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By the time you read this, our string of world records will probably all have been broken. By ourselves.

“Our exceptional reputation is due to the caliber of the people we hire. Only a select group of individuals make the cut. Our clients expect the best of the best: our good name depends on it.”

There’s no substitute for experience AGR F.J. Brown provides drilling and completion engineering support, complete drilling management teams and onsite drilling supervisors. Our broad, global experience in a vast number of normally and abnormally pressured environments is what separates us from the competition. The chances are, we have worked where you need us. The company has vast experience (senior management has over 150 years’ collective oil industry experience) planning and implementing drilling projects in remote and hostile environments including deep water, jungle, desert and arctic locations. This experience extends to: exploratory and development projects utilizing Francis J. Brown President

In 1986, Francis Brown founded F.J. Brown & Associates (F.J. Brown), a consulting firm whose mission was to gather the best people to manage drilling operations worldwide, specializing on deep water and HPHT wells in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the Far East. The company has grown since its inception and in 2007, the AGR Group acquired F.J. Brown, making it part of AGR Petroleum Services. Today, AGR F.J. Brown manages more than 130 consultants around the world, with 25 employees plus a full support staff working from their Houston office.

semi-submersibles, drill-ships, jack-ups and platform rigs, workovers and re-completions, single and multi-well P&A programs and subsea development projects.

“We provide our clients with peace of mind and the assurance that they have hired the best in the industry. We take the success of our clients’ projects very seriously and treat the money they spend with us as our own.”

The best people in the business We’re unique in our business because we hold true to our company’s founding principles. That is why we never recommend personnel to a client unless we have a history with that individual and are intimate with their skill set and

Why AGR F.J. Brown? Just look at our accomplishments and you be the judge.

personality. We offer the industry’s best:

Possess more deep drilling and completion

Drilling managers

expertise than any other firm in the world.

Drilling superintendents

Drilled more than 35 wells deeper than 18,000ft with

Well site drilling supervisors

mud weights higher than 18.4ppg.

Senior drilling engineers

Drilled the deepest well below the mudline

Senior completion engineers

in the GoM to a total depth of 32,997 feet

Materials and logistics specialists

or six and a quarter miles.

Operational support teams

Set a world record for the highest pressure ever

Engineering/technical support teams.

recorded – over 33,000psi. Set a world record for the longest expandable liner to a pre-expanded length to almost 7,000 feet – at a liner shoe depth of almost 22,000 feet. Set a world record with over 750 continuous operating hours on a 4¾” turbine and 6” diamond impregnated bit – all below 31,900 feet.

AGR F.J. Brown has never advertised for a position. Our team of management, engineers and consultants have remained intact for many years, amassing an experience base second to none. Our reputation attracts the best people. “They find us. Word gets around”.

Relax, you’re in good company at AGR F.J. Brown.

Francis J. Brown

Al Arcache

Jerry Bologna

Ralph Doughty

David Crews


Senior VP

VP Engineering

VP Operations

VP Sales & Marketing

Listen to what our clients say about us. “F.J. Brown has managed many projects for me all over the world. They always make my life much easier; I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

Worldwide experience

– Global Drilling Manager,

AGR F.J. Brown has worked in 56 countries

Mediterranean (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece,

throughout the world including:

Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria).

US (Deep basins, unconventional gas, Gulf

Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE,

Coast, inland waters).

Oman and Yemen).

Gulf of Mexico (Shelf and Deepwater).

Far East (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia,

Africa (Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Congo, Angola, Gabon, Eritrea, South Africa and Cameroon). North Sea (UK, Norway, Netherlands and Denmark).

Brunei, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, India, China and Vietnam). Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala).

Major Operator. “The rig site supervisors from F.J. Brown and Associates are the best in the industry. I have used many of their people in the Gulf of Mexico and I’ve never been concerned about their competence or technical ability. In fact, they have saved me more than once!” – Drilling Manager, Large Independent. “In my opinion, there is no consulting firm that has a better track record for meeting or beating the curve. Their AFE work is always accurate because their execution is second to none.” – Sr. Drilling Engineer, Large Independent.

AGR F.J. Brown, Inc 16420 Park Ten Place Suite 300 Houston, TX 77084   Main: + 1 281 616 0350 Fax: + 1 281 616 0355

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By the time you read this, our string of world records will probably all have been broken. By ourselves.

AGR - FJBrown  

By the time you read this, our string of world records will probably all have been broken. By ourselves.