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“By tailoring content to specific client needs, AGR TRACS Training delivers courses and programmes that are superior to the standard offered in the marketplace. TRACS training style, which embraces experiential learning and interactive delivery, combined with a history of teaching in 45 countries, enables us to offer distinct learning and development programmes globally.� Mark Bentley Director AGR TRACS Training

History Training on every continent‌ ‌except Antarctica. TRACS Training was established in 1992 and quickly developed a training portfolio with a global reach. Tailored courses and programmes have now been run in 45 countries and more than 20,000 people have taken part in TRACS Training courses. Courses have been organised from offices in Aberdeen, London, Perth and Moscow, and have also been translated into Russian. In 2008 TRACS became part of AGR Petroleum Services and has been rebranded as AGR TRACS Training, offering additional course coverage in Scandinavia, the Americas and Asia through our offices in Oslo, Houston, Dubai and Almaty. The training portfolio now extends to 50 courses, with more than 100 courses being run annually by a team of over 40 tutors. Cross-disciplinary programmes are often run by two tutors with complementary technical expertise, and some courses are run in a workshop style for groups of up to 100.

Ethos Our training courses are distinguished from the industry standard by being tailored to the specific needs of a client audience.

Using the AGR TRACS Training library as a

We can achieve this because, unlike many

starting point, the content of the courses

other training providers, most of the

together with their timing and location is

course material is developed and owned

specified in discussion with the training

by us. Moreover, many of the staff and

specialists from the client company.

associates who make up the tutor group

Courses can also be arranged for multiple

are colleagues and have built up experience

clients if required.

as a tutor group, developing a shared style and making the AGR TRACS Training

Our ethos is therefore to dedicate our

brand unique.

effort to the design of a tailored product. We believe the success of a course is

To ensure our material stays up-to-date,

ultimately determined not only by good

our tutors are also practising E&P

delivery but also by appropriate targeting

consultants in their own right,

to the audience.

and the tutor group includes technical authors and industry-recognised Distinguished Lecturers.

We believe the success of a course is ultimately determined not only by good delivery but also by tailored design

Tailored training

Training Series Our material is divided into several Training Series, with each Series having a distinct character and typical course groupings. New courses, tailored to clients’ requests, can be offered within any of these Series.

Early Development The Early Development Series is designed for groups of new entrants to the industry such as graduate intake. The courses are typically multi-disciplinary in content and audience, and may extend to complete course programmes. The courses typically include a team-building component.

Exploration and Production Overview The E&P Overview Series is aimed at audiences, often non-technical, looking for a succinct summary of the E&P business. The courses are typically short (one-to-three days) but can range in duration from one week down to one hour.



The Reservoir Series includes the technical subsurface courses from geophysics through to geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering. These can be given as courses for ‘other disciplines’ as well as introductory-level courses within-discipline.

The Wells Series includes the wells-based technical courses from completion design through to introductory drilling and well planning. These are offered for non-wells disciplines in addition to drilling and completions staff.

Business and Risk

Open Air

The Business and Risk Series embraces the non-technical business courses such as petroleum economics and risk analysis, strategy and planning. These have been run both as traditional classroom courses and as workshop-style programmes, often for large groups (50+).

The Open Air Series takes training events to outdoor locations, combining classroom teaching with sessions on rock outcrops which serve as reservoir analogues. The teaching is pitched at multi-disciplinary audiences as well as geoscience groups. Most courses from the other Series can be offered in this format.


Master Class

The Coaching Series was designed to address the needs of individuals or teams for direct coaching involving material from any of the Series described above. These are truly tailored events and have been run as one-off courses or as a set of short sessions.

The Master Class Series gathers together a set of specialist courses for experienced staff. The courses are industry-leading and tutored by individuals who are at the forefront of their respective disciplines. These are offered both as lecture-based or workshop-style training courses.

Instructional Design

Training Consultancy We assist in the design of training programmes for both national and independent oil companies.

Consultancy can take the form of advice

The programmes may also subsequently be

on programme content and delivery style

delivered by our tutors, or with our tutors

through to the development of the course

working alongside client company staff.

material itself. In these cases the material can be owned by the client company with

We also recognise that learning

technical content specific to that company.

programmes create a forum for

It can thus be reserved for their internal use.

networking and technical exchange. We therefore organise training programmes

The material can be packaged for the client

on behalf of clients to support them in

company with guidelines on instruction,

developing new markets and in building

and ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes may

business relationships with new clients.

be run for client staff to familiarise themselves with the new material.

Training consultancy has been delivered since 1992 to national oil companies in the Middle East and SE Asia, and in major Western-based multinationals.

People The tutor group of over 40 experienced staff members and close associates work from AGR offices in Aberdeen, Oslo, London, Houston, Moscow, Almaty, Dubai and Perth. The profiles below introduce a selection of the group currently involved in the development and delivery of new course material and in the organisation and maintenance of the course portfolio. Key course tutors are presented in the course-specific outlines. Mark Graham BSc

Mark Cook BSc, MBA

Main Series tutoring: Master Class

Main Series tutoring: Early Development, Business & Risk

Industry experience: 31 years, petroleum engineering and economics

Industry experience: 27 years, reservoir engineering

Career background: Schlumberger, Shell and TRACS Personal: Author, ‘Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production’, AGR Director

Career background: Shell and TRACS Personal: Author, ‘Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production’, SPE Distinguished Lecturer, AGR VP

Mark Bramwell PhD

Mark Bentley PhD

Main Series tutoring: Reservoir, Early Development, E&P Overview, Open Air

Main Series tutoring: Reservoir, E&P Overview, Open Air and Master Class

Industry experience: 24 years, geoscience

Industry experience: 23 years, geoscience

Career background: Shell, KUFPEC and TRACS

Career background: Shell and TRACS

Personal: Programme manager for the Early Development Series

Personal: SPE and EAGE Distinguished Lecturer, AGR TRACS Training Director

Runar Gundesø MSc

Eivind Damsleth MSc

Main Series tutoring: Reservoir

Main series tutoring: Business & Risk, Master Class

Industry experience: 25 years, geoscience

Industry experience: 35 years, statistics, risk and project management

Career background: Norsk Hydro, PGS, RES and AGR

Career background: Norwegian Computing Centre, Norsk Hydro, Saga and AGR

Personal: New business development, Scandinavia

Personal: Statistics advisor

Gudmund Olsen MSc

Mahmood Akbar MSc

Main series tutoring: Reservoir, E&P Overview

Main Series tutoring: Reservoir, Wells, Master Class

Industry experience: 25 years, reservoir engineer

Industry experience: 21 years, reservoir engineering

Career background: Norsk Hydro, AGR

Career background: Phillips Petroleum, Total, Saga Petroleum and AGR

Personal: Project and section manager

Personal: SPE-Oslo board director

Frank Jahn BSc

Jon Suller BSc

Main series tutoring: E&P Overview, Early Development, Reservoir

Main Series tutoring: Early Development, Business & Risk

Industry experience: 29 years, geoscience

Industry experience: 28 years, commercial, petroleum engineering

Career background: Shell, TRACS, WorleyParsons, Woodside

Career background: BP, Gas Strategies and TRACS

Personal: Author, ‘Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production’, new business development, Middle East

Personal: Course development and new business development, SE Asia

Jonathan Bellarby MSc

John Gallivan PhD

Main Series tutoring: Wells, Early Development

Main Series tutoring: Reservoir, Business & Risk, Master Class

Industry experience: 23 years, well technology

Industry experience: 30 years, reservoir and petroleum engineering, economics

Career background: BP, ICE and TRACS Personal: Author, ‘Well Completion Design’

Career background: BNOC, Britoil, BP, Heriot-Watt and TRACS Personal: AGR Director, Moscow

What our clients say

“Thank you for one of the most thought-provoking geomodelling courses I have attended in recent years. I have taken an enormous amount away from this session and thank you also for your time and energy.” Geoscientist ConocoPhillips

“I would like to thank you for producing a tremendous two weeks of geoscience training for our geoscientists. It was great to hear how positive the group were on the course and for the significant impact it had on individuals, in their understanding of themselves and geoscience.” Team leader BP

“As usual, the scores on the evaluation forms are very good. This is also my impression from speaking to some of the participants. They all say that you are ’gifted’ when it comes to presenting the material in an intuitive, interesting and useful manner.” Training co-ordinator Statoil

“I greatly appreciated your contribution to our programme for new graduates and mature hires… it was a very dynamic programme of work-place learning which we adapted as we went along. You did a great job of identifying needs, and creating and then pulling together the elements of the programme. This went well beyond my expectations.” Team leader Shell

In total harmony with client needs and interests

Reach AGR TRACS Training has a global reach You specify the location, we deliver the course or programme

AGR offices Training course locations

Fiona Swapp – Graphic Design Design and development of course materials across all Series

Lesley Parkinson – Training Co-ordinator Course scheduling, client contact, materials and logistics, across all Series

AGR Petroleum Services AGR Petroleum Services is part of AGR Group,

Mark Bentley Director, AGR TRACS Training

which is a leading provider of essential services and technologies to the international oil and gas industry, AGR Group has three operating divisions: Petroleum Services Drilling Services Field Operations

AGR TRACS Training Ltd Union Plaza, 1 Union Wynd Aberdeen AB10 1SL Scotland, UK Tel: +44 (0)1224 629000 Fax: +44 (0)1224 629001 Karenslyst allĂŠ 4 0278 Oslo Norway Tel: +47 24 06 11 11 Fax: +47 24 06 10 99


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