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Was Crucified




Was Crucified as Told by Jesus the Christ

by Gene Edwards


Copyright 2004 – Gene Edwards

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Dedication To Patty Beckerdite A dear and much-loved friend.

Endorsements “I recommend everyone read The Day I Was Crucified as Told by Jesus the Christ before seeing “The Passion of the Christ.” If you have seen the movie, then by all means read the book.” “It is no coincidence that these two artists—Mel Gibson the director, and Gene Edwards the writer—have simultaneously brought forth Christ’s death and resurrection so powerfully.” Bill McCartney Founder, Promise Keepers “About halfway through this book I was so deeply moved that I realized the only way I could continue was by reading the book on my knees. The book is phenomenal. I have never read a book like this. It is unique.” Jack Taylor Former Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention “The Day I Was Crucified is a rhema revelation that was put deep within Gene Edwards by the Spirit of the Lord. I highly recommend Gene’s book for every person.”

“In his book Gene Edwards shows the great love and sacrificial commitment God holds towards all those who choose to be His disciples and follow Him. Through the cross the Lord has brought mankind back to His original plan, the plan stolen when Satan seduced Adam and Eve. The Day I Was Crucified reiterates the importance of our walking in the kind of love portrayed by Christ on Calvary. That love must be the foundation of all we do or say.� Suzanne Hinn Co-host, This Is Your Day


n angel from the other realm came and strengthened me. Luke 22:43

Part 1





Chapter 1 Pilate’s wife was having a fitful dream filled with disturbing images of angels and of innocent men going to their deaths. Judas was making his way toward the Maccabaean Palace, trying hard not to think of what thirty pieces of silver might buy him. The night was late, and my mother Mary felt her heart heavy and deeply troubled. Over in a prison cell at Antonia’s Fortress, three prisoners, each well chained, lay awake wondering what it would be like to have a nail driven through their hands and then to die of suffocation. “The gnats and flies are the worst part, I was once told,” came the voice of one of the thieves, breaking the silence of his dungeon. “I do not need to know that,” answered another. Not far behind me, as I walked out of the city and crossed the Kidron Valley toward the Mount of Olives, Peter was finding it difficult to keep a small sword hidden under his robe. 13

The Day I Was Crucified

A boy of seven, unable to find sleep, slipped out of his home and began wandering the city, hoping to find one of my disciples. He had a question to ask: “Why is this night so dark and foreboding?” In the palace reserved for the governor of Galilee, Herod Antipas was not only awake, but drunk. I knew that before this night ended I would meet Herod face to face. I dreaded him, as snow dreads soot. The Jewish leaders, who live mostly on the east side of the city, were in the process of making a decision concerning me which they knew had to be acted upon before the Passover Festival began. Once the sun rose, any decision might be too late. The Gentiles, who live mostly on the west side of Jerusalem, would also face the same decision before noon of this same day. As I reached my destination, an olive grove near the Mount of Olives, what concerned me most was that there was much activity stirring in the unseen realm among the principalities and powers. Unaware of the treachery of this night, my disciples entered an olive grove with me, at a place where I often came to pray. Here in this grove I would know the last moments of freedom I would ever have while on this earth. I knelt and then fell to the ground. My disciples began to pray with me, but their prayers soon became labored. Shortly they fell asleep. me.

As I prayed, I wept. And as I wept, a cup appeared before

Though I had long known this hour would come, I recoiled in horror from what I beheld. “Father! Please! If possible, find a way that I might not drink of it.” Even as I spoke, the cup drew nearer.



I Was Crucified The Crucified The by Gene Edwards as Told by Jesus the Christ


I Was Crucified The Crucified The by Gene Edwards as Told by Jesus the Christ