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Newsletter Term 2 Week 7 Tuesday 12th June 2018 The Weeks in View Week 7 Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday –

Saturday –

P&C Meeting 7pm Star Struck Rehearsal Kinder Excursion, Star Struck Dress Rehearsal NO Concert Band due to Star Struck Rehearsal Performance & Excursion Star Struck Performance

Week 8 Monday – Friday –

John Fleming visit to CSPS Concert Band, P&C Lamington Drive delivery

Friday –

Please note that this is our last hard copy Newsletter! Both Mrs Hansen and the Forestry Commission are delighted! To ensure that you get your digital copy, please respond ‘yes’ to the email sent to you last week or let the office know immediately if your email address on file requires updating. CSPS Star Struck Students Set For Stardom!! We wish all of our ‘Star Struckers’ the very best over the next week as they face countless rehearsals which culminate in four massive performances on Friday and Saturday. Sunday will definitely be a day of rest for them as I’m sure it will be also for Mrs Woodward who has given sacrificially of her time, money and sleep to allow our kids this wonderful opportunity. Even if you haven’t got a child involved in Star Struck and your child is not part of our 50 strong audience attendees for Friday’s matinee performance, I’d encourage you to grab a ticket to see what is always an absolutely brilliant show. Thousands of students from High Schools and Primary schools from across the Hunter and Central Coast combine to put on performances every year that leave audiences wanting more. If you have never taken the family into the Newcastle Entertainment Centre for a huge spectacular show, I’d highly recommend that Star Struck 2018 be the one. You will not regret it, guaranteed. Great Goals From Gallant Boys & Girls Our Girls and Boys PSSA soccer teams performed admirably against some vastly populated and large local schools in last week’s State Knockout Competitions. Our girls’ team started a little slowly but found their feet later in the day despite not coming home with a victory. Blaire D and Sarah G powered some excellent shots past the keeper to get us on the scoreboard. Our Goalie Maddison C was a standout pulling off some of the most spectacular saves and she was ably supported at the back by Keira W and Abbey B who continually thwarted attack after attack upon goal. Despite our boys netting 5 cracking goals on the day, we didn’t manage a victory but our young team came away with great experience under their belts which will be invaluable in next year’s event. The lads played brilliantly in their first round loss to Dudley going down 2-1 after heartbreakingly hitting the post on two separate occasions with only minutes to spare. The same was true of our 3-1 loss in round two where a freak rebound goal that even Matt Ryan would not have come close to put us on the back foot in the wet and rainy conditions. Game 3 saw us experiment with many players heading out in their ‘desired’ positions but the 4-0 halftime score line saw us revert to our original format and pattern of play. A superb second half display saw us go down by the skinny margin of 4-3 in a very entertaining game of soccer.



Mandatory Reading Section Parents, can I ask you to please carefully read through the following three points as they are earmarked with high importance. 1.

Parking, Pick Up & Drop Off - Recently at Banksia Garden Public School in Sydney there was a fatal accident involving students and a car. As a result, every school has been visited by a specialist team from the Department of Education in order to assess the dangers that exist at every school across NSW. The report noted that the following areas or observations at CSPS need to be taken on board by all who attend regularly at CSPS. Firstly, it was made very clear to us that it is imperative that the staff carpark is used as per titled; for staff only. Please do not under any circumstance drop or pick students up in this area as it is classed as a high risk area. Many schools have large high fences and gates to police this practice but in our case, we ask parents to be diligent as we do not have such a facility that makes the staff carpark inaccessible to the public. Secondly, it was stressed that at pick up and drop off that parents park the car kerbside before students embark or disembark. Please in the interest of your child’s safety do not drop them off by simply pulling up in the middle of the road and asking them to get out or in. I’m sure all will agree that every child’s safety is worth the extra 20 seconds to park.


Attendance – Please note that the NSW Department of Education has very strict guidelines outlined in the DoE Attendance Policy (see link on our website). As a school we do receive regular visits from the Home School Liaison Officer (HSLO) who will meticulously examine our records and ask significant questions about any student who has an attendance record that drops below 80%. Our goal at CSPS is to have every student achieve in the high 90s if not 100% unless there are some extenuating circumstances around illness. Under the current Policy, a family holiday is no longer a ‘nonattendance event’ that the Principal can approve. If there are circumstances that prevent attendance, please contact the school on all occasions to inform us. A day off for a birthday is not regarded as a satisfactory reason. On occasion, should a student’s attendance be questionable, a family may be contacted directly by the HSLO asking for explanation. Obviously, sickness does prevent attendance on some days and we understand this but do please keep them coming on every single day possible! Amazingly, if a student has just 4 days off absent every term during their school life (equates to 92% attendance) then by the end of Year 12 they will have missed in total more than a year’s worth of learning!


Enrolment – Again, we have a link on our website to this DoE Policy. As most of you are well aware and informed, last year due to our growth of more than 80 students in the last 5 years we were unable to accept any non-local enrolments K to 6 as the school is at the population ceiling. The Department has a formula for calculating this number and it is only in the most extreme circumstances that the Director of Education will grant a non-local application. Note that this decision is not one within the powers of the school to approve. At the end of the year we will only have 22 current Year 6 students heading to High School and given that we are already above population capacity, it will therefore only be in zone students that will gain enrolment at CSPS. Already we have 28 Kinder in zone applications lodged for next year all of which we are compelled to enrol as they live within the Department allocated housing zone for CSPS. In the event that this number continues to grow, it may well mean forming a 10th class (again determined by a complex DoE formula) which may require another demountable to be positioned at our school. If so, the addition of a demountable makes no impact upon our population ceiling which is calculated on the number of permanent classrooms that a school possesses.

Sounds a Bit Fishy! Our wide eyed Kinders hit the road this Thursday to visit Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World in Darling Harbour. This one is always a highlight of our year and we are very much looking forward to the stories that will be told by pencil, paint and portrayal upon their return. A whale of a time is promised to all! We Took the Cake Our recent school sign read, “Support Our Belmont Bunnings Cake Stall Saturday – Where Tastier Slices Are Just The Beginning!” … and support the community it did! Our P&C raised over $1000 on the day which will go toward some latest education technology in the form of an entire class set of Chromebooks for our Library. We thank all involved who baked and served on the day at this mouth-watering event. A special mention to Mrs Hodson and P&C Secretary Bron Hardy for the many hours of organisation and preparation for our stall.

Mr Kelly Flies North For The Winter This week our Assistant Principal, Mr Steve Kelly, has the honour of managing the Hunter Boys Rugby League Team at the State Carnival in Kingscliff. The Hunter Team is privileged to have someone with outstanding knowledge of the game despite his misguidance in being an Eels supporter. A willingness such as this by many teachers across our state afford thousands of students each year a chance to have the experience of a lifetime in a carnival with the most elite players from all parts of NSW. Good luck Mr K! Welcome to the Haileybury Team On Monday of Week 8 we will once again host John Fleming and a small team of teachers from Haileybury College in Melbourne. Academically, Haileybury is the top performing school in Australia and we have been working with John and his staff there for almost 4 years. In 2015 we flew 7 of our staff members to Melbourne to sit in their classrooms for a number of days to observe the Explicit Instruction (EI) method of teaching and as a result immediately introduced Literacy, Maths and Writing Warm Ups into our daily practice. The results have been incredible. The team from HC will spend some of the day in our classrooms as well as speaking with staff as a group. We will finish our day combining at Charlestown Bowling Club with teachers from 25 other schools in the Hunter and Central Coast as John and his team present further training between 4pm and 6pm. Just this week I asked our newest teaching addition to CSPS, Mrs Dianna King, how her report writing was going. Her reply … “Great! Col I feel like I know my kids so well compared to every other year of my teaching career!” I asked the reason … “EI Warm Ups!” was her immediate response that was fired back in 0.0074 seconds. ♫ ♪♫ Our Band Has Stretched! We have melodically navigated the first few weeks of dividing our large Concert Band Program into two sections for Friday rehearsals. Our Senior Band continues at 8am Friday with Mr Bone and our Junior Band (new Year 3 musicians) has hit the ground running the past few weeks with their 8.15am session with Mr McElhone. This will continue for the next few terms with the target of bringing all together for Term 4 rehearsals as well as our termly Band Camp days. Mr J’s Free Parenting Tip I know that I have mentioned this one previously but one of the best ways to improve a child’s writing and reading is to continually expand their vocabulary. The word bank within their grey matter can either limit or unlock their ability to communicate across various media. There are numerous ways to intentionally expand their ‘bank’ like introducing a new word each day at the dinner table. A small after dinner competition seeing who can use this word in a sentence 3 times before bed can assist to solidify the use and meaning. Another method is when you are driving somewhere or waiting (maybe when on hold to your phone provider!) describe something that your child has to find. Additions to their descriptive language is priceless! Can you see the enormous turquoise truck? Can you spot the most colourfully decorated window? Can you hear the whisper of the wind rustling in the trees? Can you see the yellow car far off in the distance? Spotto! Remember, use words they don’t yet know as it will help broaden their banks.

Principal’s Award Term 1 Week 5

Maddison C

There was no Principal’s Award for Week 6

Our Stage 3 Eco Warriors learned about conservation, recycling, water quality and much more at Planet Savers last week.


Life Education visits

Thank you to Nationwide Super for supporting our recent visit with Healthy Harold and the Hunter Life Education team. The students loved seeing Harold and can’t wait to see him again next year! Life Education supports us by empowering Hunter young people to make safer and healthier choices through education.

Diary Dates June Tues 12th

P and C Meeting 7pm in the Staffroom. Everyone welcome.

Wed 13th

ICAS - Spelling

Thur 14th

ICAS - Writing

Thur 14th

Kinder Aquarium excursion 6.30am departure

Fri 15th

Star Struck Excursion

Fri 15th & Sat 16th

Star Struck Performances

Mon 18th

Book Club orders due by 9.00am please

Friday 22nd

Lamington Delivery date - time TBA

Wed 27th

Netball Gala Day - Years 3-6

July Fri 6th

Last day of Term 2

Mon 23rd

Staff Development Day - no students at school

Tues 24th

Students return for Term 3

Tues 31st

ICAS English

August Tue 7th

P and C Meeting 7pm in the Staffroom. Everyone welcome.

Wed 8th & Thu 9th

Zone Athletics Carnival - more details to follow

Fri 10th

Band Workshop at Glenrock Scout Camp - more details to follow

Sat 25th

P and C Trivia Night at Charlestown Bowling Club

September Fri 28th

Final payment for Stage 2 and Stage 3 Excursions due

Fri 28th

Last Day of Term 3

October Mon 15th

Students return for Term 4

Fri 19th

Band Workshop at Glenrock Scout Camp

Mon 22nd-Wed 24th Tues 30th

Stage 3 Bathurst Excursion

P and C Meeting 7pm in the Staffroom. Everyone welcome.

November Mon 5th-Wed 7th

Stage 2 Morisset Excursion

Book Club Orders are due by 9.00am Monday 18th June. Don’t forget you can use the Scholastic LOOP system and pay online.

Don’t forget to stay vigilant with our unwanted visitors head lice. They are still as prevalent in Winter as they were in Summer.

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Term 2 Week 7 Newsletter  
Term 2 Week 7 Newsletter