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Publisher: Roger Salomonsson, Destination Uddevalla, tel + 46 (0)522 58 71 70 Editorial: Roger Salomonsson, Ann-Louise Öhrn, Tanja Hjertquist, Linda Gjerdrum, Kent Vikmo Cover image: Fredric Andersson, photographer Ulf Michal Edition: 33,000 copies Advertising:

Enjoy Uddevalla all year round!

Production: Kalas Reklambyrå, Photo: Ulf Michal, Maria Rasmusson, PeO Nilsson, Linda Svensson, Jonas Ingman/, Mikael Reinhardt, Lola Lindegren, Lars-Gunnar Hallsten, Leif Strid, Dan Almqvist, Ingela Grytfors, Annelie Nithander, Roger Salomonsson, Gunhild Rydbom, Magnus Körner, Jonas Anghammar, Uddevalla municipality image library.

When winter comes Uddevalla is a wonderful place to be. The summer's activities are replaced by winter events. Uddevalla has a unique location with fjords that stretch inland. The waters of the archipelago and the splendour of nature are easily accessible.   Lots of fantastic outdoor activities are available. You can walk or fish along the coast, on Herrestadsfjäll and Bredfjäll. At Bjursjön there are some great trails for mountain biking. And why not take a kayak trip around the fjord while it is still ice free?   This magazine will give you tips on restaurants, cafes and events, and you will get to meet some of the wonderful people that live here.

Uddevalla Turistcenter, Södra Hamnen 2, 451 42 Uddevalla 46(0)522 69 84 84,

Christmas is coming. Welcome to the heart of Bohuslän!

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Ann-Louise Öhrn Roger Salomonsson Communications Officer, Uddevalla Municipality Executive Director, Destination Uddevalla

Contents The master but s in Ljungskile 4 The butchers that only sells locally reared produce

The Uddevalla chef Fredric


Meet the award winning chef who was homesick

Cultural profile Simone


The enthusiast who winds down by weeding

Calendar of events


Full coverage of Uddevalla's winter program

Winter high points





Unmissable events

Enjoy the winter outdoors


Lots of fun outdoor activities for the whole family

Active winter at Bokenäset


Comfort or adventure for the whole family

Climb the walls


Challenges await in Rimnershallen


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”We have close control of the meat that we sell” Kebab skewers, prime rib burgers and other delicacies lie next to the tender meat cuts in the display chiller cabinet at Ljungskile Chark. This is a classic butcher's shop, like they used to look.

"We only sell locally reared meat of the ­highest quality. It feels good to be able to tell the customer where our products come from, from breeding to the final product. We have full control and the customers like that", say shop owners Sofia Magnusson and Henrik Svensson.   When Ljungskile Chark opened in the middle of June 2016 in a wonderful shop in Ljungskile town centre, it was a dream come true. Sofia and Henrik had started Ljungskile Slakteri a year earlier and they are passionate about producing and supplying really good meat products. "We wanted to open our own shop because we saw a demand in the market. More and more people are watching what they eat and want to know where their food comes from. There is enormous interest in our products and customers come from all around the area. We have had a dream start", say Sofia and Henrik. "We are very proud of our meat products. Everything we sell comes from local farms in Bohuslän and the vicinity. We have full control of the whole chain from the living livestock to the ready product and can tell customers which farm it comes from and how it has been farmed." CHERISHING GOOD ANIMAL WELFARE "There are no short-cuts to good meat. The quality does not just depend on where the animal comes from or how the meat has been hung. It also depends on whether the 4 Uddevalla&DU

animal and the meat have been treated with respect from rearing through to the end product." "We also spend a little extra time hanging our meat for three weeks. This means that the meat becomes really tender." HIGH SEASON FOR SLAUGHTERING We meet Sofia, Henrik, their three girls and 50 Gotland ewes at Backa Fårgård outside Ljungskile, during one of their busiest slaughtering periods. The day before had seen them deal with 117 lambs and today there were new tasks. In addition to their own meat production, they are also used by several breeders that have their own sales channels. Sofia and Henrik have worked within the slaughter business their whole lives, both as employees and in their own company. "It was pure chance that I started work at a slaughterhouse as a 19 year old and learnt how to handle the whole chain from ­slaughter to preparing choice cuts", says

Sofia who grew up in Vänersborg.   Henrik grew up on a farm and learnt how to handle both living and dead animals from an early age. "It is tough physical work being a butcher and the tempo is high. We mostly slaughter lamb but also deal with beef, pork, ostrich and game. Our busiest time is during the autumn and around Easter," says Henrik. LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT LAMB There are lots of local livestock farmers in the area so Sofia and Henrik don't need to look far for suppliers. The number of sheep farmers has increased significantly in the last few years and a lot of these are very good breeders. "Because people have begun to appreciate lamb cuts there is great demand. We thought that we would mostly be selling pork in the shop, but have found that lamb is most ­popular. Quite soon after we opened sales went from 50 to 300 lambs a week."

WANT TO WORK ON A SMALL SCALE Sofia and Henrik also have a well-established and successful collaboration with other farm shops and restaurants in the area. "We have chosen to sell our products to smaller players who think and work as we do. We do not use classic sales methods but prefer to spread knowledge of food by ­educating our customers. The interest is massive but we are still not looking at ­expanding. We are happy to keep it small scale and close to our customers." WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING TO DO ON A FREE SUNDAY DURING THE WINTER? "On a beautiful autumn day we like to take the children on a trip to the forest and grill some sausages, preferably our own, over a fire. We live very close to beautiful forests and sea. There are always new things to discover."

Avnjut ett vällagat, traditionellt julbord kryddat med mängder av matglädje. dukade: står upp n e d r o Julb kl. 16 ● 26/11 13 och 16.30 kl. ● 27/11 ed nissar hälsar på) m n (Tomte uiz - musik-q 8 1 l. k 2 s ● 3/1 ntandan och spo h 16.30 kl. 13 oc 6.30 2 /1 0 1 ● h1 g. kl. 13 oc ● 11/12 v julbuffé på beställnin

385kr /pers.

(3 dec: 495 kr/pers.) Barn <12 år 20 kr/år

a Catering

oka en att b lkomm ä v t 28 Varm 2-66 40 på: 052

RULLA HEM För en god och trygg jul - låt oss köra dig. Ring 0522 - 459 000

6 Uddevalla&DU

LIGHT A CANDLE Open during all saints’s days weekend

4-6 nov


12 dec


Mellan hav och fjäll konfererar ni i en kreativ miljö med många möjligheter, allt från mindre grupprum till biosalong för upp till 200 personer. Sover gör ni i sköna sängar på det åretruntöppna hotellet och köket står beredda att duka upp såväl morgon som kväll.

tel: 0522-68 69 70

email: Uddevalla&DU 7


”We put a lot of time and love into preparing honest food” Award winning chef Fredric Andersson describes the concept that attracts 250-300 lunch guests to the Kärranäs restaurant each day as follows: "It is no good trying to fool people with food. We work with honest food and put a lot of time and love into it."

"We don't just want our lunch guests to feel full up, we want to awaken their taste memories. One could say that we serve gourmet food in a lunch style", says Fredric.   In the kitchen at the Kärranäs restaurant, all that counts are really good ingredients and careful handiwork. Everyone tastes each other's food and gives feedback. Guests of all ages and backgrounds and from the whole West coast visit us. "Everyday we talk about our customers ­actively choosing to come here and spend their hard earned money on a meal. We have to be on our toes to meet their expectations." SELECT LOCAL PRODUCE Only selecting seasonal produce of really high quality is another of Fredric's rules of thumb. For example, he never serves fresh 8 Uddevalla&DU

strawberries during the winter months. "I am glad that there are so many local ­suppliers around us. We try to use as much local produce as possible, but it is always quality that determines where we shop."   After a long and fantastic career in the ­restaurant world, Fredric and his family moved back to Uddevalla in 2014. Family, friends and the sea beckoned. And the wish for the kids to grow up in a small town. LONGED TO COME BACK HOME TO THE SEA "I moved away from Uddevalla when I was 17 and have had the good fortune to work at several well-known establishments around Europe with some really talented cooks. I have always had a strong drive to be a better cook. But it is also a really tough life that takes it out of you. It can be compared to an

elite athlete's training schedule to get better results."   Fredric has a long list of achievements to his name in the form of successful restaurant concepts, awards, jobs as a TV cook and cook book author. Even if he has learnt from all his experiences he would pick out his time as a cook in Denmark as the high point. "Denmark is way out in front and that is where I learned to think about food, how one combines flavours well. That knowledge is something I use a lot." UDDEVALLA'S RESTAURATEURS THINK AGAIN "Something that affected me a lot was ­writing the cookbook Matfrisk (Foodhealth), about food that can help prevent cancer. I wrote the book with two doctors based on research into what is actually healthy food.

Soup of roasted winter vegetables with smoked belly pork 4 portions 1 carrot, approx. 100 g 1 parsnip, approx. 100g 1 swede, approx. 100g 1 clove of garlic ½ l vegetable stock, not concentrated 1 dl crème fraiche 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp olive oil 100 g smoked pork belly 2 tbsp finely chopped parsley Sourdough bread salt and freshly ground white pepper 1. Set the oven to 180o 2. Wash and clean the root vege­ tables. Cut them into small pieces and spread on an oven proof dish. Mix in 1 tbsp olive oil and salt. Roast in the oven for approx. 20- 30 minutes until they are soft and golden brown. 3. Mix the root vegetables with the vegetable stock, lemon juice and crème fraiche into a creamy soup. If you wish to, you can strain the soup. 4. Cut the pork into pieces approx. 1x1 cm, fry in a pan until crispy. Drain the fat on kitchen paper. 5. Season the food with salt and freshly ground white pepper. 6. Serve the soup in warmed soup bowls, sprinkle the fried pork and garnish with parsley, with sourdough bread.

The work made me think about my own lifestyle, which at the time was not exactly healthy."   Fredric changed his diet, started training­ regularly and lost 20 kilos in weight. The book has won several awards and was ­declared runner-up as the world's best health cookbook, Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards, 2013. "Those of us who work in the restaurant world have noticed that the customers' knowledge and requirement for good food is increasing. More and more restaurants are focusing on new, healthier food concepts. It is ”simmering” here in Uddevalla too. There are a number of good restaurateurs here who are rethinking things and making major changes. It is good to see."   There is seldom time for Fredric to go out into town with his family to eat. His free

time is spent cycling and training greco­roman wrestling. LOVES WRESTLING AND CYCLING "It is thanks to my 8 year old twins Tilde and Wille that I currently wrestle. They wanted to start wrestling and coming to the club stirred my childhood memories. Several of my relatives were good wrestlers, including Knut Fridell who won Olympic Gold in Berlin in 1936, so I used to hang out here." "I don't compete but I train at Uddevalla Atletklubb a couple of times a week because it is good all round exercise. You could say I am a good training dummy. To start with it was really hard work and I needed to do extra fitness training. So I started road ­cycling and mountain biking, which is a good combi­nation." "I don't do things by halves, so I have

competed in a number of tough cycle races. I have to say that Uddevalla has the best cycling environments in Sweden. The terrain is hilly, there isn't a lot of traffic on the roads and the scenery is fantastically beautiful and varied." WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING TO DO IN UDDEVALLA ON A FREE SUNDAY DURING THE WINTER? "On a good autumn day I get up at 5 am, eat a big bowl of porridge, drink a lot of coffee and then go on a long ride down to Ljungskile, up along the coast road and then on to Munkedal, Rotviksbro and back. If the weather is bad I take the MTB bike and enjoy the terrain of Herrestadsfjäll."

Uddevalla&DU 9

Vår app hjälper dig att hålla koll! Nu blir din sophämtning ännu smidigare. Du får pushnotiser till din mobil när det är dags att ställa fram dina sopkärl - och mycket mer! Ladda ner vår app under november så har du chans att vinna en Stelton kaffetermos! Läs mer på vår hemsida.

Ring oss på kundservice så berättar vi mer, telefon 0522-696269. /Emelie, Kahrina, Gunilla

10 Uddevalla&DU

KIDS SHOP—clothing, toys, crafts etc.

Organic options! Welcome to a cozy, unigue affordable shop with selected quality products from many well known brands!

n’s h il dre c e v a Vi h om playro

Norra Drottninggatan 6, 451 31 Uddevalla, 072-549 29 93 Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11,30-15,





VINTERMYS PÅ HAFSTEN RESORT Upplev Hafsten Resorts mysiga Restaurang, Gym & Wellness, MiniSpa och Havsbastu med badtunna under höst och vinterkylan. Vi har ett stort urval av fräscha stugor med havsutsikt som du kan hyra året runt. Besök vår webbsida för mer information.

Hafsten Resort • Uddevalla 0522 64 41 17 •


• Frukostkorg alla dagar • Mini-Spa • Gym & Wellness • Internet • Lakan och slutstäd (stuga)


• 3-rätters middag • Frukost & Fika • Lunch • Gym & Wellness • Internet • Lakan och slutstäd (stuga)

Uddevalla&DU 11


”I want to make a difference to people's daily lives with a cultural experience” Simone's first significant theatre experience was Shakespeare's comedy ”A midsummer night's dream” at Stora teatern in Gothenburg. She was 18 years old, working as a welder at the Uddevalla dock and went on a union theatre bus trip. Her passion for culture was awoken then and there.

12 Uddevalla&DU

Simone Olofsson grew up in Uddevalla and has an impressive list of achievements. She started as a home helper, welder, worked at a coffee factory as well as a sausage factory. She trained as a nurse and worked in the care industry, was a child minder for several years and held several political posts in Uddevalla Municipality, companies and societies between 2006 and 2014.   To that can be added her deep involvement in the cultural world. Among other things, Simone has been chair of Uddevalla Riksteaterförening for many years and is a board member of Regionteater Väst. Since 2011 she has been Operations manager at Folkets Hus in Uddevalla with the ambition of making a difference to the daily lives of the people of Uddevalla.

work at Folkets Hus I can contribute to Uddevalla's cultural offering. We work with everything from graffiti art, local rock bands and breakdance courses to performances of classical music, the Riksteater and live broadcasts of opera from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York." "Almost anything can happen at Folkets Hus. We are aimed at lots of target groups and invest a lot in collaborations with other players, also in environments outside Folkets Hus. For example we are co-arrangers of the Gömda glömda gårdar (Hidden, forgotten courtyards) event, where the gates of the town's beautiful inner courtyards are opened and music and other exciting entertainment is on offer. One of our most important tasks is to contribute to a living town centre."

PASSIONATE ABOUT THEATRE AND DANCE "I have always had a wide cultural interest, even if I am most passionate about theatre and dance," Simone says. "Through my

GARAGE BAND CITY Simone is impressed by Uddevalla's wide range of culture and says that on average there are three cultural activities on offer every day of the year.

Simone recommends Famous artists and local bands play Folkets Hus new intimate stage ”VARDAGSRUMMET” one Thursday evening every month. On 24/11 Staffan Hellstrand will be appearing. Take a break at DAGNYS CAFÉ – inspired by 1950s decor and cookies. Don't miss the exhibitions at BOHUSLÄNS


Walk or drive to GUSTAFSBERG and see the fantastic buildings and environment. Check out the program at L’JAZZ in Ljungskile.

"Uddevalla has an unusually high number of cultural associations, lots of good musicians and the highest proportion of garage bands per head of population in Sweden. The musical range is exceptional for a town our size. I usually suggest that visitors check out the Uddevallakassetten's program, they attract major artists from all over the world."   She gives a long list of cultural experiences available in Uddevalla over the autumn and winter. Everything from Stefan Bergendahl's town walking tours, lunchtime music in Uddevalla church and Regionteater Västs children's theatre and dance performances, to the local history association's lecture evenings and classical music at Bohusläns Museum. ”WEEDING IS MY LIFELINE” Simone has lots of ideas and projects on the go, both at work and in her free time. She has plenty of energy, even if in recent years she has suffered constant pain from arthritis. "My mind doesn't stop working and I find

it easy to get involved in all sorts of things. When it gets too much I have the weeds in the garden as my lifeline. Weeding is a way for me to relax and get peace in my soul. I don't have a big garden but there is always something that needs doing. I have a strict, Victorian-style garden and it is most beautiful when it is cut and well-tended."   Simone is very interested in gardening. In addition to her own, she also tends the garden at the Wessmanska house and a cottage on Bassholmen. She also helps other gardeners with tips and advice on every aspect of gardening. GREY WEATHER SENSUALISM IN UDDEVALLA "Gardening, interior design, photography and cookery are my forms of self-expression, which give me an outlet for my creativity. Reading and travel are also great interests. My husband and I take different journeys to learn more, for example, about Italian cooking and art during the second world war."

With her camera always by her side she often takes pictures of the urban environment. A favourite theme is the cranes in the harbour. "Living in Uddevalla, on a grey overcast day in November, we perhaps don't realise what a beautiful city we have. Walking beside the sea on a day like that is pure grey weather sensualism!"   Her family consisting of husband, two children and a grandchild mean a lot to Simone. "Becoming a grandmother has given life a new dimension. It is my most important job." WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING TO DO IN UDDEVALLA ON A FREE SUNDAY DURING THE WINTER? "If the weather is OK I take my family out to barbecue on Mollön or take a walk on the Strandpromenaden to Gustafsberg. In the event of bad weather, I look for an interesting lecture or art exhibition."

Uddevalla&DU 13

Rent, renare, Ecoboxrent! Uppgradera ditt enskilda avlopp

Hållbar avloppsrening – var du än bor

Robust byggd för nordiskt klimat Fritt från kemikalier

Ecobox är ett minireningsverk för enskilt avlopp som överträffar de högsta reningskraven vi har i Sverige. Det är driftsäkert och ersätter såväl markbäddar som infiltrationer. Med Ecobox slipper du dubbla system eller specialtoaletter då den hanterar allt avlopp (toalett, bad, disk och tvätt) från ditt hushåll. Rent vatten i generationer ger både en trevligare närmiljö och ett ökat fastighetsvärde. Tel: 0927 775 75

För normal och hög skyddsnivå Inbyggd bakterierening Svensk miljöteknik

Ecotechs samarbetspartner

ecoboxcenter Bohuslän

14 Uddevalla&DU

Essvik Entreprenad AB Per Johansson 070-580 85 04

Kontakta Ecoboxcenter Bohuslän för ett kostnadsfritt hembesök där vi undersöker ert enskilda avlopp.

Välkommen till ett genuint julbord

Kärranäs R E S T A U R A N G

PÅ H ö g Å s g Å r d

HögÅs gÅrd ligger fantastiskt vackert, nära Uddevalla och Torps köpcentrum (10 min med bil), på vägen mot Henån. Vi är hotell, café och restaurang och vi har öppet året om, se våra öppettider och vägbeskrivning på hemsidan.

BOKA ERT JULBORD PÅ Kom till julbord i vår restaurang med upp till 70 platser, och med fullständiga rättigheter. Julbordet står uppdukat med start fredag den 25:e november och fyra helger framåt! Varje fredag, lördag och söndag mellan 15.00 - 19.00 från vecka 47 till och med vecka 50.

KÄRRANÄS Vi har alla de tradionella rätterna inklusive egeninlagda sillar, prinskorvar, hemgjorda köttbullar, omeletter, goda ostar och marmelader, och naturligtvis julskinkan.


Låt Restaurang Kärranäs duka upp årets julbord för just er. Kom tillsammans med släkt och vänner, eller boka för dig och ditt företag. För mer information, se vår hemsida

Vi har 12 hotellrum med förstklassigt boende. Paketpris med julbord, övernattning & frukost.


Kärranäs R E S T A U R A N G • tel: 070-999 78 12

Fredric Andersson Restaurang Kärranäs

Bokning: 0522-58 01 00 |

Välkommen till Uddevalla centrum

ljus i uddevalla


levande skylt fönster kl 11-12



kungstorget kl 18

butikerna öppnar kl 12







10-års jubileum

i centrum


butikerna öppna t. 21

nyårsfirande i centrum kl 16




Lörd 10-15 ∙ Sönd 11-15

Gåvogranen i samarbete med Lions Club Uddevalla. Träffa Tomten i Gallionen 27/11, 3-4/12, 10-11/12, 17-18 /12 & 22/12. Med res. för ev förändring.


A selection of events in Uddevalla november 3 Dagnys music café

1950s music café, 6.00pm-8.00pm every Thursday for those that like retro and nostalgia

3-5 Uddevallakassett festival

music festival with local bands at Mortens Krog

3-6 Halloween camp at Hafstens resort

5 Uddevalla X-trail

Running on Herrestadsfjäll

7 Monthly market Kungstorget

9 The Cavern Beatles Östraboteatern 7.30pm

9 Louise Hoffsten

19-20 Christmas weaths

Ulvesunds Växthus. Make your own Christmas wreath or Christmas plant arrangement

19-20 Christmas market

Handicraft cheer at Bokenäs. Bokenäs bygdegård 11.00am-16.00pm

26 Midwinter festival opens

Exhibition and market with artworks at Bohusläns Museum

27 Christmas Window Sunday

Uddevalla town centre. Living window displays 11.00am-12.00pm. Shops open 12.00am-16.00pm

december 2 Thomas Pettersson Östraboteatern 7.30pm

with guitarist Patrik Hansson, Dalabergs church 6.00pm (prebook)

3-4 Christmas activities

10 Mats and My Kvintett

4 Glenn Miller Orchestra

Dreams and Longing, songs and music in Ljungskilegården 8.00pm. Organiser: L´Jazz

10 Streaplers

Concert at Östraboteatern 7.30pm

11 After Work with Arvingarna Mortens Krog 7.00pm

17 Switching on the Christmas lighting Kungstorget 6.00pm

18 Club Artist Mortens krog 16 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla town centre

Östraboteatern 7.30pm

3 Christmas market with café

Bokenäs bygdegård 10.00.00am-14.00.00pm

5 Monthly market Kungstorget

7 Lars Jansson Trio

Ljungskilegården 8.00pm. Organiser: L´Jazz

8 Christmas concert

Dalaberg choir with house band, Dalabergs church 6.00pm (prebook)

All events can be found at Rights to make changes

8 Christmas concert with Kulturskolan

7 Nabucco - Live from the Metropolitan

10-11 Olden days Christmas square

21 Romeo and Juliet - Live from the Metropolitan

10 Lámour de loin - Live from the Metropolitan

22 Sleeping Beauty - Live from the Bolshoi

13 Lucia festival

27-28 Wine and delicatessen fair

Uddevalla church 6.00p Kungstorget

Opera at Folkets Hus 7.00pm

Crowning of Uddevalla Lucia, Uddevalla church 6.00pm

17 Christmas torchlight procession

Opera at Folkets Hus 7.00pm Opera at Folkets Hus 7.00pm

Ballet from the Bolshoi Theatre at Folkets Hus 4.00pm Kärranäs

Along the Strandpromenaden from Svenskholmen to Gustafsberg 4.15pm


17 Concert with Anna Stadling

3 Snow White the Musical

American Tunes for Christmas, Östraboteatern 7.30pm

17 Rulles Storband and Jazz Preachers

Dance party in Ljungskilegården 8.00pm. Organiser: L´Jazz

17-18 Christmas activities Uddevalla town centre

22 Tomte (Father Christmas) evening

Late night opening in the town centre until 9.00pm

3 New Year celebrations in Uddevalla town centre Entertainment, speeches and fireworks at Bohusläns museum 4.15pm

Musical with Nanne Grönvwall, Amy Diamond, Erik Segerstedt and Jakob Stadell. Agnebergshallen 6.00pm

25 Rusalka

Opera at Folkets Hus 7.00pm

march 6 Monthly market

Kungstorget, 9.00am -3.00pm

11 La Traviata – Live from the Metropolitan

january 5 Twelfth night - Rock ´n´ Roll

Grottan at Hotel Carlia 9pm-2am. On stage The Fastback, Snakebite and DNA & The Cellarboys.

Opera at Folkets Hus

april 22 The music of motown featuring Afro-Dite Agnebergshallen 5.00pm

Uddevalla&DU 17

midwinter festival in the name of love and peace

The Midwinter festival at Bohusläns Museum is an exhibition and market all rolled into one. It is arranged in collaboration with Slöjd i Väst and craftsmen from around the county. Here you can view and buy local and sustainable art and craftwork. The idea is that visitors should discover the quality and

personality of the handmade items.   This year's theme is Peace, Love and Unity. The crafts and nature of the exhibition, ­image material and text combined with ­selected objects from the museum's collection will reflect a loving and inclusive world.   Midwinter festival opens on the 26th

­ ovember and runs until the 8th January. N   One tip is to visit the exhibition in ­November so that you don't miss out on any of the beautiful artworks. The objects are for sale, remember. You can find more info at

wine & delicatessen fair for all tastes At the end of January 2017, the popular Vin- & Delikatessmässan (Wine & Deli­ catessen fair) returns to Uddevalla for the third year in a row. This time sophisticated delicacies and drinks will be laid out at Kärranäs restaurant.   Over two days, several food producers from the region will present their locally produced delicacies and a number of West Sweden importers and producers of different drinks will also be present. As a visitor you will have the opportunity to taste and 18 Uddevalla&DU

purchase a wide range of quality products. You can also listen to lectures by experts in different fields. "We want to offer the visitors great combi­ nations of food and drink. It has shown itself to be a successful concept that attracts a lots of Uddevalla residents, as well as visitors from elsewhere", say the organisers Clas Hardebäck of Gastrosof and Marianne Jonsson, sommelier. "On the Friday we have an afterwork themed evening with live music and on the Saturday

the focus is on tastings, appearances on stage and mingling. The exhibitors will be present on both days and the food will be on sale. No one needs to go home hungry!"   The fair is on 27th-28th January 2017. Tickets for both days cost 250 SEK and can be purchased in advance. Free bus travel between Bohusläns Museum and Kärranäs restaurant is included. More information about tickets, opening times etc. is available on the website,

Christmas cheer like it used to be The old fashioned Christmas market is an old, much loved tradition in Uddevalla. On the weekend of the 10-11th December the whole of Kungstorget is transformed into an old fashioned market place. If you really want to experience the feeling of Christmas that is when to come. Leave the Christmas stresses at home and travel a hundred years back in time.

Market stalls are made with wooden boards and canvas roofs and the products for sale have been carefully selected to fit the old fashioned atmosphere. You can buy handicrafts in the form of hand-carved knives, knitted hats and hand painted tomtes. A lot of the items on sale in the square that weekend are edible; home cooked, home baked and home made. As always the Wästsvenska

Tomteorden will be providing Christmas music and there will be dancing around ­ the tree.   The Old fashioned Christmas market is close to the hearts of Uddevalla residents – it has been held for over 30 years! A lot needs to be developed and renewed in our town but just this event should be as it always has been – genuine and real.

acreate thousand lights Christmas cheer in town On 17th November this year's fantastic Christmas light promenade opens in Uddevalla town centre. Uddevalla Energy has created a Christmas lights promenade with several wonderful creations in the town centre. The idea is to spread the Christmas cheer and light in the darkness of daily winter life and at the same time offer advice on safe and energy efficient electricity use. The Christmas light promenade will be lit using modern LED lamps that are 80 percent

more efficient and last 25 times longer than normal incandescent light bulbs.   On the Christmas light promenade you can spread the Christmas cheer to those in need at Christmas. Christmas cheer is not just for receiving but also for giving. Every year Uddevalla Energi and Bohusläningen donate money to Saronhuset in conjunction with the Christmas light promenade and will do so again this year. Uddevalla residents are invited to take part in an online vote

to decide where one of the light installations, a sculpture with four tomtes (Father Christmases), should be placed in the town centre. For each vote cast Uddevalla Energi and Bohusläningen will donate 10 SEK to ­Saronhuset, a charitable foundation that is run by eight parishes in town. They support and help people suffering from social exclusion by serving breakfast and lunch, and organising activities each day, among other things. Uddevalla&DU 19

Julbord med kulturell spis

Vi har dukat upp bohuslänska läckerheter som äggost och silltårta. Vi har bakat matbröd och kakor själva, våra råvaror är levererade av lokala odlare och är i möjligaste mån ekologiska. När ni intagit glöggen, medan ni väntar på maten berättar våra pedagoger om gammaldags jul och ni har möjlighet att fynda julklappar i den härliga slöjdutställningen Midvinterfest och i museibutiken.

Kvällsjulbord: 8 och 9 dec 19.00, mat från 19.30 och 10 dec 20.00, mat från 20.30, 385 kr Då ingår förutom vårt julbord och glögg med goda tillbehör även att vi berättar om gammaldags jul.

10 och 11 dec serverar vi Lunchjulbord mellan 12.00-15.00, 255 kr Priserna är exkl. dryck, endast förbokningar.

0522-65 65 02,,

Vi har fullständiga rättigheter och vi är en del av Västsvensk Mersmak

Går du i flyttankar? Välkommen in till oss så hjälper vi dig!

20 Uddevalla&DU

Utställning och försäljning

Slöjd och konsthantverk Ekologiskt och lokalproducerat

26 november – 8 januari Köp dina julklappar på Midvinterfest måndag 10-16 • tisdag-torsdag 10-20 fredag-söndag 10-16 • julafton, juldagen stängt i samarbete med Slöjd i Väst/Västarvet och slöjdare från länet

Uddevalla Omnibus AB är ett av de största företagen inom Bivab som är samarbetsorgan för 35 bussbolag i Västsverige. Vi kör för Västtrafik och ansvarar bl. a. för stadstrafik och skoltrafik i Uddevalla samt Ronden, speciellt utrustade bussar i linjetrafik mellan större sjukhus och vårdcentraler. Vårt företag har en lång och spännande historia. Från starten 1922 till idag har vi vuxit från ett litet lokalt bussbolag till ett expansivt kollektivtrafikföretag med stort ansvar för kommunikationer, service och miljö.

Välkommen till en kväll fylld med både country och rock’n’roll. En av Sveriges allra mest meriterade countrysångerskor, Inger Nordström möter Sveriges största rockabillystjärna, Uddevallas egen Kent Vikmo eller Jack Baymoore som han kallas i rockabillykretsarna världen över. En svängig kväll för alla som gillar bra musik och god mat i toppklass!


Honungsgratinerad getost med rostade rödbetor på ruccola & valnötsbädd


Laxfilé med örtcrème hummersås och klassisk svamprisotto eller Helstekt fläskfilé med friterad sötpotatis & Kökets provencalsås


Chokladmoussetårta med mandarincrème SPELDATUM: 25, 26 november samt 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 december Show inkl trerätters meny: 595 kr Insläpp 18.30, show 21.00. Efter showen tar vår DJ över & spelar 80-90-talshits till baren stänger kl 02.00. Bokas via telefon: 0522-120 25 Uddevalla&DU 21

snow sledge ride full speed at the

Fingers crossed, there will be lots of days below freezing this winter. That is when Uddevalla Idrottssällskap promises to create a winter landscape in Sanders Dalar, just like they did last year. The snow sledge run will again be filled with artificial snow and hundreds of happy adults and children.

22 Uddevalla&DU

Last winter was a major success, with snow canons creating a long toboggan run in Sanders Dalar. This year the snow cannons will be set up in the same place, but the temperature needs to be at least two degrees below freezing before they can be started. This season it will once again be volunteers from Uddevalla Idrottssällskap, UIS, who manage the artificial snow with a contribution from Uddevalla county council. "If we get below zero temperatures for long enough we can recreate the long toboggan run that attracted so many people last winter. However, there will not be ski tracks in the

artificial snow this year. But if there is real snowfall we will, of course, create a track for both traditional cross-country skiing and freestyle cross-country", says Pär Noord at UIS.   Everyone is welcome to the toboggan run in Sanders Dalar. Pär hopes for the same great response as last year. "We want to attract children to play and have fun in the snow. Tobogganing is a good way of creating interest in skiing and other winter sports. In addition, Sanders Dalar is close to town and it is easy for people to get to."

new gym Uddevalla´s

Now you no longer need to be indoors and buy gym membership to have a training session. In the middle of the beautiful natural environment of Bjursjön, close to running paths, a boule ground and bathing area, lies one of Uddevalla's latest gyms with an activity area for children. Together it makes the Hålligångpark (Stay active park).

The outdoor gym is robustly built of wood and has 14 stations. There is an instruction sign showing how to perform the exercise at each station. Some of them are access adapted – including the stations for bench press and sit-ups. The gym is designed by Magnus Pilegård, a personal trainer with a focus on outdoor training.    Beside the gym is the adventure playground, which makes it possible for the whole family to be active. The playground invites them to play and consists of two sections – one for children up to the age of five and one for older children

BJURSJÖ AREA – AN OUTING DESTINATION FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY In addition to the beaches and swimming at Bjursjön, Uddevalla Skidklubb's sports pavilion is also here. It is the starting point for several good running and walking routes, mountain bike tracks, with electrically lit tracks and prepared ski tracks when snow has fallen. The sports pavilion has changing rooms, a sauna and a cafe on Sundays during the winter. There are two fixed barbecue sites for the use of disposable barbecues.

CYCLE OR WALK ALONG THE LELÅNGENBANA There used to be a narrow gauge railway between Uddevalla and Lelången lake in Bengtsfors which had been opened by king Oscar II in 1895. The last trolley bus ran on it in 1964. But the track bed remains and these days it is Uddevalla's most popular exercise and walking route.     The combined cycle and walking path runs from Uddevalla hospital up into the forest, past Bjursjön and Hogsjön to Lane-Ryr. If weather permits, part of the route has prepared ski tracks. Uddevalla&DU 23

take a turn up to


Herrestadsfjäll is almost as dear to Uddevalla residents as the sea. A playground for exercisers, walkers, cyclists, fishermen and outdoor types in general. In addition, Herrestadsfjäll offers very varied and occasionally dramatic nature. The impressive and wilderness-like plateau north and north west of Uddevalla has been a popular leisure area since the 1930s. Not least because of the footpaths, huts, windbreaks and other facilities that enthusiasts from the Friluftsfrämjandet have created on the fell. During the winter Uddevalla Idrottssällskap manages the tracks for skiing in the area.   Exercise paths and ski tracks of different lengths depart from the Klämman exercise centre. The Bohusleden stretches from the east across the whole northern section of the fell.

There are lots of fantastic experiences to be had during the cold months of the year. Go with Upplevelsebolaget for a day of ice climbing or long distance skating. If you have never skated or been on natural ice it is a good idea to take their ice course first.   If you prefer to keep things warm and comfortable you can hone your paddling skills on one of Upplevelsebolaget's pool courses. Educational and fun. And wet. Read more at


”goes winter”



Bredfjäll, 160 metres above sea level, is always a few degrees colder with more snow than the community at Ljungskile which lies beneath. Ljungskile Friluftsklubb has its club house on the northern part of Bredfjäll, a perfect starting point for those who want to walk, run, orienteer or ski in the beautiful fell environment. The club ensures that there are walking routes and ski tracks available to everyone. The 2.5 km long electrically lit track is moderately hilly for walking, jogging and during the winter it is prepared as a ski track. Other ski tracks run through old cultural and forestry land.     The Bohusleden passes through the eastern end of the fell. From a look-out tower there is a panoramic view, with Uddevalla bridge in the north west and Halleberg and Hunneberg in the north east.

24 Uddevalla&DU





14/11 - 21/12

Alla dagar 11-16. Övrig tid endast bokningar eller större sällskap LUNCHBUFFÉ med julens kalla favoriter. Pris: 125 kr Köp till; varm jultallrik eller varmrätt, kött/fisk. Pris: 75 kr Enbart varmrätt med liten sallad, enkel måltidsdryck, kaffe och kaka. Pris: 120 kr Välkommen att boka, 0522-380 80 Gustafsberg 475 | 451 91 Uddevalla | 0522-380 80 |






23/11 - 21/12 Julbord varje onsdag, fredag och lördag. Pris: 550 kr 23/11, 30/11 och 7/12 Magikern och världsartisten Rufus Wiena förtrollar er Familjejulbord varje söndag fr o m 27/11 Tomten tar emot barnens önskelistor Pris: 300 kr/vuxen, 150 kr/barn Välkommen att boka, 0522-300 58 Alltid fast pris med Taxi Väst Lindesnäs 745 | 451 91 Uddevalla | 0522-300 58 |

Uddevalla&DU 25

Boken채set offers winter adventures There is a lot going on at Boken채set during the autumn and winter seasons. Gather a group of friends or family for an exciting adventure, to relax or to enjoy a wonderful Sunday lunch with a walk beside the sea. Visiting Boken채set's beaches and forests in the winter months is as fantastic as in the summer.

Full speed ahead at Hafsten Resort during the winter More and more people are visiting the Hafsten Resort during the winter season. Some want to experience adrenaline filled adventure in the beautiful countryside, others will enjoy the relaxing swimming and spa treatments or the excellent food in the restaurant, which is open all year round. FLY OVER THE TREE TOPS ON SCANDINAVIA'S LONGEST ZIPLINE Imagine sailing a hundred metres above the ground for nearly a kilometre, at a top speed of 100 km/h. It is a really cool experience and a popular activity for companies, stag weekends/hen parties, private individuals 26 Uddevalla&DU

and families. FlyingFox zipline is next door to the Hafsten Resort on Boken채set and is open all year round.

beach and accommodates up to 20 people. Beside it is a wood-fired hot tub, which you can combine with the sauna.

This is how it works: Our experienced and trained activity leaders take you to the start platform, go through the safety information, attach the harness and then you fly down the mountain and over the trees. The descent has a drop of 100 metres, is 900 metres long and goes up to 100 km/h.

WASH AWAY THE STRESS AND RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES IN A SPA ENVIRONMENT Take a break from daily life and let your body and soul unwind for a few hours at Hafsten Resort's spa facility. Here you will find a Jacuzzi, three different types of sauna and a relaxation area. If you wish to stay the night there are a number of packages to choose from.

WINTER BATHING IN THE SEA Bathing in the sea in the winter months is a refreshing experience. Regardless of whether you want a dip in the sea or not, you can enjoy the heat and the view from the sea sauna at Hafsten Resort. The sauna is on the

Read more about winter activities at Hafsten Resort: and

Culinary experiences and sea views at Högås Gård Visiting Högås Gård in the winter is both a culinary and natural experience. The old farm is beautifully situated beside the sea with superb views over Kalvöfjorden.

As the name suggests, Högås Gård Café & Bistro is a café and restaurant. But it is also a hotel with twelve individually decorated rooms of a very high standard. All within the old farm buildings that have been lovingly restored.   Högås Gård is a destination that is frequently visited all year round. You can enjoy a good lunch, enjoy coffee with home baked treats and the Christmas buffet is very

popular. Some people check in to the hotel and stay for the whole holiday.   The farm is a few kilometres south of Rotviksbro. When you look out over Kalvöfjorden from the farm, it is fascinating to think that people have lived here for generations, providing for themselves through fishing and farming. Read more at

Stallgården offers west Swedish taste and shopping Stallgården is a perfect destination when you want to combine a good meal or coffee with some high class shopping. You can purchase both delicacies from the Gårdsskafferiet and interior design products and clothing from the Två Fröknar boutique.

Stallgården is beside the sea close to Rotviksbro, only a few kilometres from Torp shopping centre. The restaurant serves lunch and coffee every day and in the run up to Christmas there is a vast Christmas buffet. Here the focus is on local produce and west Swedish taste. You can also buy regional delicacies from Gårdsskafferiet.

The design boutique Två Fröknar is next door to the restaurant in an old grain store. Here you can find beautiful interior items, clothing, bags and jewellery.   On the evening of 16th November there is a Christmas event in the Christmas spirit. Read more at and Uddevalla&DU 27

Säljstart i vår!

Räkna med kvalitetstid Under våren 2017 startar försäljningen av brf Guldpennan i Södergården, på före detta Söderskolans tomt i Uddevalla. Här planerar vi för 45 nya bostadsrättslägenheter på 2–4 rok. Kvarteret är som gjort för dig som vill bo lätt och ledigt utan måsten – nära centrum, kommunikationer och avkoppling. Nyfiken? Anmäl ditt intresse redan idag på För störst chans att få din drömlägenhet gå med i Riksbyggen Förtur på

Vi är din hjälp i hemmet och på företaget. Veteranpoolen erbjuder en rad olika tjänster, välj bl a mellan: Snickeri, måleri & tapetsering Vvs, el & murning Städning & fönsterputsning Fastighets- & kontorsservice



Vi har inga startavgifter eller bindningstider. Välkommen!

Ring oss 0522-122 08 28 Uddevalla&DU

En riktig bank

Välkommen till en riktig bank Vi tror på ett personligt engagemang och en lokal närvaro. Hos oss hittar du ett komplett utbud av banktjänster.

Handelsbanken Kungsgatan 10, Telefon 0522–65 68 00

Villa Emyhill Villa Västergården


tomten GÅVOGRAN Träffa tomten och ge din önskelista! 27/11, 3-4/12, 10-11/12, 17-18/12 & 22/12. Tomten finns på plats 1 h efter butikerna öppnar.






Välj en önskelapp i gåvogranen och ge bort en julklapp till ett behövande barn. I samarbete med Lions Club Uddevalla.












Gallionens Julöppettider from 28/11


Vardagar 10-19 Lördag 10-16 Söndag 11-16


Espressohouse Vard 7.30-20 • lör 9.30-17 • sön 10.30-17

Besöksadress: Tapio Ylitapio

Skyltsöndag 27/11 butikerna öppna 12-16 ∙ Tomtekväll 22/12 öppet till 21 ∙ Julafton Åhléns öppet 10-14, övriga butiker stängda • Juldagen stängt. Annandag Jul 11-16.

Verkstadsgatan 8, 702 27 Örebro Herrestads 353, Uddevalla Tel. 0723-30Torp 93 93 (vid Torps köpcenter) Stefan Mattsson Tel. 0708-24 96 61

Uddevalla&DU 29

östra torp handelsplats -shopping for you and your family stores



05 Horizontal logo 450_w. 3482mm and letter hight(E) 450mm


1. Freestanding acrylic letter Apotek text – acrylic 060 – Lpflex (lp4) – text 33mm depth Integrated LED diode white K 7.000 Edges painted white

2. Crown symbol LP6 with facet, 5mm hight difference Crown line – 3mm depth LED color – white 7.000 Kelvin Solid acrylic – satin color code 2C02DC Aluminium in Orange


This drawing is solely for the use of client personel. No part of this may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Reactor retail AS All elements of this drawing are to be set out by contractor and to be approved by Reac tor retail AS prior to any implementation


Kronan 2.0_sign program 1.4_horizontal 450


1:10 / A3


19.aug 2013




The shopping destination for you and your family Is there something you need or are you just in the mood for some shopping? You are more than welcome to östra torp handelsplats in Uddevalla. Here you will find great shopping for the entire family at generous opening hours. We are offering home furnishing, food and beverage, children’s toys, electronics, garden tools and much more. See you soon!

Östra Torpvägen, Uddevalla Next to E6 highway, close to IKEA

östra torp handelsplats

ö 30 Uddevalla&DU

Challenge the climbing monkey within! Did you climb trees or playground apparatus when you were a kid? Climbing is a natural instinct we have from birth, so why not test your climbing skills again? There is an eleven meter climbing wall in the Rimnershall in Uddevalla that is open for everyone to try under the supervision of Bohusläns Klätterklubb. On Sunday evenings through the autumn, Bohusläns Klätterklubb is offering everyone, big and small, experienced and inexperienced, the chance to try some climbing. All the equipment required such as shoes and harnesses is available to loan. Super­ visors will be there to give advice and other practical help for climbing the eleven meter climbing wall. "We want as many people as possible to ­experience this fantastic sport," says Andreas Henriksson from Bohusläns Klätterklubb. "Climbing is an individual sport and there are no limits. Everyone climbs according to their physical limits and their own conditions. We have had visually impaired people climbing our wall as well as some amputees."

SUCCESS IS MEETING THE CHALLENGE Andreas tells how many first time visitors to the vertical, eleven meter wall react by saying 'I could never climb that'. "Later, when they have climbed to the top, been lowered down and set foot on terra firma again, they always have a huge smile and the great feeling of having mastered a challenge." "Lots of them want to improve and quite soon they want to try more difficult routes and tougher challenges." A FUN THING TO TRY Both the climbing wall and Bohusläns Klätterklubb have been at Rimnershallen since it was built in 2011. Alongside the club's normal training they also run taster sessions for the public and rent out the hall with

instructors for corporate events, hen parties/ bachelor parties and other groups who want to try something different and fun.   The club can arrange the taster sessions because so many club members give up their own time to help. FANTASTIC CLIMBING MOUNTAIN "Climbing indoors on a climbing wall is the first step into the sport for many. With the right training one can then take the step to climbing outdoors, and in Bohuslän we have a lot of fantastic mountains and cliffs that offer great climbing."   As a member of Bohusläns Klätterklubb you can attend climbing meets, members evenings and climbing trips that the club arranges and meet new friends who share the same interest.

Taster sessions at Rimnersvallen are on Sundays, 5pm-7.30pm throughout the autumn. More info about activities and times:

Uddevalla&DU 31

Sill ombord vid kaj Under två veckor i december serverar vi vår omtyckta jullunch ombord på skärgårdsbåten M/S Byfjorden. Vi dukar upp fem sorters sill med klassiska tillbehör, Janssons frestelse, jullax med kanel, Sjöströms äggrätt med räkor, flera sorters korvar och båttrillade köttbullar! Kom i stämning och få en försmak på den stundande julefriden ombord med oss! Tisdag-fredag 6-16 december, kl 11.30 och 13.30 Pris 199 kr


På lördag lämnar båten kajen och guiden Stefan Bergendahl berättar om julen och sillen i Bohuslän. Här serveras då även glögg och ris á la Malta utöver de rätter som ingår i jullunchen. Lördag 10, 17 december, kl 13.30 - 16.00 Pris 299 kr Boka bord på: 0522-69 84 80

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Uddevalla Tourist Magazine Winter 2016-17

Uddevalla&DU winter 2016-17 eng  

Uddevalla Tourist Magazine Winter 2016-17