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PRE-SURGERY Important In order for Doctors to reach a decision on whether a client may or may not be suitable to complete a procedure and to allow the surgeons to make recommendation on the best procedure for you, we usually request that you provide photographs for them to evaluate. Generally, photographs are required for most procedures and if you are unclear about what is recommended, please confirm with your consultant. When obtaining photographs, please remember 1. The photographs should clearly show the area of the body that a procedure is requested. 2. Photographs must be recent and certainly not more than 2 months old. 3. Photographs should be clear, and in focus. Those taken with a digital camera of more than 2 mega pixels are best. (phone cameras not recommended) 4. At least two or more profiles are best, for example a front and at least one side view.

Breast Surgery For clients requesting any type of breast surgery, the following additional requirements are needed for the surgeons to make a more informed decision on suitability as a candidate for surgery. Photos should include : 1.

Front view, which includes the neck, shoulders, breasts and the navel.


Front view with both arms raised above the head.


Front view with both arms raised above the head, body leaning or slightly bent forward assuming a diving position.

4. . 5.

Side views with both arms down the side, as if standing to attention Side view with both arms above the head, body leaning forward or slightly bent forward assuming a diving position.

Disclaimer Please be advised that any recommendations provided to you prior to your consult with your surgeon on arrival into Thailand are preliminary recommendations only, and are based on your photos submitted. These recommendations do not replace a final face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. Confirmation and acceptance for any requested surgery will be finalised during your scheduled consultation and physical examination with your surgeon at the Hospital.

Sending Photos You have the options for sending your required photographs to your surgeon through either postal mail or email.: The quickest and most efficient method is through email. You should email your photographs to as soon after placing your booking form. When sending photographs through email, please consider the file size. Photos that are 2 or 3 megabytes each in size will only slow down your Internet and are not required. Photos of 200 -400 KB are usually more than adequate. If you are unsure of how to make your images small enough to email please speak with your consultant who can provide you with information on how to do this Should you choose to send your images through the post please mark your envelope confidential and address to : Destiny Meditravel PO Box 8235 Mt Gambier East Sth Australia 5291

Confidentiality Destiny Meditravel assures that any photographs submitted at the request of their surgeon of clients are handled with sensitivity to confidentiality and with respect for the client The use of client images conveys important information required by the surgeon for pre and post assessment. Additional photographs may be requested or taken prior to surgery by your surgeon Meditravel as a service and coordination organisation like to be able to show potential clients before and after image that may help them relate to what Meditravel and the Surgeons can offer them. We do request that you provide additional informed consent for the use of Pre and Post Photos specific for internal purposes only. Before and After images are kept in a secured area of our website and do not portray any identifiable information. Should you not wish your images be used please advise Meditravel Staff and we will respect your request and omit any and all of your images and either return or delete any such images we may have on file

Photograph requiremens  
Photograph requiremens  

Requiements by Surgeon for Images