changed the name to friendly and fun vibe amongst the crowd ‘Jazz @ 37 North’ this past September,” right away. They are a Southeast Michisays Clark. “Trinity is a real religious gan-based ensemble that employs all kinds sounding name and quite common. So of percussion instruments into the act, we wanted to think outside the box. including steel drums, trap drums, congas We’re trying to appeal to people that are along with vocal harmonies. It was like a interested in non-religious spirituality, I little slice of Jamaica arrived in the Detroit guess.” area for a time. The renamed “Jazz @ 37 North” is in reference to exit 37 that leads to this area of Southgate off I-75. The upcoming schedule looks pretty full for 2012, with jazz-fusion guitarist Deus Christian in January, saxophonist

They played various seasonal songs focusing, of course, on Christmas but also delving into Kwanzaa and Hanukkah as well. They began with “The First Noel” featuring Chaz’s wife Lady L on vocals. It was a reggae-ish type num-

ber that took flight when she and daughter Janiela dovetailed perfectly on soaring harmonies. “Joy to the World” followed and kept the festive atmosphere flowing and the crowd singing along. They continued with a totally unique take on the “Charlie Brown Theme”—usually reserved for piano—here done by a steel drum orchestra which featured Chaz and son Dajhumbay. The classic “My Favorite Things” really swung, with Lady L’s operatic voice giving it an uplifting feel. A tune called “Christmas Island” kept that blend of the Caribbean with bebop in full effect which led into “Jingle Bells.” At this point in the show the band encouraged the audience to rise out of the church pews and come up to dance and saunter under the limbo stick ( you know… low can you go?). Other traditional songs like “Feliz Navidad” and “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” got a calypso treatment. Perhaps, one of the main show stoppers was Lady L’s rendi-

tion of the gospel classic “Go Tell it On the Mountain.” She hit some notes that would floor Aretha and Mariah! With other daughter Coretta rounding out the group, The Gratitude Steel Band brought a warm and full sound that resounded beautifully within the church’s superb acoustics. This November proved a special time at Jazz @ 37 North and truly ushered in the Holiday season like no other. For more information on The Gratitude Steel Band just go to www. and you can contact Mark Clark direct for booking and concert scheduling at 734-379-5062. You can also check out Jazz @ 37 North on Facebook. Eric Harabadian ###


* * * * * * *

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cont on 17

My Voodo The Voodoo Experience is a three day music festival that is held in late October in conjunction with the Halloween celebration. The festival is held at the City Park in New Orleans, A 1300 acres plot of land that used to be a plantation is now a host

to Music, Art and Celebration of NOLA history. “Louisiana Voodoo combines elements of European and African beliefs. It is a dynamic religion that has both adapted to and shaped New Orleans culture” ~Wikipedia~

doing. Timing was everything on this assignment, shoot walk, shoot walk, shoot run, shoot walk, shoot run and so on. For approximately 7 hrs the only rest I got was leaning against the stage while waiting for an artist to start. I was amongst 30 to 40 photographers whom were all hustling for a good spot to shoot. Every Band I covered blew me away that day and all though the first day was cold and wet when the last band Soundgarden hit the main stage none of that mattered. Performing all their classics like Spoonman, Black Hole Sun, The Day I Tried to live and Fell on Black Days made the night air warm with rock memories that I had almost forgotten!

As I entered the festival you could not help but noticing the vibe for this event was in a typical New Orleans fashion. The roads were packed with vendors selling art, clothing and food. Music was filling the air from five stages “The word voodoo comes from the word vudu, the located through out the grounds and the park was littered with music fans dressed in costume or wearing some sort of NOLA apparel. I was handed a program with set times and knew it would be impossible to cover all the bands but I knew what I could cover was going to be cool! “New Orleans Voodoo includes the recognition of spiritual forces, which can be kind or mischievous. Connection with these spirits can be achieved through dance, music and singing” ~Wikipedia~ Day one, even with abnormal cold tempters and threats of rain did not stop Voodoo fans from enjoying the opening of this festival. With a full line up of groups like Peelander-Z, Mates of State, Ani Difranco, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Fitz & The Tantrums, My Chemical Romance, The Vettes and Soundgarden, I was excited to get shooting. Now, the difficult part in covering somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-13 bands spread out on 5 different stages took some Mastodon

Peelander Z 26 Detroit Live Magazine Dec. 2011 - Get the Detroit Live Digital Edition!!! - sign up at TODAY!!!

TINY’s Revolution

Dr. Michael White

oo Experience Story and Photos by Marc G. Nader


Cheap Trick


Dahomean “spirit”, an invisible mysterious force that can intervene in human affairs” ~Wikipedia~ Day two was a tad different, the cold front had moved through Cont leaving NOLA at pleasant mild temperatures. The fans seem to have doubled from the day before and the sound stages sounded louder. Bands like Chris Thomas King, Ozmotali, Mastodon, City and Colour, Social Distortion, Bobby Rush, X, Snoop Dogg and Blink 182 turned that park upside down! Fitting a small blister I was still able to cover 13 bands and have a moment to check out the vendors and some real kick ass NOLA Artist’s who displayed and sold their work with pride. Day 2 ended with Blink 182 tearing it up toaranother highlight of Voodoo for me and didn’t even seem a little weird (some of you will get that some won’t). When I thought things couldn’t get any better The The Raconteurs ended the festival in typical rock fashion. Detroit’s

My Chemiccal Romance


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EVENT TICKETS 313-277-6666


Jack White




Own Jack White can put together a band that will blow your mind. When Jack and Brendan Benson got together and wrote a song while sitting in Brendans Attic, Detroit Rock Bands gained another notch in music history. These guys have been giving pure rock fans hits since 2005. After recording the Broken Boy Soldiers album in Brendan’s Detroit in-home studio the band went on a small break. Then it was announced that The Raconteurs would go back

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on tour starting with Michigan’s own Dirt Fest and continue straight through New Orleans. With the original line up the Raconteurs have not skipped a beat nor lost any fans. It was my first time seeing this band live and pray it’s not my last. The Raconteurs Rocked New Orleans and my new experience tell’s me Voodoo is very much alive and will get you…………………. coming back for more!

After shooting approximately 30 bands in three days I was sad it was over. My Voodoo Experience was nothing less than stellar and no curses or spells will keep me from covering this festival again. A big special thanks to the fine people at MSO for taking great care of the media and a big thanks to the people of New Orleans who never made me feel I was anywhere else but home.

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By Amanda Blanchard The room overflowed with positive energy. Several times lead singer Leigh Kakaty stopped the show and lead the crowd in singing the Michigan fight song.

It was loud and out of control yet non violent, exactly the way it I like it when I go to a concert. This was the first time I had seen Pop Evil but after a show like the one they put on at the blind Pig this can bet it wont be the last. Angelo Copolla’s band Shockwave and DJ AMF provided an incredible kick off for the Pop Evil Show on Nov 18t at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. For about an hour DJ AMF kept the crowded room energized and in good spirits, even singing along to Journey’s “Don’t stop Believing”. A little after 10, The band Shockwave Angelo (Drums/vocals) David (guitar) and Daylon(bass\ locals) took to the stage and completely rocked it. They were very in tune with the audidance. Bullet train, a Shockwave original, was shining exaple of what these young rockers can do.

Pop Evil Dec 17th at the Emerald.

Even though the band is composed of teenagers, Shockwave has a very mature sound. Polished and professional their stage performance tends to cause you to forget their age. An inspiring version of Aerosmith’s “Train kept Rollin” showed the audience that brothers David and Dylan Frankel are incredibly talented musicians. Closing their set with Metallica’s “Seek and destroy” Angelo made it clear that he can play with the big boys. When their set was finished it was evident that these kids, even thought they’re young, have the hearts of experienced musicians

Jingle Bell Rock cont

Now that Shockwave and DJ AMF got the crowd warmed up, Pop Evil took to the stage at about 11 and there was just no way a club as intimate as the Blind Pig could contain the energy. From beginning to the end the crowd was thoroughly involved in the show. The passion filled performance was completely intimate. The lyrics and delivery of the material had a spiritual flavor leaving a lasting impression. The palpable thickness of emotion in the room seemed to confirm that the passion the band felt on stage was translating to the crowd. It seemed that Leigh, Dylan, Tony and Matt were not only singing to us but gave the impression that they had wriiten the songs for us. The energy they gave was invigorating and the sincerity of the performance was amplified by the small club.

It’s the song he did on his own Midnight Blue and no body can sing Ave Maria like Mickey Thomas. Lou: Baby hold on by and Jane is an all time favorite. Mickey: 2 tickets to Paradise and Midnight Blue. DL: We’re looking forward to hearing all the classic Eddie Money Lou Gramm/ Foreigner and Mickey Thomas Jefferson Starship/Starship plus some great Christmas songs on Dec 11th at Sound Board. Guys on behalf of all Detroit Live readers thanks for taking the time to talk with us and have a Merry Christmas Eddie: You have a great holiday... it was great to talk to you. Mickey & Lou: Have a Merry Christmas… See ya on the 11th Angelo Coppola - Shockwave

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