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Invention Of Smoke Alarms • •

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Smoke alarm protect your property and family from fire. The basic technology required for the smoke alarm was born by Walter Jaeger. Ironically (and unbeknown to Jaeger) this would also be the first instance of smoke alarm testing! A further 30 years passed before Duane D. Pearsall invented an affordable smoke alarm for the home. New version of Smoke alarm includes: 1. Battery Powered 2. Easy to installed & replaced 3. Quick replace batteries rather than rechargeable batteries. 4. Plastic shell to encasing the device Smoke detector is life saving device itself is only part of the solution. Regular smoke detection services ensures your smoke alarm is in full working order, keeping you and your family safe.

Legislation Of Smoke Alarm

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From a legal perspective, smoke alarms are compulsory in each and every home. Alarms used must also comply with Australian standards AS 3786 & building code of Australia. Detector Inspector's comprehensive smoke detector services ensures you meet all legal obligations and remove the responsibility of smoke detector maintenance from the agency, places responsibility squarely on us, the smoke detector professionals. All technician have partaken and completed comprehensive smoke detector service training and have satisfactorily passed onsite and off site training.

Working Smoke Detectors Saves Life •

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It is important to ensures that your smoke alarm is working properly or not. Proper Maintenance and servicing of smoke detectors helps you to save you and your life from fire. Detector Inspector provides annual smoke alarm services which includes: Battery replacement Checking the maximum life expectancy of the device Replacing expired smoke detectors when necessary Decibel testing Cleaning the detector including a vacuum around the smoke alarm vents

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Smoke Detector Testing & Maintenance  

Proper Maintenance & testing of smoke alarms is very important for life safety. Detector Inspector provides offers installation of new det...

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