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2012 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni

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Outstanding Graduates Abraham Lincoln University.......................................................... 4 Allied American University............................................................ 5 Allied Business Schools.................................................................. 6 Allied National High School........................................................... 7 American College of Healthcare Sciences...................................... 8 American Graduate School of Education....................................... 9 American Graduate University....................................................... 10 American Public University System............................................... 11 Andrew Jackson University............................................................ 12 Art Instruction Schools................................................................... 13 Ashworth College........................................................................... 14 At-Home Professions...................................................................... 15 Brighton College............................................................................. 16 California InterContinental University........................................... 17 California Miramar University....................................................... 18 Catholic Distance University.......................................................... 19 Columbia Southern University....................................................... 20 Concord Law School of Kaplan University.................................... 21 Dunlap-Stone University................................................................ 22 Ellis University............................................................................... 23 Global University............................................................................ 24 Grantham University....................................................................... 25 Hadley School for the Blind........................................................... 26 Harrison Middleton University....................................................... 27 Henley-Putnam University.............................................................. 28 International Sports Sciences Association...................................... 29 Marine Corps Institute.................................................................... 30 McKinley College........................................................................... 31 (continued) 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


2011 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni 2012 Penn Foster High School ............................................................... 32 Sonoran Desert Institute.................................................................. 33 U.S. Career Institute........................................................................ 34 University of Management and Technology................................... 35 University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences............................ 36

Famous Alumni Art Instruction Schools................................................................... 37 Ashworth College........................................................................... 38 California InterContinental University........................................... 39 International Sports Sciences Association...................................... 40 University of Management and Technology................................... 41 University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences............................ 42 Western Governors University........................................................ 43

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009



2012 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni

Introduction There is no more gratifying aspect of our work in the Distance Education and Training Council than to read about the success of the graduates of our accredited institutions. Our success is best viewed through the lens of what happened to those whose lives we have touched: did they put their knowledge and skills to work to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones? Did they achieve their goals? This DETC brochure is our most important contribution to the outcomes measurement literature. It is our testimony to why DETC institutions play a vital role in making the world a better place. It is our proof that what we do is worthwhile for society and for individuals. Thirty-three exceptional distance study graduates were selected by the institutions they attended. Selection criteria included the graduates’ academic records and the level and quality of their contributions to society and to their chosen professions. We’ve also included entries on seven Famous Alumni for 2012. We join with all the DETC-accredited institutions in saluting the outstanding achievements of these unique men and women who represent more than two million distance education students now studying with DETC members.

Michael P. Lambert Executive Director Distance Education and Training Council

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Abraham LincolnName>> University

Sandra Nutt

Los Angeles, CA . . . a JD and solo practice, not possible but for distance education

Actress Sandra Nutt was working on stage at her own theatre when she discovered Abraham Lincoln University and enrolled in the Juris Doctor program. Soon after, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During surgery, her vocal chords were clipped. Unable to speak, her distance studies kept her hopes alive. Sandra graduated summa cum laude and as ALU’s valedictorian. She passed the California Bar Exam without a formal bar review and was admitted to the bar. Sandra then opened her solo law practice in the Los Angeles area. During school, Sandra volunteered at the Domestic Violence Project. Since graduation, she regularly volunteers at Public Counsel and is a member of various bar associations. In September 2011, she was elected and officially installed as Corresponding Secretary and officer of the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Inc. She is happy to have found a group dedicated to helping others become attorneys. “Abraham Lincoln University gave me everything I needed to pass the California Bar Exam. When cancer reared its ugly head, I studied from my bed. ALU was the right choice for me.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Allied AmericanName>> University

Paul Fisk

Memphis, TN . . . hard work and perseverance paid off for service member

Sergeant First Class Paul Fisk graduated Cum Laude in June 2011 from Allied American University with an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies. Paul has been an active duty military service member for more than 20 years, and has not been able to follow through with his educational goals until recently. As a result, he has been able to continue his full time career with the military while simultaneously achieving his degree. Paul is currently seeking to further his education with Allied American University, and earn a Bachelor’s degree, while continuing his work as an active duty military service member. “Allied American University’s online classroom instruction was easy to follow, yet challenging in subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed the past year of instruction, and look forward to completing my education with AAU in the near future.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Allied BusinessName>> Schools

Leigh Correia

Fort Campbell, KY . . . distance education allowed this military spouse to pursue her dream

For Leigh Correia, pursuing education took more care and planning than for the average student. As the wife of an active-duty soldier, frequent overseas deployments and cross-country permanent change of station (PCS) moves are common events in her life. The uncertainties of these events, paired with added responsibilities in her spouse’s absence, made career training seem impossible. Once she discovered the benefits of online learning, everything changed. Using her MyCAA account funds, Leigh successfully enrolled in two health care programs. She completed medical coding in 2010 and medical billing in 2011—both with higher than average academic scores. Leigh attributes much of her success to the flexibility that online, selfpaced learning offered her unique military lifestyle. “My favorite part about Allied is that I completed my classes on my own time. There were definitely times that school and the military didn’t seem to mesh very well, but Allied understood completely and worked with my schedule.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Allied National High School

Matthew Paloscio

Hauppauge, NY

. . . distance education helped him pursue his hockey dream

Matthew Paloscio has been playing hockey since he was a small child, and always has had to balance hockey with school. Matthew wanted to pursue a hockey career as well as prepare to attend college. That’s when he discovered Allied National High School and enrolled in their college preparatory diploma program. Matthew played junior hockey when he attended Allied National High School, which included playing in Texas part-time and living with his parents the rest of the year in New York. Attending Allied National High School gave him the flexible schedule he needed to prepare for college and continue to play hockey. Matthew graduated with a 3.0 GPA and is now studying at Hult International Business School in London, England. His major is International Business and Finance. While attending Allied, Matthew took courses, such as Economics, which helped him to prepare for his potential future career in finance. Matthew plans to pursue a career in sports business in Europe. “I really enjoyed ANHS because the teachers and staff were really friendly and helpful. I thought that the economics course was particularly enjoyable and helped give me a foundation for what I am now studying.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


Name>> Sciences American <<Institution College of Healthcare

Emily Stein

Brookline, MA . . . success through health and wellness

Emily enrolled in the American College of Healthcare Sciences’ Diploma in Holistic Health Practice with the goal of learning about wellness to improve her health and help others. She learned that the body is an intricate machine that requires a balance between physical and mental health best maintained by proper nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. Maintaining a 3.97 GPA, Emily demonstrated a focused commitment to her studies. Her instructors commend her dedication to “walk the walk,” and ACHS Instructor Dr. Michael Chaplin said he is proud to call Emily a fellow holistic health professional. With a specialization in clinical aromatherapy and nutrition, Emily’s vision for her holistic health practice is to bring holistic health care into everyone’s life by using a web-based consultation practice, even bringing international clients into her practice. Emily’s goal is to educate a diverse community of clients about holistic health and wellness including people with food allergies and sensitivities, health care workers who suffer from failing health, and those struggling with obesity. “ACHS has given me the opportunity to study for a new career while working full time and caring for my family in a single parent household. I have a Google search to thank for bringing ACHS into my life.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


Name>> American<<Institution Graduate School of Education

Tahira Tameez

Niamey, Niger

. . . learning and teaching are an ongoing journey

Tahira Tameez earned her Master of Arts in Secondary Education from the American Graduate School of Education with a 4.0 average, despite her country’s political unrest and technological challenges. Tahira is originally from Pakistan. She received a Master’s in Biology and became biological researcher. Her path to teaching began as she worked as a volunteer at her children’s schools, and was then hired as a full time teacher. She has taught all grade levels from pre-kindergarten to high school and earned many accolades. She currently resides in Niamey, Niger with her husband and two children. This semester she has returned to AGSE, as a graduate, to share her enthusiasm, dedication, and experience to education as a Learning Coach. “The best award is the respect and the knowledge that I share with my students in my classes and the smile of satisfaction on their faces when they leave my classroom.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> American Graduate University

Joe Hendrix

Raleigh Durham, NC . . . dual degrees established credibility with his government clients

Although he already held a graduate degree and 15-plus years of business experience, Joe Hendrix pursued the American Graduate University’s Master of Acquisition Management and Master of Project Management to improve his knowledge from a government perspective. Despite a grueling travel schedule, he completed both degrees with a 4.0 GPA. As a process improvement specialist for Analytical Services, Inc., he is the principal advisor to the Program Manager on the Army’s $21 billion AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter program, and works closely with his Government counterparts. He found that his AGU education enabled him to “speak their language” and understand their processes and requirements, as well as maintain his numerous private industry certifications. Married, with a daughter in law school, as well as a rescue dog and three cats, he enjoys running, orienteering, biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, animal rescue and travel. “The two degrees I earned with AGU have helped me…especially with my DoD clients.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>>System American Public University

Jeff Harrell

Smithfield, VA . . . he completed his degree while serving his country

Jeff Harrell received his Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Sports Medicine from American Military University, part of the American Public University System, with honors in 2011. While deployed as a Protective Security Specialist and Medic in Iraq from 2006 to 2011, Jeff was assigned to the Department of Defense’s Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Department of State’s High Threat Protection program, and the Ambassador’s Protective Detail. In Early 2011, he accepted the position of Project Manager in South America supporting numerous State Department operations. Due to the unique, and sometimes critical, situations that arose through professional interactions between his team and the citizens of various nations, Jeff honed his critical thinking and medical skills prompting him to pursue a career in medicine. He has since been accepted to the Physician Assistant program at Eastern Virginia Medical School. “Pursuing my degree with AMU was one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my adult life. It has unlocked a number of doors during my professional endeavors, revealing paths to my future that would have been forever hidden.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Andrew JacksonName>> University

Alexander Rodriguez Diaz Washington, DC

. . . continued his full-time job while earning an MBA

Alexander Rodriguez Diaz was able to continue his education through Andrew Jackson University’s distance education program while holding a full-time job and traveling for months at a time. It provided him the flexibility to enroll in the MBA with emphasis in Strategic Leadership. Alexander graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and was selected from five qualified candidates for a new position to move to Washington, DC from California. His organization has implemented a tool he designed to improve efficiency for employment reports and train employees throughout the country. The MBA program helped him promote equality in the workforce and provide ongoing improvement to the equal employment opportunity organization’s program. Alexander has volunteered to review scholarship applications for the Hispanic College Fund and promoted guidance and mentorship for Hispanics in the community. He has counseled employees in equal employment opportunity rights to promote a discrimination-free work environment within the organization. “An MBA from Andrew Jackson University is not only good for business; you can adapt learned material in day to day activities. But best of all. It gives you personal satisfaction knowing you can make a difference.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Art InstructionName>> Schools

Robert Bates Concord, NC

. . . distance education helped him become a combat illustrator

Robert Bates is a Marine Corps combat illustrator. He uses his art to raise awareness for America’s wounded warriors. Several pieces of Robert’s art—including one completed as part of his final exam with Art Instruction Schools—are in the permanent collection of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Robert’s art has appeared in and on the cover of several military magazines. His work is currently on exhibit with The Joe Bonham Project in New York. This exhibition represents wartime illustrator’s documentation of service personnel’s struggle undergoing rehabilitation after traumatic front-line injury. Robert is a member of the International Society of War Artists. He also donates countless volunteer hours in capturing fallen service personnel in portraits and then donating the artwork to the individual’s family. When his tour of duty with the Marines is completed, he plans to obtain his Masters Degree in Fine Arts and become a college professor. “Art Instruction Schools provided me with the essentials needed to succeed as a Marine Corps combat illustrator. Thanks to the school, I am more confident in my ability to compose professional quality art.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Ashworth College

Kevin Kays Fairdale, KY

. . . distance education helped him immediately apply his education

Kevin Kays is a graduate of Ashworth’s Undergraduate Certificate program in Construction Management and currently pursuing an Ashworth Associate of Science Degree. He applies his education to his current position with a better understanding of project management— from bidding projects and implementation of new safety processes to project execution. Kevin is employed by Dant Clayton Corporation, a manufacturer of bleacher and stadium systems. An active member of Ashworth’s online student community, he said that the total student experience has helped him determine the direction for his career. Kevin is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife have a 16 month old son with another child on the way. In his spare time he enjoys giving back to his local community. Not only does he volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and Everyone Reads, a local school program, he also is an advocate for green causes by recycling “everything” including used building materials. “I choose Ashworth College because of the flexibility of doing the classes as fast or slow as I needed to and because the tuition was affordable.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> At-Home Professions

Michaela Sherman Carey, OH

. . . her education provided her the confidence to excel

Michaela Sherman enrolled in At-Home Professions’ Medical Transcription course after attending a free seminar in her home town. Michaela liked what she heard at the seminar: She could launch a new career while continuing to be a stay-at-home mom of three. Michaela completed the course in only four months, with a 90% GPA. After graduating, she started her own medical transcription service. Three years later, her company has three employees who type for 12 doctors and two physician assistants. In addition to running her own business, Michaela has been a mentor to other transcriptionists; working with them until they feel confident enough to do the work on their own. She also supports her fellow AHP graduates by answering called-in questions they have about the medical transcription field. While busy with her dynamic career, Michaela also takes time to volunteer at her daughter’s school and help her children’s 4-H Club. “At-Home Professions offers easy-to-follow, accredited courses, and I highly recommend them to anyone. I have a rewarding career, make great money and, best of all, have a flexible schedule that allows me to put my family first. Thank you AHP!”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Brighton College

Michele Kress Atlanta, GA

. . . her career progressed thanks to distance education

Michele M. Kress was working as a legal secretary when her supervising attorney asked her to help edit contracts. Recognizing her skill, and Michele’s belief in life-long learning, he encouraged her to enroll in The Paralegal Institute at Brighton College’s program to earn her Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. While juggling a demanding full-time position, parenting responsibilities, and community obligations, Michele managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA. After graduation, she was very quickly promoted into a newly-created Paralegal position at her company. The skills and knowledge she gained helped her grow from a document editor to a full contributor in her legal department’s activities. Michelle challenged her professors and made a significant contribution to Brighton College’s academic community. “The faculty and staff at The Paralegal Institute were very knowledgeable and informative. Their flexibility was a key factor in my success.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> California InterContinental University

Arthur Mazhambe

Pineville, LA

. . . distance education made his long-term dream a reality

Dr. Arthur Mazhambe completed his DBA at California InterContinental University in February 2011 with a 3.93 GPA. He had the desire to earn a doctorate since he was a boy. With twenty years of management experience and a graduate degree, he was ready to make his dream a reality. Arthur was awarded the W. Ray Frye Endowed Professorship in Business in April 2011 by Louisiana College in recognition of his teaching and academic accomplishments. He was appointed as the Chair of the Division of Business beginning August 2011, a position reserved only for doctorate holders. He has made numerous improvements in the division. His achievement of doctoral qualification immediately earned him recognition and increased his credibility as a consultant. He is the President of Shepherd Ministries International. Some of the organization’s projects were conceived as part of assignments completed during his doctoral studies. “I realize how little knowledge I have about running a business...I have learned that knowledge comes incrementally. Earning the DBA has made me a better manager than I was 20 years ago. I am ready for greater challenges”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> California Miramar University

Annette Gregg San Diego, CA

. . . hybrid MBA helped define the next phase in her career

After graduating from California Miramar University with an MBA in 2010, Annette Gregg has become the Senior Director of Global Marketing and Communications for Project Concern International. This new position brings immense responsibility: leading marketing and communications for a global non-profit with 600 employees. Annette’s most influential MBA class was International Business. She wrote a paper on micro-finance programs in developing countries, exposing solutions for global poverty. Her MBA education allowed her to turn her personal passion for helping others into a career doing lifesaving work in 16 countries. At age 30, Annette became the youngest senior executive in the history of the LA Convention Center, managing all event operations and a team of over 200. She went onto run two companies—a global event management firm, and a destination marketing organization. Completing her MBA at CMU helped define the next phase of her career and prepare her for leadership within a global organization. “After completing my MBA at CMU, I was prepared for my new position managing global marketing and communications for an organization operating in 16 countries. I am tasked with bringing enterprise-wide solutions to PCI and raising global awareness.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Catholic DistanceName>> University

Anthony Nichols

Alexandria, VA

. . . distance education fit his military schedule

In 2011, Anthony “Tony” Nichols graduated from the Catholic Distance University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and a Catechetical Diploma. An active duty Air Force officer, Tony chose the Catholic Distance University both for the quality catechetical program and the convenient fit to his military schedule. While stationed in Germany, Tony made pilgrimages to many Churches in Europe with his wife Jessica and their two boys, Joseph and Matthew. His appreciation for sacred art motivated him to take a comprehensive program in theology. Catholic Distance University not only offered an intense program of theological studies, but provided this online. Graduating with a 4.0 GPA, Tony is currently applying his degree and diploma as a volunteer by teaching the Catholic Faith to seventh grade students and inquiring adults at St. Louis Catholic Parish in Alexandria, Virginia. Once he retires from active duty in 2013, Tony will have greater freedom to pursue his catechetical ambitions. “Distance learning at CDU has fulfilled my dreams of studying my faith more deeply, growing closer to God, and becoming better equipped to share my faith with others.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Columbia Southern University

Rick Lasky

Lewisville, TX . . . an online degree boosted his confidence

Rick Lasky, 50, missed some valuable opportunities to learn during his younger years. However, the veteran firefighter’s desire for education rekindled after several teaching experiences. Soon after, he decided to attend Columbia Southern University, where he obtained an associate degree in fire science. Lasky is a newly retired fire chief of Lewisville (Texas) Fire Department who lectures often. A 30-year veteran of the fire service, Lasky has achieved much, including receiving the 1996 International Society of Fire Service Instructors “Innovator of the Year” award for his part in developing the “Saving Our Own” program, and writing a book, Pride and Ownership-A Firefighter’s Love of the Job. Lasky wants to transition into teaching and consulting full-time and said his associate degree has given him more confidence, enlightened him, and made him a better person. “I know I got more support from Columbia Southern University than my son did from a major institution that he was actually at.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Concord Law School of Name>> Kaplan University

Thomas Feledy

San Carlos, CA

. . . earning his JD made him a better advocate

Thomas Feledy earned his JD with honors at Concord Law School as he neared 30 years of service with the San Francisco Police Department. Having spent much of his recent tenure at the SFPD combating elder abuse and fraud, Thomas plans to use his legal education to bolster that work. Concord’s distance learning law school program gave Tom the flexibility he needed to pursue his JD and maintain his busy training and policing schedule. He excelled in his first year law studies, including earning an academic award in Criminal Law. To further hone his skills to advocate for victims of fraud and other abuse, Tom took an online trial advocacy course at Concord and attended an in-person Advanced Advocacy program at William Mitchell School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tom intends to use his newly developed skills and knowledge to continue to make a difference in the lives of elders and other victims of abuse in his community. “Concord Law School’s online program provided the opportunity and support for me to go to law school while I fulfilled my responsibilities as a police officer, to my family and my community.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution University Name>> Dunlap-Stone

Heidi Sankey Muskego, WI

. . . completing her degree enhanced her knowledge of international trade

When Heidi Sankey decided to complete her bachelor’s degree, she wanted a professionally significant education in international trade. Heidi found Dunlap-Stone University, and in December 2011 graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double emphasis in Trade Compliance and Global Supply Chain Management. During the past fifteen years, Heidi has played an active role with Everbrite LLC’s rapid transition into a multinational corporation. Overseeing the company’s logistics, she has developed the CustomsTrade Partnership Against Terrorism Program with the Customs and Border Protection Agency to expedite imports into the United States. Along with developing various trade compliance programs for multiple departments, Heidi excels in her due diligence to keep her company compliant with U.S. government regulations. The value she places on her education and the commitment to her career in trade compliance have made her an asset to her organization and the university. “The student advisors, instructors and staff helped every step of the way. The courses are relevant to my everyday work life. I would highly recommend Dunlap-Stone University’s International Import-Export Institute for anyone interested in an International Trade Management career.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Ellis University

Jennifer Aubain

Christiansted, VI

. . . earning her degree improved her workplace contributions

Jennifer Aubain proudly graduated from Ellis University in 2011 with a Master of Science in Instructional Technology degree, with a specialization for Trainers. The courses were challenging, the instructors were knowledgeable, and her education kept her focused. Jennifer was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she currently resides. She began in the technology training field in 1988, working with adults and putting into effect workforce development plans that government agencies continue to use. Her current job allows her to implement e-learning projects. The program at Ellis was a natural choice with a training/learning background. Instructional Technology enhances the training and learning experience for the workforce and provides the corporation with a costeffective delivery system. She looks forward to putting her experiences together with a focus on continuous improvement of workplace learning. “Doing things right is equally as important as doing the right thing.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Global University

Laura Graves Dodge City, KS

. . . she is a lifelong learner

Laura Graves serves as a teacher both in her local church and in the community college. She graduated from Global University in 2010, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. Laura Graves is an outstanding graduate. She is the wife of a senior pastor and works in teaching both adults and children in the church. She is also an instructor at the local community college, teaching English as a second language. “The training received at Global University increased my knowledge of the Bible, enriched my Christian experience, and sharpened my ministry skills.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Grantham University

Reginald Hurt

Davenport, IA

. . . education helped him get selected for Sergeant Major

Master Sergeant (promotable) Reginald Hurt completed his Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies at Grantham University, graduating Summa Cum Laude in December 2010. He is currently pursuing a MBA–Project Management at Grantham and expects to graduate in 2012. Reginald has served proudly in the Army for the past 28 years. While on tour in Afghanistan, Reginald provided input for sewage, roads and infrastructure improvements for new facilities for Afghanistan soldiers and police forces. He also served as the lead engineer for the force protection analysis, planning and upgrades of Kabul’s voting sites during Afghanistan’s first ever election. In August 2011, while pursuing his master’s, Reginald was selected for Sergeant Major. He currently serves as a senior enlisted advisor in the Army Sustainment Command. He holds the Bronze De Fleury Medal, which is presented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a Bronze Star amongst his military awards. “I realized the importance of a valid and useful degree, and I’m thankful Grantham University was the institution I chose. I wanted to not just attend college, but to retain and use my lessons throughout my career and future endeavors.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Hadley School for the Blind

Stephanie Leason Eustis, FL

. . . she overcame obstacles and earned her high school diploma

Stephanie Leason, who was born with Retinitis pigmentosa and has been blind since birth, earned her high school diploma from The Hadley School for the Blind in 2011. Stephanie found school difficult, as many of the materials were not accessible to her, and teachers often were not knowledgeable about how to adapt lessons. Stephanie found Hadley courses to be challenging and informative. She especially enjoyed the courses in which she learned to use the Nemeth Code, the braille math code. Stephanie is very proud of her high school diploma. She plans to pursue a career as a writer or a judge, and she is confident that her education at Hadley has prepared her for the future. “Earning my diploma through Hadley means so much to me. I feel like I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Harrison Middleton University

Philip Stewart

Munich, Germany

. . . expanded his academic career skills through distance learning

Philip Stewart was looking to expand his academic career skills and challenge himself when he found Harrison Middleton University’s Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion. In his Master’s program, Philip focused on the history of philosophy, culminating in a thesis about the role of epistemology in the philosophy of religion. The primary source readings and the freedom to design his own program of study interested him enough that he subsequently enrolled into the Doctor of Arts degree program studying the Great Ideas of Good and Evil, Knowledge, Truth, Virtue and Vice, and Metaphysics. Philip’s ability to focus on these ideas resulted in his involvement and achievement in academic philosophy at international levels. Philip is also enrolled in a Doctor of Theology program with LudwigMaximilans Universität München. He plays the saxophone, practices martial arts, and speaks seven languages. Philip has been invited to speak and present papers on philosophy and religious thought at conferences world-wide. “One cannot turn off the new skill of examining an author’s ideas and weighing them against one’s own opinions and the weight of history. I’ll trade any panem et circencis for the meat that Harrison Middleton University has to offer.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Henley-Putnam University

John Wallace Hampton, VA

. . . right direction, long road: his journey back

Patrolman John Wallace graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies from Henley-Putnam University in June 2011. It was a huge achievement, but it was not the path he had initially planned for himself. In 2001, John graduated from Yorktown’s Tabb High School with the Governor’s Seal of Academic Excellence. He received an official Appointment to the United States Military Academy, and was a first responder to the Twin Towers after the September 11 attacks. His second year at West Point, John sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. The extensive recovery time forced him to depart prior to completing his degree. After recuperating, John worked his way up from odd jobs and community college to the Hampton Police Division and Henley-Putnam University. “In Henley-Putnam University, I found the quintessential combination of challenging academics, inspiring faculty members, and fascinating subject matter. As a student in the Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies Program, Henley-Putnam provided comprehensive knowledge of the increasing role asymmetric tactics are now playing in global conflict.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> International Sports Sciences Association

Dr. Stephen Zimmerman

Bellmore, NY

. . . bridging the gap between physical therapy and fitness training

Dr. Stephen Zimmerman is a healthcare professional practicing physical therapy for 38 years, a husband, father, and grandfather. He believes there will be a need for improved quality in years of functionality and as such pursued a new and complimentary pathway obtaining his CFT via the ISSA program in 2010. Stephen’s goal was to create a process that incorporates the complimentary health professions of rehabilitation and fitness for seniors. This has proven to be of benefit, and has put the seniors under his care, more at ease, and has enhanced the well-being of these patients/clients. Upon completing his CFT program, Stephen has become more of an educator and collaborative healthcare professional. He has developed a program directed at senior care, and is in the process of eradicating “ageism.” Stephen has given lectures on fall prevention and home safety to community groups, and has educated other healthcare professionals about fitness. “The ISSA has augmented my skill as a practitioner with relevance to care of the body and mind. They have been my inspiration, and mentor along this new pathway making me continuously aware that the process of education never stops.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Marine Corps Name>> Institute

Arsenio Tavarez-Santos San Diego, CA

. . . distance education was the best choice for him

Corporal Arsenio Tavarez-Santos knows that distance education has been the best choice for him as he continually seeks self-improvement via classes at the Marine Corps Institute (MCI). Corporal Tavarez-Santos completed a total of 66 Marine Corps Institute courses during the fiscal year of 2011. During the same time period he also volunteered 150 hours of his personal time to work with the San Diego unified school district. He also volunteered as a board member for the Single Marine Program and worked toward completing his bachelor’s degree, attaining 90 credit hours from Pennsylvania State and 6 hours from American Military University. Corporal Tavarez-Santos’ dedication to self improvement allowed him to be selected as the Marine of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter—not only for his unit, but also for 3d Marine Aircraft Wing. “Through the knowledge gained from various MCI courses, I have sought to better myself and those around me to be more efficient mechanics, better students and more productive members of our community.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> McKinley College

Dianne Doll

Saint Jacob, IL

. . . new education to refresh an established career

Dianne Doll has worked in the accounting industry with construction companies for more than 30 years, but wanted a better understanding of financial statements and general ledger accounts. Her research into online schools led her to enroll in the Associates program of Accounting through McKinley College. In only 18 months, Dianne graduated with her Associates of Applied Science degree in Accounting, earning a 3.56 GPA. She has already received a raise from her current employer because of this accomplishment, and is on her way to obtaining the title accountant. Dianne is working hard to organize the general ledger of a quickly growing church of 2000 members. For this church, she has already set up a depreciation schedule, and long and short-term liabilities, including scholarships. She is excited to see how her new skills are improving the quality of bookkeeping she can provide. “I would highly recommend McKinley College to anyone looking to obtain a degree. The knowledge I gained, as well as the diploma that hangs on my wall, were worth all the effort!”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Penn Foster High School

Emily Sullivan Oelwein, IA

. . . distance education allowed her time to fulfill volunteer commitments

Emily Sullivan was looking for an alternative route to earn her diploma that would allow her time to fulfill her volunteer commitments and spend more time with her family than she could while attending a traditional brick and mortar school. She found what she was looking for at Penn Foster High School. Emily completed Penn Foster High School in July of 2010. After receiving her diploma she was awarded a Freshman Scholarship for Excellence, which is allowing her to continue her education at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Emily feels that the flexibility and the discipline required of the Penn Foster Program has taught her skills that have been useful to her in her college environment. “My high school experience has allowed me to live life to it’s fullest and thrive in extraordinary ways. I had such a positive experience I want others to have the same success that I did. I highly recommend Penn Foster.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Sonoran DesertName>> Institute

Buddy Meyers

Loveland, CO

. . . from fire walls to firearms

Buddy Meyers had recently retired from IBM and was seeking to expand his small firearms training business. While reading an industry publication, he found Sonoran Desert Institute and its Associate of Science in Firearms. He enrolled in the program and graduated in 2011 with a 4.0 GPA. After graduation, Buddy was nominated to and accepted membership in the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society. He received both an Associate degree and a Certificate in Gunsmithing from Sonoran Desert Institute. This was not Buddy’s first experience in the distance learning environment, having received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science two decades ago from a university offering a distance learning option. Since graduation he has expanded his training business and is expanding into the Law Enforcement armorer and gunsmithing segment. He has hired two more individuals into his firm and is pursuing the acquisition of a shooting sports facility using the techniques and knowledge gained while attending Sonoran Desert Institute. “SDI enabled me to continue my new career aspirations. The instructors, staff and quality course content reaffirmed to me I had chosen the best center of education to support my goals.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> U.S. Career Institute

Narjan Nasralla Philadelphia, PA

. . . she is enjoying her new career adventure

Narjan “Marji” Nasralla, a wife and mother of two, searched the Internet looking for a career opportunity that offered a creative outlet to express her entrepreneurial personality. She stumbled upon the Medical Claims and Billing program through U.S. Career Institute, enrolled, and is now becoming a successful businesswoman. Marji completed her course in 2007 with a 95% GPA. By using her new skills, smart marketing, and a lot of determination, Marji has built a thriving medical billing service. She now has nearly 30 clients, and she employs many billing contractors. Marji has contributed to the medical billing field through mentoring and quality of service. She is thankful to work from home, and she is honored to offer this opportunity to the people she employs. Marji has great confidence in her team; they allow her to promise every client top-quality service. Between business commitments, kids’ activities, community volunteering tasks and home duties, Marji is busy but happy. “USCI has been outstanding—from the days when I was just a student, and still now whenever I am confronted with a challenge as my business grows...from tough clients to recruiting employees: USCI continues to be there for me!”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


Name>> University <<Institution of Management and Technology

Todd Cotsman

Savannah, GA

. . . his dynamic deployment schedule pointed to distance education

While juggling family commitments with multiple deployments on active duty in the United States Air Force for more than 17 years—including 12 years as a C-17 pilot—Todd Cotsman successfully completed his Master of Business Administration with a Project Management concentration at the University of Management and Technology. Looking to further his education beyond his current career path, as a liaison with the Army at Fort Stewart, and with an airline industry lacking the luster it had shown in the past, Todd Cotsman discovered UMT’s MBA track, and reasoned it would be wise to branch out; it was time for him to expand his horizons. Because of the self-paced structure and at-a-distance flexibility of the course offerings, alongside the facts that military tuition assistance and the UMT Book Loan program left no out-of-pocket expenses, this was truly a win-win situation for him—an opportunity to retool in order to expand his job opportunities in anticipation of military retirement. “I completed 70% of my University of Management and Technology MBA in Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq. Textbooks shipped promptly and online features were available as if I were in the good ol’ US of A. Talk about true distance learning!”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


University of<<Institution St. AugustineName>> for Health Sciences

Gabriel Somarriba Miami, FL

. . . distance education allowed him to further his education

Dr. Gabriel Somarriba was working full-time in the medical field as a research exercise physiologist when he decided to pursue a graduate degree to further his career in research and incorporate patient care. He entered the University of St. Augustine as a FLEX doctorate student and obtained his FLEX Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2009. Dr. Gabriel Somarriba is currently an Assistant Professor for Clinical Pediatrics at the University of Miami, where he splits his days between patient care and research. Upon graduation from the University of St. Augustine he joined the faculty at USA to instruct students going through the same FLEX DPT program, allowing him to provide valuable firsthand experience to successful completion of the degree. “The University of St. Augustine FLEX DPT Program gave me the opportunity to further my education while maintaining a full-time position in academia, and has led to a unique and rewarding career path of clinical care, research and education.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Art InstructionName>> Schools

Famous Alumni

Larry Smitherman Austin, TX

. . . learned to judge people by inner qualities

Larry Smitherman grew up in West Texas, where he learned to judge people not by how they looked or dressed, but by the inner qualities that shaped their personalities. It is this unique perspective that Larry has brought to his art. For many years, Larry was one of the country’s leading publication designers. His design work earned him many regional and national awards. The publications themselves have become collectable. Despite Larry’s success, in 1987, he turned all his energy to painting. Today, Larry’s work is in great demand for gallery exhibitions and publications. His portraiture work captures the character of his subject. He uses his art to support The Muscular Dystrophy Association and Make a Wish Foundation. At the age of 15, Larry enrolled in Art Instruction Schools. Larry completed his college education at the Colorado Institute of Art. Larry is the recipient of Art Instruction Schools prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. “I knew that taking Art Instruction Schools courses would begin my career in the art field. I was right, the courses proved to be excellent.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Ashworth College

Famous Alumni

Ann Cox

Sacramento County, CA . . . distance education led to a career and the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant

Ann Cox graduated from Ashworth College’s Forensic Science program. Searching for an institution that was in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act led her to enroll at Ashworth, where Ann was assured she would not experience stigma or discrimination as she continued her studies in a comfortable and accessible environment. Ann entered the Ms. Wheelchair USA to challenge herself and to meet other women who were motivated, determined, and making positive contributions to society. The camaraderie and support obtained through interactions with Ashworth students, administration and staff led to her decision to compete. The experience enhanced her confidence and the awareness that, regardless of the outcome, she was already a winner. Ann received the Press Award for her Road to Ohio video. As a student, Ann was an active participant in Ashworth’s online student community and served as President of Ashworth’s Habitat for Humanity chapter—Habitat’s first distance education chapter. She is also the proud “parent” an American Brittany Spaniel. “Ashworth College gave me the opportunity to learn without barriers—easily and readily accessible in a comfortable and self-paced environment.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> California InterContinental University

Famous Alumni

Thomas Koo Yee Siong Singapore

. . . with his DBA, he has made significant contributions

Dr. Koo earned his DBA in Entrepreneurship & Business Management in 2011 from California InterContinental University. He has made a significant contribution towards the education sector in Southeast Asia through his research and entrepreneurship. He achieved the President’s Merit Award with a 4.0 GPA. The doctorate program has helped Thomas secure the appointment as Head of Intake and Admissions and Subject Matter Expert for Project Management at his college. The knowledge and research skill acquired from the degree helped him lead his team to win the Gold Award at the National Innovation & Quality Circle convention in 2011. The DBA has facilitated Thomas to inject greater levels of realism in his delivery of modules such as Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Marketing, and Global Economics. He is currently investigating the design of a pedagogic model to help deliver the entrepreneurship module using the knowledge acquired from the doctoral program. “I am thankful the DETC and California InterContinental University have given me the opportunity to get a doctorate degree at an affordable price and allowed me greater flexibility in managing my studies.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> International Sports Sciences Association

Famous Alumni

Kim Dolan Leto Scottsdale, AZ

. . . providing accurate and reliable information to better the health of families worldwide Kim Dolan Leto has been in the fitness industry for more than ten years. Wanting to continue her education, she found the ISSA online program. Becoming a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition with the ISSA was a perfect way to gain a comprehensive education in health and fitness. Upon completion of her courses, Kim became the Director for Family Health & Wellness for the ISSA. In 2011, she was voted Oxygen’s Fittest Mom, tied for first place at Ms. Fitness USA, and began writing biweekly blog for Oxygen magazine called The Yummy Mummy. Writing has become her platform to educate, motivate and inspire. Appearing on 10 magazine covers in 2011, and writing countless articles, Kim is passionate about sharing reliable and accurate information. “The ISSA has equipped me with the education to write with confidence. People look to me as a source of information, because of my education with the ISSA, I have complete security in knowing I am a trusted fitness resource.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


Name>> University <<Institution of Management and Technology

Famous Alumni

Henrique Ho

Pensacola, FL

. . . when 9/11 interrupted his studies, he went online to complete his degrees

After his traditional, brick-and-mortar studies were put on hold by a military transfer in the wake of 9/11, Henrique K. Ho turned to the University of Management and Technology, where he earned an Associate of Science in November 2008, and a Bachelor of Science in General Studies in June 2010. If, like Henrique Ho and his family, you have moved your home address seven times in the last 10 years, then you can begin to appreciate some of the challenges the military life has in store for those who serve our great nation. However, tuition assistance, book loan programs, the flexibility of distance programs, and participation in consortia like the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) go a long way. Henrique Ho is currently balancing the demands of providing logistics and material support to keep the Hornets and Hercules aircraft of the famous Blue Angels aloft, while pursuing a Master of Science in Management online with the University of Management and Technology. “My education has been a long and difficult path. Many institutions set such discouraging requirements and obstacles, and I did not want to keep taking classes here and there. But my luck turned around in 2006 when I found UMT!”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


University of<<Institution St. AugustineName>> for Health Sciences

Famous Alumni

Michael Jason Highsmith Seffner, FL

. . . completion of his degrees demonstrates great accomplishments

Dr. Jason Highsmith began his practice in orthopedic physical therapy. He received his entry level Master of Science in PT from the USF School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, a Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine, and continued his studies at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School in Chicago, IL. Jason is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida’s School of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Sciences, where he teaches Prosthetics & Orthotics and Movement Science. He also is jointly appointed with the James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL as a Research Associate. Jason has studied the comparative efficacy of numerous prosthetic components and has published in the areas of prosthetic biomechanics, prosthetic design and amputee rehabilitation. Jason has lectured locally and internationally, and recently was invited to deliver the Blatchford Lecture at the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting, where he presented work his team published on safety, energy efficiency and healthcare costs associated with knee technologies used in cases of transfemoral amputation. “Being a distance learning student early in my professional career helped me to understand the process and role that distance education has for clinicians at various places in their development.” 2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


<<Institution Name>> Western Governors University

Famous Alumni

Justin Osmond

Ephraim, UT

. . . distance learning helped him help others

At the urging of his brother, Justin Osmond enrolled in the MBA program at Western Governors University. Justin’s passion and career is helping others with hearing disabilities, and he hoped an MBA would give him greater skills in subjects such as marketing and public relations, which would help Justin bolster his non-profit work. For someone in a family famous for music, Justin’s unique challenge— he was born with 90 percent hearing loss—led him to his career. The son of singer Merrill Osmond of The Osmonds, Justin worked as an advocate/spokesperson for organizations raising deaf awareness and providing hearing aids around the world. Despite his hectic schedule, Justin completed his MBA in 2 ½ years. As a student speaker for WGU’s 2011 Winter Commencement, Justin spoke before thousands, determined to never let his hearing disability hold him back from personal or career goals. Founder of the Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund, Justin currently works with his organization to provide others with better hearing. “WGU was literally one of the best things that ever happened to me. Anyone may have a challenge, but that doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way of getting an education. It’s never too late to get an education.”

2012 Outstanding Graduate Program - DETC, 1601 18th St., NW, Suite 2, Washington, D.C. 20009


2012 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni  
2012 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni  

The 2012 DETC Outstanding Graduates and Famous Alumni.