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“Black is the beginning of everything, the number zero, the outline, the container - then the contents… There is a density, there is a lust, a whole world even in a small patch… Black is just as much matter as it is color, it is light as much as shade. It is neither sad not cheerful, but allure and elegance, perfect and necessary. It is as irresistible as the night. Children should not be afraid of black, for even if its mystery frightens them, it also contains the answer to its secrets.” -Christian Lacroix

“A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.� -Abert Camus

“The your one’s

essence of architecture resides in how you understand own life: everything that one does profoundly is self-portrait, whether he intends it or not.” –Juhani Pallasmaa

All My

of my work is passions are painted

a developing self portrait expressions in the explorations

form created from the presence of the body; continuity and controlled movement through space like a dancer on stage; the techniques of garment construction translated into creating architectural patterns

“Skin has the quality of adapting and stretching, but ultimately it needs flesh and bone to support it. It is true that some textiles are so close to the body that they become a second skin, and on other occasions it is the distance between body and textiles that makes them wearable. Some work best because of their fine weave, and others on their looseness and ability to breathe. The definition of a textile might be a woven combination of threads that pass one above the other.“ –John Wiley, Architextiles

“…the shadow inhales and illumination exhales light” –Juhani Pallasmaa

Destiny Jackson's Portfolio  

Portfolio of architecture, photography and art work

Destiny Jackson's Portfolio  

Portfolio of architecture, photography and art work