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Spring River Area CHAMBER of COMMERCE 2013 Area Guide A Resource for Local and Visitor Information! Please take one- it’s our gift to you! 1

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Contents Emergency Numbers SRACC President’s message Brief introduction to Arkansas & Tri-Counties map.

The “Quad Cities” 6-7 CIty of Ash Flat, American Veter- ans Memorial and Ball Parks. 8 City of Cherokee Village 9, 34 Sharp County 10-11 City of Hardy 12-13 City of Highland (City & Schools), Lake Mirandy and Lake Mirandy Park.’s all about the journey!

15-19, 22-26 Spring River Area Cham ber of Commerce 2013 Com munity Calendar of Events -lots to see and do!

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51 City of Salem & Where to get a Hunting or Fishing License in Sharp County.. 52 National & Arkansas Register of Historic Places in and around the Spring River Area 54-55 Quad Cities Map/Index (Ash Flat, Cherokee Village, Hardy, 38 Spring River Area (Quad Cities: Highland) Ash Flat, Cherokee Village, Hardy 56-59 Spring River Area Chamber of & Highland) Business resources Commerce Membership Direct39-40, 44 Church Directory ory for 2013 42 City of Mammoth Spring & Mam60 Handy Reference Telephone moth Spring State Park (MSSP) Numbers (Cities, Counties, 43 Town of Poughkeepsie Senior Centers, Libraries, 46 State Parks Near the Spring Post Offices) River Area 47 Hospitals 61-62 Arkansas State Postal Zip 48 Basic Hunting/Fishing informa Codes. Spring River Area tele tion. phone prefix and area code infor 50 City of Evening Shade mation. City of Cave City Contacts for further area information 29 City of Sidney 34-35, 38 City of Williford 36 City of Horseshoe Bend

Fire Departments (non-emergency numbers): Ash Flat 994-3066 Cherokee Village 257-2304 Highland 856-2622 Hardy 856-4811 Horseshoe Bend 670-5113 Mammoth Spring 625-3518

Ozark Acres SID 966-4811 Saddle 895-2707 Salem 895-3478 (city of Salem) Williford 966-3660 Wirth (use Williford) 996-4774


Police/Sheriff’s Offices (non-emergency numbers):

Ash Flat 994-3061/994-7356 Cherokee Village 257-5225/994-2211 Hardy 856-2136/994-2211 Highland 856-6314/994-2211 Horseshoe Bend 670-5113 Izard County Sheriff 368-4203 Mammoth Spring 625-7516 Ozark Acres 994-2211 (Security -994-7355) Sharp County Sheriff 994-7355 and 994-7356, Dispatch 2211 Salem Sheriff (Fulton County) 895-2601

HARDY OFFICE 870-856-3206 or Toll Free 1-800-773-5826

Ambulance: Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Service 257-2044

2303 Old County Road, Pocahontas, AR 72455 Phillip Orr, CRB, GMS, e-PRO Relocation Director, Broker

3917 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 H. Renea Orr, Principal Broker


Fulton County Hospital Ambulance Service 895-2600/2601

Urgent Care Resources: Call 911 for true emergencies.


Since 1955, Spring River Country’s Premier Source for Real Estate. Lake Listings, Acreage/Hunting Properties, Homes on Lots or Acreage. You name it, we have it.

White River Medical Center NC Fulton County Hospital 195 Hospital Drive, 679 North Main Street Suite E, Cherokee Village, AR Salem, AR 870-257-6040 895-2691 WRMC Urgent Care Clinic 257-6070 (after hours M-F 5p-11p, Sat & Sun 7a-11p) 3

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President’s Message: The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce area has many great

restaurants, motels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, rivers, lakes and campgrounds for our many tourists traveling through the area. Some of Arkansas’ biggest walleye, trout, bass, catfish, drum and bluegill have been caught right here in the Spring River. Ash Flat is home to an Ozarka College campus, a beautiful city park, and the Veteran’s Memorial. A beautiful new library has recently opened next to the fire department. Cherokee Village has seven lakes, two golf courses, rental properties to accommodate all sizes of families, and real estate reasonably priced for those who want to make their homes there. The newest tourist attraction is the Zip Line at Griffin Park located between Hardy and Cherokee Village on the banks of the South Fork River. A beautiful spot for reunions, weddings, festivals, canoeing and horseback riding. Annual Bike Rallies have proven to be successful. Hardy lies along the Spring River, with Loberg Park for family picnics or annual festivals in summer and fall months. The three blocks on Main Street are great shopping adventures with restaurants, bookstores, an art gallery, music stores, antique shops, and music venues where you might catch a local star or one traveling to Branson or Nashville. Highland has built back since the tornado of 2008 with many shopping areas, schools, banks, and restaurants. The Oprah Show came in 2008 to help with the rebuilding of the fire department with a generous donation. What a beautiful place to visit or retire --The foothills of the Ozarks. Our Chamber office is open from 11 to 4 Monday through Friday at 2852 D Highway 62/412 in Highland, or you can leave a message or on the message service and Miss Betty will return your call. She can be reached at the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce (870) 856-3210. Current Chamber Officers Directors: President: Debbie Gray (870) 856-2113 Clint Wiles (870)994-2311 1st Vice Pres: Larry McIntosh (870) 865-3258 Beth Bess (870)847-0301 2nd Vice Pres: Doris Johnson (870) 994-2341 Rhonda Messer (573) 280-1011 . Treasurer: Nancy Orr (870) 994-7325 Laura Sackett Clute (870)994-8000 Secretary: Betty Waser (870) 856-3210 Kathy Austin (870) 856-3701 Denise Gibbons (870) 847-0861 Chamber Director: Betty Waser Hazelle Fessenden (870) 710-0104 Debbie L. Gray, SRACC President

Arkansas -- The Natural State. The state was founded in 1836 as the East expanded into the West. It is called

the “Natural State” because we’re positively bursting at the seams with Nature, beautiful lakes and streams, amazing state parks, outdoor pursuits (hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking), small-town festivals, mom-and-pop diners...and we tend to live life to its fullest, in a slower, more relaxed way. While the state’s official history is very interesting, the Arkansans can be still more intriguing. Did you know, for instance, that Fried Dill Pickles (don’t knock ‘em till you’ve tried ‘em!) were the invention of Bernell “Fatman” Austin who first sold them at his Duchess Drive-In in Atkins, Arkansas in 1963? Pretty creative, huh? That’s one of nice things about Arkansas. We are adventurous and we aren’t afraid to try new things. The creative and entreprenurial spirits are alive and well in north central Arkansas! Come visit the smallest town to boast a Historic District in the state (Hardy), or the largest spring in the state (Mammoth Spring), do some world-class river fishing on the Spring River, ride the 60mph Zippin’ Griffin zip line, the longest and fastest in Arkansas! (Griffin Park, Hardy). Come for a visit or come to stay! Cherokee Village is hometown of the CMA award-winning band (LIttle Big Town’s) own Phillip Sweet. Left-handed major league pitching phenomenon, “Preacher” Roe, was born in Ash Flat. The Wilburn Brothers and Lauren Gray (of American Idol fame) are from Hardy...Arkansans.

The “Tri-County Area”-- Sharp, Izard and Fulton Counties of Arkansas

Map of Sharp, Fulton and Izard counties courtesy of Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department, 2012 Arkansas State Map. For a more detailed local map, see page 54 of this Guide. Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



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Ash Flat Population in 2011: 1081

(Sharp County Seat) Incorporated: 1931

(Latitude: 36°13’26”N Longitude: 091°36’30”W)

Ash Flat Parks

~American Veterans Memorial and the Ash Flat Ball Park

Total Area: 5.56 Miles

Ash Flat, originally named in honor of the ash trees in the area, has remained a major economic center ever since it was originally settled in the early 1800s. It is home to an Ozarka College campus, which provides quality education within both driving distance and the budgets of local residents. The Sharp County Regional Airport is located on the edge of Ash Flat and

Even in wintertime, the weather here is usually mild enough to play outside...most days! Cherokee Village. The American Veterans Memorial is close in to town. Eagle Fest, a two-day regional celebration, takes place in the fall of each year. The city was originally in Lawrence County during the time when Arkansas received statehood status in 1836, but when the population flourished following the Civil war, the city found itself in newly-formed Sharp County in 1868. By 1871, remote Ash Flat boasted, a population of 150, and had a blacksmith shop, three stores, two saloons, and a cotton gin which was placed near Big Creek so that fresh water would be available for the oxen that turned the tread wheel. By 1889, the town had grown to include a drug store, a saddlemaker, a sawmill to handle the increasing lumber flow, a grist/flour mill, a hotel, two churches, one physician, a Masonic Lodge and an Eastern Star Lodge. The population, however, grew slowly. Ash Flat’s first high school opened in 1905 after citizens donated to have it built and this provided the opportunity for a quality education. In 1967, the two county seats that had existed in Sharp County for more than seventy years (Hardy and Evening Shade) were merged with centrally located Ash Flat becoming the new center of government operations. Ash Flat has been home to a couple of notable people including David W. Mullins, born in 1906, who served as president of the University of Arkansas (UA) in Fayetteville from 1960 to 1974. Charles Elvin “Preacher” Roe was born in 1915 and became a left-handed major league baseball pitcher winning 127 games with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Brooklyn Dodgers, and St. Louis Cardinals between 1938 and 1953. “Preacher” Roe also invested a lot of time locally working with youth in education and baseball. Housing: in 2009: Median House/Condo: $62, 883, Rent $376. Crime: 59.2 (low) on a scale where average in US is 259.7. Median Income: $17,278 Median age: 53.4. Cost of Living Index: 59.2 (low) with US average 100%. Median property taxes $320/year and non-mortgage properties $267/year.

Ozarka Co

llege - Ash

Flat Camp u


Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



The Ash Flat American Veterans Memorial is definitely worth the visit! Leonard H. Holden, Jr., has designed a beautiful tribute, and the dedication and persistant effort of individuals and organizations in the community have supported the project and brought to life a much more impressive permanent memorial than most small towns could ever dream of. The men, women, and working dogs who comprise the bulk of our fighting forces from any era are represented here. Whether you visit for education, commemoration or meditation, you won’t be disappointed!

The Ash Flat American Veterans Memorial is located in a peaceful location on Nix Ridge Road, the Memorial holds many interesting statues and historical plaques and is a quiet, fitting place to contemplate our country’s history and the fight to protect our freedoms and independence in a changing world.. The monuments pay remembrance to those who sacrificed a little or who gave everything they had to defend our country or provide asistance to others who needed an equalizing force and ally to halt aggressors bent on domination or destruction.

The Ash Flat Ball Park has several fields with lots of space for casual or organized games such as baseball or soccer, day or night. Warm-up/batting cages are available to help with honing skills. There is a lighted walking trail. The park also has a large, fenced playground for children (and parents) to enjoy. It’s a great place for family and friends to spend time together and picnic or have a reunion. Use the beautiful gazebo for your next get-together!

“Com ing Through the Rye” is displayed one of sev around As eral large s h Flat tha tatues by renown t were orig ed Americ inally crea an sculpto ted r Frederic Remington . 7


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Cherokee Village Population: 4,671 in 2010

Sharp County

(Latitude 36° 17’ 52” N Longitude 091° 30’ 57” W)

Incorporated: January 1998

Total Area: 19.9 square miles

Population (in 2010) 17,264

These days, Cherokee Village has a terrific Thunder on Thunderbird Fireworks celebration on the Fourth of July, and it’s combined with Thunderfest, which is a helicopter and boat show! Something for everyone! The extravaganzas take place on Thunderbird Lake near the marina. The Spring River Farmer’s Market is moving to Town Center this year, and it will have family friendly events, local produce and flowers, and hand-made crafts done by local artisans. Combine this with two eighteen-hole golf courses, six swimming pools, beaches, tennis courts, recreation centers, a fitness center, senior center, horseshoe pits, nature trails, seven lakes for boating or fishing and approximately 100 service organizations or clubs you can be involved with, and Cherokee Village will be worth a visit! Check the Community Calender in this Guide or www. Chris Gra efe for more info. In 1948, a developer by the name of John A. Cooper Sr. purchased 400 acres along the south bank of the Spring River and for several years used the land as a family summer retreat. Over time, Cooper began to buy more land and formed the Cherokee Village Development Company (CVDC), dividing the property into lots and building homes. When Cooper opened the development in June of 1955, the then Governor Orval Faubus, stated it was the “coming Mecca of the Ozarks.” Cherokee Village was founded in 1954 and began as a 2,400-acre summer resort near Hardy. Soon after it’s founding, Cherokee Village became Arkansas State’s leading retirement community, and by the early 1960s, retirees from across the nation moved into the Spring River Area, turning Cherokee Village into a popular retirement center. Within the span of only a few years, Cherokee Village had grown so vastly that more land was needed for new homes. The community’s infrastructure had grown to include two golf courses, seven lakes, three recreation centers, more than 300 miles of roads and a water system for its residents. When the development tried to grow, however, the adjoining land was occupied by the Memphis Boy Scout Council’s summer camp, Kia Kima. So, In 1964, the same year that Highland High School opened, Cooper approached the Boy Scouts and negotiated to swap them a larger tract of land on the south fork of the Spring River in exchange for their property, and they agreed. By 1980, between the Kia Kima trade and additional land purchases, Cherokee Village grew to a whopping 13,500 acres. According to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, the development of Cherokee Village in 1955 had a major impact on the retirement community industry and helped to make Arkansas the ninth most popular destination state for retirees. Phillip Sweet from the award-winning country band Little Big Town is from Cherokee Village, and World Golf Hall of Famer Tommy Bolt had retired there. Francis Wilson Grayson was a female aviator who was lost when her plane went down en route to Newfoundland to initiate her bid to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. This flight honor was won by Amelia Earhart in 1928, however, Grayson Lake in northern Ontario, Canada (50.88°N 89.43°W) was named for and remains a tribute to Frances Wilson Grayson who was born in Cherokee Village, Arkansas around1890. 8

Frances Wilson G ra


(County Seat: Ash Flat) Established: July 18, 1868

Total Area: 604.44 square miles

Established in 1868 of land split away from Lawrence County, and increased in 1873 with land separated from Independence County, Sharp County is located in northern Arkansas adjacent to Missouri and surrounded by Randolph, Lawrence, Independence, Izard, and Fulton Counties (clockwise from the Missouri border). It was named for Ephraim Sharp, a Lawrence-county legislator, who lived in Evening Shade and the original county seat was there, also. In 1894, the citizenry decided they wanted to have more access to the powers that be, and the Spring and Strawberry Rivers made that difficult because there were few if any ways to cross them, so a second seat was established in Hardy for residents in the northern part of the county. In a letter sent to Arkansas’s first appointed Commissioner of Immigration and State Lands, H.L. Roberts described the area as “having a healthy section of the state known for its bountiful fruit trees, abundance of State of Arkansas, iumber, plentiful game, scenic grassSharp County Highlighted lands, and rivers.” Sharp County remains quietly famous for excellent fishing, hunting, and timber, but it has stayed rural and lightly populated with approximately 28 people per square mile. The retirement resort towns of Cherokee Village and Horseshoe Bend have drawn a steady supply of cost-conscious retirees. Hardy has remained a steady tourist destination, craft and antique-shopping area over many years. It is a peaceful area where people enjoy a slower pace of life. Indian artifacts, including arrowheads and occasional pieces of pottery can still be found along the banks of many of the smaller streams. The earliest non-native settlers began entering the area in the early 1800s. There were no major Civil War battles in the County, however, there was the Battle of Salem/Action at Spring River (Mar. 13, 1862), and skirmishes at Martin’s Creek (Jan. 7, 1864) and Morgan’s Mill (Feb. 8, 1864). A historical marker is in place a few miles east of Hardy. The Kansas City, Springfield, and Memphis Railroad built a line between Memphis (TN) and Kansas City (MO) that ran through Hardy and Williford and these towns flourished during construction and through the years of passenger and freight service which began in 1883. The tiny town of Wirth was settled in 1883. The County was home to seventy-nine one-room schoolhouses at one time. Originally dubbed “Loyal” (it is said this was due to its loyalty to the Union during the Civil War), Cave City is located in the southern part. It is known for its sweet watermelons. The name of the city was changed in 1880 because it is built above a large cave through which flows the Crystal River. The River is only accessible through the Crystal River Tourist Camp, which is now privately owned and closed to the public. What is known about the river is that it is home to a rare species of freshwater shrimp, Bacturus speleopolis, and an eyeless sucker fish. The rural lifestyle of Sharp County helped diminish the hard times of the Great Depression. People there knew how to garden, and raise meat and milk. Then came World War II and many families suffered losses as their menfolk went to war—some never to return. Other families followed what work was left, including picking fruit on the west coast. Cherokee Village, a retirement/resort community which made Arkansas a prime destination for retirement, opened in 1955, and by 1960 the population was booming. The town of Highland was incorporated in 1998. It had been conveniently located betA historical marker on Main Street in Hardy discusses the ween Hardy and Ash Flat, and it seemed a logical choice for the new schools needed to “two seats of justice” Sharp county had before Ash Flat accommodate increasing population in the ‘60s. (Continued on page 34 - see Sharp County History) was chosen to be the only county seat.

Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $87,112. The Crime rate is 256 on a scale where the US average was 319. Median Income: $32,321. Median age: 58.2 . Cost of Living Index: 82.9 (low) with US average 100%. Median property taxes: $498.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



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(Latitude 36°18’57” N, Longitude 091°28’57” W)

Population in 2011: 772

Incorporated: July 12, 1894

Total Area: 2.4 square miles

Hardy is a unique city in north central Arkansas where you can take a leisurely walk through the smallest city to have a historic district in the state. It also has a wonderful “Main Street” community full of businesses specializing in crafts, antiques and unusual items awaits shoppers. Thompson Park in the center of town is dedicated to Dr. Audrey Thompson, whose tireless efforts have resulted in recognition of multiple buildings by the National Register of Historic Places. There are many stone and wooden structures dating back to the early 1800s, some with unusual architectural styles. Loberg Park, along the edge of the Spring River, hosts many festivals and celebrations as well as providing a walking trail for the city where mild breezes and the flow of the river provide a relaxing atmosphere. Loberg also has playground equipment for youngsters. The city of Hardy, which is named after railroad contractor James A. Hardy of Batesville, is located along the Spring River and was established in 1883 after the construction of the Kansas City, Springfield, and Memphis Railroads. During the twentieth century and much like today, Hardy was viewed as a popular tourist destination for those who sought a relaxed environment and the beauty of the Ozarks. They came from Memphis and all over. The 600 acres that then formed the Hardy area, were developed by Walker Clayton in 1883. He was able to take care of the service needs of the many travelers who came to the area. By the early 1920s, Main Street was filled with businesses, including a bank, a couple of cafès, drug stores, a Ford automobile dealership and a grocery store. A core group of influential businesses owners, one in particular, drugstore-owner William Johnston tenaciously promoted Hardy as a place where city dwellers could find not only a wonderful destination for vacation, but also a place to call home. Lauren Gray and Fans According to the Arkansas State Encyclopedia, during an interview with a Memphis Press-Scimitar reporter, Johnston boasted that Hardy had the “finest fishing in the world….” In the 1970s, when the railroad depot was no longer in service, some of the Main Street businesses relocated and several shops specializing in crafts and antiques were opened. The interesting works of the townspeople, vendors and crafters, along with the draw of the beauty of the Ozarks, has helped Hardy to continue to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Arkansas even to date. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $59,602, Rent $467. Median Income: $20160. Median age: 49.8. Cost of Living Index: 79.9 (low) with US average 100%. Median Property taxes $342/year and non-mortgage properties $321/year. Photos: (Left from top 1) Tray of sparkling jewelry from Mandy’s on Main; (2) A couple relaxes on the veranda of the Old Stonehouse Inn; (3) Bargain hunting; and (4) working on the History Wall in Hardy, Arkansas. (Top R)Hardy resident Lauren Gray (with fans) is the “Voice of the Spring River” and an American Idol participant with a successful career. Lauren and (Bottom R) the Wilburn Brothers, are a few of the folks that people associate with Hardy.)

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


The Wilburn Brothe rs 11

For more info:

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The Highland Rebels er ial Centd) r o m e ighlan son M

Superintendent: Tracy Webb (Central office) (870) 856-3275

H t A.L. Hu tic Complex for (Athle

Home of the REBELS!

Highland High School 1627 Hwy 62/412 At the Core: Perpetual Learners Community and Parental 1 Rebel Circle Support are Vital! High Expectations! Highland, AR 72542 Phone: (870) 856-3273 Fax: (870) 856-2768 Principal: Clint Shackelford •Tradition • Pride • Excellence•

Shared Leadership

King-Rhodes & Associates, Inc. Real Estate Sales & Rentals Proudly Supporting Highland Schools For More Than 3 Decades Highland Middle School 1627 Hwy 62/412 Highland, AR 72542 Phone (870) 856-3284 Fax: (870) 856-3288 Principal: Chad Arnhart

Highland Middle School

Cherokee Elementary School

Cherokee Elementary School Hwy 175 Spur Highland, AR 72542 Phone: (870) 257-3118 Fax: (870) 257-3937 Principal: Rebecca Short

Agri Department (870) 856-3408 Football Office (870) 856-2483 Gym (870) 856-3994 Home Ec (870) 856-3475 Senior Band Room (870) 856-2298 Library (870) 856-2165 Distance Learning Lab (870) 856-2335


(Latitude: 36° 16’ 33”N and Longitude: 091°31’27”W)

Population in 2011: 1044 Incorporated: 1998 Total Area: 8.74 square miles When Sharp County was created in 1868 much of the terrain consisted of heavily wooded areas. In 1889, two men, Thomas Irvie and Thomas J. Harris, were among the first to own land in what would become the City of Highland , so named because it’s high elevation. A post office was placed in the city but ended up being closed because of the area’s slim population numbers. During the early 1920s U.S. Highway 62 was built through the heart of what is now Highland. This allowed for easier travel for settlers and more opportunities for the residents of Highland. It wasn’t until the consolidation of the Ash Flat and Hardy school districts that the City of Highland would begin to grow by leaps and bounds. Highland was chosen as the site for the new school because it was the middle point between the two cities. Although Ash Flat and Hardy both maintained elementary schools, in 1964 the first seventh grade class of students began attending their new high school at Highland. Soon thereafter, the adjacent communities grew as Highland did, creating a need for an additional elementary school, which is now known as Cherokee Elementary. Seven years later, a middle school was added to the city of Highland. Established in 1955, the the nearby Cherokee Village retirement community quickly began to grow. This created a need for more industry and amenities which were built in Highland. The city incorporated in 1998, and continues to grow to this day. Highland was hit by the Super Tuesday F4 tornado in 2008. While much of the business district was destroyed, the community pulled together and slowly rebuilt, and the fire department moved into its beautiful permanent station two years later. The Highland School District educated 1626 students in 2011. The Mascot: Rebels. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $76,116, Rent $484. Crime: Highland’s Violent/Property Crime rates: (Low) 48.4 (on a scale where US avg Ducks in the fall 213.6), 125.8 (Us avg 273.7). Median Income: $24.067. Median age: 43. Cost of Living Index: 79.2 (low) with US average 100%. Median property taxes $405/year and non-mortgage properties Mirandy e k a L $320/year. Highland F ire Depart ment

Playgr ou

nd at L a

Highland Rebels Website: Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



ke Mira

For more info:


(870) 856-3210

Spring River Area Calendar of Events - 2013


Checking • Savings • Loans • Credit Cards • CD’s • Merchant Services

A Bank for

All Generations.

Spring River Area: Ash Flat, Cave City, Cherokee Village, Hardy, Highland, Horseshoe Bend, Salem, Mammoth Spring, Melbourne & Sidney. 19 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre 24 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce (SRACC) Banquet, Assembly of God, Highland FEBRUARY


16 Bluebird Day, 10 a.m. Learn all about blue birds. Build a bluebird box. Call (870) 625-7364 to pre-register by March 9th.. Volunteers on-site to help you assemble your bluebird house. Meet at the maintenance building.

9 SRACC Fashion Show/Luncheon Noon Creekside Loft, Hardy

23-24 Spring Gun & Knife Show- Historic Hardy Gym

16 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theater 17 Ladies of the Elks Spaghetti Dinner 11-1 Highland Elks Lodge 23 Hardy Garden Club Flea Market/Luncheon - February 23rd Historic Hardy Gym. Booth Space available, contact: Hardy Garden Club, (870) 856-4041 MARCH 2 6th Annual “Cookin’ With Coals” Cook-off (Dutch Ovens) at MSSP Pavilion 10 a.m.

St. Patrick’s Day parade and festival will be held Saturday, March 16. Festivities beginning at 10 a.m. with the parade starting at 1 p.m. All entries need to be registered by noon at the Sidney Baptist Church. Contact Dawn Westmoreland at (870) 291-0436 for information.

29-30 12th Annual Knap-In. Knappers will demonstrate the primitive art of making & using stone tools and arrow heads. Knapping tools and materials will be available for beginners who want to get start ed. Spectate for free, $10 fee to participate. Demonstrations both days 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. near the ball field at MSSP.

31 Easter Scramble - MSSP. 4,000 candy/prize-filled eggs hidden for kids 10 years and under. The Easter bunny will be available for photos. Start at 2 p.m. Sharp! Near the ball field area. Don’t be late!

9 St. Patrick’s Festival beauty pageant will be held on APRIL Saturday, March 9, at the Cave City High School cafeteria. Call for Elizabeth Thomason at (501) 6 Hardy Garden Club Silent Auction & Chili Luncheon 920-8924. Historic Hardy Gym. $300 Walmart Card to be giv- en away. Event runs 9-3. For more information: 9-10 South Fork River Regulators Gun and Knife Show, (870) 856-4041. Fulton County Fairgrounds. (870) 371-0507. 16 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre

Providing Life-Changing Experiences Through Education

Cherokee Village/Highland 1 Iroquois Dr. 870-856-4212 Offer of credit is subject to credit approval.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


Campuses at: Melbourne, Ash Flat, Mountain View, & Mammoth Spring, AR. For more info: 856-3210 For more info, please visit: or call (800)(870) 821-4335.


River Area Chamber of Commerce APRIL - continued 6 Spring City Wide Yard Sale in Melbourne. 6

“Now We’re Cookin’” Hands-on Dutch Oven Workshop at MSSP. $20. Pre-register by 3/30. Please call (870) 625-7364 to pre-register by March 30th. Workshop begins at 10 a.m.

27 Scalies & Slimies of Arkansas – MSSP pavilion, pro grams at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

11 Tourism Day – Freebies and Tourism Week celebra- tion 10-4 at MSSP Welcome Center.

27 Plant Sale (Town center, Cherokee Village)

18 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre

22-25, 29-30 Cave City Clean-Up, Cave City

18 Fulton County Fishing Derby, Salem City Park, (870) 895-3201,

The vendors at Dogwood Days , Horseshoe Bend, AR

11 Ozark Gateway Tourist Council Banquet, Jones Mallard Lodge near Hoxie, AR., 6 p.m. Tickets $25. Contact: 800-264-0316.

18 “Pickin’ In The Park” – MSSP Welcome Center, bring a chair. Pickin’ will start about 1 p.m. 18-19 3-Person Scramble Golf at South Course in Cherokee Village. Contact Fred (870) 710-2445.

13 Spring City Wide Yard Sale in Horseshoe Bend.

24 3rd Annual Spring River Farmer’s Market - Opening Memorial Day Weekend. Local crafts, baked goods, flowers and produce. Newly moved to Cherokee Village Town Center! (870) 847-6422 for more information. Food Vendors and Kid-Friendly Events.

12-13 10th Annual Spring Fairgrounds Flea Market at the Fairgrounds, (870) 895-5565. 12-13 Spring Community-Wide Yard Sale & Business Sidewalk Sale, Fulton County Fairgrounds and City of Salem, (870) 895-5565. Maps available. 1


20 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre. Annual Spring Vol. Fire Department Auction & Breakfast- Church Street Fire House, Hardy.

Cave City Clean-Up, Cave City

“Beyond The Basics” – Dutch oven cooking beyond the basics (including bread). 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please pre-register by 4/29 by calling (870) 625- 7364 . $20 fee. MSSP.

4 62nd Annual Pioneer Day (Melbourne) Weekend. 10-11 Hardy Friends of the Library Book Sale - Historic Hardy Gym

20 Herb & Plant Sale – The 21 Century Club plant sale at MSSP, 8 a.m. to about 2 p.m. st

11 Dogwood Days Festival and Dogwood Days Golf Tournament – Horseshoe Bend

25 Cave City Pool Opens 27 Little Piney Fork Spring Jubilee. 4 p.m. Creekside. Good food, best local tunes at Piney Fork. Contact: Michael Worsch, or (870)291-3757 for more info. 27 Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast (Town Center, Cherokee Village) 29 Spring River Clean-up – Call (870) 625-7364 to register/reserve canoe by May 22 so you can float a section of the Spring River, do a little trash pickup and have lots of fun. Meet at the Welcome Center at 8 a.m. Not for beginners. 31 Annual Spring River Car Cruise “Cruisin’ Hardy”- Friday night, Hardy. 1 Annual Spring River Car Show - Loberg Park (Hardy).

4 Ladies of the Elks- Card Party/Luncheon, 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Highland Elks

17 Kelly Miller Circus, Ash Flat.

24-27 Lions Carnival comes to Cherokee Village



13 “Pickin’ In The Park” – MSSP Welcome Center. Bring a lawn chair, pickin’ around 1 p.m.


2013 Community Calendar

24-25 64th Annual Fulton County Homecoming Festival, Salem Courthouse/Square. Open street market, 5k run, squirt race, terrapin race, music, parade, dance, horseshoe pitching. (870) 895-5565 or Fulton County Homecoming Festival at (870) 895-2629 for details.


Hardy Garden Club Antique & Collectibles Show & Sale - Historic Hardy Gym. Booth space and food available. Contact: 856-4041.


Geo-caching 101 – Learn what geo-caching is and how to get started. Bring you GPS unit. We will do a couple of geo-caches in the park. Call the park at (870) 625-7364 to sign-up by June 1, space limited. We’ll start at 10 a.m. at the Welcome Center.


The 2013 Outdoor Sports Show/Canoe Races Loberg Park (Hardy)

15 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre

(870) 994-7303 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


75 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Saturday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. (11 p.m. in summer) Sunday - Thursday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. (10 p.m in summer)


For more info:

(870) 856-3210



Choosing the right bank for your family is important.



Visit our 16 locations in Northeast Arkansas. 1566 Hwy 62/412 - Highland | (870) 856-3258 |

4 Thunderfest (Helicopter and Boat Show) and Thun der on Thunderbird (Fireworks), Cherokee Village. 4

Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast (Basehart Fire Station, Cherokee Village).


Fireworks at Melbourne, Izard County Fairgrounds.

4 Independence Day Parade and Celebration, Flotilla on Crown Lake @ 5:00 and Fireworks at Dusk - Golf Course on Turkey Mountain (in Horseshoe Bend)

21-22 4th Annual Spring River Rally (Griffin Park, Hardy) Motorcycle Rally, concert, entertainment, camp- ing on the river, 60 mph Zipline, vendor midway, horseback riding, pool, off road trail riding, canoe- ing, tubing. ( or www. for more info.) 22 Kayaking 101 –Learning the basic paddling & kayaking maneuvers and then “graduate” to the Spring River in the afternoon. 10 a.m., equipment provided with $25 fee, space limited, call (870) 625-7364 to make reservations. 22 Tommy Bolt Classic Golf Tournament (South Course, Cherokee Village) 4 person scramble. Contact: Steve Thompson, (870) 856-3255.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

Annual Rebel Tailgate Party (Highland High School).

12-17 94th Annual Fulton County Fair, Fulton County Fairgrounds. Exhibits, carnival, rodeo, truck pull, demolition derby, pageants & talent contest. Info: or (870) 895-5565. 17 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre.




Salem Chamber of Commerce Fireworks in the Park, Salem City Park Lake, Food and music before dark. (870) 895-5565.

26-28 Chuck Wagon Races, Griffin Park, Hardy. 27 Rebel Golf Classic (South Course, Cherokee Village). 4 person scramble. AUGUST 5-10 120 Annual Old Soldier’s Reunion. Carnival rides, games, prizes, crafts, food, talent show, bingo, and much more starting at 6 p.m. each evening. MSSP Free access and parking. th

8-10 34th Annual Cave City Watermelon Festival, Park Street, Cave City, AR.

24 Kayaking 101 - Spend a few hours on the lake learning the basic paddling & kayaking maneuvers and then “graduate” to the Spring River in the afternoon. Equipment provided. Fee of $25 – space limited – Call the park at (870) 625-7364 to make reservations. 24-25 Lions Club 49th Annual Charlie Rice Memorial Golf Tournament, Two-man scramble tournament begins 8 a.m. tee time at the golf course at Cherokee Village. Proceeds to CV Lions Club Charities. Info contact Vickie Rice at (870) 856-2983 or email (SRACC calendar continued on page 22)

20 Ladies of the Elks Breakfast Bonanza 7-10:00 am. High land Elks 20 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre 23-27 Sharp County Fair, Sharp County Fairgrounds, Ash Flat. 26-27 Rock This House Ladies Faith Enrichment (Ash Flat Church of Christ).

Town Center, central Cherokee Village, All Summer



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Cave City Population (in 2010): 1,904.

(Latitude: 35° 56’ 30”N and Longitude: 091°32’54”W)

Incorporated: April 29, 1907

Total Area: 2.6 miles

Cave City was named for the large multi-chambered natural limestone cavern, Crystal River Cave, which lies 75-100 feet immediately beneath the city. The Crystal River, which runs through the cave was the source of water for the school and town residents for many years. The cave was used for refrigeration. Over the years, many rumors have been associated with the cave -- from people who never surfaced from their visits to the healing waters it contained...and the fact that the river contains an eyeless species of fish. An 1896 article which appeared in the Sharp County Record billed Cave City as a great place to visit with “the finest cave in Northeast Arkansas containing the finest subterranean lake in the state.” The annual Watermelon Festival was begun in 1980 and continues to run each August with free watermelon for attendees supplied by local Cave City Watermelon growers. A sign in town proclaims “Welcome to Cave City: Home of World’s Sweetest Watermelons.” Melon, poultry, and cattle production are alive and well in Cave City. The town is approximately 15 miles from Batesville, Arkansas, which is a thriving community of 10,269. Many Cave City residents commute to jobs there. The Cave City School District has Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High Schools which provided education for just over 1300 students in 2012. High School Mascots: The Cavemen. Housing in 2009: Median House/ Condo: $66,800, Median Rent: $481 per month. Crime: Cave City’s Violent Crime/ Property Crime rates were 75.57% /51.39% LOWER than the national rate in 2010 and are projected to be dropping. Median Income in ‘09, $29.287. Median age of residents: 35.8years. Cost of Living Index (low): 79.4% with U.S. average 100%.

North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance The North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance is an organization of local clergy who strive to encourage the cooperation of churches in caring for the physical and the spiritual needs of all. What does The North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance believe? We believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and seek to work together to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of our community. While we encourage cooperation in the areas where we find “common ground,” we recognize and respect the individual beliefs and characteristics of our various member churches and ministers.

Learn More on the web at:

Ash Flat United Methodist Church

Little Red Church by the water tower, Ash Flat, AR Phone: (870) 994-7175 Rev. Larry Morris Website: Email:

Cherokee Village United Methodist Church

21 Otter, Cherokee Village, AR Phone: (870) 257-3869 Rev. Ted DeWeese (Alliance President) Website: cherokeeumc Email:

Corinth United Methodist/Powell Chapel United Methodist Phone: 870-257-3372 Rev. Bob Kegerize

First Baptist Church of Hardy

Hardy Community Christian Church Hardy, AR. Phone: (870) 856-2417 Rev. Eugene Garner Email:

Highland Assembly of God

33 Meadowbrook Drive, Highland, AR. Phone (870) 856-3886 Rev. Chris Clem (Alliance Vice-Pres.) Website: Email:

Mission of Hope

Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR Phone: (870) 856-5511 Dir. Julia Baldridge Website: 12 Choctaw Center, Cherokee Vlg., AR Phone: (870) 257-3957 Rev. Brian Pummill Email:

Spring Lake Baptist Church


Spring River Adult & Child Services

First United Methodist Church Hardy 101 E 4th Street, Hardy, AR Phone: (870) 856-3340 Rev. Brian Nix Hall Website: email:

Spring River Baptist

12739 Hwy 63S, Hardy, AR Phone (870) 856-4144 Pastor Floyd Rickard Spring River Presbyterian Church 151 Wahpeton Hill Road, Hardy, AR Phone: (870) 856-3426 Rev. Sam Williams Website: Email:

St Michael Church

Hwy 62/412 Cherokee Vlg., AR Phone: (870) 257-2850 Fr. Linus Ukomadu Website:

Peace Lutheran Missouri Synod Church

411 Church Street, Hardy, AR Phone: (870) 856-3767 Rev. Dr. Larry Kindrick Website: http://www.lifewaylink.


or contact one of our affiliates:

Hwy 63 Ozark Acres, AR Phone: (870) 966-3694 Rev. Brad Hartness

1638C Hwy 62/412, Highland, AR Phone: (888) 659-7273 Dir. Rev. Larry Morris Email:

Ministerial Alliance Food Room Director: Carol McWilliams The Pantry has served the area for 25 years and is open Tuesday (except the fifth Tuesday of the month) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the lower level of the Spring River Presbyterian Church. “For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life.” John 3:16 The North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance exists to help you find your Way....

Photos clockwise from top left: Cave City Watermelon Festival participants(courtesy AR Dept. Parks & Tourism), basketball court, city seal, pool lift, and playground equipment (courtesy City of Cave City). Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Everything you want...

14-15 South Fork River Regulators 6th Annual Gun and Knife Show – Buy, Sell, Trade. (870) 371-0507 21 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre 21 Equinox Jubilee. Contact: Michael Worsch, (870) 291-3757. 28-29 ARPAS Art and Craft Show, Sharp County Fair grounds, Ash Flat.

so you can do more!


Forschler Home Center 60 Hwy 62/412 Ash Flat, Arkansas 72513

(870) 994-2290


(Continued from page 19) 31 30 Annual Antique & Classic Car Show – MSSP ball field area, entry fee $25. Some of the area’s best antique and classic cars will be on display and judged by M.A.A.C.C. judges. Gates open at 9 a.m. and judging starts at 11 a.m. Prizes for “Best of Show”, “Longest Distance Traveled”, and “People’s Choice”. Dash plaques for first 50 entries.

Jade’s, 211 E. Main St., Hardy, AR 72542

TBA 5? Property-owners tournament call the Pro Shop (870) 257-3430 for more information. Cherokee Village.

SEPTEMBER 6-15 Art Show, Spring River Art Guild, 112 Main St., Hardy.


Fall Citywide Yard Sale, Melbourne


Hardy Garden Club 2nd Annual Fall Craft Market, Historic Hardy Gym. Booth space available. (870) 856-4041.

5 Annual Hardy Homesteaders Day - Loberg Park (Hardy)

6-7 Heavenly Highway Yard Sale - Friday & Saturday all around Hardy town

5 Christian Fellowship Bow Shoot - Hardy Beach

7-8 Spring River Paramedic 2-person Scramble (South Course, Cherokee Village). Contact: 870-257-2511.

The Law Office

5th Annual Junk-n-Jam - Loberg Park, Hardy.


Hollie Greenway

7 Fall City Wide Yard Sale (Horseshoe Bend) 7 14 Annual Great Arkansas Clean-up – River clean up by way of canoe. Not for beginners! Call (870) 625-7364 by September 4th to reserve your canoe, space is limited. th

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

Crowbar Russell, (L), from the Arkansas Outlaws Wanted TV show, and his friend Dr. David Pyle, (R) , a surgeon from Jonesboro, walk in from fishing. At the same time, rafters and canoers enjoy a section of the river further upstream.

Apparel-Accessories - and More!

4-6 Hardy Turtle Island Annual Pow Wow - Loberg Park (Hardy)



Fall Community Wide Yard Sale & Business Side walk Sales for the Salem Area. Maps available. Contact: (870) 895-5565 or email:

The River brings people together.

(870) 565-4425 Hwy 62/412, Highland, Arkansas 22


For more info:

(870) 856-3210

SRACC Community Calendar 2013 5 “Now We’re Cookin’” Dutch Oven (Hands-On) Workshop, $20 fee, Reserve at (870) 625-7364 by 9/29. Begins at 10 a.m. Space is limited. Event at Mammoth Spring State Park (MSSP).

19 4th Annual Spring River Art Gallery Artist Showcase 9 a.m.-3p.m., Historic Hardy Gym 19 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre TBA Radio Auction, City Hall (HSB)

11-12 Hardy Friends of the Library Book Sale - Historic Hardy Gym

25- 26 Haunted House


26 Trail of Terror - Historic Hardy Gym

TBA Eagle Fest, Ash Flat, Contact: City of Ash Flat (870) 994-3168.

26 Doggie Daze – All dog show and competition. All dogs must be on leash and have proof of current rabies vaccination. Small entry fee for participants. Call the park for more information at (870) 625-7364. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. near the ball field.

12 October Fest Polka Party atmosphere - great music-dancing- fantastic food and beverages. 12 Tentative Date-- Octoberfest (Town Center, Cherokee Village) Cherokee Village Business Association. Contact: (870) 257-3969.

26-27 Pickin’ in the Ozarks, 8-5 p.m. both days, Griffin Park, Hardy, AR.

TBA 2nd Annual Cowboy Days, Griffin Park, Hardy

28-31 Haunted House, Horseshoe Bend.

18-20 Mountain Man Rendezvous & Anything Goes Flea Market- Loberg Park (Hardy)

31 Trunk or Treat, Lower Diamond B Mall @ 5:00, Horseshoe Bend.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Spring River Area Contacts for more information. 31 Costume Contest, Horseshoe Bend Theatre @ 6:00 p.m.

3rd Friday Downtown Hardy Gospel Music Opry- Every 1st & 3rd Saturday Night


Jammin’ at the Flat Creek Dulcimer ShopWednesday Afternoons, Hardy.

1-2 3rd Annual Holiday Extravaganza – Holiday gift and decorating market featuring direct marketing vendors. Call (870) 895-5565.

For more information on area and area events:

2-3 Main Street Hardy Fall Gun & Knife Show - Historic Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce Hardy Gym, Hardy. 2852D Hwy 62/412 Highland, AR 72542.

Phone: (870) 856-3210 Email: Web:

11-16 Rebel Basketball Classic (A.L. Hutson Center, High land High School, Highland, Arkansas)

Ash Flat related information:

16 Music in the Mountains, Horseshoe Bend Theatre

Cherokee Village related information:

16 Extension Homemaker Fleas & Flour – Historic Hardy Gym

Hardy related information:


Salem Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 649, Salem, AR Phone: (870) 895-5565. Email:

TBA Christmas in the Village, Cherokee Village. Information: (870) 257-2959.

Horseshoe Bend Area Chamber of Commerce, 811 Second

2 Christmas Lights on the Square and Parade – PaStreet #18, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512 rade through town and around the square, coordi- nated with the lighting of the Christmas lights on Phone (870) 670-5433 Toll Free 1-800-239-9338 E-mail: the square. (870) 895-5565 or email: Web:

7-8 Festival of Trees, Horseshoe Bend.

Mammoth Spring State Park, P.O. Box 36, Mammoth Spring, AR 72554 Phone: 870-625-7364 email: Web:

7 Ash Flat Christmas Parade, 2 p.m. 7 Winterfest in Horseshoe Bend, Christmas Parade with Santa at the Chamber

ONE OWNER custom built maintenance-free 3364 sq ft home on beautiful Lake Omaha! SUPER LAKE FRONTAGE (168 ft of waterfront), with very nice deck area as well as floating dock. 4 big bedrooms 3.5 baths (2 MASTER SUITES on main level), huge closets, wonderful GREAT ROOM with excellent lake views. Kitchen offers granite countertops & newer appliances. Laundry rm on main level. 2 car garage! Everything you need is on main floor. If you have company or a large family, you will love the downstairs. Huge family room downstairs! 2 large bedrooms, another bathroom, and 2 nice work rooms-one with workbench. Lots of closets, easy access to lake! 8 x 16 storage bldg with concrete floor. Circular driveway- Big lot, lots of privacy and wildlife-PRICED TO SELL at $245,000call Debra 870-710-7653. #1805

GREAT CURB APPEAL! QUALITY TUDOR style CUSTOM-built BRICK HOME on North Golf Course. 9 ft ceilings, upgraded crown molding & trim. Quality hardwood flooring. Beautiful eat-in kitchen with solid GRANITE counters, stainless steel appliances, large pantry. Great rm with wonderful vaulted ceiling, views of golf course & pretty gas log fireplace- Office features custom built-ins-daybed perfect for extra guests. Master bedroom suite has his/her closets, SPA LIKE MASTER BATH, claw foot tub with soothing massage feature, beautiful subway tile walk in shower, dual sinks. Large screened porch overlooking Golf Course- oversized 2car garage, golf cart garage, private WORKSHOP! Water softener. Arch. roof 2006. Circular aggregate driveway with extra parking LEVEL LOT! POSSIBLE OWNER FINANCING with substantial down payment! $189,900. Shown exclusively thru Southern Pines Realty. Call owner/agent Debra (870)-710-7653 #1712

Beautiful Lake Chanute Home with privacy! Wonderful MOVE IN CONDITION property, no immediate neighbors on dead end street! Fantastic lake views, you can see the fish swimming while you are eating dinner or washing dishes!!! All main living is on first floor, including a roomy utility room. Both kitchens include all appliances-perfect guest or in-law situation. Great room enjoys large windows viewing the lake, as does master bedroom. Whirlpool in master bath. Good storage. Lower level also enjoys great view and good light. Family room features gas log enamel fireplace. Office-den is currently used for spillover guests. Roomy bedroom views the lake- Add the private kitchen and your guests may never leave! Approx 2322 sq ft h/a, 6 inch walls, whole house fan, low maintenance exterior and landscaping, attached 2 car garage, private boat dock, seawall, nice back deck, extra parking, just $215,000! Call Debra 870-710-7653. #1827

GENTLEMAN'S ESTATE!! This BEAUTIFUL LISTING has 31 ACRES m/l, POND, and wonderful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, 6 inch walls, 9 ft ceilings, lovely sunroom, formal dining room. Master bedroom suite features large master bath and 2 walk-in closets! The large country kitchen is a dandy! Stainless steel appliances, kitchen island with down draft stove, abundance of cabinets, pretty built-ins including desk, lots of quality!! Wonderful 18x18 ceramic tile throughout kitchen & bathrooms, Anderson windows (and lots of them!) offering views in every direction. Custom solar screens. Living room features a beautiful fireplace with gas logs. Arch roof was new in 2004. Energy efficient. Water softener. Big, beautiful, covered back deck viewing the countryside... 20x22 garage, carport for tractors, equipment, PLUS additional detached 26x24 garage/workshop. THIS PROPERTY MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED. Listed at $299,750. Call Debra 870-710-7653. #1804

Exceptional Lake Frontage! Beautiful Thunderbird home, 3500 sq ft and features PRIVATE ELEVATOR! Recently remodeled with modern finishes including kitchen cabinets of knotty alder, granite counter tops, sub zero refrigerator, all new stainless appliances with under counter ice maker, interior paint, floor covering, light fixtures & fans. Exterior has a fresh new paint color. Covered boat dock with lift & lighting. Sunroom with beautiful view of the lake! Party room located just off the patio with private sink, plenty of storage! Upper level features a large living/dining room with gas log fireplace, remodeled kitchen & breakfast nook, Large Master suite with walk-in closet, 2 more bedrooms(one used as den), full bath and powder room. Lower level has family rm with gas log fireplace, a fourth bedroom, bath, storm rm, storage rm & workshop with plenty of cabinets. Laundry both up & down! 2 car attached garage (carpeted), dual openers. Exceptional lake lot 255’ of lake frontage with a beautiful native stone retaining wall. Native stone walls providing incredible appeal from lake....Panoramic of Thunderbird, large body of water great for tubing and skiing. A MUST SEE - $379,500. (870)710-7653. #1814

Arkansas Ozark Gateway Region:

14 Hardy Christmas Parade- December 14th Main Street

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism: www.

1-25+ Driving Tour of Lights in Historic Hardy - all over town. For more information visit

Full, updated community calendar available at Please help keep it updated by sending event information to:

Seasonally - Farmer’s Market every Wednesday at Faith Presbyterian Church, 8 a.m. (Horseshoe Bend) Opry Music on Cedar Hill- Every Friday & Saturday Night – Hardy, AR.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

CUSTOM LODGE STYLE HAS IT ALL!!! 5 bedroom 3 bath LAKE HOME on 1 AC m/l with approx 238 LAKE FRONTAGE!! Heated GREENHOUSE! Home features 2 x 6 walls, maintenance free high end siding, landscaping is fantastic, lots of blooming shrubs, drip system sprinkler, screened-in SUNROOM. Home boasts fantastic beautiful tongue & groove walls & ceilings, hardwood floorings and carpeting. GREAT ROOM has soaring vaulted ceiling, hand stacked fireplace, custom windows overlooking staggered decks & beautiful LAKE VIEWS! All major living on main level including utility rm. 2 guest rooms & bath upstairs as well as CHARMING LOFT! Lower level features family/game room with 2nd fireplace (heat-glo logs), plus 2 additional bedrooms & full bath. HUGE storage rm. SAFE ROOM. Attached garage plus oversized detached GARAGE-SHOP. A MUST SEE-Priced below replacement $349,000. Call 870-710-7653. #1818



Information, measurements, age & square footage are estimated and not guaranteed.

For more info:

(870) 856-3210


(Latitude: 36°00’11” N, Longitude: 091°39’36” W)

Population in 2010: 181~Incorporated: 1935 ~Total Area: 2.2 mi2 Sidney is a small farming community located in southwest Sharp County. It is the venue of a St. Patrick’s Parade which dates back to 1958 when it was started by the Extension Homemakers Club and has remained an annual tradition ever since. Celebrating each St. Patrick’s Day This year the celebration with a parade every year since 1958 has expanded to include a beauty pageant (March 9 the Cave City High School). The area was settled in the 1840s by the Martin, Hodges, and Nunn families. Town grew with the addition of Hodge’s blacksmith shop, then a cotton gin in the late 1850s by William Springer to handle the area’s major crop. Although there were no battles near Sidney, Soldiers from the area fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War at the bloodiest battle in United States history, the Battle of Shiloh in Hardin County, Tennessee, in April 1862. That same year, the Federal Army moved through the Sidney area, causing quite a stir amongst residents. In 1878, a post office was placed at Addison Nunn’s home, and the town was named for General Albert Sidney Johnston, a man Nunn admired and who had perished while leading Confederate forces during the Battle of Shiloh. Samuel Arnn became the nsas town’s first merchant y, Arka e n id S by opening a store in rch in ul Chu if t u the 1880s, and his son, George, a Be opened the first grist mill after that. With the addition of a physician and a bank, town continued to grow despite the fact that the railroad was ten miles away. At its peak, it had three general stores, a hotel, a grocery, two gins, two blacksmiths, and one of the first schools in the county. The town has always been a small center of trade with many farmers, ranchers. In the midst of the Great Depression the town became incorporated. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $70, 188. Median Income: $36,187. Median age: 36.5. Cost of Living Index: 79.1 (Low) with US average 100%. Median Property taxes: $358/year and non-mortgage properties $462 per/year.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Peaceful Spring River

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Sharp County History (continued from page 9) Ozarka College built a campus in Ash Flat and provides affordable, accessible college-level education locally. Ash Flat was chosen to be the home of the American Veterans Memorial which was built in 2006 to honor veterans of wars US forces have fought in. Evening Shade is probably the County’s best known town because of a sit com based loosely on the town of Evening Shade. The show had an all-star cast led by Burt Reynolds, and ran for four seasons in the 90s, but left a lasting impression on Evening Shade. The Old Independence Regional Museum in Batesville (in Independence County) maintains Sharp County’s history as well as the other twelve counties that origionally made up Independence County. Our local Sharp County libraries have good collections of information on each area and many older residents accurately remember verbal histories passed down from earlier generations of their families. You never know what you’ll discover when you journey to Sharp County!


(Latitude: 36°15’10”N, Longitude 091°21’21”W) Population: 75 • Incorporated: December 8, 1914 • Area: 0.3 square miles. In 1841 Jeremiah Pitt Baird built a homestead on the Spring River. Ambrose Williford moved to the area and became influential as the town grew. During the civil war, many of the town’s men joined Confederate forces, and two skirmishes were fought in the area in 1864 (Martin’s Creek, 1/7 and Morgan’s Mill, 2/9). A local home guard force was formed to protect the area from marauders during this time. J.J. Belamy, was one of the first teachers in Williford’s one-room log schoolhouse that was built in the 1870s, and he moved on to become speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives. In 1909, he proposed the legislation that gave life to the four state agricultural colleges. The Depression-era Works Progress Administration completed a school building in Williford in1941. David Mullins (Superintendent during 1932–1935) later became president of the University of Arkansas (UA) in Fayetteville. People were excited and moving to town when plans for the railroad were announced and a line was completed in 1883 to run between Memphis (TN) and Springfield (MO). On October 1, 1883, people came from miles around


to watch the first train come through. The population of approximately 275 enjoyed the conveniences of living in a commerce center with passenger and freight transportation running through town. Greenville sprung up when a little fourteen-house work camp was built to support workers for a limestone quarry which had moved operations. The houses were all painted green. Stone was cut and shipped, enough to fill forty to fifty railroad cars each day, and the economy prospered. By 1890, the town had grown to include a doctor’s office, a one-room schoolhouse, three general stores, a post office, a blacksmith shop, a cotton gin and a saloon. By 1900, the population had doubled. A steel frame bridge was constructed across the Spring River in 1907, and increased opportunities for mobility stimulated growth. Williford Methodist church (listed in the National Register of Historic Places) was constructed in 1910. The Sharp County Bank was established by 1911. A ten-room hotel was opened in 1912, and on December 8, 1914, the town was incorporated. In 1915, floods ravaged town and the bridge over the river was washed out. It was rebuilt. By the mid ‘20s, twenty-five businesses (Continued on page 38-- See Williford)

Auto Repair

Owners : Nathan and Jennifer Rackmyer

Call us for all your repair needs. Nate: 815-712-1309

Jon Jon: 870-847-5311

251 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513

We’re located inside Dillard & Dillard Motor Company

Terry Dillard

251 Hwy 62/412 (870) 256-3340 Ash Flat, AR 72513

(870) 994-7337

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide 34



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Horseshoe Bend

(Longitude 36° 13’ 45”N Latitude: 091° 45’ 52” W)

Population: 2,179 in 2011~ Incorporated: 1969 ~ Area 13.3 mi2

Horseshoe Bend is the only city in Arkansas that includes land from three counties within its city limits – Izard, Sharp, and Fulton Counties. The Strawberry River winds around the city, but until 1960, no bend in the river had been specifically called “Horseshoe Bend.” In the late 1950s, Bill and Dick Pratt eventually developed the area into the City of Horseshoe Bend, even though the journey was bumpy. The airport was constructed where the woods had once concealed a still. Turkey Mountain’s eighteen-hole golf course was built on what hunters used to call Gobbler Knob, and the first nine holes were opened in 1963 with the remainder finished by 1971. Dams were built on the creeks leading to the Strawberry River which created a series of lakes with Crown Lake being the largest at 640 acres and Cedar Glade lake ending up dry despite much time and expense put forth attempting to plug the holes leading to a massive underground cave which drains the lake. In all, fifty-six subdivisions on 14,000 acres were created. By 1974, the Pratt’s sales team had sold 12,000 lots and more than half of the people who moved there were from Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin. In 1969, the city was incorporated and a city government created. It had a police force and guaranteed oversight of the city’s utilities. New churches formed in Horseshoe Bend. The Lutheran, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic churches were the first of their denominations in Izard County. Little known is that a small theme park called Ozarkland was created in the city by Albert Gannaway, a Grand Ole Opry-associated producer, who intended to use it for a program called Ozarkland Jamboree. Even though the talent came to the area to do the show, the program and the park both failed. Gene Williams tried to rework the park as Frontierland, but he also was unsuccessful. Many good things happened despite the failures, with jobs and incomes rising in the area. There were more “firsts”…the first public swimming pool in the region was opened and is still in operation. The first Kiwanis club. The first legal drinking. However, in 1974, the Pratts sold their business to a company that turned out to be financially unstable. It’s said that company misappropriated approximately $67 million which had been reserved for maintenance and development of the city. The associated legal entanglements spurred the development of the Municipal Recreation Improvement District which carefully manages Walnut Ridge, Arkansas the recreational assets of the city. The Horseshoe Bend retirement community and resort Higher Learning. area consists of two golf courses, several lakes featuring fishing, boating, and other recreational activities, and Fisherman’s Park with a fishing dock. The city has eight churches and a number of restaurants, stores, and other businesses. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $82,256, Rent $527. Median Income: $29,134. Median age: 59.4. Cost of Living Index: 80.3 (Low) with US average 100%. Median Property taxes: $544/year and non-mortgage properties $400 per/year. Crime: (Low) 120.2 (on a scale where US Average is 319.1)

Hardy Medical Clinic Mon. - Fri.: 8 am - 5 pm Midway Medical Clinic Mon. - Fri.: 7 am - 5:30 pm

Services: Bone Densitometry CT Scanning Mammography Ultrasound X-Ray WRMC PROS (Therapy) Endoscopy

Urgent Care Clinic Mon. - Fri.: 5 pm - 11 pm Sat. & Sun.: 7 am - 11 pm

Pain Management Laboratory Testing Orthopaedics Gynecology Cardiology General Surgery Urology Wound Care


MEDICAL COMPLEX (Formerly known as the WRMC North Complex) (870) 257-6040 | 195 Hospital Drive | Cherokee Village

Higher Purpose.

Photos: Courtesy Karen McKnight: Top: Garden Club Sign. R: Turkey Mountain Golf Course. Bottom: Box Hound Marina. L: Crown Lake and Fisher36 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide man’ s Park.


For more info:

(870) 856-3210

dennis horton 870-856-2211

202 e. main st hardy, ar 72542

Serving Seniors from A to Z A. Answers to Your “In Home Care” Questions B. Bathing Assistance C. Companionship D. Drug Screening for All Employees E. Elder Choices Approved Provider F. Family Caregiver Programs and Information G. Guidance from Experienced Care Managers H. Help Thru the Complicated Medicaid Application Process I. Incontinence Supplies J. Justified Care Prescribed by your Primary Care Physician K. Keeping You at Home is Our Number One Goal L. Light Housekeeping M. Meal Preparation

N. Nail Care – Cleaning and Filing O. Office Staff Available to Assist When You Call P. Personal Emergency Response Systems- “Help Buttons” Q. Quality You Can Trust R. Respite- “Relief for Caregivers” S. Supervision Provided by a Registered Nurse T. Transportation Assistance U. Understanding Medicare A, B, C, D - We Compare Part D Plans! V. Veteran’s Assistance- Approved Provider W. Weekend Help Available X. X-cellent, Experienced Home Care Aides to Assist You Y. Your Agency of Choice for In Home Care Z. Zeroing in On Your Individualized Needs

stringed instruments - amps - accessories lessons - repair

(Williford  continued from page 35) called Williford home, but a fire destroyed seven of them in 1929 and most of them did not rebuild. Many believe that the railroad was the life’s blood of Williford. The Business District faced the track not Williford Methodist Church has been listed in the 100 yards away. Passenger National Register of Historic Places since 1992. train service stopped in the 1960s, and roads and highways were built bypassing the little town which had once been one of the largest in the county. In the late ‘60s, A project to build the Bell Foley Dam on the Strawberry River close by renewed hope for development of the area. A Vacation Resort was even planned and work had begun in the area where a new lake would have been created, but the dam was never built. Growth slowed significantly and town population is now steady at 75.

Call Us Today 1-800-382-3205! The Quad-Cities Business Resources – “Here to help you with the Business of your Business in the Spring River Area”

Sidney Area Churches

Ash Flat/Evening Shade Area Churches Ash Flat Church of Christ, 560 Ash Flat Drive, Ash Flat (870) 994-2430 Ash Flat United Methodist Church - (870) 994-7175 Calvary Baptist Church (Evening Shade) - (870) 994-7958

Christian Life Center, (870) 346-5503

The North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance is an organiza-

tion of clergy who strive to encourage cooperation of churches in caring for the physical and spiritual needs of all. Find out more at their Web Site:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 13325 Hwy 62E, Ash Flat - (870) 994-2615

Eaglecrest Nursing & Rehab

First Baptist Church of Evening Shade - (870) 266-3491

Ash Flat Business Association Contact Charlotte Goodwin - (870) 994-7324 Cherokee Village Business Association Contact: Jack Lowe - (870) 257-3969

916 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513

Jehovah’s Witnesses, 6 Scenic Court, Ash Flat - (870) 994-7728

Eaglecrest is your home when staying at home is no longer an option.

Life Apostolic Church, 59 Sharp Street, Ash Flat ‐ (870) 257-3775

Highland Business Association Contact: Mary Ruth Wiles - (870) 856-6199

Light in the Wilderness, 12581 Hwy 62, Ash Flat (870) 994-7729

Main Street Hardy Association Contact: Al Cortè - (870) 856-3571 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce Contact: Betty Waser - (870) 856-3210

Area Churches

NMeeting your long-term needs with great

meals, great activities, and new and old friends to visit.N

Myron Baptist Church, Hwy 56, Myron - (870) 322-8127 Pioneer Freewill Baptist Church, Ash Flat - (870) 994-7641 Sunsets on nearly any of our lakes.

NMeeting your short-term rehabilitation

needs in our new rehab unit where our professional staff of therapists gets you ready to return home.N

Frontier Motor Lodge 1948 Highway 63 Hardy, AR 72542 Phone:


Clean, Comfortable, Not your usual lodge.

A great place to work and live! Built in 1961.

Come in today and take a personal tour to see “why our home can be your home when needed.”

Fax: 870-996-4142 email:

Located on the 4-lane in Ash Flat.

website: Depot Museum Mammoth Spring S t a t e Pa r k

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


Richard and Diane Schuldhiesz, owners, invite you to discover to “The best Kept Secret in Hardy...a Hidden Gem!” 39


Call (870) 994-3040 for more information. For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Cherokee Village United Methodist Church

Mammoth Spring Medical Clinic

Member of the North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance

The Right Care, Right Here

The Congregation of Cherokee Village United Methodist Church invites you to join us in worship of the Lord each Sunday. We offer two services at 8:30 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. (Nursery is available both services). Sunday School meets from 9:45 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. with classes for all ages.

Call today for an appointment

870-625-3228 260 S. Main St. • Mammoth Spring, AR

Cherokee Village Area Churches

Hardy/Highland/Williford Area

Cherokee Village United Methodist Church 21 Otter Drive, (870) 257-3869 (If busy dial 257-2424)

Highland Assembly, Comp 33 Meadowbrook Drive, Abundant Life Church, 26 FM 101 Road  Family Medicine  Workman’s  Drug Screens (870) 856-3764 (Preschool-895-3787) Hardy - (870) 856-3886

Cherokee Village Lutheran Church Okmulgee & Cherokee Road (870) 257-4865 Christian Science, Iroquois Circle (870) 257-4350 Community of Christ, Iroquois & Caxambas Drive - (870) 257-2574 First Baptist of Cherokee Village 6 Iroquois (870) 257-3120 or (870) 257-3112 Peace Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) 12 Choctaw Ctr, 4 Iroquois - (870) 2573957 St Andrews Episcopal Church - Wiyot & Cherokee Rd. - (870) 257-3224 St Michael Church (Catholic) 49 Tekakwitha Dr., Cherokee Village off Hwy 62/412 - (870) 257-2850/2200 Pastor: (870) 257-4456


Hardy United Methodist, 4th & Spring, Hardy - (870) 856-3340

 Lab and X-ray

 Mental Health Services

Highland Hills Baptist, 2021 Hwy 62/412 Assembly of God - Hardy (870) Kelly, 856-4060 (870) 856-4822 Providers: Harry DO • Linda Prebble, APRN

Phone: 870-625-3228 Baptist Church (Williford), Banks Baptist Church, 2000 Martin Creek Lighthouse 1870-625-3228 Ponderosa - (870) 966-4750 260 S. Main St. • Mammoth Spring, AR 72554 Phone: Road - Williford area (870) 966-4022

HeBrews Coffee Shop - Visit before, between, and after Sunday services in Fellowship Hall.

260 S. Main St. • Mammoth Spring, AR 72554

Christian Tabernacle, Hwy 175 (870) 966-3305/3355

Community Christian Church – Hardy (870) 856-2417 Church of Christ – Hwy 412/167 S Hardy (870) 856-3687 First Baptist Church, Hardy (870) 856-3767/3889

Light in the Wilderness Assembly of God Church, 121 Woodland Hills Rd., Hardy (870) 856-4822/4894

New Hope Baptist Church, 1252 Arkansas Hwy 175, Williford - (870) 966-4997 New Song Baptist Church, 423 College Avenue, Williford - (870) 966-4300 Spring Lake Baptist Church, 8 Acres Road, Ozark Acres/Williford - (870) 966-3694

First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church Spring River Baptist Church, 12739 Hwy 2117 Hwy 62/412, Highland 72542-9464 63S, Hardy - (870) 856-4144 (870) 856-3681 Spring River Presbyterian -151 Wahpeton Foothills Baptist Church, 54 Bobo Dr., Hill Rd, Hardy - (870) 856-3426 Hardy - (870) 856-2493 Word of Life Tabernacle, Hwy 63 & Oak Friendship Baptist - Liberty Hill Rd., Ridge Rd - (870) 856-4709 Highland - (870) 856-4418

Village Bible Church - 22 Caxambus Drive Cherokee Village - (870) 257-2769

Pastor’s Bible study class meets each Wednesday at 8:44 a.m. A service of Holy Communion follows at 9:45 a.m. All are invited, to either, or both!

The Word Works Ministries (870) 856-3439


flection a

re solitude, r o f e c la eful p is a peac h t in r y b The La for all. worship

Our MIssion is to make DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ and to SERVE those who are not.

Pastor: Ted Deweese Associate Pastor: Jimmy Anderson Secretary: Ginny McMahon

VBS -21! 7 y1 l u J

Please join us! Call to confirm worship opportunities by phone or website. All are welcome to attend!

CVUMC is located at the intersection of Otter and Keno Drives in Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Contact us by phone: (870) 257-3869 or email: ~We support the North Sharp County Ministerial Alliance~ Visit our Website at:

870-895-1911 172 Highway 62 East • Suite 1 • Salem, Ark, 72576 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Mammoth Spring (Longitude 36°29’44”N Latitude 091°32’27” W) Population (in 2010): 977

Incorporated: June 15, 1889 Area: 1.4 square miles. Mammoth Spring is home to the head of the Spring River, literally a “mammoth” spring itself, releasing nine million gallons of water La Pastorella Bisto Bed & Breakfast Hours: per hour. The railroad played a key role in the development of town Old World Bar-B-Que Wednesday bringing supplies and providing transportation before paved roads 870-625-3000 through Sunday came to the area. The river has supplied food, water, the makings for Open at 12 noon. a tourist industry, and in 1927 the first hydro-electric power for the region which further spurred growth in the area. Beautiful Mammoth Spring State Park preserves the history of the area, 355 Main Street, Mammoth Spring, AR 72554 great fishing opportunities and places for children to play and discover. Passenger railroad service stopped in 1968 and in the 1970s the railroad depot became a museum. Centered on the River, Mammoth Spring State Park has since been a destination for outof-town visitors and locals alike for Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery which fosters trout until they can grow to be big enough to be released into the rivers and streams, canoeing and fishing. It hosts many activities over the course of the year which are included in the Community Calendar in this magazine and can be found at http:// www.arkansasstateparks. com/mammothspring/. The Old Soldiers Reunion, originally held to honor Civil War veterans in the1890s has continued most Augusts for more than a century, marking its 120th year in 2013. During the 1800s, farmsteads, gristmills, and the town have sprung up around the spring. The Action at Spring River (Battle at Salem) reportedly occurred near where the town of Mammoth Spring is located today. Industries from textile milling to soda bottling sprung up between the 1880s to the 1920s though none remain. A Great Depression-era meat packing plant operated until 1956. Many from Memphis built large homes on the bluffs overlooking the river, preferring the area’s Spring River-generated coolness to the heat of the Delta. Mammoth Spring makes an active effort to this day to preserve its historic downtown with its shops and restaurants for visitors. Actress Tess Harper grew up in Mammoth Spring and graduated from the high school there.


(Latitude: 36° 04’ 37.80” N, Longitude:091° 28’ 46.20”W) Old Fashioned Fun -Turtles Race in Salem at the Homecoming Festival. This year’s celebration is scheduled for May 24-25. Make plans to attend, have fun...and don’t forget to bring a turtle!

Poughkeepsie is an unincorporated community in Sharp County, Arkansas. The community is located in south central Sharp County near the Strawberry River where Arkansas Highways 58 and 56 meet. The National Register of Historic Places lists the Poughkeepsie School Building as being on Arkansas Highway 58 south of Country Road 37.

The Mammoth Spring School District provides education to 475 students currently. Mascot: Bears. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $56,426, Rent $433. Median Income: $17,910. Median age: 47.6. Cost of Living Index: 81.1 (Low) with US average 100%. Median Property taxes: $405/year and non-mortgage properties $216 per/year. The Photos above are of (top right) Canoes stored and waiting to be used on the Mammoth Spring Lake, the Mammoth Spring Dam and Hydro-electric generating station at the end of the dam, (center): Paddle boaters and geese enjoying a day at the Mammoth Spring Lake, (bottom left): water overflowing from the 10-acre Mammoth Spring Lake where it becomes the Spring River, and (bottom right): People enjoying the Spring River at the source. Mammoth Spring Dam in the background. Photos courtesy of Arkansas State Dept. Parks and Tourism. 42


For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Cave City Area Salem Church of Christ 144Hwy 62 W, Salem (870) 895-2455 Salem United Methodist Church - (870) 895-3251 (Parsonage, 245 Circle High Dr, 895-5157)

Faith Tabernacle Mission Outreach 716 Mount Carmel Road (870) 283-5615 Church of God 631 Matlock Road (870) 283-7119

Wheeling Church of Christ (870) 895-2785

Cave City Church of God 1995 Cold Creek Ln (870) 283-6927

Horseshoe Bend Area

Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist 3555 Sunset Rdg (870) 307-0544

Church of Christ, 110 3rd Street (870) 625-3217

Christian Community Food Outreach (870) 670-5452

Church of Christ 217 N Main St (870) 283-6196

First Baptist Church, 16600 Hwy 9 N, (870) 625-3273

Faith Presbyterian Church (870) 670-4103

First Christian Church, (870) 625-3516 Methodist Church, (870) 625-7221

First Baptist Church of Horseshoe Bend 3rd & Church (870) 670-5707 or 670-5702

Salem Area Churches

Horseshoe Bend United Methodist Church, 4th & Church, (870) 670-5392

Mammoth Spring Area Churches Adventist Seventh Day Church 250 S. 5th - (870) 625-1504 Baptist First, 16638 Hwy 9 N Mammoth Spring, (870) 625-7287

Assembly of God, 118 Pinto Place, Salem (870) 895-3414 Parsonage, 251 Civic Center Pl, (870) 895-3295 First Baptist Church (870) 895-2330 or 895-2636 Immanuel Southern Baptist Church 549 S Main Street, Salem (870) 895-2993

St. Mary of the Mount Catholic Church, Jct of Hwy 289 & Church- 870) 670-5896 St. Stephens Episcopal Church, (870) 670-4207 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Horseshoe Bend (870) 670-5482

First United Methodist Church 501 Arkansas 115 (870) 283-6224 First Baptist Church 112 S. Main Street (870) 283-6335 Parsonage: 213 Meadow Ln (870) 283-6696 Cave City First Freewill Church 427 Matlock Road (870) 283-7080 Mount View Baptist Church 17 Mountain View (870) 283-7012 East Side Southern Baptist Church AR Hwy 230 (870) 283-6609

New Life Tabernacle UPC 109 Pine, Salem (870) 895-4018

Old Old Time Time Candy Candy Shoppe Shoppe 715 715 E. E. Main Main Street Street Hardy, AR 72542 Hardy, AR 72542

870-856-3634 870-856-3634 Hand-made fudge and chocolates, gum, jaw breakers, jelly beans, fresh coffee and hand-dipped ice cream! 44


For more info:

(870) 856-3210

Davidsonville Historic State Park 7953 Hwy 166 S., Pocahontas, AR 72455 (870) 892-4708 PS: 36° 9.3’ 21.2” N/ 091° 3.3’ 22.4” W

208 E. Main Hardy, AR 72542 870-856-2626

Jacksonport State Park 205 Avenue Street, Newport, AR 72112 (870) 523-2143 GPS: 35° 38.4’ 29.7” N/ 091° 19.2’ 16.4 W

Lake Charles State Park 3705 Hwy 25, Powhatan, AR 72458 (870) 878-6595 GPS: 36° 3.9’ 55.4” N/ 091° 9.1’ 8.6” W

Powhatan Historic State Park P.O. Box 93, Powhatan, AR 72458 (870) 878-6765 GPS: 36° 4.9’ 56.5” N/ 091° 7.1’ 9.5” W

White River Medical Center North Complex 195 Hospital Drive, Suite E Cherokee Village, Arkansas (870) 257-6000 Fulton County Hospital 679 Main Street Salem, Arkansas Business Office: (870) 895-2691 Ambulance Service: (870) 895-2600 Cardiac Rehab – Physical Therapy (870) 895-6006

Community Medical Center of Izard County 103 Grasse Street Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519 (870) 297-3726 Ozarks Medical Center 1100 Kentucky Avenue P. O. Box 1100 West Plains, Missouri 65775 (417) 256-9111 White River Medical Center 1710 Harrison Street Batesville, Arkansas 72501 (870) 262-1200 To have them help you find a doctor call: 1-800-WRMC-DOC (976-2362)

Five Rivers Medical Center 2801 Medical Center Drive Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 (870) 892-6000



St. Bernard’s Medical Center 225 East Jackson Jonesboro, AR 72401 (870) 207-7300 Toll free: 1-855-207-7300

For more info:


Baxter Regional Medical Center 624 Hospital Drive Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653 (870) 508-1000 Physician Referral Service: 1-800-695-DOCS (3627)

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


Mammoth Spring State Park P.O. Box 36, Mammoth Spring, AR 72554 (870) 625-7364 GPS: 36° 29.7’ 43.7” N/ 091° 32.1’ 7.5” W

An Arkansas Razorbacks fan’s Paradise!

By distance from Spring River Area

Medium Distance

State Parks near the Spring River Area:

Crowley’s Ridge State Park 2092 Hwy 168 N, Paragould, AR 72450 870-573-6751 GPS: 36° 2’ 1.3” N/ 091° 39.9’ 59.9” W


(870) 856-3210

Hunting and Fishing Info HUNTING

If you are 16 or older and you plan to hunt recreationally in Arkansas, unless you are on a licensed game-bird shooting resort that supplies pen-raised birds for the purpose, you will need to get your own Arkansas license, and once you’ve got it, you need to carry it with you anytime you’re hunting. You need to buy a non-resident license if you are not an Arkansas resident. Most sporting goods stores, hunting/fishing supply stores, some discount chains and any AGFC office will have them available. (We’ve got a list of local sources on page 51.) By phone. You can call (800) 364-GAME (4263) 24/7 with your credit card information and an identification number handy. The ID can be a driver’s license, Social Security number, hunter education number, State ID number or passport number. The license is good immediately but you have to have it in hand before hunting big game (deer, turkey, bear, elk, or alligator). If in doubt, always contact Online: You can also purchase your license on line at: Using the same info as getting one on the phone (described above). Your receipt and confirmation will be emailed to you and you can print it yourself as proof, but you’ll still need the one AGFC will mail you before you can go after big game.


If you are 16 or older and you plan to try to catch fish, you’ll need to get and carry your Arkansas fishing license, unless you are fishing in a licensed “put-and-take” pay lake. If there’s a chance you might catch trout, you need to see whether the place you’re fishing requires a trout stamp. Chances are good that you will need one. If you guide or get paid to help people catch fish, that’s a different set of rules, so call the Commercial line at 501-223-6386 for clarification. All official Hunting and Fishing question guidance can be found at: www. The books pictured to the left are available at locations where you can purchase a license, from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, or can be downloaded online at:

Spring River Art Guild 112-B Main Street Hardy, Arkansas 72542

A regional gallery of artists from NE Arkansas and SE Missouri representing all mediums and styles of paintings, jewelry and ceramics. The gallery is in historic downtown Hardy above the Ozark Rustic Charm yarn shop. Open F-Sat 12-4, Sunday 1-4. Come visit! Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



For more info:

(870) 856-3210


(Fulton County Seat)

(Latitude: 36° 22’ 28” N, Longitude: 091° 49’ 35” W) Population (in 2010): 1,635 Area: 2.7 square miles Incorporated: July 21, 1900 and November 15, 1927

Evening Shade Population (in 2010): 432

(Latitude: 36°04’18”N, Longitude:091°37’10”W)

Incorporated: April 26, 1870

Evening Shade is perhaps best known to most Americans as the setting for the sitcom, Evening Shade, which ran for four seasons from 1990-1993. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and her husband, Harry, created the series which featured an all-star cast including Burt Reynolds, a lovable retired football star returned to his hometown to coach the football team. Reynolds also became involved with the real Evening Shade, attending the 1991 high school graduation as Commencement Speaker and later reportedly providing warm-up suits for one of the school teams. Reynolds and the cast members also supported a cookbook proposed by Home Ec teacher Lita King. The community pulled together to raise funds for a full-size gym and auditorium, which was later named the “Burt Reynolds Gymnasium and the Linda Bloodworth Thomason /Harry Thomason Auditorium.” It bears the Evening Shade logo from their successful series. In the early1800s Captain James William Thomson and his family settled in the area and later built a stone mill for grinding the corn that was grown in the area. In1847, a log cabin was utilized as the first school to about 20 students in the immediate area. Evening Shade was a small settlement prior to the Civil war, but it grew considerably following the war when in 1868 Ephraim Sharp, an Evening Shade resident and his brother submitted a request to divide Lawrence County

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

Area: 1.6 square miles

and create Sharp County. Evening Shade was selected as the county seat. In 1894, this was challenged and the county was divded again, retaining the name, but with Hardy (northern Sharp County) and Evening Shade (southern Sharp County) each being county seats. In 1896, Claude “Bill” Coger became the youngest editor and publisher in Arkansas history when he became involved with the Sharp County Record at age 17. In 1901, the Bank of Evening Shade commenced operations Plum Spring stays protected beand has continued through this neath the natural stone dome. day. Even the Great Depression had little negative effect on the town, but tragedy struck in February of 1941 when fire swept through the town destroying many wooden structures including businesses. Those that were rebuilt were fashioned from stone and remain standing. In 1963, the county seats were consolidated in Ash Flat. In 2004, the Evening Shade School District was consolidated with the Cave City School District, leaving only a Kindergarten through fourth grade school known as Evening Shade Math and Science Academy in Evening Shade, and in 2011 it had 92 pupils. Some facts about the city: In 2012, median asking price of housing/condo was $116,864, and many paid rent of $425$450 per month. Median Income (2010) was $31,894. The median age of residents was 39.5. Cost of Living Index : (low) 82% with the U.S. average being 100%. Median Property Taxes: $409/ year and non-mortgage properties $358/year. Images: Top left: Evening Shade logo on the gym. Left ghost: Eva Haley’s mural of Thom(p)son’s Mill on the Water Building. Top R: Antique metal-wheeled tractor Welcome Sign, Mid R: Plum Spring (photos by Lauren Siebert). R: City seal.


Salem is the Fulton County seat. Both the Strawberry River and the South Fork of the Spring River provide fishing and water recreational opportunities to the area. The rolling hardwood landscape makes for beautiful drives or walks down country lanes. Many planned community events are scheduled in Salem. Many are included in the Calendar in this magazine, but it never hurts to get up-to-date information. Contact (870) 895-5565 for info. When William P. Morris spotted Pilot Knob in 1839, he staked a land grant claim he’d earned in the War of 1812 and thereby established the town which went by the Jr. Fair Queen Pageant award winners. name of Pilot Hill before it became Salem. During the Action at Spring River (Battle of Salem), a fourhour clash between Union troops and Confederate troops aided by some Salem residents, neither side gained ground, but both sides lost men. The Confederates were driven back, and the Union troops retreated to Missouri. Salem has had a weekly newspaper by one name or another ever since 1876 when The Informer was originally started by Jesse Matthews. Jewell B. Wood was the first public health nurse the city had. In 1933 when Wood was hired, many families could not afford any type of health care, so the public health nurse was especially important as rounds were made to visit children at each of the seventy-two county schools. Electricity reached Salem in 1928. It was available between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. Ed and Wyatt Wolf’s original power company eventually became part of the current North Arkansas Electric Cooperative which supplies most of the area today. Fulton County Hospital, one of a small handful of County owned/ operated hospitals remaining in Arkansas today, was started as the dream of Doctors Carl Arnold and David Ducker in the late 1950s. Through coordinated community effort, the hospital opened in March of 1963. Telephone service also reached the area in ’63 via Liberty Telephone and Communications (the pre-cursor to modern-day CenturyTel.) The hospital and the Tri-County Shirt factory employed many of the people who moved to the area and doubled the population between 1960 and 1980. The hospital has been in continuous operation, but the shirt factory closed in 2001 and displaced many skilled workers. The Salem School District provides education for more than 700 students. Mascot: Greyhounds. Housing in 2009: Median House/Condo: $72,940, Median Rent $419. Crime: 140.9 (low) on a scale where the US average is 319.1. Median Income (in ’09): $27,330. Median age: 42.5 years. Cost of Living Index: 79.4 (low) with the U.S. average being 100%. Median Property taxes: $327/year and non-mortgage properties $505/year. 51

Propane --

At a Price You Can Afford.

Locally owned and operated since 1962. Where to get Fishing & Hunting Licenses

J & P Flash Market, Inc., #105 2511 Hwy 63 N Hardy, AR 72542 (870) 856-5698

Sportsman’s Edge 292 Hwy 62 W Ash Flat, AR 72513 (870) 994-3651

3 Rivers Outfitters 400 Church St. Hardy, AR 72542 (870) 856-4945

Price Chopper #367 302 W. Main Hardy, AR 72542 (870) 856-3254

Alco Discount Store, #607 2379 Hwy 62/412 Highland Square Hardy, AR 72584 (870) 856-3201

Spring River Tackle 4201 Hwy 62/412 Hardy, AR 72542 (870) 856-3474

Walmart #160 US Hwy 412 Ash Flat, AR 72513 (870) 994-7520 Flash Market #43 167 N. Cave City Cave City, AR 72521 (870) 283-5648

The Eagle’s Catch 30 Warpath Drive Cherokee Village, AR 72529 (870) 257-4868 Doublebee’s #130 837 N. Main Cave City, AR 72521 (870) 283-5324

Get your hunting license information here! For more info:

(870) 856-3210

The Following Properties are listed in the National Register of Historic Places

el Locke House

Williford Williford Methodist Church, near Ferguson & Hail Streets (above) There is so much to see in our area! Take some time to check out some of the architecture and beauty in these properties which are all listed in the National Register of Historic Places!

Learn more at: or Sharp County Historical Society Box 185 Ash Flat, AR 72513

Cave City Crystal River Tourist Camp Historic District - Hwy 167 Maxville School Building - Highway 167 North Hardy Arkansas Camp Miramichee - 38 Riverview Circle Carrie Tucker House - Hwy 62 east of Echo Lane David L. King House - 2nd and Kelly Streets Earnest Daugherty House - 3rd Street, west of Kelly Avenue Esther Locke House (Pictured left) - Southeast corner of Spring & Third Sts. Floyd Jackson House - West side of Jackson Fred Carter - School Avenue, north of 4th Street Fred Graham House - Highway 62 west of Springwood Road Hardy Cemetary Historic Section - Bounded by Main, Kelly, Cope Sts., and Burlington RR Hardy Downtown Historic District - Kelly, Front, Church & Third Streets Lee Weaver House - Main & Cope Streets John W. Shaver House - School Avenue, north of the junction with 4th Street Sherman & Merlene Bates House - Dawson & Echo Streets Sherman Bates House - Highway 63 & Echo Lane Silas Sherrill House - 4th & Spring Streets Thomas Walker House, 201 North Spring Street Web Long House and Hotel - Hwy 63 east of Springwood Road William Shaver House - School avenue north of 4th Street. Woodland Courts - Near Junction of Dawson & Old CCC roads Evening Shade Charles W. Shaver House - East side of Court Street Cochran Store - Main Street Coger House - South side of Main Street John McCaleb House - Northwest corner of Main and Cammack Streets Metcalf House - Gin Drive Plum Spring Springhouse and Site - Main Street Sam Davidson House - West side of Cammack Sharp Mill and Thompson Mill Site - Arkansas Highway 56 Stokes House - East side of Cammack Street W.A. Edwards House - South side of Main Street Wilkerson House - Sidney Road Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie School Building - Arkansas 58 south of Co. Rd. 137 Arkansas Register of Historic Places properties in Sharp Co. Bear Creek Church, Evening Shade, County Rd 224, 800 ft. west of Co. Rd. 8 Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Evening Shade. Main & School streets


United Methodist Church Spring and Fourth Streets Hardy, AR 72542

9:00 a.m. Early Worship 10:45 a.m. Agape Cafe & Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Regular Worship Nursery Staff & Wonderful Nursery Available (if desired)



Bandmill Shopping Center, Melbourne, AR 72556 Mark Herrington, Pharmacist Phone (870) 368-5355 Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



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(870) 856-3210

Beach and Marina at Box Hound, Crown Lake, Horseshoe Bend

Chandler & Associates Š2013

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide



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(870) 856-3210

Barney’s Head Quarters Cherokee Village Business Association DescriptiHead on: Cutti ng all types of Hair DescriptiVillage on: Business Promoti on, Support, Cherokee Business Associati on Barney’s Quarters Contact:on: Bill Cutti Barnidge Area Info Descripti on: Business Promotion, Support, Descripti ng all types of Hair Phone: (870) 847-4450 Contact: Area Info Jack Lowe, (870) 257-3969 Contact: Bill Barnidge Email: Email: fiJack Contact: Lowe, (870) 257-3969 Phone: (870) 847-4450 Address: Inside Looks Unlimited, Choctaw Cen- Email: Address: PO Box 573 Email: ter, Cherokee AR 72529 Choctaw Cen- Address: Cherokee AR 72525 POVillage, Box 573 Address: InsideVillage, Looks Unlimited, Cherokee Village, AR 72525 ter, Cherokee Village, AR 72529

Cluttered Cupboard Clutt ered Cupboard Descripti on: Antiques, Gifts, Decor Descripti Anti ques, Gifts, Decor Contact:on: Bett y Holm Contact: Phone: Bett (870)y Holm 856-5641 Fax: (870) 856-5641 Phone: (870) 856-5641 Fax:Hardy, (870) 856-5641 Address: 130 E. Main St., AR 72542 Address: 130 E. Main St., Hardy, AR 72542

Donnie Johnson Annuity & Insurance Econo-Med Pharmacy Econo-MedMedicine, PharmacyHealth Care, PrescripContact: Donnie Lee Johnson, (870) 994-2630 Description: Lauren’s Photography Description: Medicine, Health Care, PrescripBusiness Address: 958 Ash Flat Drive tion Drugs Publishing tion Drugs AshSteeplechase Flat, AR 72513 Contact: Julie Lewis/Frank Schmidt, owner Description: Highlighting Spring River Area Phone: Contact: Julie Lewis/Frank owner Email: (870) 856-4696, Fax: Schmidt, (870) 856-4658 Contact: Lauren Siebert, (870) 373-1233 Phone: (870) 856-4696, Fax: (870) 856-4658 Email: Business Address: Post Office Box 466, Email: Address: 1 Choctaw Center Hardy, Arkansas Address:Village, 1 Choctaw Center Downing, Rodney L.72542 CPA Cherokee AR 72542 Email: Cherokee Village, AR 72542 Description: Financial Contact: Rodney L. Downing Web (870) Site: Phone: 994-2272, Fax: (870) 994-2278 Edward Jones Investments Edward Jones Investments & Email: Description: Investments, Counseling, Sales Description: Investments, Counseling, Sales Address: 415 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Contact: Steve Thompson Contact: Steve Thompson Phone: 856-3255, Fax: (870) 441-7880 Phone:(870) (870) 856-3255, Fax: (870) 441-7880 Email: Donnie Johnson Annuity & Insurance Email: Duncan Bookkeeping & Tax Service 1467 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Donnie Lee Johnson, (870) 994-2630Address: Address: 1467 Hwy 62/412 Description: Financial 958 Ash Flat Drive Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Business Address: Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Contact: PatAR Duncan Ash Flat, 72513 Phone: (870) 856-2872, Fax: (870)856-2874 Email: Families Inc. Counseling Services Email: Families Inc. Counseling Services Description: Counseling Services families Address: 2325 Hwy 62/412 Description: Counseling Services forfor families Duncan Bookkeeping & Tax Service Contact: Dawn Layer Highland, AR 72542 Contact: Dawn Layer Description: Financial (870) 933-6886, Fax: (870) 336-1339 Web Site: http://www.duncanbookkeeping. Ph:Ph:(870) 933-6886, Fax: (870) 336-1339 Contact: Pat Duncan Email: comPhone: (870) 856-2872, Fax: (870)856-2874 Email: Address: K Hwy 62/412 Suite Address: 7575 K Hwy 62/412 Suite J J Email: Ash Flat, AR 72513 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Address: 2325 Hwy 62/412 Web Site: E-Communications K-Kountry 95 Web Site: Highland, AR 72542 Contact: Crisann Blair Web Site: http://www.duncanbookkeeping. Phone: com (417) 264-7211, Fax: (417) 264-7212 Family Fitness Center Address: P.O. Box 193, Mammoth Spring, AR Family Fitness Center Description: Full Fitness Center Gym 72554 Description: Full Fitness Center && Gym E-Communications K-Kountry 95 Contact: Patty Mark Miller (870) 994-8746 Email: Contact: Patty && Mark Miller (870) 994-8746 Contact: Crisann Blair Fax: (870) 994-8747 Fax: (870) 994-8747 Phone: (417) 264-7211, Fax: (417) 264-7212 Email: Email: Web Site: Address: P.O. Box 193, Mammoth Spring, AR Address: Address: Ridge Rd., Ash Flat, 72513 1616 NixNix Ridge Rd., Ash Flat, ARAR 72513 72554 Email: Nursing Eaglecrest & Rehabilitation Center Fidelity Communications Description: Nursing, Rehab, Senior Living Fidelity Communications Contact: Craig Montgomery (417) 256-5245 Web Site: Contact: Hall Contact: Craig Montgomery (417) 256-5245 Email: Phone: (870) 994-3040, Fax: (870) 994-3041 Email: Site: Email: Site: Eaglecrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Web Address: 3201 N. US Hwy 63 Address: 916 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR Living 72513 Address: 3201 MO N. US Hwy 63 Description: Nursing, Rehab, Senior West Plains, 65775 West Plains, MO 65775 Contact: Linda Hall Phone: (870) 994-3040, Fax: (870) 994-3041 First Community Bank TheEmail: Catch Description: Bank, Investments, Finance, Contact: Debbie Gruger (870) 257-4868 First Community Bank Address: 916 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Checking Bank, Investments, Finance, Email: Description: Contact: Deloris Lindsey Address: 30 Warpath Checking The Eagles Catch Dr. Phone:Deloris (870) 856-4212, Cherokee Village, ARGruger 72529(870) 257-4868 Contact: Lindsey Fax: (870) 856-4220 Contact: Debbie Email:(870) Web Site: Phone: 856-4212, Fax: (870) 856-4220 Email: Address: 1 Iroquois Dr. Email: Address: 30 Warpath Dr. Cherokee Village, Dr. AR 72529 Address: 1 Iroquois Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Web: Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Web Site: Web:


Hardy Garden Club Hardy Garden Club Gamblin Contact: Fredamae Contact: Fredamae Gamblin (870) 856-4041 (870) 856-4041 Email: Email: Address: P.O. Box 506, Hardy, AR 72542 Address: P.O. Box 506, Hardy, AR 72542

Highland Assembly of God Contact: Pastor Chris Clem Phone: (870) 856-3886. Fax: (870) 856-3911 Web Site: Email: Address: 33 Meadowbrook Drive, Highland, AR 72542

Hardy Insurance Agency, Inc. Hardy Insurance Agency, Home, Inc. Auto, Life, Description: Insurance, Description: Insurance, Independent Agent Home, Auto, Life, Independent AgentC. Huff (870) 856-2118 Fax:Highland Family Dentistry Contact: Richard Contact: Richard C. Huff (870) 856-2118 Fax: Description: Dentist, Medical (870) 856-2961 Contact: Stacy Haney (870) 856-2961 Email: Phone: (870) 856-4050, Fax: (870) 856-4088 Email: Forschler Home Center Address: 1942 Hwy 62/412 Forschler Home Center Web Site: 1942 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Hazelle Fessenden (870) 994-2290 Address: Highland, AR 72542 Contact: Hazelle Fessenden (870) 994-2290 Highland, AR 72542 Address: 1475 Hwy 62/412 Fax: (870) 994-2049 Hazelle Fessenden Fax: (870) 994-2049 Highland, AR 72542 Hazelle Fessenden Address: 60 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Contact: (870) 710-0104 Address: 60 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 (870) 710-0104 Email: Contact: Email: Email: Email: Web: Address: PO Box 757, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Highland VFW, Post 4772 Web: Address: PO Box 757, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Description: Veterans Fraternal Organization Contact: Nelson Gatewood Fred’s Super Dollar Heath Funeral Home Phone: (870) 856-2216, Fax: (870) 856-4450 Fred’s Super Dollar Heath Funeral Funeral Home Home, Cremations, Description: General Store & Pharmacy Description: Address: PO Box 653 Description: General Store & Pharmacy Description: Contact: Michelle Mitchell (870) 257-2742 MonumentsFuneral Home, Cremations, Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Contact: Michelle Mitchell (870) 994-7115 Monuments Web Site: Contact: Doug Wortham Web Site: Contact: Address: 200 Hospital Dr. Phone: Doug (870)Wortham 856-5656 Fax: (870) 856-5658 Address: 200 Hospital Dr. Phone: 856-5656 Fax: (870) 856-5658 Hilton’s Collision, Paint & Body Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Email: (870) Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Email: Address: 3079 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542Description: Auto Body Shop, Auto Repair Address: 3079 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 Contact: Elizabeth (Liz) Hilton Web Site: Web Site: Phone: (870) 994-7984, Fax: (870) 994-7984 Friends of the NRA Hardy Chapter 41 Friends of the NRA Hardy Chapter 41 Email: Contact: Morgan Brown (870) 612-7056 Contact: Morgan Brown (870) 612-7056 Address: 597 Hwy 62 West, Ash Flat AR 72513 E-mail: Hedge’s Portable Toilet Rental E-mail: Hedge’s Portable ToiletToilet RentalRentals Web Site: http://hiltonscollision.blogspot. Address: 104 Hancock Lane Description: Portable Address: 104 Hancock Lane Description: Portable com/ Evening Shade, AR 72532 Contact: Betty HedgeToilet Rentals Evening Shade, AR 72532 Contact: Phone; Betty (870)Hedge 236-8966 or 1-800-284-1311 Phone; (870) 236-8966 or 1-800-284-1311 Fax: (870) 239-2464 Iberia Bank - Highland Fax: (870) 239-2464 Frontier Motor Lodge Email: Frontier Motor Lodge Description: Banking, Loans, Checking & Email: Description: Lodging w/Sat. TV Address: 1705 N 8th Ave. Description: Lodging w/Sat. TV Savings Address: 1705 8th Ave. Contact: Richard Schuldheisz Paragould, ARN72450 Contact: Richard Schuldheisz Contact: Julie Seat 72450 Phone: (870) 966-4968, Fax: (870) 966-4142 Paragould, Web site:AR Phone: (870) 966-4968, Fax: (870) 966-4142 Web site: Phone: (870) 856-3258, Fax: (870) 856-2939 Email: Email: Email: Address: 1948 Hwy 63/412 Address: 1948 Hwy 63/412 Address: 1566 Hwy 62/412 Hardy, Arkansas 72542 Hi-Lo Shoppe/Hallmark Shop Hardy, Arkansas 72542 Hi-Lo Shoppe/Hallmark Shop & Wear, Gifts, Highland, AR 72542 Web Site: Description: Clothing Apparel Web Site: Description: Clothing Apparel & Wear, Gifts, Web Site: & Cards &Contact: Cards Sheree Hamm Contact: Hamm Goings & Associates, Inc. Phone: Sheree (870) 856-3606, Fax: (870) 856-3606 Goings & Associates, Inc. (870) 856-3606, Fax: (870) 856-3606 Description: Real Estate, Appraisals, Storage Phone: Email: Description: Real Estate, Appraisals, Storage Address: 2379 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Mark Goings Address: 2379 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Mark Goings Phone: (870) 257-2829, Fax: (870) 257-3522 Highland, Highland,ARAR72542 72542 Phone: (870) 257-2829, Fax: (870) 257-3522 Email: Email: Address: 140 Hospital Dr. Address: 140 Hospital Dr. Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Cherokee Village, AR 72529

First National Banking Company (FNBC) First NationalBank, Banking CompanyFinance, (FNBC) Description: Investments, Description: Bank, Investments, Finance, Checking CheckingClint Wiles Contact: Contact:(870) Clint994-2311, Wiles Phone: Fax: (870) 257-1996 Phone: (870) 994-2311, Fax: (870) 257-1996 Web Site: Web Site:Address: 636 Ash Flat Driver Business Business Address: Ash Flat, AR 72513 636 Ash Flat Drive Ash Flat,Address: AR 72513 Mailing P. O. Box 8 Mailing Ash Flat,Address: AR 72513P. O. Box 8 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Email:

Coldwell Banker Ozark Real Estate Coldwell Ozark Real Estate DescriptiBanker on: Real Estate, Sales Descripti Estate, Bee Run RV Park Cherokee Village United Methodist Church Contact:on: H. Real Renea Orr Sales Bee Run RV Park Contact: Renea Orr Fax: (870) 856-3207 Description: RV Park w/Full Hook-up Contact: Village BrotherUnited Ted DeWeese Phone: H. (870) 856-3206 Cherokee Methodist Church Description: RV Park w/Full Hook-up Phone: 856-3206 Fax: (870) 856-3207 Contact: Robert & Debi Zeiger Phone: (870) 257-3869, Fax: (870) 5480 Email: (870) Contact: Brother Ted DeWeese Contact: Robert & Debi Zeiger Phone: (870) 856-2815, Fax: (870) 856-2815 Phone: Business Address: 21 Ott er (870) Dr....Corner Address: 3917 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 (870) 257-3869, Fax: 5480 of Ot- Email: Phone: (870) 856-2815, Fax: (870) 856-2815 3917 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 Email: ter and Keno Drive,21 Cherokee Village, ARof72525 Web Site: Business Address: Otter Dr....Corner Ot- Address: Email: Address: 76 Bee Run Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Mailing Address: P. O. Box 420 ter and Keno Drive, Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Web Site: Address: 76 Bee Run Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Web Site: http://www.cherokeevillagehomes. Mailing Cherokee Village,P.AR Address: O.72525 Box 420 Web Site: http://www.cherokeevillagehomes. com Email: Community Home Health Care of Arkansas Cherokee Village, AR 72525 com Contact: Amber W. Reed, RN Care Web Site: Descripti on: In-Home Health Email: Phone: (870) 856-2671, Fax: Contact: Amber W. Reed, RN(870) 856-2670 Web Site: Email: Best Western Village Inn Phone: (870) 856-2671, Fax: (870) 856-2670 Best Western Village Inn Address: 2852 C Hwy 62/412 Descripti on: Lodging, Food China Garden Restaurant Email: Description: Lodging, Food Web Site: Highland, 72542 Contact: Alice NixNix Contact:Nimmi NimmiDesai Desai Descripti on: Buff et Dine-In/Take Out Address:AR 2852 C Hwy 62/412 Contact: Alice China Garden Restaurant Contact: Phone: 994-7311, Fax: (870) 994-7316 Phone: (870) (870)856-2176, 856-2176, Fax: Fax:(870) (870)856-2239 856-2239 Descripti Contact:on: Charlie (870) 856-3336 Highland, AR 72542 Phone:(870) (870) 994-7311, Fax: (870) 994-7316 Phone: BuffetTung, Dine-In/Take Out ABC WEB Address: 834 Ash Flat Drive Address:Charlie 2002 Hwy Address: 834 Ash Flat Drive Contact: Tung,62/412 (870) 856-3336 Email: Descripti on: Web Hosting, Web Design, ABC WEB Cottage Fabrics Ash Flat, ARAR 72513 Address: 3587 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 Highland, AR 72542 Ash Flat, 72513 Address: 2002 Hwy 62/412 Address: 3587 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, AR 72542 Domain Registrati on Hosting, Web Design, Descripti on: Web Descripti Clothing, Fabrics Cottageon: Fabrics Highland, AR 72542 Contact: Curti s Bratcher Domain Registrati on Contact: Peggy Ring, (870) 856-2482 Descripti on: Clothing, Fabrics Ash Flat Healthcare & Rehab Center Caring Phone: (870) Curti 257-3710, Fax: (870) 257-3710 Contact: s Bratcher Email: Ash Flat Healthcare & Rehab Center CaringHands HandsHospice Hospice City of Ash Flat Contact: Peggy Ring, (870) 856-2482 Description: Health Care, Nursing, Medical Description: Hospice Services For Individuals Email: Phone: (870) 257-3710, Fax: (870) 257-3710Description: Health Care, Nursing, Medical Address: 3392 Fire Tower Rd. Description: Hospice Services For Individuals City Descripti Email: of Ashon: FlatCity Information, Records Contact: April Spurlock with Address: 4 Poteau Drive, Email: West, Hardy, ARFire 72542 Contact: April Spurlock withTerminal TerminalIllness Illness Contact:on: Charlott e Goodwin Address: 3392 Tower Rd. Descripti City Informati on, Records Phone: (870) 994-2341, Fax: (870) 994-2344 Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Address: 4 Poteau Drive, Phone: (870) 994-2341, Fax: (870) 994-2344 Contact: Contact:Susie SusieSmart Smart(870) (870)257-3006 257-3006Fax: Fax:(870) (870) Contact: Phone: Charlott (870) 994-7324, Fax: (870) 994-3168 West, Hardy, AR 72542 e Goodwin Email: 257-3012 WebCherokee Site: Village, AR 72529 Email: 257-3012 Email: afclerk@ashfl Phone: (870) 994-7324, Fax: (870) 994-3168 Danny’s Auto Body, Sales & Towing LLC Address: 66 Ozburn Ln, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Web Site: Descripti CarBody, Repair and & Towing Address: 66 Ozburn Ln, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Address: PO Box 280, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Danny’son: Auto Sales Towing LLC Email: afclerk@ashfl Web Site: www.ashflathealthcareandrehab. Address: # 9 Choctaw Trace, Cherokee Village, Contact: Tonya Traw Web Site: www.ashflathealthcareandrehab. Address: # 9 Choctaw Trace, Cherokee Village, Address: Web Site: p://ashfl Descripti on: Car Repair and Towing POhtt Box 280, Ash Flat, AR 72513 com AR Above & Beyond Home Care Phone: (870) 994-2701, com AR72529 72529 Contact: Tonya Traw Fax: (870) 994-3178 Web Site: Contact: Sarah Kiker, RN Administrator Above & Beyond Home Care Email: Phone: (870) 994-2701, Fax: (870) 994-3178 Phone: (870) Sarah 856-3030, (870) 856-3030 Contact: Kiker,Fax: RN Administrator Address: # 7 Little Creek Circle City of Cherokee Village Email: Austin’s Embroidery Shop CenturyLink, Inc. Email: Phone: (870) 856-3030, Fax: (870) 856-3030Austi Ash Flat, AR# 72513 n’s Embroidery Shop CenturyLink, Inc. Descripti on: CityVillage Information, Records Address: 7 Little Creek Circle City of Cherokee Descripti on: Clothing Descripti on: Residenti al Telephone, Internet Address: Hwy 62/412 Email:2379 Descripti on:Kathy Clothing DescriptiDSL on: Residential Telephone, Internet Descripti Contact:on: (870) (870) 257-5524 Ash Flat, AR 72513 City257-5522 InformatiFax: on, Records Contact: Austin services, Highland, AR 72542 Address: 2379 Hwy 62/412, Suite H Contact: n services,Skip DSL Layne or Robby Zieger (870) 486- Contact: Email: (870) 257-5522 Fax: (870) 257-5524 Phone:Kathy (870) Austi 856-3701, Fax: (870) 856-3701 Contact: Day’s Inn Highland, AR 72542 Phone: Fax: (870) 856-3701 Contact: Skip856-2042 Layne or Robby Zieger (870) 486- Email: Address: PO Box 129 Email:(870) austi856-3701, 5222 or local Fax: (870) 856-2294 Descripti on: Lodging, Motel Day’s Inn Email: austi476 5222 or local 856-2042 Fax: (870) 856-2294 Cherokee AR 72525 Address: POVillage, Box 129 Address: River Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Email: Contact: Nasir ChaudhryMotel All About Smiles Family Dental Descripti on: Lodging, All About Smiles Family Dental Address: 476 River Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Email: Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Address: P.O. Box 490, Monette, AR 72447 Phone: (870) 856-4241, Fax: (870) 856-4255 Descripti on: Complete Dental Services Contact: Nasir Chaudhry Descripti on: Complete Dental Services Address: P.O. Box 490, Monett e, AR 72447 Web Site: Email: Contact: DanaDana Watson Phone: (870) 856-4241, Fax: (870) 856-4255 Contact: Watson Ballard & Company, Ltd. Web Site: City of Highland Address: PO Box 943, Hardy, AR 72542 Phone: (870) 994-7645, Fax:Fax: (870) 994-3566 Email: Phone: (870) 994-7645, (870) 994-3566Ballard Contact: Susan Ballard & Company, Ltd. (870) 856-4856 Descripti on: City Information, Records City of Highland Cherokee Frame Company Email: Address: PO Box 943, Hardy, AR 72542 Email: Email: Contact: Susan Ballard (870) 856-4856 Contact: Mary R. Wiles Description: City Information, Records Description: Frame Mfg., Interior Decorations, Address: 11711171 HwyHwy 62/412 Address: 62/412 Address: 210 E 7th Suite 2 Email: Cherokee Frame Company Phone: (870) Contact: Mary 856-6199, R. Wiles Fax: (870) 856-6311 Gifts Ash Ash Flat,Flat, AR 72513 AR 72513 Mountain AR 72653 Address: 210Home, E 7th Suite 2 Description: Frame Mfg., Interior Decorations, Phone: Email:(870) cityofh 856-6199, Fax: (870) 856-6311 Contact: Jan Murphy (870) 994-3500 Fax: (870) WebWeb Site:Site: Mountain Web Site: Home, AR 72653 Gifts Address: 1662 Hwy 62/412 Email: cityofh 994-3510 Web Site: Contact: Jan Murphy (870) 994-3500 Fax: (870) Address: Highland, AR 72542 1662 Hwy 62/412 Email: 2013 Spring River Area Chamber 994-3510 Highland, AR 72542 Address: 90 W Hwy 62, Ash Flat, AR 72513 of Commerce Membership Directory Email: Address: 90 W Hwy 62, Ash Flat, AR 72513

Approve Home Medical Services, Inc. Descripti on:Home HomeMedical Health Care Approve Services, Inc. Spring River Area Chamber Contact: Susie Descripti on: Smart Home Health Care of Commerce (870) 257-3007, Spring River Area Chamber ofPhone: Contact: Susie Smart Fax: (870) 257-3012 Contact: Betty Waser Email: Commerce Phone: (870) 257-3007, Fax: (870) 257-3012 (870) 856-3210 Address: # 9 Choctaw Trace Contact: Betty Waser Email: Email: SRACC@centurytel. Cherokee AR 72529 (870) 856-3210 Address:Village, # 9 Choctaw Trace net Email: Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Address: 2852-D Hwy 62/412, Highland, AR 72542 Area Wide Media -- Village Journal Address: 2852-D Hwy 62/412 Area Wide Media -- Village Journal Web site: Description: News Paper, Advertising Highland, AR 72542 Description: News Paper, Advertising Contact: Tammy Curtis Web site: Contact: Tammy Curtis Phone: (870) 856-2582, Fax: (870) 856-2896 Phone: (870) 856-2582, Fax: (870) 856-2896 A to Z Printing & Signs Email: Email: Descripti All ng Printi ng and Signs Made A to Zon: Printi & Signs Address: 2379 E Hwy 62/412 Address: 2379 E Hwy 62/412 Contact: Lauren Adam Descripti on: Siebert All PrintiorngBarbara and Signs Made Highland, AR 72542 Highland, AR 72542 Phone: (870) 856-3877, Fax: (870) 856-3840 Contact: Lauren Siebert or Barbara Adam Web Site: Email: Phone: (870) 856-3877, Fax: (870) 856-3840 Web Site: Address: Hwy 62/412 Email:1638 Highland, AR 72542 Address: 1638 Hwy 62/412 Ash Flat Livestock Aucti on,on, Inc. Ash Flat Livestock Aucti Inc. WebHighland, Site: azprinti AR 72542 Descripti on:on: Live Stock Aucti onon Descripti Live Stock Aucti

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


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(870) 856-3210

Jackie Sawyer Darner Description: Real Estate Jackie Sawyer Darner Contact: Jackie Sawyer Darner Description: Real Estate Ph: Contact: (870) 847-0288, Cell (870) 847-0288 Jackie Sawyer Darner Email: Ph: (870) 847-0288, Cell (870) 847-0288 Address: Micanopy Circle Email:8 Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Address: 8 Micanopy Circle WebCherokee site: Village, AR 72529 J&J Greenhouse, Lawncare & Florist Web site: Contact: Dianne Lewis Phone: (870) 994-2727, Fax: (870) 994-2727 Email: J& Greenhouse, Lawncare & Florist Address: 13752 Hwy Lewis 62E, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Contact: Dianne Web Site:

Liberty Bank of Arkansas Description: FullofService Banking Liberty Bank Arkansas Contact: Bob Evins Description: Full Service Banking Phone: (870) 856-5626, Contact: Bob Evins Fax: (870) 856-6731 Email: Phone: (870) 856-5626, Fax: (870) 856-6731 Address: 1927 Hwy 62/412 Email: Highland, AR1927 72542 Address: Hwy 62/412 Web Site: Highland, AR 72542

Web Site:

Sharp Office Supply & Furnishings Description: Office&Supplies, Furniture, Sharp Office Supply Furnishings Stationary Description: Office Supplies, Furniture, Contact: Shelly Johnson Stationary Phone:Shelly (870)Johnson 994-7125, Fax: (870) 994-7110 Contact: Email:(870) Phone: 994-7125, Fax: (870) 994-7110 Address: 1095 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 7251 Email: Web Site: Address: 1095 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513

Sharp County Title, Inc. Description: Abstracting, Title Service, Sharp County Title, Inc. Insurance Abstracting, Title Service, Description: Contact: Cristina Donahoe Insurance Phone:Cristina (870) 994-2111, Contact: Donahoe Fax: (870) 994-2880 Email: Phone: (870) 994-2111, Fax: (870) 994-2880 Address: 680 Ash Flat Dr., Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Address: 680 Ash Flat Dr., Ash Flat, AR 72513

Address: 971 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513

Richard’s Heating && Cooling Richard’s Heating Cooling Contact: Nicholson (870) 856-3853 Contact:Adam Adam Nicholson (870) 856-3853 Address: Hwy 62/412, Hardy, ARAR 72542 Address:2830 2830 Hwy 62/412, Hardy, 72542

The Plumber The Plumber Contact: Tom Fessenden (870) 751-0589 Contact: Tom Fessenden (870) 751-0589 Email:

Southern Pines Realty of the Ozarks, Inc. Sugabees Salon Tri-County Funeral Home White River Area Agency On Aging Description: Real Estate Sales And Rentals Contact: Malinda Holden (870) 856-1013 Description: Funeral Home Description: Agency on Aging Southern Pines Realty of the Ozarks, Inc. Sugabees Salon Tri-County Funeral Home White Vickie River Area Agency On994-3090 Aging Contact: Debra Galkoski Email: Contact: Renee Clay-Circle Contact: Johnson (870) Description: Real Estate Sales And Rentals Contact: Malinda Holden (870) 856-1013 Description: Funeral Home Description: Agency on Aging Phone: (870)856-4272, Fax: (870)856-4427 Address: 2852 B Hwy 62/412 Phone: (870) 856-2705, Fax: (870) 856-4056 Email: Contact: Debra Galkoski Email: Contact: Renee Clay-Circle Contact: Vickie (870) 994-3090 Email: Highland, AR 72542 Address: 1540 Hwy 62/412 Address: Hwy 62, Johnson 75 D Remington Plaza Phone: (870)856-4272, Fax: (870)856-4427 Address: 2852 B Hwy 62/412 Phone: (870) 856-2705, Fax: (870) 856-4056 Email: Address: 1492 Hwy 62/412 Highland, AR 72542 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Highland, AR 72542 Address: 1540 Hwy 62/412 Address: Hwy 62, 75 D Remington Plaza Highland, AR 72542 Web Site: Web Site: Address: 1492 Hwy 62/412 Highland, AR 72542 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Web Site: http://www.southernpinesrealty. Taylor Hearing & Balance Centers tri-county/ Highland, AR 72542 Web Site: Web Site: com Description: Hearing and Balance Specialist Web Site: http://www.southernpinesrealty. Taylor Hearing & Balance Centers tri-county/ Contact: Terry Roseutritt (870) 257-4327 White River Medical Center - North Complex com Description: Hearing and Balance Specialist Email: Twomey PC Repair Contact Person: Jody Hewitt or Debbie Bailey Contact: Terry Roseutritt (870) 257-4327 White870-257-6066, River Medical Fax: Center - North Complex Southfork Resort Address: 17 Choctaw Trace Contact: Nathan Twomey (870) 710-1794 Phone: 870-257-7667 Email: Twomey PC Repair Contact Person: Jody Hewitt Debbie Bailey Description: Camping Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Email: Business Address: 195 Hospitalor Drive Southfork Resort Address: 17 Choctaw Trace Contact: Nathan Twomey (870) 710-1794 Phone: 870-257-6066, Fax: 870-257-7667 Contact: Shelly Govar (870) 895-2803 Web Site: http://www.taylorhearingcenters. Address: 5 Cisco Circle Cherokee Village, AR. 72529 Description: Camping Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Email: Business Address: 195 Hospital Drive Email: com/ Cherokee Village, AR 72529 E-mail: or Contact: Shelly Govar (870) 895-2803 Web Site: http://www.taylorhearingcenters. Address: 5 Cisco Circle Cherokee Village, AR. 72529 Address: 7230 Hwy 289 N. Web Site: Email: com/ Cherokee Village, AR 72529 E-mail: or Mammoth Springs, AR 72554 Web Address: Address: 7230 Hwy 289 N. Web Site: WebMammoth Site: Techno-Services Springs, AR 72554 Web Address: Computer Repairs & Questions United Country Cotham & Co. Realtors Web Site: Description: Techno-Services Contact: Bryan C. Martin (870) 847-3861 Contact: Cathy Johnson Wolf Creek Realty, Inc. Description: Computer Repairs & Questions United Country Cotham & Co. Realtors Spring River Animal Services Email: Phone: (870) 856-4777, Fax: (870) 856-4776 Description: Real Estate Sales Contact: Bryan C. Martin (870) 847-3861 Contact: Cathy Johnson Wolf Creek Realty, Description: Animal Services Address: 674 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Business Address: 1550 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Jeffrey Long Inc. Spring River Animal Services Email: Phone: (870) 856-4777, Fax: (870) 856-4776 Description: Real Estate Sales Contact: Rick Morris (870)Services 994-4445 Highland, AR 72542 Telephone: (870) 856-5263 Description: Animal Address: 674 Ash Flat Dr, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Business Address: 1550 Hwy 62/412 Contact: Jeffrey Long Address: 1531Rick HwyMorris 289 North Mailing Address: P.O. Box 112 Email: Contact: (870) 994-4445 Highland, AR 72542 Telephone: 856-5263 Cherokee Village, 72529 The Interior Ash Flat, AR 72513 Address: 205A (870) E Main Street, Hardy , AR 72542 Address: 1531ARHwy 289 North Mailing Address: P.O. Box 112 Email: Description: Unique Gifts, Decor, Arts & Crafts Email: Web Site: Cherokee Village, AR 72529 The Interior Ash Flat, AR 72513 Address: 205A E Main Street, Hardy , AR 72542 Contact: Jan Murphy Web: Description: Unique Gifts, Decor, Arts & Crafts Email: Spring River Art Guild Web Site: Phone: (870) 994-3500 Fax: (870) 994-3510 Contact: Jan Murphy Web: Description: Arts Art & Crafts Spring River Guild Email: Words/Afterwords Phone: (870) 994-3500 Fax: (870) 994-3510 Contact: Patricia Corder or Carole Anne Description: Arts & Crafts Address: 90 Hwy 62 W, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Video Depot Description: Restaurant, Book Store Email: Robison (870)Patricia 528-3944 Words/Afterwords Contact: Corder or Carole Anne Contact: James Houghton, (870) 847-4962 Contact: Greg Bess (870) 856-5579 Address: 90 Hwy 62 W, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Video Depot Email: Description: Restaurant, Book Store Robison (870) 528-3944 Business Address: 2878 Hwy 62/412 Email: Contact: James Houghton, (870) 847-4962 Address: P.O. Box 586, Hardy, AR 72542 Contact: Greg BessSt., (870) 856-5579 Email: T-N-T Pawnbrokers Highland, AR 72542 Address: 201 Spring Hardy, AR 72542 Business Address: 2878 Hwy 62/412 WebAddress: Site: http://www.springriverartistsguild. Email: P.O. Box 586, Hardy, AR 72542 Contact person: Terry Presley Email: Web Site: T-N-T Pawnbrokers Highland, AR 72542 org/ Web Site: http://www.springriverartistsguild.Business Address: 201 Spring St., Hardy, AR 72542 Address: 984 Ash Flat Dr. Contact person: Terry Presley Email: Web Site: org/ Ash Flat, Ar 72513 Business Address: 984 Ash Flat Dr. Telephone: 870-994-2264 Wal-Mart Super Center WSL Construction & Landscaping, Inc. Ash Flat, Ar 72513 Spring River Chronicle Description: Discount Super Store Description: All Lawn & Construction Needs Telephone: 870-994-2264 Wal-Mart Super Center Description: Monthly Magazine Highlighting WSL Construction & Landscaping, Inc. Spring River Chronicle Contact: Mike Alexander Contact: William LaCount ( Description: Discount Super Store The Spring River Area Description: All Lawnor&(870) Construction Needs Description: Weekly Newspaper HighlightingTri-County Board of Realtors Phone: (870) 994-7520, Fax: (870) 994-2435 Phone: 870) 994-2097 847-1121 Contact: Mike Alexander Contact: HazelleRiver Fessenden Contact: William LaCount The Spring Area Description: Realtor Association Address: 219 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Tri-County Board of Realtors Phone: (870) 994-7520, Fax: (870) 994-2435 Phone: (870) 994-2097 or (870) 847-1121 Email: Contact: Erma Harris Contact: Dana Kelley (870) 847-0642 Web Site: Address: P. O. Box 456, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Description: Realtor Association Address: 219 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email: Email: Email: Contact: Dana Kelley (870) 847-0642 Web Site: Address: P. O. Box 456, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Address: PO Box 38 Email: Spring River Presbyterian Church Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Webb, David & Tracy Spring RiverRev. Presbyterian Church Jr. Address: PO Box 38 Contact person: Sam B. Williams, Description: Individual & Golf Info Contact person: Rev. Sam B. Williams, Jr. Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Webb, David & Tracy Business Address: 151 Wahpeton Hill Contact: David & Tracy Webb (870) 257-4658 Business Address: 151 Wahpeton Hill Description: Individual & Golf Info Hardy, AR 72542-8824 Email: Hardy, AR 72542-8824 Contact: David & Tracy Webb (870) 257-4658 Phone: 870-856-3426, Fax: 870-856-3803 Address: 4 Taos Circle Phone: 870-856-3426, Fax: 870-856-3803 Email: E-mail: Cherokee Village, AR 72529 E-mail: Address: 4 Taos Circle Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Web Site: Web Site:


Petals Lace/Creekside Loft Simmons First National Bank Petals && Lace/Creekside Loft Description: Florist, Bridal, Formal Wear, Description: Full Service Banking Simmons First National Bank Description: Florist, Bridal, Formal Wear, Chapel, Theater and Banquet Room Contact: Joyce Ramsdell/Donald Britnell (870) Description: Full Service Banking Chapel, Theater and Banquet Room Contact: Debbie Gray 856-2773 Fax: (870) 856-4899 Britnell (870) Contact: Joyce Ramsdell/Donald Contact: Debbie Gray Phone:(870) (870) 856-2113, Fax: (870) 856-2322 856-2773 Email: Fax: (870) 856-4899 Phone: 856-2113, Fax: (870) 856-2322 Email: Email: Email: Address: 111 Woodland Hills, Hardy, 72542 Address: 200 Hwy 63, Hardy, AR 72542 Address: 111 Woodland Hills, Hardy, ARAR 72542 Web Site: http:// Address: Web site: 200 Hwy 63, Hardy, AR 72542 Web Site: oror http:// Web site:

Paul Gamer Realty Paul Gamer Realty Description: Real Estate, Sales Description: Real Estate, Sales Contact: Paul & Carolyn Garner Contact: Paul & Carolyn Garner Phone: (870) 966-4839, Fax: (870) 966-4664 Phone: (870) 966-4839, Fax: (870) 966-4664 Email: Email: Address: 1595 Hwy 63, Williford, AR 72482 Address: 1595 Hwy 63, Williford, AR 72482 Web Site: Web Site:

Ozark Title Company Ozark Title Company Description: Deeds, Title Insurance, Description: AbstractingDeeds, Title Insurance, Abstracting Contact: Nancy Orr Contact: Nancy Orr (870) 994-7753 Fax: (870) 994-7325 (870) 994-7753 Fax: (870) 994-7325 Email: Email: Address: 17 W Main, Ash Flat , AR 72513 Address: 17 W Main, Ash Flat , AR 72513

Ozark Foothills Literacy Project Contact: Nicole StroudProject (870) 793-5912 Ozark Foothills Literacy Email: Contact: Nicole Stroud (870) 793-5912 Address: 45 Thunderbird Dr., Batesville, AR Email: 72501 45 Thunderbird Dr., Batesville, AR Address: Web Site: 72501 Web Site:

Meacham’s Family Restaurant Description:Family FamilyRestaurant Full Service Restaurant Meacham’s Contact: Roberta & Troy (870) 994-2101 Description: Family Full Service Restaurant Address:Roberta 191 Hwy&62/412 W, 994-2101 Contact: Troy (870) Ash Flat, AR Address: 19172513 Hwy 62/412 W,

Rodney L. Downing, CPA Description: CPA services, Financial Rodney L. Downing, CPA Contact: Rodney L. Downing Description: CPA services, Financial Phone:Rodney (870)994-2272, Contact: L. DowningFax: (870)994-2278 Email: Phone: (870)994-2272, Fax: (870)994-2278 Address: 971 Hwy 62/412, Ash Flat, AR 72513 Email:

Olde Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast Inn Riverview Compound Vacation Rentals Contact: Vickie Rice Contact:Compound Don or Virginia Harris Olde Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast Inn Riverview Vacation Rentals Phone: Vickie (870) Rice 856-4622 or (870) 856-2983 Phone:Don (870) 856-6009 Contact: Contact: or Virginia Harris Email:(870) Email:(870) Phone: 856-4622 or (870) 856-2983 Phone: 856-6009 Address: 108 West Main St., Hardy, AR 72542 Address: 133 Riverview Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Email: Email: Web Site: Web Site: Address: West Main St., Hardy, AR 72542 Address: Riverview Rd, Hardy, AR 72542 Web Site: Web Site:

Mary Jo Clark Contact: Mary Jo Clark Mary Jo Clark Phone: (870) Contact: Mary856-3283, Jo Clark Fax: (870) 856-2663 Address: 2691 Hwy 62/412 Phone: (870) 856-3283, Fax: (870) 856-2663 Highland, AR 72542 Address: 2691 Hwy 62/412 Email: Highland, AR 72542 Email:

LLP Websites LLP Websites Description: Website Design Description: Website Design Contact: Matt Ramaglia (870)200-9011 Contact: Matt Ramaglia (870)200-9011 Ash Flat, AR 72513 Phone: (870) 994-2727, Fax: (870) 994-2727Email: Email: HC 82 Box 47 Email: Address: Memory Lane Antique Mall Address:Arkansas HC 82 Box 47 MarkAddress: R. Johnson, Attorney at Law 72587 13752 Hwy 62E, Ash Flat, AR 72513Wiseman, Contact: Lane Ron Martin Memory Antique(870) Mall 856-4044 Wiseman, Arkansas 72587 (Launching a Description: Law Office Web Site: Under construction TOLL FREE: (888) 261-2146 Contact: Ron Martin (870) 856-4044 Web Site: Under construction (Launching a Contact: (870) 856-3211, Fax: (870) 856-3212 new look 2/11/13!) Business address: 118 E. Main Street TOLL FREE: (888) 261-2146 new look!) Email: Mark R. Johnson, Attorney at Law Hardy, ARaddress: 72542 118 E. Main Street Business Address: 2423 A Hwy 62/412 Description: Law Office MailingARaddress: PO Box 1074 | Hardy, AR Hardy, 72542 Highland, AR 72542 The Law Office of Hollie Greenway Contact: (870) 856-3211, Fax: (870) 856-3212 The Law Office of Hollie Greenway 72542 Mailing address: PO Box 1074 | Hardy, AR Contact: Hollie Greenway Email: Contact: Hollie Greenway E-mail: 72542 Phone: (870) 565-4425, Fax: (870) 807-4297 Address: 2423 A Hwy 62/412 Phone:Address: (870) 565-4425, 807-4297 E-mail: Johnson Supply Business 2423-G Fax: Hwy (870) 62/412 Highland, ARInc./Ace 72542 Hardware Business Address: 2423-G Hwy 62/412 Description: Home Repair, Construction, Highland, AR 72542 Highland, AR 72542 Midlake Marine Sales & Service/Thunderbird Electrical Mailing Address: P.O. Box 422 Midlake MailingVillage, Address: P.O. Box 422 Marina Marine Sales & Service/Thunderbird Contact: Sherry Harber Cherokee AR 72525 Johnson Supply Inc./Ace Hardware Marina Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Description: Boats, Motors, Pontoons Phone: (870) 994-7331, Fax: (870) 994-7345 Description: Home Repair, Construction, Description: Boats, Contact: Scott Paul Motors, Pontoons Address: Jct Hwy’s 167 & 62 Electrical Contact: Scott 856-2628, Paul Phone: (870) Fax: (870) 856-6155 Ash Flat, AR 72513 M & M Landscape & Lawn, Inc Contact: Sherry Harber Phone: (870) 856-2628, Fax: (870)net 856-6155 M & M Landscape &Lawn Lawn,Service, Inc Email: midlakeboats@centurytel. Description: Complete LandPhone: (870) 994-7331, Fax: (870) 994-7345 Email: midlakeboats@centurytel. net Description: Complete Lawn Service, LandAddress: 1345 Hwy 62/412 scape, Plantings Address: Jct Hwy’s 167 & 62 Address: Hwy scape, Linda Plantings Cherokee1345 Village, AR62/412 72529 KSAR962 - KFCM KOOU Contact: & Jeff McAnally Ash Flat Drive Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Contact: Linda & Jeff McAnally Description: Music, News, Weather, Phone: (870) 368-5522 Fax: (870) 368-5522 Ash Flat, Radio, AR 72513 Phone: (870) 368-5522 Fax: (870) 368-5522 Sports Email: Email: Contact: James Bragg Address: 259 McAnally Drive, Sage, AR 72573 North Arkansas Electric Cooperative, Inc. Arkansas Electric Cooperative, Inc. Address: 259 McAnally Drive, Sage, AR 72573 North Description: Electric Utilities Phone: (870) 856-3240 ,Fax: (870) 856-4408 Web Site: http://mandmlandscapeandlawn. KSAR - KFCM - KOOU Description: Electric Utilities Web Site: http://mandmlandscapeandlawn. Contact: DeAnn Arnhart/Sherry Jackson Email: Description: Radio, Music, News, Weather, com Contact: DeAnn Arnhart/Sherry Jackson com Phone: (870) 257-1210 Address: PO Box 909 Sports Phone: (870) 257-1210 Fax: (870) 257-1219 or (870)895-3221 Cherokee Village, ARBragg 72525 Contact: James Fax: (870) 257-1219 or (870)895-3221 Email: Web:Phone: Main Street Hardy Association (870) 856-3240 ,Fax: (870) 856-4408 Email: Main Street Hardy Association Description: Events & Planning For Hardy, AR Email: Description: Events & 856-3571 Planning For Hardy, AR Address: PO Box 1000, Salem, AR 72576 Contact: Al Corte (870) Address: PO Box 909 Address: PO Box 1000, Salem, AR 72576 Contact: Al Corte (870) 856-3571 Web Site: Ladies Auxiliary of Highland Elks Lodge #2539 Email: Cherokee Village, AR 72525 Web Site: Email: Contact: Willman Address: PO Box 668, Hardy, AR 72542 Web:Alice Address: PO Box 668, Hardy, AR 72542 Phone: (870)257-2118 or (870)257-3388 Web Site: Web Site: OGWLLC DBA Ozark Gateway Realty Email: OGWLLC DBA Ozark Gateway Realty Contact: Laura Sackett Clute Address: 15 Elks Drive Ladies Auxiliary of Highland Elks Lodge #2539 Contact: Laura Sackett Clute Phone: (870) 994-8000, Fax: (870) 994-8001 Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Mark Martin Pre-owned Contact: Alice Willman Phone: (870) 994-8000, Fax: (870) 994-8001 Mark Martin Pre-owned Email: Description: Auto Sales Phone: (870)257-2118 or (870)257-3388 Email: Description: Auto Sales Address: 1206 Hwy 62/412 Contact: (870) 856-2690 Email: Address: 1206 Hwy 62/412 Contact: (870) 856-2690 Highland, AR 72542 Address: 2032 Hwy 62/412 Address: 15 Elks Drive Highland, AR 72542 Address: 2032 Hwy 62/412 Web Site: Highland, AR 72542 Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Web Site: Highland, AR 72542

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide


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(870) 856-3210

Arkansas Zip Code and Spring River Area Telephone Prefix Reference Sheet

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

Handy Reference Telephone Numbers City of Ash Flat City Hall City Hall (Fax) Fire Dept. Non Emerg. Police --Business Dept. Fire/Police Fax Line Treatment Plant Water Billing Dept.

City of Cave City City Hall Police  Fire Department

(870)283-5455 (870) 283-5011 (870) 283-5537

City of Cherokee Village (870) 257-5522 Cherokee Village Police

(870) 257-5225

Cherokee Village SID (Suburban Improvement District) General Manager Commissions Parks & Recreation South Pro Shop Thunderbird Center (Rec) Omaha Center

Spring River Area Senior Centers

City of Salem (870) 994-7324 (870) 994-3168 (870) 994-3066 (870) 994-3061 (870) 994-7976 (870) 994-3153 (870) 994-2885

(870) 257-2302 (870) 257-2302 (870) 257-2468 (870) 257-2555 (870) 257-2303 (870) 257-3555

City of Evening Shade Fire Department Non-Emerg. (870) 266-3267

City of Hardy City Hall/ Mayor’s Office (870) 856-3811 Fire Department Non-Emerg. (870) 856-4811 Police Station (870) 856-2136 Police Fax Line: (870) 856-4248

City of Highland

Fire Department – Bus. office (870) 895-3478 Housing Authority (870) 895-3098 Mayor (870) 895-3601 Water Department (870) 895-3478 Salem Municipal Airport

(870) 895-4144

City of Williford City Hall Fire Dept.

(870) 966-3660 (870) 966-3660

(870) 994-2174 (870) 856-2175 (870) 856-4583 (870) 368-7675 (870) 895-3760 (870) 895-3761

White River Area Agency on Aging (870) 612-3000

Fulton County Assessor’s Office (870) 895-3592/5557 County Agent’s Office (870) 895-3301 County Clerk (870) 895-3310 County Judge’s Office (870) 895-3341 County Shop (870) 895-2389 County Treasurer (870) 895-3522 Department of Human Services (870) 895-3325 Office of Emergency Management (870) 895-2120 Health Department (870) 895-3300 Human Services (870) 895-3309 Municipal Clerk’s Office (870) 895-4136 Red Cross (870) 895-3900 Revenue Department (870) 895-3354 Saddle Fire Department (870) 895-2707 Sheriff Department (870) 895-2601 Tax Collector (870) 895-2457 Veterans (870) 895-3900/4939 911 Coordinator (870) 895-2237

Sharp County

Chancery & Probate Judge (870) 994-7367 Collector’s Office (870) 994-7334 Coop Ext. Service (870) 994-7363 County Clerk Office (870) 994-7361 Co. Clerk’s Fax (870) 994-7712 Judge’s Office Crt Hse bldg. (870) 994-7338 City of Horseshoe Bend Fax (870) 994-7366 Mayor’s Office (870) 670-4554 Health Unit (870) 994-7364 Animal Control (870) 670-4474 Human Services (870) 856-1053 Fire Department (870) 670-4203 Juvenile Office (870) 994-2446 Water Department (870) 670-5885 Revenue Department (870) 994 7357 Police (870) 670-5113 Road Department (870) 994-9675 MRID(Clubhouse Restaurant)(870) 670-5184 Sheriff at Courthouse (870)994-7355 MRID(Pro Shop/Golf Course) (870) 670-5252 Sheriff’s FAX (870) 994-7378 MRID(Swimming Pool) (870) 670-4300 South Veterans Service (870) 994-2408 Tax Assessor’s Office (870) 994-7327 City of Mammoth Spring Fax (870) 994 7708 City Hall (870) 625-3518 Treasurer (870) 994-7347 Fire: To report fire 800-622-2601 Fire Dept Business Line (870) 625-3518 Sharp County Regional Airport Authority Library (870) 625-3205 Police (870) 625-7516 (870) 257-2289 City Hall (870) 856-6199 City Hall Fax: (870) 856-6311 Fire Department (870) 856-2622 Police Department (870) 856-6314

Ozark Acres SID (870) 966-4811 (Suburban Improvement District) Ozark Acres Security (870) 994-7355 Ozark Acres Clubhouse (870)966- 4418 Ozark Acres Water Assoc. (870) 966-4318

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

Ash Flat Hardy Hardy Fax Melbourne Salem Salem Fax


Spring River Area Libraries:

Evening Shade (870) 266-3873 Hardy (870) 856-3934 Horseshoe Bend (870) 670-4318 Melbourne (870) 368-7467 Salem (870) 895-2014 Williford (870) 966-4227

Spring River Area Post Offices:

Ash Flat, 34 W. Main Street (870) 994-7308 Camp, 6042 Hwy 9 N (870) 895-3857 Cave City, 112 S. Main Street (870) 283-5480 Evening Shade, 2095 Evening Shade Drive (870) 266-3283 Franklin, 780 Highway 56 E (870) 322-7250 Glencoe, 32 Hwy 289 S (870) 895-2250 Hardy, 300 Hwy 63 N (870) 856-3720 Mammoth Spring, 1075 Main Street (870) 625-3522 Melbourne, 206 Lunen St. (870) 368-7706 Salem, 510 Hwy 62 W (870) 895-3345 Violet Hill, 100 W, Hwy 56 (870) 322-8110 Williford, 305 W. Main St. (870) 966-4313

72001 Adona 72610 Alco 72002 Alexander 72410 Alicia 72820 Alix 71820 Alleene 72921 Alma 72003 Almyra 72611 Alpena 71920 Alpine 72004 Altheimer 72821 Altus 72005 Amagon 71921 Amity 71922 Antoine 71923, 71998, 71999 Arkadelphia 71630 Arkansas City 72310 Armorel 72513 Ash Flat 71822 Ashdown 72823 Atkins 72311 Aubrey 72006 Augusta 72007 Austin 72711 Avoca 72010 Bald Knob 71631 Banks 72923 Barling 72312 Barton 72313 Bassett 72924 Bates 72501, 72503 Batesville 72011 Bauxite 72411 Bay 71720 Bearden 72613 Beaver 72013 Bee Branch 72012 Beebe 72412 Beech Grove 72014 Beedeville 71721 Beirne 72714, 72715 Bella Vista 72824 Belleville 71823 Ben Lomond 72015, 72018, 72158 Benton 72712, 72716 Bentonville 72615 Bergman 72616 Berryville 72515 Bexar 72617 Big Flat 72016 Bigelow 72413 Biggers 72314 Birdeye 72017 Biscoe 71929 Bismarck 72414 Black Oak 72415 Black Rock 71825 Blevins 72826 Blue Mountain 71722 Bluff City 72827 Bluffton 72315, 72316 Blytheville 71932 Board Camp 72926 Boles 71933 Bonnerdale 72416 Bono 72927 Booneville 72516 Boswell 72020 Bradford

71826 Bradley 72928 Branch 72320 Brickeys 72828 Briggsville 72021 Brinkley 72517 Brockwell 72417 Brookland 72022, 72089 Bryant 71827 Buckner 72619 Bull Shoals 72321 Burdette 72023 Cabot 71935 Caddo Gap 72322 Caldwell 71828 Cale 72519 Calico Rock 71724 Calion 71701, 71711 Camden 72520 Camp 72717 Canehill 72419 Caraway 72024 Carlisle 71725 Carthage 72025 Casa 72421 Cash 72026 Casscoe 72521 Cave City 72718 Cave Springs 72930 Cecil 72932 Cedarville 72027 Center Ridge 72719 Centerton 72829 Centerville 72933 Charleston 72522 Charlotte 72525, 72529 Cherokee Village 72324 Cherry Valley 72934 Chester 71726 Chidester 72028 Choctaw 72029 Clarendon 72325 Clarkedale 72623 Clarkridge 72830 Clarksville 72030 Cleveland 72031 Clinton 72832 Coal Hill 72053 College Station 72326 Colt 71831 Columbus 72721 Combs 72624 Compton 72523 Concord 72032, 72033, 72034, 72035 Conway 72524 Cord 72422 Corning 72626 Cotter 72036 Cotton Plant 71937 Cove 72037 Coy 72327 Crawfordsville 72038 Crocketts Bluff 71635 Crossett 72328 Crumrod 71728 Curtis 72526 Cushman 72039 Damascus 72833 Danville

72834 Dardanelle 72424 Datto 71832 De Queen 72041 De Valls Bluff 72042 De Witt 72722 Decatur 72628 Deer 72425 Delaplaine 72835 Delaware 71940 Delight 72426 Dell 72629 Dennard 71638 Dermott 72040 Des Arc 72527 Desha 72630 Diamond City 72043 Diaz 71833 Dierks 71834 Doddridge 72528 Dolph 71941 Donaldson 72837 Dover 72530 Drasco 72329 Driver 71639 Dumas 72935 Dyer 72330 Dyess 72331 Earle 72044 Edgemont 72332 Edmondson 72427 Egypt 71730, 71731 El Dorado 72045 El Paso 72333 Elaine 72531 Elizabeth 72727 Elkins 72728 Elm Springs 71740 Emerson 71835 Emmet 72046 England 72047 Enola 72048 Ethel 72428 Etowah 71640 Eudora 72631, 72632 Eureka Springs 72729 Evansville 72532 Evening Shade 72633 Everton 72088 Fairfield Bay 72730 Farmington 72701, 72702, 72703, 72704 Fayetteville 72533 Fifty Six 72429 Fisher 72634 Flippin 72534 Floral 71742 Fordyce 71836 Foreman 72335, 72336 Forrest City 72901, 72902, 72903, 72904, 72905, 72906, 72908, 72913, 72914, 72916, 72917, 72918, 72919 Fort Smith 71837 Fouke 71642 Fountain Hill 72051 Fox 72536 Franklin 72338 Frenchmans Bayou 71942 Friendship 71838 Fulton 61

72537 Gamaliel 72732 Garfield 71839 Garland City 72052 Garner 72635 Gassville 72733 Gateway 71840 Genoa 72734 Gentry 72538 Gepp 72636 Gilbert 72055 Gillett 71841 Gillham 72339 Gilmore 72539 Glencoe 71943 Glenwood 72340 Goodwin 72735 Goshen 72319 Gosnell 71643 Gould 71644 Grady 71944 Grannis 72057 Grapevine 72838 Gravelly 72736 Gravette 72638 Green Forest 72058 Greenbrier 72737 Greenland 72430 Greenway 72936 Greenwood 72059 Gregory 72060 Griffithville 72431 Grubbs 72540 Guion 71743 Gurdon 72061 Guy 72937 Hackett 72839 Hagarville 71646 Hamburg 71744, 71767 Hampton 72542 Hardy/Highland 71745 Harrell 72639 Harriet 72432 Harrisburg 72601, 72602 Harrison 72938 Hartford 72840 Hartman 72841 Harvey 72640 Hasty 71945 Hatfield 72063 Hattieville 71946 Hatton 72842 Havana 72341 Haynes 72064 Hazen 72543, 72545 Heber Springs 72843 Hector 72342 Helena 72544 Henderson 72065 Hensley 71647 Hermitage 72346 Heth 72066 Hickory Plains 72347 Hickory Ridge 72067 Higden 72068 Higginson 72738 Hindsville 72739 Hiwasse 72069 Holly Grove 71801, 71802 Hope 71842 Horatio

72512 Horseshoe Bend 71901-71903, 71913, 71914, 71951 Hot Springs National Park 71909, 71910 Hot Springs Village 72070 Houston 72071 Howell 72433 Hoxie 72348 Hughes 72072 Humnoke 72073 Humphrey 72074 Hunter 72940 Huntington 72740 Huntsville 71747 Huttig 72546 Ida 72434 Imboden 71748 Ivan 72075 Jacksonport 72076, 72078 Jacksonville 72641 Jasper 72079 Jefferson 71649 Jennie 71650 Jerome 71651 Jersey 72080 Jerusalem 71949 Jessieville 72741 Johnson 72350 Joiner 72105 Jones Mill 72401-72404 Jonesboro 72081 Judsonia 71749 Junction City 72351 Keiser 72082 Kensett 72083 Keo 71652 Kingsland 72742 Kingston 71950 Kirby 72435 Knobel 72845 Knoxville 72352 La Grange 72436 Lafe 72437 Lake City 71653 Lake Village 72642 Lakeview 72846 Lamar 72353 Lambrook 71844 Laneburg 71952 Langley 72941 Lavaca 71750 Lawson 72438 Leachville 72644 Lead Hill 72084 Leola 72354 Lepanto 72645 Leslie 72085 Letona 71845 Lewisville 72355 Lexa 72439 Light 72744 Lincoln 72201-72207, 72209-72212, 72214-72217, 72219, 72221- 72223, 72225, 72227, 72231, 72295 Little Rock 72099 Little Rock Air Force Base

For more info:

(870) 856-3210

71846 Lockesburg 72550 Locust Grove 72847 London 72086 Lonoke 72087 Lonsdale 71751 Louann 72745 Lowell 72358 Luxora 72440 Lynn 72103 Mabelvale 72359 Madison 72943 Magazine 72553 Magness 71753 Magnolia 71754 Magnolia 72104 Malvern 72554 Mammoth Spring 72442 Manila 72944 Mansfield 72648 Marble Falls 72555 Marcella 72360 Marianna 72364 Marion 72365 Marked Tree 72443 Marmaduke 72650 Marshall 72366 Marvell 72113 Maumelle 72106 Mayflower 72444 Maynard 72747 Maysville 71847 Mc Caskill 72101 Mc Crory 72189 Mc Crory 72441 Mc Dougal 71654 Mc Gehee 71666 Mc Gehee 71752 Mc Neil 72102 Mc Rae 72556 Melbourne 72367 Mellwood 71953 Mena 72107 Menifee 72945 Midland 72651 Midway 71851 Mineral Springs 72445 Minturn 72557 Moko 72447 Monette 72108 Monroe 71655 Monticello 71656 Monticello 71657 Monticello 71658 Montrose 72368 Moro 72110 Morrilton 72749 Morrow 71659 Moscow 71758 Mount Holly 71957 Mount Ida 72655 Mount Judea 72561 Mount Pleasant 72111 Mount Vernon 72653 Mountain Home 72654 Mountain Home 71956 Mountain Pine 72560 Mountain View 72946 Mountainburg 72947 Mulberry 71958 Murfreesboro 71852 Nashville 72948 Natural Dam 72851 New Blaine

71660 New Edinburg 72562 Newark 71959 Newhope 72112 Newport 72658 Norfork 72659 Norfork 71960 Norman 71759 Norphlet 72114- 72119,72124, 72190, 72199 North Little Rock 72449 O Kean 72660 Oak Grove 72661 Oakland 72852 Oark 71961, 71966 Oden 71853 Ogden 72564 Oil Trough 71962 Okolona 72853 Ola 72662 Omaha 72369 Oneida 72663 Onia 72370 Osceola 72565 Oxford 71855 Ozan 72949 Ozark 72854 Ozone 72372 Palestine 72121 Pangburn 72450 Paragould 72451 Paragould 72855 Paris 71661 Parkdale 72373 Parkin 72950 Parks 72122 Paron 72666 Parthenon 72123 Patterson 72751 Pea Ridge 72453 Peach Orchard 71964 Pearcy 72668 Peel 72856 Pelsor 71965 Pencil Bluff 72125 Perry 72126 Perryville 72752 Pettigrew 71662 Pickens 72454 Piggott 72669 Pindall 71601 Pine Bluff 71603 Pine Bluff 71611 Pine Bluff 71613 Pine Bluff 72566 Pineville 72857 Plainview 72567 Pleasant Grove 72568 Pleasant Plains 72127 Plumerville 72455 Pocahontas 72456 Pollard 72670 Ponca 72374 Poplar Grove 72457 Portia 71663 Portland 72858 Pottsville 72569 Poughkeepsie 72458 Powhatan 72128 Poyen 72753 Prairie Grove 72129 Prattsville 71857 Prescott 72130 Prim

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide

72376 Proctor 72672 Pyatt 72131 Quitman 72951 Ratcliff 72459 Ravenden 72460 Ravenden Springs 72461 Rector 72132 Redfield 72133 Reydell 72462 Reyno 71665 Rison 72377 Rivervale 72134 Roe 72756-72758 Rogers 72135 Roland 72136 Romance 72137 Rose Bud 72571 Rosie 71858 Rosston 72860 Rover 71968 Royal 72952 Rudy 72139 Russell 72801, 72802, 72811, 72812 Russellville 72572 Saffell 72573 Sage 72140 Saint Charles 72464 Saint Francis 72675 Saint Joe 72760 Saint Paul 72575 Salado 72576 Salem 71859 Saratoga 72141 Scotland 72142 Scott 72863 Scranton 72143, 72145, 72149 Searcy 72465 Sedgwick 72150 Sheridan 72152 Sherrill 72120 Sherwood 72153 Shirley 72577 Sidney 72761 Siloam Springs 71969 Sims 71762 Smackover 72466 Smithville 72379 Snow Lake 72156 Solgohachia 71763 Sparkman 72762, 72764-72766, 72157 Springfield 71860 Stamps 71667 Star City 72467 State University 71764 Stephens 71970 Story 72469 Strawberry 71765 Strong 72578 Sturkie 72160 Stuttgart 72865 Subiaco 72470 Success 72579 Sulphur Rock 72768 Sulphur Springs 72769 Summers 72677 Summit 72164 Sweet Home 72471 Swifton 71861 Taylor 71854 Texarkana 72165 Thida 62

71766 Thornton 72166 Tichnor 71670 Tillar 72679 Tilly 72657, 72680 Timbo 72381 Tomato 72770 Tontitown 72167 Traskwood 72472 Trumann 72168 Tucker 72473 Tuckerman 72581 Tumbling Shoals 72169 Tupelo 72383 Turner 72384 Turrell 72385 Twist 72386 Tyronza 72170 Ulm 71971 Umpire 72955 Uniontown 71768 Urbana 72682 Valley Springs 72956-72957 Van Buren 71972 Vandervoort 72387 Vanndale 72683 Vendor 71769 Village 72173 Vilonia 72583 Viola 72584 Violet Hill 72389 Wabash 72175 Wabbaseka 72474 Walcott 72475 Waldenburg 71770 Waldo 72958 Waldron 72476 Walnut Ridge 72176 Ward 72478 Warm Springs 71671 Warren 71862 Washington 71674 Watson 72479 Weiner 72773 Wesley 72774 West Fork 72390 West Helena 72301, 72303 West Memphis 72178 West Point 72391 West Ridge 72685 Western Grove 72392 Wheatley 71772 Whelen Springs 71602, 71612 White Hall 71973 Wickes 72585 Wideman 72394 Widener 72179 Wilburn 72482 Williford 71864 Willisville 71675 Wilmar 71676 Wilmot 72395 Wilson 71865 Wilton 71677 Winchester 72959 Winslow 71866 Winthrop 72587 Wiseman 72776 Witter 72686 Witts Springs 72180 Woodson 72181 Wooster 72182 Wright 72183 Wrightsville

72396 Wynne 72687 Yellville 71678 Yorktown

Sharp, Fulton Izard Counties in area code: 870

Local Telephone Prefixes

How does your bank define banker’s hours? We’re here for you 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sharp County: Ash Flat – 994 Hardy – 856


Highland – 856 Cave City - 283 Cherokee Village – 257 Evening Shade - 266 MammothSpring -625 PouhgkeepsieSidney – 346 Williford/Ozark Acres - 966

Fulton County: Salem – 895 Viola - 458

Izard County: Calico Rock - 297 Dolph -297 Guion – 346 Horseshoe Bend - 670

7 to 7 Drive Thru Banking

Melbourne – 368

Mobile Banking

Franklin, Violet Hill – 322

Instant Debit Cards

Mount Pleasant – 346 Oxford - 258 Pineville -297

Same Day Posting

Real Banking

Local Loan Decisions

Wiseman -322



63 | 870.856.5626 For more info: (870) 856-3210

Live Entertainment Your place for a fun social gathering, smack in the heart of Spring River Country. Spring River Artist Guild members having their Christmas party in the Banquet Room

• Fresh Food • Fun! • Espresso • Parties • Catering • Select Books

Visit us on the web:

201 North Spring Street, Hardy, Arkansas 72542 64


Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide  

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce (SRACC) 2013 Guide: A reference for visitors to the Sharp County Area of north central Arkansas.

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Guide  

Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce (SRACC) 2013 Guide: A reference for visitors to the Sharp County Area of north central Arkansas.