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Champions at Work 36th Ann Annual all Region 1 SkillsUSA Competition AWC’s 26th Anniversary as host March 4th, 2011

Welcome from Arizona Western College Dr. Glenn E. Mayle President, Arizona Western College (928) 344-7500

Arizona Western College is pleased to host the Region I SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Competition. On behalf of the College, I want to welcome all competitors, advisors, representatives of business and industry, and community volunteers. At a time when all of us are working to rebuild our nation’s economy, it is essential that we underscore the technical and leadership skills needed to insure and sustain a prosperous economic recovery. The SkillsUSA competition places emphasis on those skills while allowing participants to observe and learn from one another as well as from experienced professionals. It is my hope that business and industrial representatives in attendance will actively support and encourage participants both in their competitions and in the pursuit of their educational goals. Sincere thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this event possible, and to our student participants, the very best of luck to you in the competitions.

Skills Competitions Related Tech Math LA 114 James B Stewart, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Small Gas Engine/Power Equipment Technology T4 Room 117 Sam Romine, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Television Production BA 111 Sherry Needham, Troy Baughtman, Travis Mitchell, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Web Design – Intro/Web Design – Advance LR 100 Steve Paluch, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Welding T2 Room 107

Mike Young, Chairperson

1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Welding Fabrication T2 Room 107 Larry Lebsock, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________



Skills Competitions Digital Media Creation LR 095 Steve Paluch, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Drafting – Architectural Board LR 120 Noemi Magana, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Drafting – Architectural CAD LR 120 Noemi Magana, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________

Career and Technical Education Division Dr. Marcus Johnson Dean, Career and Technical Education Division (928) 344-7769

I would like to welcome all of you to the Career and Technical Education Division. Today, every one of you has the opportunity to participate in a great competition that will demonstrate skills you may use for a lifetime. You will have the opportunity to learn from others, watch experts in the professions, and discover how to become a career leader. With the right desire and drive, you may take these skills to earn good wages. They can also provide you the chance to build and grow your own future company. America needs skilled workers. Thanks to all the advisors, committees, staff and volunteers supporting SkillsUSA. I appreciate your selfless service in making this event so successful. Without your help, it would not be possible to provide the quality of this competition. You truly do make a difference in people’s lives and in our community. I wish everyone the best of luck in the SKillsUSA competition.

3rd ___________________________________________________________ Drafting – Mechanical Board BA 205 Noemi Magana, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Drafting – Mechanical CAD BA 205 Noemi Magana, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Firefighter City of Yuma Fire St 1

Chris Flores, Chairperson

1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________



Skills Competitions Advertising Design/Graphics T4, Room 114D Brad Pease, Chairperson

Our Gratitude and Appreciation The Career and Technical Education Division and Tech Prep wishes to thank all of the contestants, judges, chairpersons, and advisors for their contributions in making the 36th Annual Region 1 SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Competition a success. We have received help from many areas of the campus and the community. Judges have volunteered from the industry, local government, and the college; staff members as well as students have volunteered time to make this event a reality. To the students, we wish you well and to those going on to Phoenix for the state championship, we know you will represent Region 1 to the best of your ability. May you have a safe trip home and we hope to see you at State!

Special Appreciation to: Sunrise Optimist Club of Yuma

For the past 20 years, we have been honored with having this service club provide food and cooks for our lunch. We are again fortunate to have this group select our event as one of their community service projects. We greatly appreciate and feel privileged to have the Optimists with us today. We especially appreciate their “cheerful� attitudes and cooking expertise!

1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Automotive T4 Room 116 Larry Stanley 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Bridge Building/Bridge Building Team AB105 Greg Osowski, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Broadcasting News BA 111 Alexis Duron, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Construction Trades Parking Lot 7 (P7) Drew Pilkington, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Culinary Arts LR 109 Sheranne Dampier, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________



Leadership Competitions Community Service 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Extemporaneous Speech LA 117 Mary and Stan Domrowski, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Job Interview LA 105 Mel Parker & Deborah Leal, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Job Skill Demo A/Job Skill Demo Open LA 116 Joel Barrera, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Prepared Speech LA 117 Mary and Stan Domrowski, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________ Tech Prep Showcase LR 096 Anjila Lebsock, Chairperson 1st ____________________________________________________________ 2nd ___________________________________________________________ 3rd ___________________________________________________________


Tech Prep is a national initiative linking career and technical education programs offered at the high school level to degree and certificate programs at the post-secondary level. In the Tech Prep Education Act of 1990, this initiative was implemented to strengthen education programs for youth who might not earn a four-year post-secondary degree. At the national level, the goals of Tech Prep legislation were to (1) prepare students for promising careers (2) to improve the quality of both academic and career and technical education and enhance effectiveness of preparing students for careers by more closely integrating them, and (3) to improve education for the “neglected majority,” those students in the middle quartiles who would most likely finish high school but were unlikely to complete a four-year post-secondary education program. In Arizona, Tech Prep takes a local approach to addressing these issues. Eleven local Tech Prep Directors work with consortium high schools and post-secondary institutions to oversee articulation efforts and provide activities that help connect students to their futures. Through Tech Prep, you can enroll in vocational classes at Arizona Western College, get college credit for vocational classes you’re currently enrolled in at your high school, or get college credit through a variety of summer programs. Larry Lebsock Director, Tech Prep & Vocational Projects


Arizona Western College Competition Staff Larry Lebsock Director, Tech Prep & Vocational Projects Brenda M Tumbaga Tech Prep Articulation Assistant Brenda Rodriguez Tech Prep Assistant Troy Baugthman Television Producer Sam Colton Professor of Welding; Technical Program Coordinator Sheranne Dampier Professor of Culinary Arts Deborah Leal Career Development Assistant Noemi Maga単a Senior Secretary, Career and Technical Education Division Travis Mitchell Television Producer Sherry Needham Director, Television Services Mel Parker Career Development Coordinator Larry Stanley Professor of Automotive Technology


Campus Police

Map of AWC Campus – Competition Areas Region 1 SkillsUSA Officers: 2010–2011 Ivan Lizarraga, President Cibola High School, Mr. Fontanes Dean Vedder, Vice President Kofa High School, Mr. Champagne Ariana Palacios, Reporter Kofa High School, Mr. Champagne Dulce Lopez, Treasurer Kofa High School, Mr. Champagne Stacie Blue Vizcarra, Historian Kofa High School, Mr. Champagne Manuel Robles, Parliamentarian Kofa High School, Mr. Champagne

Region 1 Board Member: AZ SkillsUSA Brad Graham Kofa High School


SkillsUSA Creed

Schedule of Events

I believe in the dignity of work. I hold that society has advanced to its present culture through the use of the worker’s hands and mind. I will maintain a feeling of humbleness for the knowledge and skills that I receive from professionals, and I will conduct myself with dignity in the work I do.

7:45 A.M. – 8:15 A.M. . . . . Registration

I believe in the American way of life. I know our culture is the result of freedom of action and opportunities won by the founders of our American Republic, and I will uphold their ideals. I believe in fair play. I will, through honesty and fair play, respect the rights of others. I will always conduct myself in the manner of the best professionals in my occupation and treat those with whom I work as I would like to be treated. I believe satisfaction is achieved by good work. I feel that compensation and personal satisfaction received for my work and services will be in proportion to my creative and productive ability I believe in high moral and spiritual standards. I will endeavor to conduct myself in such a manner as to set an example for others by living a wholesome life and by fulfilling my responsibilities as a citizen of my community.


8:30 A.M. – 9:15 A.M. . . . . Opening Ceremony 3C – Schoening Conference Room

9:15 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. . . . . Leadership & Skill Competitions Report to your appropriate competition area

12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M. . . . Lunch 3C – Schoening Conference Room

1:30 P.M. – 2:15 P.M. . . . . Closing Ceremony 3C – Schoening Conference Room

SkillsUSA Pledge Upon My Honor, I Pledge:

• • • •

To prepare myself by diligent study and ardent practice to become a worker whose services will be recognized as honorable by my employer and fellow workers. To base my expectations of reward upon the sole foundation of service. To honor and respect my vocation in such a way as to bring repute to myself. And further, to spare no effort in upholding the ideals of SkillsUSA. 8


Skills USA booklet  

Booklet I have created for the Skills USA event

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