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PAYMENTS At Meditravel our goal is simple, we want to simplify thing as much as possible. Obviously you have to make payments for Surgery, travel and Booking fees and we like to provide upfront cost on everything to our clients. Our promise to our clients will always be that we wont mislead them intentionally to the final cost on their surgery and travel. If we can help it, you wont have any financial surprises. Meditravel now has in place measures to both assist our clients as well as save them money on the currency conversions on their surgery costs. As we often put together Surgery and Travel packages these are calculated using exchange rates that we can obtain for our clients and may be differnt to those provide by your bank. We do highly recommend that you arrange to have either part of full payment for surgery and or Dental transfered via ozforex prior to your departure.

SURGERY Please be aware that all surgery/Dental is priced and always paid in Thai Baht. Although you can use our online estimate system to obtain estimate cost you will receive the Thai Baht price and a currency conversions in Australian Dollars (or currency of your choice). The THB price indicated in the estimate system or as provided to you by one of our consultants will not change ,the approximate cost in the converted currency however may change. We can appreciate that Transferring money overseas can be daunting as well as expensive if you are using the major banks. Thankfully, Destiny Meditravel have now partnered with currency specialists ozforex so you can send money faster and for a lot less. Best of all you can transfer anytime you like, online, email or over the phone as they are open 24-hours a day, business days! The transferred money is then sent direct to the hospital for payment against your surgery cost and you are provided with a receipt instantly. You can use a Forward exchange rate and save money as well as know now what your actual Australian Dollar( or currency of your choice) cost will be eliminating the risk with fluctuating currency rates. By using OzForex you will enjoy;  No receiving bank fees in most countries  Competitive foreign exchange rates across 18 currencies  Online access 24/7  Access by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week  Complete exchange rate transparency  No transaction fees for first two transactions  Forward Exchange Contracts (locking currency rates up to 6mths)

To speak to one of the OzForex accredited dealers about your Surgery foreign exchange requirements please call 1300 300 424 in Australia or 0800 161 868 in NZ or register online. Registering is FREE and you can view live rates immediately.

As a client of Destiny Meditravel you will receive your first two transactions

FREE NO FEES. Comparison savings AUD THB 100,000.00 Thai Baht = $3,520.00 AUD 100,000.00 Thai Baht = $4071.37 AUD Ozforex Savings= $551.00 Saving Comparison based on exchange rates obtained on 10 July 2010. These may change based on exchange rate

Say goodbye to terrible bank exchange rates with the OzForex money transfer service. Banks can charge up to and extra $50 just to make the transfer for you! Another key difference is that OzForex offers forward contracts so you can lock in exchange rates prior to the transfer of funds. NOTE: Please always advise your dealer at OzForex that you are a client of Destiny Meditravel or quote our Partner ID which is 735 without this information you will not receive our Meditravel client free transaction bonus and best spot rates.

INSTRUCTIONS The following is a step by step guide to using the OzForex Currency Payments & Transfers Service. If you have any questions please them direct on free call number 1300 300 424 and they will be happy to answer them. STEP 1 Register for the service and login  Register Here  Login Here STEP 2 Enter the currency and amount of currency you want to transfer. Click the button that says "View Current Rate". STEP 3 You will then see the "Spot Deal Quote" offered by OzForex. If you want to purchase through OzForex you will need to set up a beneficiary (or payee), to do this click the yellow button that says "Add Beneficiary". Fill in the form fields with the details of Phuket International hospitals banking details as below, press the button that says "Save beneficiary" and then return to the quote. Bank : Address:

Kasikorn Bank 14 Phang Nga Road, Muang, Phuket, Thailand Acc No: 102-2-41959-1 Acc Name: Phuket International Hospital SWIFT : KASI THBK If your require the dental clinic or another hospital details please advise your consultant so we can provide these details for you to enter. STEP 4 Once you have checked the rates, in order to continue you need to speak to our dedicated dealer Jonathon or one of his staff to finalise your account setup. Jonathon will set up your account with the currencies you wish to trade and once finalised you will be authorised to add deals directly into the system.

TRAVEL PAYMENTS You may choose to have us organise your travel, to which there is not an obligation unless you are tusing one of our many promotional all-inclusive packages. In this event your travel cost will be invoiced by MTA travel and all travel cost are paid direct to them as Meditravel is not a travel agent. As a Meditravel dedicated qualified travel consultant with MTA, Melanie our director will handle all your travel requirements. This eliminates embarrassing situations explaining to travel agents your travel requirements for surgery . This also allows us to have direct to both your travel and surgery requirement, This ensures that everything is coordinated with precision and accuracy and that you as a client have that added reassurance that both Travel and Surgery are confirmed to coordinate with each other. There are times when clients need to change surgery or travel dates and having both your travel and surgery handled with Meditravel enables these changes to occur without any additional hassles to our clients. Once Travel itineraries and quotes are confirmed you will receive an invoice from MTA travel through one of our consultants. In most cases the standard deposit is $500 within 7 days of confirmation unless otherwise advised. MTA Travel provides flexibility with payment options of Credit Card, B-Pay or direct deposit. Details of the banking details for MTA are on your invoice. Once deposits are paid you then have until 30 days prior to your departure date to finalise the balance of your travel invoice. You can pay in full or instalments any time prior to your final payment due date. To ensure that your invoice is update it is always requested that you contact Melanie direct or your consultant and advise when a payment has been made. This also then allows us to obtain receipts for payment on your behalf. If you have any questions on any of the payments required please do not hesitate to discuss these with your consultant.

NEED PERSONAL ASSISTANCE WITH TRANSFERS CONTACT: Jonathan Sermon Direct: +61 2 8667 9106 24 hours on business day: Australia 1300 300 424 Intl. +61 2 8667 8090

Tel : + 61 8723 1284 Mobile: 61 + 404 493105 Email : Web :

Payment Instructions  

No receiving bank fees in most countries Competitive foreign exchange rates across 18 currencies Online access 24/7 Access by phone 24-h...

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