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July 31,  2012     Art  Van  Furniture     ATTN:  Corporate  Communications   6500  East  14  Mile  Road   Warren,  MI  48092         Corporate  Communications  and  Representatives,     Thank  you  for  your  provided  efforts  to  date.  I  wanted  to  take  the  time  to  make  a  formal   introduction  as  the  business  representation  of  Rodney  Stuckey  (#3)  and  Jonas  Jerebko  (#33)   of  the  Detroit  Pistons.  Currently  we  have  received  an  appearance/endorsement  request  for   Rodney  Stuckey,  offering  Art  Van  furnishings.  Thank  you  for  this  non-­‐traditional  offer.  This  is   of  value  to  Stuckey  for  his  family  has  recently  grown  and  is  moving  into  a  new  home  this   summer.     We  are  conservative  on  the  appearance  offers  we  accept,  for  we  are  firm  to  ‘only’  build   relations  that  are  in  the  best  interest  of:  1  -­‐  our  athletes  and  2-­‐  the  relations  they  are   representing.    None  of  our  efforts  are  whimsical,  instead,  each  communication  and  action  is   intentional  and  involves  high-­‐level  planning.  In  moving  forward,  we  wish  to  create  the   strongest  return  viable  for  your  involvement  with  Rodney  Stuckey.  We  always  focus  on  the   bottom  line,  and  that  is  sales.  We  understand  any  appearance  is  of  no  measurable  value  if   our  efforts  do  not  bring  in  customers  with  buying  power  and  translate  directly  to  a  surge  in   furniture  sales.       We  are  more  than  happy  to  offer  our  resources  and  professionals  to  support  Art  Van   Furniture  and  assist  with  an  appearance/endorsement  campaign  involving  Rodney  Stuckey.   To  ensure  a  strong  return  for  Art  Van  Furniture,  our  public  relations  group  is  willing  to  pair   with  your  team  for  a  joint  service  appearance/endorsement  campaign  venture.  Inclusive  but   not  limited  to:       • Event  Planning  and  Event  Promotion   • Press  Plan,  Press  Materials   • Online  Promotions   • Marketing  (traditional  and  online)   • Social  Media  Campaigns   • Email  Marketing   • Press  Releases,  Reporting   • Reputation  Management     • Digital  Advertising   • SEO,  Online  Lead  Generation   • Media  Relations   • Live  Television/Radio  Plugs    

Our public  relations  group  can  work  together  with  your  team  to  strategize  the  best  media   approach  and  guarantee  a  strong  return.       We  prefer  to  understand  the  company’s  current  positioning  and  business  objectives  before   creating  any  type  of  plan.  Each  solution  we  create  is  tailored  ‘specifically’  to  the  company’s   current  positioning  and  growth  needs.  In  light  discussion,  we  suggest  the  following  approach:       Tell  A  Story   “People  are  real.  Consumers  are  real  people  that  need  to  be  connected  with  on  a  personal   and  intimate  level.  A  mere  NBA  player  ‘appearance’  is  not  intimate  or  personal  at  all,  it’s   distant  and  out  of  touch  with  most  people’s  reality.  The  home  is  real.  Family  is  real.  Rodney   Stuckey  is  real.  Stuckey  has  an  uncanny  ability  to  connect  with  people  on  a  personal  level   because  he  is  genuine.  His  drive  and  determination  pressed  him  through  unconquerable   challenges  into  the  position  he  is  today,  and  he  remains  grounded.  Stuckey  has  not  forgotten   nor  has  he  lost  perspective  on  life  challenges.  He  has  a  family  he  needs  to  provide  for;  he   recently  had  a  new  addition  to  his  family  and  needs  to  move  into  a  new  house  with  extra   room;  he  needs  to  completely  furnish  his  new  home.  Families  go  through  this,  Rodney   Stuckey  goes  through  this  experience.”       This  is  a  story  and  that  is  what  people  connect  with,  relate  to  and  understand.  We  suggest   you  use  this  rare  timing  opportunity  to  tell  a  story.  A  video  and  photo  story  of  Stuckey   moving  into  his  new  home,  empty,  and  refurnishing  it  piece  by  piece  just  like  all  new   homeowners  go  through.  Jonas  Jerebko  is  absolutely  willing  to  be  a  part  of  any  of  the   photo/video  segments.  Jonas  is  a  real  friend  of  Stuckey’s  and  he  will  be  helping  him  move   into  his  new  place,  there  is  nothing  staged  or  unrelatable  about  it.  The  new  homeowner   relates  directly  to  the  niche  consumer  market  Art  Van  Furniture  targets  –  the  consumer  with   buying  power.  Use  this  as  an  opportunity  to  connect  with  the  new  homeowner  or  the   homeowner  looking  to  refurnish.  Tell  a  story  through  video,  photo,  intimate  conversations   and  digital  mediums.  This  is  how  an  appearance  directly  correlates  to  sales  –  it’s  real  value   and  will  be  reusable  content  with  a  long  lifespan.       We  look  forward  to  speaking  more  with  your  team  and  hope  to  provide  support  in  any  way   which  Art  Van  Furniture  is  open  to  receiving.       Best  of  luck  with  your  efforts  this  year.         Sincerely,     Christopher  Roumayeh     Business  Manager,  Rodney  Stuckey    

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NBA Detroit Pistons, #3 Rodney Stuckey  

NBA Detroit Pistons, #3 Rodney Stuckey