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Panorama Dokumente / Berlinale 2015

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, between two of the city’s two thousand churches, you find OpenArms Youth Project - the city’s only youth center welcoming gay and transgender teenagers that have decided to come out in the middle of the Bible Belt. These kids are considered misfits as their wicked lifestyle does not fit into Tulsa’s conservative and religious society. Misfits is a film about being yourself, even though that choice may cause great personal costs. The three characters in the film, Larissa, Benny and “D”, all go to the center where they find love and support to confront the daily drama they are living because of their sexuality.

Danish release / 2015 Running time / 74 min. Director / Jannik Splidsboel Appearances / Producer / Sara Stockmann Production company / Sonntag Pictures International sales / Wide House / t +33 1 53 95 04 64 /

How Are You (2011), about the artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, was selected for the Panorama programme at Berlin and was on show at HotDocs.

Misfits / Misfits

Despite increasingly refined war technology, mass rape is used as a tool of war in modern combat. Some 25,000 to 40,000 women were victims of mass rape during the Balkan war 1992-1995. Twenty years after these crimes, only very few cases of war crimes of sexual violence have been investigated and prosecuted. For the women in the film the rapes remain a dark shadow in their lives enshrouded by taboo. For these women, legal justice is the only hope to regain integrity and life. However, justice fails and betrays them all the way to the International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague.

Mission Rape – A Tool of War / Voldtægt som krigsvåben

Danish release / 2014 Running time / 61 min. Director / Annette Mari Olsen, Katia Forbert Petersen Producer / Annette Mari Olsen, Katia Forbert Petersen, Karen Hjort Production company / Sfinx Film/TV International sales / DR International Sales / t +45 3520 3040 / /

Katia Forbert Petersen and Annette Mari Olsen have kept in contact with a group of women who stranded in Denmark in 1992. The women had fled from Bosnia, from the war. They spoke about their experiences, their pain and the fear they had for the future — for themselves and for their children.

Denice, who has starred in hundreds of porn films, has for some years been busy with the start-up of Scandinavia’s biggest webcam site. Denice decides to make a comeback in Porn Valley in Los Angeles to make some quick cash over the summer. She moves into a mansion owned by Derek Hay, a porn film agent. Ten young porn models live together in the house – some of them as young as 18 and about to make their debut in the tough industry of porn. After three years away from the industry, Denice starts to see it in a new light. She finds that it makes her extremely sad. Her own situation is reflected in that of the young girls – as if she sees herself for the first time.

Naked / Dagbog fra Porn Valley

Danish release / 2014 Running time / 51 min. Director / Nicole N. Horanyi Appearances / Denice Klarskov Producer / Helle Faber Production company / Made in Copenhagen International sales / DR International Sales / t +45 3520 3040 / /

Nicole N. Horanyi has directed Au Pair (2011) and The Devilles (2009). She is a graduate from the National Film School of Denmark.


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