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Report: Multimedia Galleries, Analysis Ford Motor Company,

-Revised Dec 22, 2011, Amanda Murphy-

Summary The multimedia galleries can effectively drive higher sales by creating a more interactive, engaging personal user experience that directly ties into Ford campaigns. Current galleries are flat and unable to capture consumer engagement. An effective photo series tells a story – it is exciting and places the interested consumer in the driver seat. A lifestyle campaign accomplishes this by connecting with people on a real, personal level. The users need to be able to see themselves in these cars. This is the experience we need to achieve for our users when they enter each online gallery. Ford Motor Company represents a winning social media campaign complete with cause marketing, celebrity endorsements and national contests. These efforts and campaigns should tie in directly with the multimedia galleries to take advantage of the strength these campaigns carry. A more engaging, interactive gallery experience generates new users and significantly reduces bounce rate. The more effective our multimedia galleries engage consumer interest, the closer the consumer is to the closing stage of sale. Competitive Analysis The following listed automotive manufacturers hold competitive advantage for they provide stronger multimedia elements, specifically for the following reasons: Ø Fiat The Fiat 500 is a small non-attractive shape that is now hot, fresh and representing style thanks to the addition of Jennifer Lopez to their campaign. A style-icon as JLO is what this product needed to gain consumer interest. A strong selling point of the Ford featured vehicles should still remain ‘economical,’ but fresh and attractive are elements that should be achieved after gallery and home [page] revisions. Ø BMW Ref: Gallery, BMW 5 Series. User embodies the experience of exploration as user enters. Ø Range Rover Ref: Range Rover tells a story with a photo series that pulls consumers into the journey. Ø Bentley Ref: Bentley Motors home [page] vrooms and shines headlights at users (excitement). Ø Mercedes Benz Ref: The Mercedes gallery extends to a full-video site, Mercedes-Benz TV. Ø Toyota Ref: Noteworthy site features 1) Demos and 2) Vehicle Tours. Gallery Revision(s) As entrance into each gallery should build excitement and exploration, content should be easily viewable for users. Current navigation requires users to click through ‘tabs’ to view photos, videos and demos. A page layout similar to (in gallery view) allows users to easily view all content. Additionally, the video pieces are excellent

and are stronger content than the photos. Videos should be the featured content, with photos as supporting content (ref: Fiat, Audi). Additional Enhancements: Ø Wallpaper (ref: Mercedes Benz) Provide option to easily grab gallery photos as wallpaper for screen, mobile or social. Ø FB ‘like’ feature; available in each vehicle gallery Drive consumers to ‘like’ individual vehicle FB [page] to 1) achieve a stage in the sales cycle and 2) grow the vehicle’s social platform. Home [Page] Revisions The home [page] will need a teaser to drive users effectively to galleries. Gallery ‘views’ will easily increase with relevant teasers that navigate users simply from home [page]. Interactive content on home [page] would also vamp up site appearance and build interest. A consistent message should be communicated throughout the site. As the multimedia galleries represent a personable, fun authentic brand, the home [page] simply states ‘economical.’ Ford Motor Company remains as the industry’s forefront leader in social media – no other automotive manufacturer is comparable. This strength should be capitalized upon and tied into each gallery. Each gallery should be a social and interactive experience that keys into our target market and growth objectives.

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