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Alcohol Rehab Helpline – Detox Alcohol and drug dependency greatly affects the body. Prolonged consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol as well as the frequent use of drugs often results in a number of health problems. These health problems do more than cause suffering to the individual—these can end his or her life. For treatment to be truly effective, it is necessary to address the physical consequences brought about by alcohol and drug dependency. This is done by detoxification or detox. Alcohol and drug detox is the best way to deal with the physical effects of addiction. It is the process of removing all harmful substances from the body. This is the first process every alcoholic and drug addict must go through before treatment officially begins. Because the body has been used to alcohol and drugs for a long time, detox is bound to result in withdrawal symptoms, some of which are severe and life-threatening. This is why it is important that detox help be supervised by a medical professional. Here at Alcohol Rehab Helpline, all our clients undergo detox under medical supervision. Our team of medical professionals work hard to make sure that the process would be as manageable as possible for the alcoholic or drug user. We know how dangerous withdrawal symptoms are and it is our mission to ensure that all our clients would be safe throughout the entire process. Alcohol Rehab Helpline guarantees that detox will be a success so that clients can move along with their treatment.

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