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SATURDAY  JULY 27  9 A.M. – 6 P.M. Day On The Town is the biggest shopping day of the year in downtown Birmingham, and it draws thousands from near and far. This event is for people on the hunt for a good deal, and there are many deals to be MV\UK([[LUKLLZ^PSSÄUKKPZJV\U[LKOPNOLUK TLYJOHUKPZL[OYV\NOV\[KV^U[V^U)PYTPUNOHT >OL[OLY`V\»YLSVVRPUNMVYJSV[OPUNQL^LSY` artwork, antiques, dishes, vases or toys, Birmingham is the place to be on July 27!


Birmingham Shopping District


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July 18 • 2019


An Italian Tale of Burstyn’s Bagels A tip o’ the hat to Rochel Burstyn for her well-researched and delightfully connecting article on June 27, “Bageling for Beginners” (page 5). As a retired journalist, I’m not a beginner at much any longer. This is a “bageling” story from 1986. My husband and I took our teenage daughters to Italy on a celebratory trip for our eldest’s graduation from Andover High. We had studiously incorporated all the tourist-savvy tips that would keep us above the fray. Among those was the advice to firmly deny the first price stated by a cart-in-tow street vendor. I’d read about the books with clear plastic pages that — flipped individually — gradually reveal the original appearance of a disappearing architectural wonder now in ruins. Each page added a chronologically reversed era to the original photo of what we were viewing in person. The clever concept took its viewer on a journey back through centuries of history. I had an idea of the appropriate price in liras — which was way below this small, bearded, elderly man’s asking price — and that’s what I offered him. He guffawed in theatrical outrage at my low offer. He tripled it. I went up to 1½ times my offer. He went down to two times. I said, “Thank you,” and turned to walk off. Needless to say, my daughters were mortified by my actions. They spun around in retreat from their embarrassing mother’s haggling. As I followed their lead, the gentleman appeared behind me and tapped on my shoulder. “Yiddisheh meidlelah?” he inquired, knowingly. As I processed his Italian-tinged Yiddish, I burst out laughing. “What is a fair price?” I asked him. I can’t remember what he said, but we paid it. And it’s still proudly displayed on a library bookshelf today: the historical wonder of the Colosseum and all its human history. Sandra R. Tessler Bloomfield Hills

Another Bageling Story I loved the article about bageling. My husband and I were on a culinary river cruise to the south of France a few years ago and learned that bagel is a verb firsthand. We were waiting for the last person to arrive for a hike in the vineyards of Hermitage. She was delayed because her luggage never arrived, and she had to borrow clothing and hiking boots from the cruise-ship staff. I started a conversation with her to learn that she was a food critic from Chicago. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were on the top of a mountain overlooking the Alps and playing Jewish Geography! Rochel Burstyn was absolutely right about the Bagel Theory. Turns out we were the only Yids onboard, and it was nice to have the connection. Adrea Benkoff Farmington Hills

Stop Global Warming I read with interest your article on Talking Climate Change with Paul Gross (July 4, page 19). However, I am concerned regarding his comments about not being able to “stop global warming.” Not only can carbon-based emissions be eliminated, but carbon can be taken out of the atmosphere thus reversing the carbon cycle. And the technology is already available. I would like to refer you and your readers to an excellent documentary on HBO produced by Leonardo DeCaprio titled Ice On Fire, which concisely outlines the problem and its solutions. Steve Saginaw, M.D. Royal Oak

online comments Readers on Facebook added their comments to the story “Interlochen Legacy,” (July 4, page 30).

Dina B-Berd: As a camper, I saw Marcel Marceau perform there. An incredible privilege to have attended. Ben Blau: I’m an Interlochen alum and still live in SE Michigan. My life still revolves around music. Melissa Steinberg Brodsky: I had the most amazing time the summer I went to Interlochen. The JN welcomes comments online at or on its Facebook page. Letters can be sent to

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DJN July 18, 2019  

DJN July 18, 2019