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A P R I L 2 0 1 4 Choice Cuts April 2014 Punk in Africa, : Director/producers Keith Jones and Deon Maas have created a documentary that truly speaks to the heart of the creative process. In this case it focuses on the underground rock scenes that emerged in the early ‘70s throughout South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Taking you right up to the present day, this is the story of folks who create music for survival, social change and, simply, because they have to! Amid apartheid, civil wars, economic struggles and racism great music was spawned by the likes of artists such as Johannesburg’s Suck, Durban’s Wild Youth and National Wake. In particular, during the tempestuous ‘80s, the southern regions of Africa were increasingly oppressive to both blacks and whites. A number of bands and nightclubs sprang up to inform and rally free-thinking people, as well as entertain. For those that seek a compelling story and are interested in the origins of alternative rock from a global perspective, this definitely is a must-have to include in your DVD arsenal!

Rock Candy Funk Party Takes New York: Live at the Iridium (DVD/CD, J&R Adventures, JRA44464): This is the follow up to their debut album We Want Groove and these cream-of-the-crop players still consider this well-rehearsed project their “hobby”! This time the jazz-funk-fusion group packs up their gear and heads out of an L.A. studio to the gritty streets of Manhattan. Guitarist Joe Bonamassa, guitarist Ron DeJesus, bassist Mike Merritt, keyboardist Renato Neto, drummer Tal Bergman and percussionist Daniel Sadownick come from all walks of rock, jazz, blues, world beat and pop. But when they got together for this momentous three night stint at the famed NYC jazz club in June, 2013 all egos were checked at the door and the musical sparks flew. The interaction of Bonamassa and DeJesus is textbook for guitarists and the rhythm section of Bergman and Merritt is what playing in the pocket is all about. The overall feel of their performance is balanced and relaxed, but they turn up the heat with some fireworks when needed. Also included is an audio CD of the concert and a behind-the-scenes DVD documentary on the making of the video. Jazz-rock and fusion is alive and well people, and RCFP is a fine example of why!

D.O.A., To Hell N’ Back: The Godfathers of Hardcore Live (DVD/CD, MVD Visual , ): “Be your own boss….think for yourself. Effect some positive change into this world!” Those are some frank and honest quotes that have been the mantra of D.O.A. guitarist and front man Joe “Shithead” Keithley for over 30 years. Actually, it’s been 35 years and the storied Canadian hardcore punk band is celebrating that anniversary with this DVD/CD package. You get all the classic hits live—from 2011 and 2013—when they appeared at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre, the Canmore Hotel in Alberta and Calgary’s Palomino Club. Keithley has never sounded better and, at nearly 60, has lost none of his passion or ire for social change. “Police Brutality,” “General Strike,” “I Live in a Car” and “I’m Right, You’re Wrong” are all here, along with a boatload of other grinders. Kudos to the current rhythm section of bassist Dan Yaremko and drummer Jesse Pinner too. These guys forge a pocket as huge as an I-75 pothole and really lock it down! Also included in this package is a full-length CD of 2012’s We Come in Peace. That is a great bonus as well as DVD extras of the band in the studio working on the album. Essential! 28 LIVE