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2014 Detroit Annual Conference Use of Facility and Grounds Agreement Bishop Reuben Job’s book, “Three Simple Rules” reminds us of John Wesley’s three guiding principles for living (Do no harm; Do good; Stay in love with God.) These principles guide us as an Annual Conference while we are guests on the campus of Adrian College for our annual session. To that end, we enter into an agreement to “do no harm” while on the campus of Adrian College. One of the benefits of annual conference is that it provides the opportunity to share views, thoughts, joys and concerns about all areas of life. We agree to be careful as we do, so that the way we interact is not “doing harm” by being insulting or damaging to others or to the facility and grounds in which we gather. As guests on campus, we also strive to “do good” by respecting and actively thanking all those who work hard to host us while on campus. Contractual Agreements with Adrian College The Annual Conference shall be responsible for all damages or injury to facilities, or loss or damage of any property provided under the contract and to other facilities property not specified in the contract resulting from the negligent and/or intentional acts of persons associated with this conference or program Damage to College Buildings and Grounds Examples of property damage include, but are not limited to: breaking or uprooting of trees or shrubbery, painting on buildings, columns, sidewalks or any other surface; defacing buildings, columns, sidewalks or any other structure; or in any other way damaging any building or other fixture on Adrian College property. Graffiti and Improper Postings Painting, posting, taping or defacing in any manner building facades, grounds, structures, walkways, walls or trees is not allowed. Chalking with water soluble chalk is limited to Adrian College sidewalks. Chalking is prohibited on other college property including, but not limited to, buildings, columns, seating, walls, steps and other surfaces, structures and fixtures. Chalking should be washed off within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event. The use of spray chalk or spray paint is prohibited. Weapons, Fireworks, Other No animals, explosives, fireworks, firearms and/or other weapons are permitted on or in Adrian College Facilities. The Annual Conference agrees to immediately withdraw, remove, or expel any participants or their guests for violating this clause. Tent Stakes, Lawn Signs The use of tent stakes, lawn signs and single post banners and flags are prohibited on all campus grounds due to potential damage to underground sprinkler systems.

Facilities Use Policy  

Detroit Annual Conference Facilities Use Policy