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Look at the Ball! Um, look through the ball! The future of football is transparent, multi-coloured and air-free There’s a reason why many are clamouring for goal-line technology in football: it could make or break a match. Just ask the Germans, after Sir Geoff Hurst’s goal gave England the lead in extra time of the 1966 World Cup Final. Just ask Pedro Mendes, when his shot from midfield was clawed out of the goal a yard from the goal-line by Roy Carroll during a Tottenham Hotpsur vs. Manchester United match – yet the referee didn’t award the goal. Just ask the Irish, when Thierry Henry handled the ball, which then led to the goal that sent the French to this year’s World Cup. Considering the history of this controversy, it’s surprising to FHM that Fifa will no longer talk about technology in football. Maybe it’s because Fifa hasn’t seen the CTRUS, a football that we think will change the way professionals – and even futsal hacks like us – will play the game forever. Called the HYB-S1:CTRUS, it is the world’s first football that you can see through, that can change colours, and that has a camera in it. The CTRUS consists of two major components: the skelle-core) F H M b _ finner o r structure _ A d 1(or PE G S M J . and p dthe f P outer net-embedded shell, which is made of reinforced elastomers. It’s made of Images courtesy of Agent. Strategic Intelligence Embassy

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futuristic technology, but it’ll still bounce, kick and fly like a normally inflated ball. But it won’t need air to work, of course. The CTRUS will change colour when it crosses the goal-line, the touchline and even the offside plane. It transmits information wirelessly to control stations all around the stadium. Also, officials will be able to tell the exact location of the ball via GPS and RFID technology, record stats and even review video footage, thanks to a camera inside the CTRUS. Alberto Villarreal, from Agent.Stragetic Intelligence Embassy (the design agency that created the CTRUS), told us that the ball needs to be transparent so that you can see the ball’s inner light when it changes colour. “The ball has an RFID sensor tag inside, which communicates with sensors at the court and goals,” he says. “It works just like the sensors at the stores, which activates the alarm awhen g e someone P a g ecrosses 1 2the 2 door / 2 /with 1 0 , a stolen product. It’s pretty simple technology. Then the electronic brain

tells the light to change the colour of the CTRUS.” Alberto also said it will feel no different than a traditional ball, because “the reinforced elastomers emulate the behaviour of a regular ball, but offers the added functionality.” He adds that they’re considering a more simplified version of the CTRUS, for those of us who play on the streets. Good, because we’re sick of that guy who 1 1 keeps : 4 0 saying P M the ball’s never out. For more info, visit Agent’s website at

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