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Uddevalla&DU// Intro Ljungskile centrum * 0727-15 85 05 * FB/IG cafefloraljungskile

Welcome to Uddevalla! In your hand, you hold the first number of Uddevalla&DU. It’s all about Uddevalla and about the people who live and work here. Uddevalla&DU will browse through all Uddevalla’s amazing places, people and events with the aim to show Uddevalla from its very best side.



Ansvarig utgivare: Annelie Nithander Destination Uddevalla, tel 0522-58 71 70 Redaktion: Kalas Reklambyrå, Ann-Louise Öhrn, Annelie Nithander, Jessica Frendberg, Jessica Barck, Patrik Carlsson Omslagsbild: Janne Bark, fotograf Erik Olsson Upplaga: 55 000 ex Annonser: Layout: Kalas Reklambyrå, Foto: Ann Haraldsson, Bjarne Sahlén, Erik Olsson Göran Assner/, Henrik Trygg/Vast­, Håkan Frendberg, Jocke Hermansson, Johan Larsson, Lars Svensson, Lola Lindegren, Malin Persson, Maria Rasmusson/Uddevalla kommun, Peo Nilsson, Peter Ljunggren d3 media (fiske s 4-5, s 30-31, emaus s 26-27), Tony Meyer, Ulf Michal, Maria Rasmusson/Uddevalla kommun

Herrestads Torp 353, 451 76 Uddevalla Tel: +46 (0)522-587170 Gilla oss på: och följ oss på instagram: @uddevallaochdu använd hashtag #uddevallaochdu

The place, the food and the people! Uddevalla may perhaps be a small city... but it is still big compared to other cities in Bohuslän. You could say that Uddevalla has been a well-kept secret for those who have still not discovered what a fantastic place it is. The landscape is unique with the archipelago and the fjords so close to the city. The mountains, forests and bare cliffs are close at hand and the inner archipelago with it´s calm waters and rich greenery are ideal for outings all year round. A little to the west you will meet Bohuslän’s barren countryside and the soft cliffs formed by the salty sea and inland ice. The easily accessible and vibrant coast of Bohuslän is one of a kind. Bohuslän is unique in many ways. Here, you can eat the best-tasting fish and the freshest shellfish! With Uddevalla as a base, we can throw ourselves into adventures that will impress even the most experienced globe trotters. Biking, hiking and paddling in our beauti­ful nature is an experience for all the senses, and the magazine you have in your hand is for those who want to explore the heart of Bohuslän. Uddevalla also has a lot of wonderful events – music, theatres and sports. We hope you will find what suits you the best. Let this be your guide to your best experiences - we look forward to seeing you!


Nu har vi har lediga båtplatser för alla båtstorlekar upp till 5 meters bredd och 14 meters längd i hamnarna Skeppsviken, Norra Kajen, Södra Kajen och Rödön. Ring hamnkapten Jerry Fors för bokning eller personlig visning. Tel: 072-164 70 91.

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Ann-Louise Öhrn Information manager, Uddevalla municipality

Annelie Nithander Tourism manager, Destination Uddevalla

Contents Fishing or golfing? 4 -10

Outdoor adventures in Uddevalla

Festivals and open air cinema 14 -15

Activities for the young

Summer night jam session 16

28 years of L’Jazz

List of events 20 - 21

Uddevalla happenings for each and everyone




12XUddevalla 22 - 23

Tips and tricks on what to do

Uddevalla for kids 26 - 27 Foto: Malcolm Hanes

Play and enjoy!

2 Uddevalla&DU

Culinary Uddevalla 30 - 33

Two chefs and a mussel lover

Ett bättre båtliv

Let’s go for a dip! 36

Your guide to the Uddevalla beaches


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Discover Outdoor - paddle, tread, swing, enjoy!


There is so much to do outdoors in Uddevalla during the summer season. Not only can you visit the lovely beaches and the wonderful mountain environment, but also the festivals, boat tours and everything else you can find to do. How about a kayak tour along the coastline or out in the archipelago, renting a bike and seeing the area from another perspective, trying fly-fishing, or why not take a round of golf? Tom Gustavsen is a sport fisherman who shares his passion. Very early in the morning he meets with those interested in fishing in the waters around Uddevalla and guides them through the mysteries of fly-fishing. It is a lesson in fishing, but also a lesson in taking advantage of the moment and experi­ encing the here and now with all the senses. Moments of the total quiet are mixed with moments of laughter and commotion. The concentration is total.

Tom stands rigging his fishing rod at a bay just outside Uddevalla. He mounts the reel, pulls the line through the butt guide and ties on a fly. The time is six in the morning, the air is clear and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day. It is the first day of Tom’s course on sea trout and three fishing enthusiasts have come to participate. They also assemble their rods and get ready for the adventure of the day. Tom instructs, relates and shows which flies will work. He points out the different places that look good to fish from. ”It’s great to get started isn’t it?” says Tom and tries a few casts in the air.   After some activity and further tips from Tom, they wade carefully out into the cold seawater. Hopefully they have tied on the right flies and the fish are hungry. Choosing the right fly is an art. ”In May the fish have eaten well and are becoming more selective. The fly chosen must look as natural as possible”, says Tom and holds up an olive-coloured imitation of a shrimp.   The men in the bay patiently continue to fish. The lines are tensed in large arcs moving back and forth above the surface of the sea. The rings of water grow on the surface of the sea as the flies land. The lines are slowly 4 Uddevalla&DU

drawn in. The same procedure is repeated again and again. The movements are calm and methodical. Suddenly there are waves on the water in front of one of the course participants. The quiet is broken and everything happens at once. ”Look there”, calls Tom. ”Try to place the flies close by.”

The lines are tensed in large arcs moving back and forth above the surface of the sea

The flies land exactly in front and the fish takes the bait. The tail slaps the surface; the fish is fighting for its life. The previous calm is replaced by pulse and adrenaline. The sea trout fights the rod, testing its strength. After a struggle the fish comes nearer. The fish is so big that the man calls for help. Tom hurries over and together they succeed in getting the fish into the landing net. Happiness is complete when the sea trout turns out to weigh 1.8 kg. The traditional photo is taken before the fish is released back into the sea. ”Okay, now you can go home” laughs Tom. ”Two hours fishing with me and you’ve already caught your dream fish.”   The first fish of the day is celebrated on land with a cup of coffee and a bun. There is laughter; joking and fishing stories are told. Flies are compared and fishing sites discussed. The atmosphere is good. When the coffee is finished, Tom and the course participants prepare to continue fishing. There are still a few more hours to fish on this day.

PLACES TO FISH Uddevalla has great fishing water. Here are a few tips. Skredsvik Saltkällan Morlanda Bodeleviken Saltsjön Bjursjön

Herrestadsfjället Nedre Bäveån Bredfjället Grinnerödssjön Ljungskileviken Mollön

Read more about fishing regulations at:

Text: Linda Skarin Uddevalla&DU 5

Börja spela golf på lyckorna GK

Vi bygger hus som skapar utrymme för livet

En riktig bank

Välkommen till en riktig bank

Nya golfare - nu är det enklare att ta grönt kort! Medlemskap i Lyckorna GK

Vi tror på ett personligt engagemang och en lokal närvaro.

Nybörjarkurs med sex träningstillfällen Allt utbildningsmaterial

Hos oss hittar du ett komplett utbud av banktjänster.

Fria bollar på drivingrangen Fritt spel på korthålsbanan Sex träningstillfällen med klubbens PRO

Komplett startpaket frå n

Bokning För bokning eller mer information om erbjudandet, ring 0522 – 201 76 eller skicka ett epost till

Hyresrätt det behändiga boendet!


Mik ael Erik sso n 0522-120 10 •

Handelsbanken Kungsgatan 10, Telefon 0522–65 68 00

Vill du också bo nära city, grönområden och havet? Gör som många andra gjort - hitta ditt drömhem i Brf Jazzen.


nya Folkets Park

Vill du bo nära city, grönområden och havet? Hitta ditt nya drömhem i Folkets Park! Du hyr - vi står för underhåll och service. Se våra lediga objekt i Uddevalla med omnejd på

Uddevallahem Södra Hamngatan 13 • Box 344, 451 18 Uddevalla Telefon: 0522-65 35 00 • E-post:

6 Uddevalla&DU

All-year-camping-site, by Byfjorden, 8 km west of Uddevalla. Modern 4 - 6 bed cottages and 400 camp sites in beautiful surroundings.

På platsen som varit hemvist åt Folkets Park har vi nu börjat bygga för ett nytt levande bostadsområde i centrala Uddevalla. Vill du bo i en ny modern lägenhet så hittar du ditt hem i byggstartade Brf Jazzen eller i planerade Brf Polketten. Brf Jazzen erbjuder stora möblerbara balkonger med utsikt mot den vackra parken. I Brf Polketten finner du yteffektiva och välplanerade lägenheter med villakänsla i separata tvåvåningshus med sköna gårdsmiljöer. Kontakt: Anita Kamperin, tel. 0733-37 33 83,

Vi utFör äVen byggserVice! Våra erfarna och ansvarsfulla hantverkare kan snabbt rycka ut och åtgärda akuta problem såsom vatten- och inbrottsskador. Vi utför även underhålls-, reparations- och försäkringsarbeten, service åt fastighetsbolag och industri samt mindre entreprenader och stambyten. Är du villa- eller bostadsrättsägare? Vi kan bistå med reparationsarbeten samt om- och tillbyggnader.

För mer information: Jan Larsson tel. 0522-64 24 12, mob. 0733-37 33 80

Uddevalla&DU 7



Imagine gliding over a mirror-like water surface. Imagine taking a deep breath of crispy morning air, a taste of salt on your lips and that feeling of the morning sun’s first rays starting to warm your slightly cold body. Imagine the sound of a paddle breaking the silence.

Joakim Hermanson is an eco-tourism ­company owner, a photographer, writer, ­lecturer, a tramp and he is a kayak fanatic. He has run the Upplevelsebolaget at ­Gustafsberg since 1994. We have asked him ­ a few questions about kayaking in Uddevalla.

FIND OUT MORE? Here are a few of the operators available in Uddevalla. Friluftsfrämjandet Uddevalla The Swedish Outdoor Association, U-a Friluftsfrämjandet i Ljungskile, The Swedish Outdoor Association UteGuiderna - in Bohuslän Upplevelsebolaget

The calm waters of the North Currents (Nordströmmarna) are ideal for kayaking


”For the freedom, the simplicity and the sake of fantastic nature experiences. But also because it is a pleasant thing to do together with family, friends or work mates.” WHY PADDLE IN UDDEVALLA?

”As a kayaker you have a lovely, relatively­ protected inner archipelago to paddle around in here and the kayak is easy to take along on the roof of the car. It is one hour from Uddevalla to Strömstad and one hour to Gothenburg with endless paddling in ­between. Two or three hours after I start off, I am sitting in the cockpit at Koster, ­ Väderöarna or Måseskär.”

8 Uddevalla&DU


”The entire coast down towards Ljungskile, with the Hasselöarna and the ribbon of small islands southwards, is really nice. You can see seals, Pilgrim falcons and sea eagles on the way and it is not too crowded with other paddlers or boat tourists. Then there is the northern side of Orust, south of Bokenäset, which is just as nice. Kalvön on the way outward and Koljöfjorden with Hjältön, Högholmen and Stegelholmen is a wonderful area to paddle in. However, the real jewel for kayak paddlers is of course the area around Bassholmen in Uddevalla. The calm waters of the North Currents are ideal for paddling kayaks. WHO CAN PADDLE KAYAKS?

”Almost everyone. It is easy to learn. We meet a lot of people who trade the sail boat or golf for the kayak, sometimes they are closer to seventy years old and they think it is fantastic. If you are somewhat tough, you can teach yourself, but if you want to save time and avoid mistakes it is a good idea to take some lessons. Then, you can start to explore.”   Paddling the kayak can be everything from taking a calm evening tour on still water via an overnight tour and get the chance to see the sunset over the water, while eating your own fish soup and ­sipping a kuksa of wine, to a long expedition with a fully-packed kayak in unknown waters, or action-packed, foaming kayak fun with a helmet on your head through high breaking waves in the surf of the outer archipelago.   There is something for everyone. The common denominator is the fantastic ­environment.

Let the cliffs, sea and spell-binding parts of the forest be the backdrops while you pedal your way forward at an easy pace, or hurtle forwards on forest paths at full speed on a mountain bike. Uddevalla on two wheels is exactly what you make of it – an experience ­ to remember.

Whether you plan a regular biking holiday or just want a quiet tour along the coast on a summer evening, Uddevalla is an excellent choice. The municipality offers bike roads, bike paths and bike-friendly byways - equipped with a bike map of the region, you will have an overview of these as well as the sights worth seeing and other areas. Many hotels and youth hostels offer bikes for rent if you don’t have your own bike and they will also provide bike maps. There are sometimes even complete biking packages which include a bike, accommodation and

suggestions for biking routes. There are many full and half-day tours through the forest for the leisurely cyclist, both on asphalt and gravel roads. There are plenty of sights to see, you may perhaps bike to Gustafsberg - Sweden’s oldest seaside resort - and enjoy a cup of coffee and the captivating surroundings, or take a closer look at the unique flora at Skalbankarna. Both outings are within a comfortable distance from the city of Uddevalla. ­Mountain bike outings are also arranged for the adrenaline-craving cyclists, with Uddevalla as the starting point. If you long to hurtle down cliffs this is warmly recommended. There are so many advantages to biking. It is good for both body and soul, as well as the wallet and environment. Give yourself a different experience in Uddevalla, hop up onto a saddle and get going.

Tips & advise on biking • A bicycle pump is good to have along on both short and long tours. • You will always find your way home if you have a biking map at hand. • Biking requires energy – a water bottle and lighter picnics is good fuel. • Will you be biking on a main road? Put your safety reflector vest on so you will be clearly visible. • A bike helmet for both adults and children, naturally! • Use the layer-by-layer method as a dress code. • A repair kit may be advisable for longer tours.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Read more about biking at On-line bike map: Biking package between mountains and sea in Ljungskile. Ship Ohoj! Bring your bike along on board the Archipelago boat and discover new favourite spots. See tour list: For mtb-tours visit:

Uddevalla&DU 9

Magasinet Uddevalla & DU Format: Kvartssida 88 x 131 mm Pris: 5375 kr + moms o reklamskatt

Golfing Semester-besök en kyrka

Frid och Svalka

Är ni ute efter en kul & spÄnnande dag? Vi har aktiViteter för dig året runt! Med våra snabba rib-båtar är de flesta guldkornen längs västkusten inte långt borta. Vi erbjuder även aktiviteter så som lerduveskytte, backklättring, styltstafett, krabbfiske, dragkamp, hinderbana, vattenrännerace, matlagning, vin- & spritprovning, minispa och mycket mer!

se alla Våra aktiViteter & paket: Lyckorna GK

Lyckorna GK

UDDEVALLA GOLF CLUB Restaurant • Handi-golf • Driving range Golf hall with simulator • Practise area Two putting greens (one handicap accessible) • Pro and service shop More info:

Lyckorna GOLF Club Golf tavern • Pay & Play-course Driving range • Practise field beside the sea • Two putting greens Well-assorted shop More info:

Oscar Florén grew up on Lyckorna in Ljungskile, with a golf club more or less in his hand. His mother is the chairman of the Bohuslän-Dals Golfing Association, his father was a previous chairman of Lyckorna Golf Club and his younger brother is a golf pro in Asia. During his youth Oscar played football, badminton and tennis as well. However, when he was picked for the Junior National Team in 2001, there was no doubt a ­ bout it – it was golf that he was going to choose. HOW IS YOUR GOLF CAREER GOING SO FAR AND WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?

”I moved to the USA in 2003 to study and play golf for Texas Tech University. During my time as an amateur I represented Sweden in the Youth World Championships, a number of team European Championships (silver at best in 2002) as well as a number ­­of international competitions. I also repre­ sented Europe in 2006 and 2007 in matches against the USA for university students. I moved home to Ljungskile in 2007 and have been a pro since then. I played the Challenge Tour until 2010 and then the European Tour in 2011-2013, but after sub-normal play last year I am currently playing the Challenge Tour again. The goal in the future is to live ­ ­in the USA.” WHAT IS YOUR BEST GOLF MEMORY FROM HERE?

Uddevalla GK 10 Uddevalla&DU

”There is a number of them, since it was at Lyckorna and the area around here that I played when I grew up. However, if I have

kontakt Äventyr & Catering AB Smörbräckevägen 15 451 53 Uddevalla

to choose one of the best, it was when I won Lyckorna Scratch about 10 years ago. Two rounds in one day and I tied the course record the first round and was one shot away on the next round (66+67). That was a day when everything went right and it was fantastic to play golf. I think I won by nine shots... I also remember when I made my first birdie, on the 9th at Lyckorna when I was ten years old or so. My first hole-in-one was also at Lyckorna. And, of course those wonderful summer mornings when I stood all by myself down by the water and practised. Those memories are unbeatable. Pure enjoyment for golf-lovers.”

Tel: 0707-700 602 Fax: 0522-300 95


”I’m not completely unbiased in that area, but I actually feel that Lyckorna is one of the best and most enjoyable courses in the area. It is usually in good condition during the summer, has good variation on the holes with somewhat more open wind-blown holes closer to the sea and a number of holes set in forest environment. The short-hole course is also fun and great to play for those who have just begun playing golf - and even for me when I practise a few of the more important parts of the game. Then there is Orust Golf Club, just beside the sea and it is hard not to feel good when playing on that course. If you have a summer house on any of the islands nearby, or if you rent one, then you can just take the boat to the golf club. However, there are many courses in the area that are very good and the best recommendation for ­golf-lovers is to just plan a holiday week in the area and begin exploring.”

Go seafood cruising this summer! Enjoy local seafood with chilled beverages during a three-hour cruise of the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago. Book your table in advance – this is a popular pleasure! Boats depart from Södra Hamnen in Uddevalla on Wednesdays and Fridays at 19:00hrs (17/5-12/9). | 0522 69 84 80



I UDDEVALLA oppet aret runt 0522 64 41 17 Uddevalla&DU 11

Want a home like this? KIDS DAY IN UDDEVALLA



Terrace houses with a grand sea view

Welcome to Kids Day in Uddevalla - a day filled with fun specially and just for kids.

In a western slope towards the fjord we are

– the ultimate water experience!

realising the housing area the White Houses architect drawn illusions with immediate closeness to the water and the area’s own beach to prices that you do not associate with seaside living.

Waterslides, swirl-canal, cave, toddler pool, jacuzzis, dry- and steam saunas, bubble zone, relax zone, café and more.

Due to thoughtful terracing and planning you will all get a grand view of the sea and houses bathing in sun from morning to evening. You’re moving in to a turnkey house to a fixed price

presented by uddevalla centrumutveckling together with

with turnkey contract including property, connection fees, building permit and so on. Don’t hesitate to call us for more information Utsikt från det nya bostadsområdet Sundskogen.

Vänerparken 1 • 462 35 Vänersborg +46(0)521-675 50 •

Phone (mobile): 0705-33 08 87

Bygg ditt drömboende i Sundskogen Vi erbjuder havsnära villatomter med generös byggrätt, allt så du kan förverkliga ditt eget drömboende 15 minuter från stan. Den storslagna utsikten över fjorden får du på köpet.

Du väljer själv din husleverantör. BARN- och BAdVÄNLIGT Tomter på cirka 1 000 kvm Boende på upp till 250 kvm Kommunalt VA Tomtpris från 350 000 kr

Mellan Uddevalla & Munkedal ligger Anneröds gård. - Äventyret för hela familjen! Vill du veta mer? eller ring 0522-69 60 00

12 Uddevalla&DU 0524-20028

Uddevalla&DU 13


Uddevalla&DU// Gilla

Uddevalla Solid Sound 2014 The organisers of this year’s festival Uddevalla Solid Sound say it will be different from last years festival. They are now not only committed to present a variation of big and small artists, but to provide accommodations for festival visitors.

Illustration: Samuel Donnellan

Hello! Are you a giraffe? Did you know that Leisure Services help youths in Uddevalla to arrange awesome Leisure Services projects?

Are you between the ages of 13 - 26 years and want to do something fun in Uddevalla municipality that you want to share with others? Then you can apply to: GIRAFF - Leisure Services support to youths. During the last few years youths have contributed and had lots of fun! Festivals, concerts, gaming conventions, theatre, film, art, skating and a lot of other things. Apply for eco­ nomical and personal support to realize your idea! For more info about Giraff support Visit

Music Direct Regional Final – April 26 Malena Ernman, Timo Räisänen, Sabaton, Abalone Dots, Laleh, José González, Cardigans, Erik Grönvall, Amanda Jensen were there. They were all part of the Music Direct Regional Final in Uddevalla.

On April 26 the Music Direct Regional Final will be determined in Uddevalla. The region’s finest bands, musicians and artists will compete for a place in the finals in the nation-wide competition. The musicians and music lovers will primarily meet thanks to their common interest - Music! Local young organisers from Uddevalla are arranging the regional finals. Hopefully one or some of these Uddevalla musicians will be seen on stage during the evening. musik-direkt

Elinorspelen 2014 Ellinorspelen will be held on August 1-2 at Bokenäset. A growing festival with an ”at home ” feeling in the outdoors. The programme, artist and times will be available on:

Outdoor cinema! Free cinema under the stars

On August 16 Uddevalla municipality, will be showing a free outdoor cinema in the Museum parc. Pack a picnic basket, bring along a warm, comfortable blanket and enjoy a good film under the stars. Information about this year’s cinema will be available at and

Like: 14 Uddevalla&DU

The festival spirit from last year’s Uddevalla Solid Sound is still a wonderful summer memory for many residents of Uddevalla. This year the organisers Simon Tehyrell and Pontus Blom hope for a grand repeat. New this time, is a smaller restructuring of the arena area, a new round of both local and nationwide artists and the possible renting of accommodations for festival visitors.   ”We are at the phase where we speculate about the possibilities for accommodations. We thought that those visiting us should be able to rent space for caravans at the grass field outside the museum. Alternatively berths in boats along the dock”, explains Simon Tehyrell, but emphasizes that nothing has been decided. Markbygg has, in addition, entered as a main sponsor for the festival, which means that they are the largest contributors and the primary reason for us being able to hold the festival once again.   ”For every ticket sold, ten Swedish kronor will be contributed to Barncancerfonden (the Children’s Cancer Fund).” We have had this idea for a long time, but during the last year many near and dear ones have been diagnosed with cancer and we decided to contribute as much as we can”, explains Simon Tehyrell. ”It feels good to be able to contribute and we hope that more festivals will follow our example. If we can help, then we feel that we should.”   The organisers are presently working with finalising the rest of the artists. A total of twenty artists will perform during the twoday festival. The performance time for each show is between 45 and 75 minutes.   ”The schedule hasn’t been nailed down as yet, that is something we will decide when it’s time for the festival. Naturally we hope that as many people as possible will be attracted by the mix of artists and we are convinced that so will be the case. It will be a fantastic line-up”, says Simon.   This time there will only be one entrance placed along the dock. Lesser adjustments will be made, but on the whole, things will function in a similar way. The biggest differences are to the organisation and behind the scene.   ”Lisa Karlsson will once again decorate the area with art and we will also include graffiti

painting. The art theme has not yet been decided” explains Pontus.   Simon Tehyrell adds that the festival ­marketing has been increased this year and they hope to attract people from other cities, even from Norway.   ”Our Facebook fans have increased from four thousand to seven thousand during the last twelve months and the number is increasing the whole time. The response has been really good and our good reputation has passed on to many people”, continues Pontus. However, it won’t be until the day before the festival that nerves will begin to be felt.   ”Sure, we will be nervous, since it is a big event that we are arranging. However, we usually seem calm. We have a big responsibility but we have worked with the planning of the festival during the whole year, so I don’t think we will be that nervous”, says Simon, and continues ”Our work tasks during the days of the festival are to solve problems that may arise, and to make sure that all the officials and other personnel are where they are supposed to be.”   Just as with last year’s Uddevalla Solid Sound, there will be film teams and photographers in place to document the event. ”Instead of making an after movie, as most other festivals usually do, we are thinking of making a documentary.” says Pontus. Both organisers encourage festival visitors to collect or buy their tickets in good time just to be sure. Text: Malin Engelbrektsson Photo: Pressbild

Uddevalla Solid Sound artists:

Laleh, Timbuktu & Damn! Hoffmaestro, Melissa Horn Syster sol, Heymoonshaker Nicole Saboune, Heavy Tiger Jakob Hellman, Linda Pira & Stor & Salazar brothers Graveyard, Cavern People Thomas Stenström, Skilla Naima Train, Movits etc. Do you want to be an official during the days of the festival? Then keep an eye out for Solid Sounds Facebook page for more information. All info about the festival and tickets:

Solid Sound has more than

00 72 likes on Facebook

Uddevalla&DU 15

jam session

the jazz elite

TORG MARKNAD Kom och umgås på torget i Ljungskile, handla lite, fika en stund och träffa vänner och bekanta – på äkta marknadsvis. 4 lördagar i år, 10-15. Välkommen!

Illustration: Lennart Carlsson

16 Uddevalla&DU


Arr: Uddevalla Näringsliv och Lönn Marknadskonsult

Kom loss. Träna ute & inne. Vi bjuder på utomhusträningen i sommar.

Vandrarhem Kurser Konferens Bröllop & Fest Telefon 0522-65 11 05.

5 april p p .se ä l s t spelen l l Biljet a j f d w.bre på ww

“Årets sommarteater... jag unnar alla svenska skogsbackar ett Bredfjällspel” (GT) “Stor och berömvärd satsning” (GP) “Sinnligt nät av sensualism och magi” (Bohusläningen) 30 juli - 10 aug 2014 Kalas Reklambyrå. Foto: Ulf Michal.

keep the prices of the tickets low. That is the whole point of the event - that people can enjoy really high quality jazz at a reasonable price. This year we are e.g. trying out a halfweek card. Previously we only had wholeweek but although everyone wants to, they cannot attend everything. We are committed to reasonable prices and offer the absolute best we can within the jazz genre. This year’s Summer Jazz program is not yet completed. As we are speaking only one artist is officially booked, but that one artist happens to be Georgie Fame! He will be joined by a group featuring saxophonist Amanda Sedgewick and pianist Clas Crona. So one artist booked and many more to go! And, as always, we hope to include our own Lars Jansson. Lennart explains:   ”Lars always attracts a crowd. He usually has his son on the drums and a group of Danes he knows from his years in Århus. During the first ten years of Summer Jazz, he was the permanent house band with his trio, along with hand-picked soloists. His contact network and commitment laid the grounds for the existence of Summer Jazz.   Summer Jazz has been enormously appreciated as a long-standing element in the calendar by the locals and summer guests for the last 27 years. So, be sure to book the last week in July for a musical experience above the normal - come and listen to the jazz elite jam session at Ljungskile.


spontaneity must exist in a jam session”, says Lennart Carlsson, chairman of the asso­ ciation.   The Summer Jazz week always falls in the last full week of July at Ljungskilegården and has through the years been visited by both Swedish and international jazz legends. Putte Wickman has played here, Svend Asmundssen, Bengt Hallberg, yes through the years there have been a number of big names.   ”We seldom have the money to attract world names. The biggest one I know of was Georgie Fame with the Bohuslän Big Band, the room was really crowded then. But it is constantly a question of balance. ­We have contributions from the Swedish Arts Council and the municipality and we try to

premiär 30 juli


A club where the public come to experience exciting and transboundary jazz, soul and blues of the highest quality - this is how the association describes its activities at L’Jazz in Ljungskile. They are supported both by the municipality and the Swedish Arts Council and collaborate with Sensus and Ljungskile’s Adult Education Collage. They offer jazz all year round however, it is jazz during the summer that has made the association well-known in wider circles. About a thousand visitors flock to Ljungskile Bay every year to enjoy jazz during the summer evenings.

L’jazz turns 27 this year and Summer Jazz 28 since the whole thing started with summer jazz at the restaurant Full Segel. It began with a group of music enthusiasts in the district who wanted to do something extra with their passion and share it with the residents of Ljungskile. After the first years of gigs there were often jam sessions continuing long into the night.   ”We are actually going to try to revive our jam sessions this year. Those of us who have been part of this for a while are getting on in age, but the younger talents want to jam a little. We thought we would have a fixed opening act that will later remain for a jam session after the concert, or at least create the conditions for one. A certain amount of

Publiksuccén från 2013 är tillbaka

Vi stöds av: Västra Götalandsregionen, Stenastiftelsen, Kriss, LRF, Uddevalla kommun, Thordénstiftelsen, Percy Barnevik, Regionteatern, Carl Bennet AB, Trestad Stigen Buss, Ljungskile folkhögskola, Kalas Reklambyrå, Bohusläningen, Swedbank, Lasalle & Partners AB, Bohusgården, Pc-Concept, El Väst, Dala Trähus, Starke Arvid, Arkitektkopia, JTB, Svenska kyrkan Ljungskile, Finn Johnsson, Patric Westdahl, MediArt Foto, Ramirent, Klas Jansson Bygg AB, Löfbergs Lila AB, Torp Köpcentrum, ICA Supermarket Ljungskile, Kynningsrud, Uddevalla Energi.

Uddevalla&DU 17


Konditori Snäckan


7-10 August




■ 24 - 26/7

Welcome to our appreciated monthly market located at Kungstorget.

Great family fun in Uddevalla city centre. Three music stages, great food, kids fun, fair, flea markets and much more.

7/4 · 5/5 · 2/6 · 7/7 · 4/8

church Guided tours, eas, ar ay pl service, concert



New great spring market at Kungstorget!

Visit the beautiful site of Gustafsberg – the oldest health spa in Sweden.


■ 31/5 KIDS DAY

A day filled with fun specially for kids.

Enjoy a wide range of food and drink in our seafront cafe and restaurant.

■ 2 6/6 NATTSUDD

Lovely summer evening in the city centre. The shops are open to 10 pm.

For info, call +46 522 380 80 or go to


Kanelsnäckan AB, Gustafsberg 475, S-451 91 Uddevalla

+46 522-152 00 • •


Lovely market with flavours from around the world.

■ 30/8 KIDS FLEA MARKET The childrens own market at Kungstorget.



Every summer Sunday at 19.00hrs in Ljungskile Parish 1/6 8/6 15/6 22/6 29/6


6/7 13/7 20/7 27/7

Forshälla kyrka - MARGARETHA EVMARK TRIO Ljungs kyrka - JENNY BERGGREN Resteröds kyrka (NB 17.00) CANTUS INCOGNITO Ljungs kyrka - SUSANNE ALFVENGREN

2/8 3/8 10/8 17/8 24/8






Oranized by Ljungskile Parish and Sensus. Free entrance unless otherwise noted. For the complete summer programme go to: 18 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 19

Events in Uddevalla 2014 Ett axplock av evenemangen i Uddevalla JUNE

5/7-6/7 Uddevalla Grand Prix of Sweden, Motocross WC

In the south harbour and on Gustafsberg. Free tours with all the boats, open ship, and other fun activities.

An event which attracts over 20,000 visitors to Glimmingen over a weekend. Take part in the festival!

13/6-15/6 Junicupen

7/7-12/7 West Coast Dance Festival

Handball tournament at Bodele/ Gustafsberg.

Summer dance in the barn.

14/6 Ljungskiledagen

12/7 Bassholmendagen

Tivoli, market and music entertainment in Ljungskile.

Enjoy the summer at Bassholmen and take part of the Wooden boat festival.

Traditional Swedish midsummer celebrations at Museiparken, (the Museum parc) Uddevalla.

20/7-26/7 Ljungskile Jazz Week Jazz from around the world in a beautiful landscape.

26/6 Nattsudd

24/7-26/7 Uddevallakalaset

Late shopping and activities in Uddevalla city until 22pm.

Enjoy a family festival in the city of Uddevalla with music, food and drink. This years sing-along is led by Scotts!

27/6 Pantaenius Bohusracet Sailing race along the west coast, starting in Uddevalla.

30/7-2/8 International Street Market Food culture from all over the world in the city of Uddevalla.

27/6 -28/6 City fest Restaurant Harry’s Backyard - Entertainment and music in the summer night.


6/6 Day of sightseeing boats & National Day Celebration

20/6 Midsummer’s Eve

All events can be found at:

30/7-10/8 Bredfjällspelen A historical play and outdoor theatre in Ljungskile.

August 1/8-2/8 Battle of the backyard Sweden’s largest wakeboard competition. Here you will see the world’s best wakeboarders compete.

1/8-2/8 Elinorspelen A festival for adolescents with “at home feeling” on Bokenäset.

1/8-3/8 Oddebollen Football tournament at Bodele/ Gustafsberg with teams from across the country.

2/8-3/8 Orust runt Kayak race with start and finish in Ljungskile.

7/8-10/8 Gustafsbergsdagarna Remembering the old spa days at Gustafsberg with guided tours, theatre and more.

8/8-9/8 Uddevalla Folk Music Festival Games, dance, concerts and a lot of good courses held at Bohuslän Museum.

16/8 Outdoor cinema in Museiparken See a movie under the stars.

29/8-30/8 Uddevalla Solid Sound Large music festival in the centre of Uddevalla, with the greatest artists right now.

30/8 The children’s flea market Flea market on the main street in Uddevalla.

Pantaenius Bohusracet

International Street Market


Motocross WC


Uddevalla Solid Sound With reservation to changes.

20 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 21


ometimes imagination deserts you. We have therefore gathered a few tips for small activities that offer something for everyone. Bring along the family or friends and experience 12xUddevalla. For more tips about activities browse



In the playroom at Bohuslän Museum we find the steamship ”Uddevalla” whistling its departure out towards the steamship landings throughout the fjords. A perfect activity when the sun hides itself behind dark rain clouds. The Museum offers history, play and fellowship to the whole family.

Relax in the wood-fired sauna raft that lies and bobs by the landing on Ulvön. Enjoy the heat and the sea view and hop into the sea for an evening dip. In addition to the public sauna days, you can rent the sauna raft for yourself and your friends.



Crab fishing


Tennis game

Tennis is a fun activity to do together and usually offers many laughs. Kurveröd, among other places, has nice tennis courts that are ready to use. Are they booked? If yes, then try Skeppviken, Dalabergskullen, Turedalar...


Bohuslän museum

# 2 Sauna rafting on Ulvön

#7 Pick strawberries

The best strawberries are the ones you pick yourself. At Skafteröds Farm in Ljungskile, you can pick your own strawberriesduring the summer season. Stop on the way home and pick up a pack of ice cream or perhaps some whipping cream and enjoy the summer!

Minigolf at Skeppsviken

The minigolf courses at Skeppsviken opened recently in 2013 and are excellent as an afternoon activity or for the restless souls that don’t want to lie still in the sun chair. Be sure to challenge your friends on a wonderful summer day!

Fishing for crabs is an old tradition here in Bohuslän. Groups of friends and families with children can enjoy themselves fishing for crabs because isn’t it true that there is a child within all of us? The tools required: pails, clothes-pegs, string and patience! Challenge each other to a crab race!

#11 Hiking

Uddevalla offers fantastic hiking from Fjäll to coast, city core to countryside. The Bohus Trail, Bredfjället or Coastal Trail are just a few hiking trails that are well worth visiting. Take the family with you and pack a lunch to enjoy a new view of Uddevalla. Don’t forget your camera!

#4 Beach volleyball

At Landbadet at Gustafsberg in Uddevalla you will find a beach volleyball court with the most wonderful sand. Take your group of friends along for a mini-tournament and compete for ice-cream from the nearby kiosk. Perhaps you will end up swimming in Landbadets outdoor swimming pool!



A warm, calm day in the afternoon or a summer morning at its best - what could be better than a brimming picnicbasket? Uddevalla has many parks and favourite haunts to sit down in and share a picnic with someone you like. Make some coffee, mix lemonade and stop in at any of the city’s cafés to buy something delicious.

For more tips, treats and hidden gems, visit

22 Uddevalla&DU



The sport for the young and the old alike. This sport is certainly associated with the older generation, but the interest has started to infiltrate downwards to the younger generation. Challenge your grandchildren or your grandparents to a game. Rent equipment at SEK 20:-/set.


trip with the #10 Boat archipelago boats

Are you sometimes tempted to take a boat trip? The Archipelago-boats will show you Uddevalla from it most beautiful side. With a small, packed lunch on board you can enjoy a few hours of mini-cruise. You can even stop and take a dip at one of Uddevalla’s many bathing sites and take the next boat home. Ship ahoy!

# 12

Pay and Play at Lyckorna Time for golf! You don’t have to be the best, you don’t even have to know alot about it, because at Lyckorna Golf Course you can Pay and Play and everyone is welcome. Since everyone is talking about it, perhaps you should test this sport for the first time. SEK 120:- for adults and SEK 60:- for juniors.

Uddevalla&DU 23

38 turer i veckan Res klokt och spar tid! Flyg från Trollhättan-Vänersborg.

premiär 30 juli

180 KR INKL. KLUBBOR 120 kr - exkl. klubbor 60 kr - junior upp till 21år 120 kr - junior inkl. klubbor 0522-201 76





Villa Lindesnäs Nu är dax att öppna porten till Villa Lindesnäs Påskmeny den 17 april

A melting pot for anyone who plays, listens to or likes to dance to folk music

Vi anordnar Bröllopsfester, studentfester, konferenser, konfirmationsfest bl a Välkomna till Uddevallas vackraste utsikt! Villa Lindesnäs, Lindesnäs 754, 451 91 Uddevalla Tel/Fax: 0522-300 58, E-post:


En vandrarhemspärla med goda kursmöjligheter. Örtagården ligger i Lane-Ryr, 10 km från Uddevalla i lugna omgivningar. Välj dubbelrum med dusch och WC i huvudbyggnaden eller rum i den charmiga äldre byggnaden.

24 Uddevalla&DU

Publiksuccén från 2013 är tillbaka

Boka via hemsidan eller e-post: alt. tel. 0522-660128, 072-7087014, 072-7087041


ril p 5 ap p .se ä l s t t spelen l l Bilje a j f d w.bre på ww

“Årets sommarteater... jag unnar alla svenska skogsbackar ett Bredfjällspel” (GT) “Stor och berömvärd satsning” (GP) “Sinnligt nät av sensualism och magi” (Bohusläningen)

30 juli - 10 aug 2014 Kalas Reklambyrå. Foto: Peter Muld.

Upplev vår personliga service, både på marken och i luften. Här går allt snabbt, smidigt och enkelt!

Lyckorna GK PAY&Play

Vi stöds av: Västra Götalandsregionen, Stenastiftelsen, Kriss, LRF, Uddevalla kommun, Thordénstiftelsen, Percy Barnevik, Regionteatern, Carl Bennet AB, Trestad Stigen Buss, Ljungskile folkhögskola, Kalas Reklambyrå, Bohusläningen, Swedbank, Lasalle & Partners AB, Bohusgården, Pc-Concept, El Väst, Dala Trähus, Starke Arvid, Arkitektkopia, JTB, Svenska kyrkan Ljungskile, Finn Johnsson, Patric Westdahl, MediArt Foto, Ramirent, Klas Jansson Bygg AB, Löfbergs Lila AB, Torp Köpcentrum, ICA Supermarket Ljungskile, Kynningsrud, Uddevalla Energi.

Uddevalla&DU 25

AT BADHUSPARKEN there is a huge,

for the children Are you on holiday with children? Uddevalla offers lots of exciting activities, events and outings that suit children of all ages. Here are some of them and if you are interested in more information visit

wonderful playground, just beside the guest harbour and the archipelago boats. ­(Skärgårdsbåtarna). Take a boat tour with the M ­ /S Sunningen and cruise among the islets and skerries or go to one of our many bathing sites and fish for crabs. In the summer you can also cruise to Käringön, Bassholmen and Lysekil - guaranteed to be an unforgettable outing for the day.


children-friendly exhibitions about the history, animal and nature of Bohuslän. Come and play in the playroom and refill your energy at the pleasant restaurant Kajkanten.


find lots to do, a good beach, adventure golf or maybe the children’s favourite - the water

26 Uddevalla&DU

slide! You can also ride, paddle canoes and take a sauna in the sea sauna. There are cabins and camping available - a perfect place to stay when travelling with the family!

If you want a fast and breezy pace, you can visit GLIMMINGEN MOTOR STADIUM. They have go-carts to race around in on one of Sweden’s biggest and most fun racing tracks. Book ahead or just drop in! The minimum height for children is 125 cm.

Wheelbarrow races, wood horse races, tyre stacking and log sawing - LANE LOGE’S PENTATHLON is nothing to sneeze at! ­ Visit the farm and play football, golf, barbecue, enjoy the green space and family games.There are cabins for rent and a cosy café to visit.

AT EMAUS FARM you can run off your energy, get to know the animals, swing on the pear swing, play and ride. You will meet mini-pigs and ducks, goats and hens. You can pet rabbits and cats and you may dare to ride a pony. You are welcome here all year round and all the activities are free. The vast areas offer plenty of space for play, running and games. Bring along a picnic basket or something to barbecue, there are grills and places to enjoy a cup of coffee, even under a roof. Emaus is a nature reserve and parents are responsible for their children on the farm.

BATHING SITES. Sun-baked cliffs and crab

fishing, sand between the toes and lying on your back, city swimming on the way from a shopping spree -which type are you? In Uddevalla there is something for everyone...

Uddevalla&DU 27



Saltstänkta upplevelser

Har du företag i Uddevalla? – Ring Jessica

~ Sälsafari keturerFisketurer ~ Sälsafari ~ Skärgårdsturer Skärgårdsturer xibåt ~ Hummerfiske ~ Strandhugg Taxibåt ~ Hummerske Ring: Strandhugg 0703-44 49 63

Ring: 0703-44 49 63 ~


50-70% lägre priser



Saltstänkta upplevelser


Uddevalla Näringsliv består av 235 företag och organisationer från alla möjliga branscher. Är du sugen på att nätverka med oss? Kontakta då vår projektkoordinator Jessica Barck på telefon 0737-77 56 47 eller

Music or clams? There is time for both. M/S Gustafsberg cruises to Slussens pensionat – well renowned for its music venue – and also offers evening cruises followed by a clam-dinner in the bell tower of Lyckorna.The Swedish summer nights are long and bright – plenty of time to enjoy. Boats depart from Lyckornas Brygga in Ljungskile, (2/7-14/8).


Saltstänkta upplevelser

KRISS Outlet Trikåfabriken i Ljungskile 0522-266170 | mån-fre 12-18, lör 10-14, sön 11-14

~ SälsafariFisketurer ~ Skärgårdsturer ~ Sälsafari ~ Skärgårdsturer Hummerfiske Taxibåt ~ Strandhugg ~ Hummerfiske ~ Strandhugg ~

World class dentistry

ng: 0703-44 49 63Ring: 0703-44 49 63 ~ ~ | 0522 69 84 80

Fyra vägar in till oss

Our dentists, specialists, dental hygienists, nurses and receptionists all strive to exceed your every expectation, aiming to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Always. That’s what we call world class dental care.

Colosseumkliniken Uddevalla Strömstadsvägen 35, S-451 50 Uddevalla Call: +46 522-130 30 28 Uddevalla&DU

Vi på Swedbank jobbar för att du ska kunna göra dina bankärenden så enkelt och smidigt som möjligt. Det finns flera vägar in till oss. Du väljer den som passar dig bäst. Välkommen in till oss på Swedbank i Uddevalla eller ring 0522-810 00.

e.k.e.k. Logisk Logisk Handel Handel

Ekologiskt, Närproducerat & Ekologiskt, Närproducerat & Fairtrade Fairtrade Trädgårdsgatan 3, Uddevalla Trädgårdsgatan 3, Uddevalla   Öppet: tis-fre 11-18, lör 11-14   Öppet: tis-fre 11-18, lör 11-14  

Uddevalla&DU 29

a chef who

loves oysters He left the school desk to go straight to Mannerström’s Sjömagasin, he has cooked food for Donald Trump and Kevin Costner in Aspen Colorado, he loves the Asian hospitality, he cooks food for the International golf-elite regularly, and he works as a catering chef, product developer, teacher, mentor and part-time fireman. Among other things. During his leisure time he is planning a self-sufficient cottage with a conservatory, chickens and a blue sea mussel cultivation. That Magnus Andersson has many irons in the fire is a slight understatement. We meet with him at Laxbutiken in Ljungskile, where he works with product development and profiling.

What are you doing in Ljungskile?

”I ended up here for practical reasons. I worked in Gothenburg and my commonlaw spouse in Trollhätten, so we had to find somewhere to live so that we would spend less time commuting. Ljungskile is a nice little community, very suitable in all ways. The close proximity to sea and nature is fantastic and it has everything you need. I ran the Golf Tavern here for a couple of years but now divide my time between my own business and the job as product developer at Laxbutiken. Yes, I have time for some other things as well, but the main job is what I do here.” What would you recommend visitors do when in the vicinity?

Name: Mange Meny

(or Magnus Andersson)

Profession: Making guests very satisfied.


Lives: Ljungskile Family: Common-law spouse Jeanette Harr, Alex 11 and Saga 6 years old.

Background: Stable. Best food country: The vegetable garden. Best kitchen tip: Mix something good with

something good, it will often be good!

30 Uddevalla&DU

”Then I would recommend that they try to be here for one of Laxbutiken’s guest appearance events! We have, for example, had Mannerström here for a visit, Fiskekrogen has been here and Thörnström as well. We invite star taverns and star chefs here and arrange an evening. As a guest they can enjoy a seven-course menu with a local touch, made by the guest restaurant/chef, at very advantageous prices and in a delightful, seaside environment.” Do you use a lot of locally-produced raw materials?

”My cutting edge expertise lies within fish and shell food. I like to fish for crayfish and lobster in these waters and they are for sure local. We also have very many fine local producers in the region; however, it is always about trade-off and balance. My job is to make sure my guests are satisfied, that they

receive food of the highest quality. There is a lot of talk about ecological food; I like to choose the word logical from that term. To think about the logic of the raw materials you choose. It is about everything from the method of cultivation to handling and transport and finally the quality. You make the best of every situation and look at the whole picture. I use local produce when it is logical to do it and as much as possible.” If you had to choose a favourite raw material from the region, what would it be?

”I would choose oyster. Clearly a personal favourite that is abundant here, especially in the Gullmarsfjorden. Fishing has not been concentrated on oysters, you have to come to an agreement with the landowner and fish them up yourself, but they are a real luxury. When Fiskekrogen were guests at Laxbutiken last time, I arrived on the scene with 150 very fresh oysters that we served as appetizers, it was a fun thing to offer - talk about local products!”

You have a leisure time project with self-sufficiency as a target?

”Yes, that tells you a lot about the abundance in this part of the district. We bought a small cottage on the coastline. I have started to cultivate blue sea mussels and we plan on starting a conservatory and having chickens. The idea is that the place will eventually become practically self-sufficient and that you can live here for months at a time without having to buy raw materials in a shop. We will see, I may tie some sort of business into it as well, I like having many irons in the fire.”


oyster tips “Oysters are somewhat of a watershed - people either love them or hate them. I have heard a lot of misconceptions about oysters through the years, e.g. that you have to swallow the meat whole, as quickly as possible - obviously spread by someone who did not like the taste or consistency. Don’t do it. Begin with a mixture of shallots and vinegar, see recipe below. Pour it over the oysters, then in with the oyster meat and chew until it feels as if you have the whole sea in your mouth. Then (and only then) it is time to swallow. Anyone who swallows an oyster whole is missing the whole point of it. Have patience, you have to chew a while before the revelation occurs... but it is worth every second.”

for the beginner

Lightly cook the oyster meat in white wine for 20 seconds to get a somewhat meatier consistency.

a sure thing

Mix finely chopped shallots with 1/4 dl red wine vinegar and 3/4 dl water, pour over the oyster meat and enjoy.

for the daring

Mix plenty of finely grated horseradish in ketchup and serve as a side dish.

for luxury lovers

Top with bleak roe and Russian caviar.

don’t forget to enjoy!

Uddevalla&DU 31

star chef

on the way home

He has worked as a chef at one, two and three-star restaurants in France. He has woken to the aroma of newly fried cod after fishing trips with Mannerström. He has travelled the Scandinavian map from Copenhagen in the south to Umeå in the north, been a TV-chef, received all kinds of awards and written a prize-winning cookbook. He is now on his way back to Uddevalla and his ambitions are high. He promises to do all he can to put Uddevalla on the gastronomic map. No one knows when or how, but a promise is a promise. It applies perfectly to his personal motto - Here and now.

Name: Fredric Andersson Profession: Restaurateur - Sävargården Restaurant, Umeå

Lives: Just now in Umeå, but am on

the way back to my old home district in Uddevalla.

Family: Common-law spouse Åsa and the

twins Wille & Tilde.

Background: Began as a student chef at

Bohusgården as a thirteen-year old. Inspired by potato peeling and the aromatic impressions from Grandmother’s kitchen, he found his way out in the world and finetuned his knowledge in some of Europe’s most star-awarded kitchens with stopovers at Swedish greats such as Mannerström and Svantesson. He has been back in Sweden since the turn of the century and will soon be on his way to the west coast and Uddevalla in the near future.

Best food country: France and ­Scandinavia.

Best kitchen tip: Don’t be careless!

Be thorough in everything you do.

You have seen the world, tasted life in a few of Europe’s best kitchens and now you are on the way home to the region of Udde­ valla again. What is the attraction?

”The mackerel. The feeling of going ashore somewhere along the coast with family and friends after a successful fishing trip and grilling fresh fish. There is not much that beats that. The taste. Fishing. Fellowship. That it is maybe not the whole truth to me finding my way back to the west coast, but it is a part of it. It is something I want my children to have in their childhood memory banks as well. The taste of fresh fish and newly grilled mackerel.” The Bohuslän kitchen - can you summarise it in short?

”In one sentence it would be: Love for the resources of the sea. But sometimes you forget how much more it contains. Our regions are dominated by coastland, but also have arable fields and forests on hand. It is a rich treasure of raw materials; you have access to

everything you could want in raw materials. The traditional Bohuslän kitchen offers therefore a phenomenally wide range of dishes. And, the modern kitchen offers perhaps even more. One thing I look forward to when I return is making contact with all the local raw material producers in the area. It is a growing crowd and quality-wise they hold an incredibly high standard.” Finally, we have to ask you for a recipe connected with the region.

”That would be fish pudding. A real classic. Sometimes you forget the good old homecooking in the race for awesome recipes but then you are doing yourself an injustice. My motto may be here and now, but you should always carry the ”there and then” along with you in your baggage. Make use of traditions and take care of knowledge that has been passed down through generations. If both those thoughts are with you in the kitchen the results are often really good. Yes, I ­believe it’s true in life as well.”

fish pudding bohuslän

For 6 persons 1 kg fillet of white fish 2 dl round rice

7-8 dl whole milk 4 eggs

shredded nutmeg, as per taste salt

newly ground white pepper butter for the pan

32 Uddevalla&DU

1. Set the oven to 175 °c. 2. Cook the rice in milk, according to the instructions on the rice package. 3. Cook the fish in salted water until it falls apart. Takes approx. 5 minutes. 4. Mix the fish with the rice and eggs, shred the nutmeg and add salt and newly ground pepper to taste. 5. Butter the pan and add the fish pudding. 6. Cook in the oven for approx. 1 hour, until the pudding has a nice golden brown surface. 7. Serve with cooked vegetables, shredded nutmeg and melted butter.

expedition sea mussel

at Lyckorna

Janne Bark is a well-known face in Ljungskile and its surrounding area. He is a community-committed entrepreneur with many irons in the fire. His latest project is growing sea mussels and with this objective he runs an exciting business in the old clock tower on Lyckorna. The tower was erected in 1880 and played a central role in the life of the seaside resort town. Today, the tower is literally teeming with life. Parties and spring ball dances are arranged here, there is a waffle café during the summer and there are the sea mussels... We asked Janne a few questions about his exciting business. What is a sea mussel expedition actually?

”On mussel expeditions our guests can ­follow us out on-board on our mussel boats MS/Märta I & II: We chug out to one of the eight fjords, to the blue mussel beds run by Scanfjord, one of Sweden’s organic mussel cultivator. Out on one of the wide cultivation beds the guests may participate in harvesting the deep-blue gold of the sea - absolutely fresh blue sea mussels. During the trip we learn more about the sea in general, about the cultivators’ and life of the mussels specifically. On the way home we clean and prepare the most environmentally-smart delicacy the sea’s own garden has to offer.   Back at the clock tower we then prepare the delicacies on our large broiling slab and serve them with home-baked bread and our homemade aioli. It is a tasting experience above the usual. Blue sea mussels from our fjords are said to be the best in the world. The expeditions provide impressions for the senses that guests will remember long into the dark winter evenings. Collecting food

directly from the sea and preparing it is special. It is sights, sounds, aromas and tastes to remember. And the nature experiences are fantastic. A sea eagle is often sighted over the fjord while deer peep out and watch curiously from land or an even more curious seal follows the drama at sea close at hand.” Why sea mussels?

”Well, it’s not a coincidence. The taste experience is fantastic, everyone that has eaten fresh mussels knows this. But it means so much more to me. Blue sea mussels are called the most environmentally-smart delicacy. A blue sea mussel lives on plant plankton, which in its turn lives on nitrogen and phosphorous that leaks out into our sea. These substances are natural, but also cause overfertilisation problems in our seas through algae (like the mussels) existing on plankton. Since the mussel filters up to five litres of water per hour, it absorbs much of those planktons that would otherwise have been nutrition for the algae, which would in time result in a dead seabed. As a bonus, we

provide ourselves with a nutritious foodstuff, completely without artificial additives. Bringing guests to our gigantic rigs and cultivation beds is incredibly motivating, because it is not just about food and a nice trip on the sea, but also important knowledge about our nature and about how we can help the next generation by leaving the world in better shape. You could say that it tastes good for both the body and conscience.” Your best holiday tips in Uddevalla?

”It would, naturally be easy to answer with the blue sea mussel expedition. However there is so much more to experience here. Aside from the sea and the fjord, I am very fond of our country environments, not just the environment inland, our so-called fjells. I feel one should stay 3-4 days, perhaps with different types of accommodations, listen to the music, enjoy the food, experience everything that can be done and experience the fjord live - by boat and on land. The fjord is our largest hidden treasure - a dark blue treasure with delicacies hidden under the surface.”

Uddevalla&DU 33

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carte y.

Från snabbmat till husmanskost och À la Carte - stor - förhusmanskost alla i familjenoch - förÀfolk i farten Frånvalmöjlighet snabbmat till la Carte - stor valmöjlighet - för alla i familjen - för folk i farten -


Från snabbmat till och À Carte Från snabbmat till husmanskost Från snabbmat och lahusmanskost Carte till husmanskost och À Carteoch À la Carte Från snabbmat tillÀ husmanskost och Àhusmanskost lalaÀCarte Från snabbmat Från till husmanskost snabbmat tilloch lalaCarte - -stor - för ialla familjen -för för farten - stor valmöjlighet -- stor för alla - valmöjlighet stor i valmöjlighet familjen valmöjlighet --för folk -alla för ialla i -familjen -folk för folk i farten valmöjlighet för ifarten familjen -- för i ifarten -- - för stor stor - alla för valmöjlighet i familjen - folk alla för folk familjen i farten - - folk i farten -


Welcome to our lovely international market with flavours from around the world!

Uddevallas nya centrala mötesplats! Restaurang och café. Möte, konferens, fest, bröllop, vinprovning m m. Delikatesser och catering. Tel 0522-63 34 51

Vardagar: Helger Kl 7.30-10.30 Frukost samt röda dagar Helger : Vardagar: Helger Vardagar: Vardagar: Vardagar: Helger Helger Kl 11.00-17.00 kl 12.00-17.00 Vardagar: Helger Vardagar:Lunch Vardagar: Helger Helger

Kl 7.30-10.30 samtsamt röda dagar Kl 7.30-10.30 Frukost Kl samt 7.30-10.30 rödaFrukost dagar Frukostsamt röda dagar Kl• 7.30-10.30 Frukost röda dagar Kl 7.30-10.30 Frukost samt röda dagar 7.30-10.30 Frukost Kl Lunch 7.30-10.30 samt Frukost röda samt röda dagar Kött •kl Helgens Àdagar la Carte KlKl11.00-17.00 Lunch Kl 11.00-17.00 Kl Lunch Kl 11.00-17.00 12.00-17.00 kl 12.00-17.00 kl 12.00-17.00 11.00-17.00 Lunch kl Helgens 12.00-17.00 Kl 11.00-17.00 Lunch 11.00-17.00 Kl Lunch kl 12.00-17.00 • Fisk • Kl Kött • Kött • Kött Helgens À Husman la Carte Helgens ÀLunch la 11.00-17.00 Cartekl••12.00-17.00 •12.00-17.00 Helgens À laklCarte • •Kött • Helgens À la Carte • Kött • Kött • Kött • Helgens À la Carte • Helgens À la Carte • Helgens À la Carte • Fisk • Fisk • Fisk Helgens Husman • Helgens Husman Pasta Helgens Husman • Kött • Fisk •Pasta Fisk • Fisk • •Helgens Husman • Helgens Husman • Helgens Husman • •Fisk Helgens Husman • • Pasta • Pasta Kött Kött Kött Sallad Fisk • Pasta Pasta • Pasta Kött Kött Kött • •Sallad • Sallad • Sallad Fisk Fisk Fisk • Pasta Kött •Fisk Pastabuffé • Sallad • Sallad • Sallad Fisk Fisk • Pastabuffé • Pastabuffé • Pastabuffé • Sallad Fisk • Pastabuffé • Pastabuffé • Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 À la Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.00-24.00 9.30-24.00 À la carte Kl 9.30-24.00 À Pastabuffé lacarte carte Pastabuffé Kl gatuköksmeny. 9.00-24.00 À laÀcarte 9.30-24.00 À laÀcarte Kl 9.00-24.00 Kl la 9.00-24.00 carteKl•och Kl gatuköksmeny. 9.30-24.00 À lagatuköksmeny. carte Kl la 9.30-24.00 carte À la carte och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och och gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. och Kl 9.00-24.00 À la carte Kl och 9.30-24.00 Àoch la carte ochoch gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. och gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny. gatuköksmeny.

och gatuköksmeny.

och gatuköksmeny.

Vi bakar & lagar allt själva!

Catering - från till hela Catering - från fredagsmys tillCatering hela arrangemang! - fredagsmys från fredagsmys till arrangemang! hela arrangemang! Slängom 1Catering Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 64 till hela arrangemang! Slängom 1Catering Uddevalla, Slängom 64fredagsmys 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 -0522-377 fredagsmys hela arrangemang! Catering -från från fredagsmys tilltill arrangemang! Catering - från -hela från till hela fredagsmys arrangemang! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Slängom 11 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, Slängom 0522-377 1 Uddevalla, 64 0522-377 64 Slängom Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helgerhelger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, 9.30-24.00 Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Välkommen! Catering Vardagar - från fredagsmys till hela7.30-24.00, arrangemang! 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Vardagar 7.30-24.00, Vardagar helger 9.30-24.00 helger 9.30-24.00

Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00 Slängom 1 Uddevalla, 0522-377 64 Välkommen! Vardagar 7.30-24.00, helger 9.30-24.00

Kungstorget 1 · Uddevalla · Tel. 0522-190 90

KONFERENSPAKET 1095 kr pp Golf på Lyckorna 1395 kr pp Musselfiske med M/S Märta 1795 kr pp


Detta ingår i våra paket; Logi en natt i dubbelrum samt alla måltider Frukt och vatten under konferensen Bastu med havsutsikt får du på köpet! Konferenslokal samt moms tillkommer

ERBJUDANDE 2014 Vid bokning av konferens i år bjuder vi er 14:e deltagare på kost och logi Gäller konferenser med minst en övernattning och minst 14 deltagare

VANDRARHEM ÅRET OM Under sommaren 9/6-17/8 har vi 220 bäddar med pris från 225 kr pp

För mer info och bokning: 0522 68 69 70 eller 34 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 35


musik i uddevalla 18/4 fredag kl 17.00 uddevalla kyrka The CruCifixion av J Stainer, Långfredagsmusik Uddevalla Kammarkör, Jonas Olofsson-tenor Gustav Eriksson-bas, Per Weist-orgel, Birgitta Brodén- dirigent

in Uddevalla

Sunbathing on the rocks, crab-fishing by the shoreline, sand between your toes or a dip in the city center? Regardless where you prefer to go swimming, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Uddevalla.




Bodele Uddevalla

Gullmarsberg bokenäs

Hällebäck bokenäs

Kungsparken ljungskile



Lindesnäs Uddevalla

Mollön Uddevalla

Saxenhof ljungskile





Hafstens Resort uddevalla

Lanesund lanesund

Sörkullen uddevalla








18/5 söndag kl 18.00 uddevalla kyrka KonSerT fÖr TVÅ CeMBALi av J S Bach Per Weist-cembalo, Birgitta Brodén-cembalo Sara Uneback- barockviolin, Pernilla Berg-barockviolin Elin Sydhagen-barockviola, Kristina Lindgård-barockcello Hans Adler-violone




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6/6 fredag kl 20.00 uddevalla kyrka nATionALDAGSKonSerT Uddevalla Kammarkör Uddevalla folkdansgille och Spelmanslag Per Weist-orgel, Birgitta Brodén-dirigent


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29/6 söndag kl. 18.00 uddevalla kyrka fÖrKLÄDD GuD av Lars-Erik Larsson Kör från Sommarkurs vid Ljungskile Folkhögskola under ledning av Birgitta Brodén. Per Weist-orgel

Cruising to the seaside Spice up your visit in Uddevalla with a boat cruise to the 19th century seaside resort Gustafsberg. Enjoy the fin-de-siécle surroundings visit the coffee house or simply spend your day swimming and sunbathing. Boats depart daily from Södra Hamnen in Uddevalla (9/6-31/8). i uddevalla | 0522 69 84 80

Bokningar 0522 - 320 80

Fantastiska råvaror i härlig harmoni kryddat med kärlek och känsla. Vi erbjuder - Restaurang av högsta klass - Konferens & boende - Catering

- Pianobar - Bröllop - Matlagningskurser

Riverside Konferens & Kök Museigatan 2 451 50 Uddevalla

0522 - 320 80

Följ oss på Fa cebook för veckans meny och kommande ev enemang! / RiversideKonfe rensKok

Uddevalla&DU 37

Popular places

Shoreline promenade A 9 km long walkway between Skalbankarna and Lindesnäs. Bjursjön Grytingen



Sweden’s oldest spa resort. Here you will find a hostel, café and restaurant.

Bohusläns museum

County museum and art gallery, boat hall, restaurant and play room.

Villa Elfkullen

A charming villa from the end of the 19th century. Listed building.


Idyllic island with guest house; grazing cows and the Allmogebåt museum. 38 Uddevalla&DU

Uddevalla&DU 39

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