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The Best Quiet Beaches Near Cabo San Lucas There are plenty of reasons why people visit Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, but the primary reason for most of these people? The beaches! Cabo San Lucas has some of the most famous beaches around, including Divorce Beach and Santa Maria and those are fine if you’re in the mod for plenty of people, but there will be times when you want to be able to sunbathe in peace, enjoy the sound of the waves and even do some skinny dipping! For these activities, you need to know where the quiet beaches are and we’ve got the skinny on that. Here are some unique and peaceful beaches where you can grab some rays without being pestered and even go au natural without worrying about the law chasing you down. Playa Migriño This is a beautiful beach and it’s quiet because only a few companies run horseback riding groups and ATV tours here! It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset, go for a romantic ride and enjoy the peace. This beach is found about thirty minutes from Cabo San Lucas and it is well worth booking a tour-or three! Playa San Pedro Gear up for an adventure! Playa San Pedro (aka Play Las Palmas) is a bit of a hike from Cabo San Lucas, but worth it for the isolation. First you have to drive past the farming village of Pescadero until you reach Campo Experimental Todos Santos and then take the dirt access road to your left until you reach a parking area. This beach is very isolated and is only open during the day (it’s on private property, but the owners are happy to let people visit so long as they observe a few rules: no firs and clean up after yourself). This beautiful beach includes the ruins of an old sugar cane rancho, body surfing, careful swimming and hiking. Cannery Beaches-Playa Coral Negro and Playa El Balcón These beaches are very close to Cabo San Lucas and yet only the locals really go! Although the fishing pier has been removed, this beach is still great for families because it’s easy to watch the children while adults enjoy doing things like fishing and sunbathing. The entrance to this beach is right by the Cabo San Lucas Marina; it’s easy to find, but often overlooked. Twin Dolphin Beach-Las Viudas Beach, The Corridor A very secluded beach, Playa Las Viudas or Twin Dolphin Beach offers things like volcanic rock formations, tidal pools and photography. It’s also a very romantic beach with the full moon over the beach and waves. It’s not very swimmable; however it is still fairly secluded and you may be able to get away with some nude sunbathing. Keep in mind though that there have been several years of on-again, off-again construction, so

keep your eyes on access reports. This beach is to the west of the former Hotel Twin Dolphin Entrance at 11.5 km along the Tourist Corridor. Of course there are many more beaches in Cabo San Lucas and with thousands of miles of sand and waves along Mexico, it’s easier than you may think to find a place to flop down and be left alone! But for the sake of safety, keep a few things in mind: • • •

Driving on the beaches is illegal in Mexico and spills are met with heavy fines There are no lifeguards on duty anywhere and many of the beaches have heavy undertows; swim at your own risk and use your good sense GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out: pick up after yourself and keep the beaches clean.

Have fun in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy the many beaches, swimming, and snorkeling and sunbathing opportunities with 360 days of sunshine!

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The best quiet beaches near cabo san lucas 1(1)