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Luke’s First Year

Luke’s First Year


fter many months, and a very long day of waiting, Spiro “Luke” Telegadis finally arrived at 9:32 pm on Friday, December 23, 2012. Luke weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces, was 20 inches long and immediately became the center of the family’s attention.

Luke came home from the hospital on Christmas Day‌ the best Christmas present ever!

Luke has a healthy appetite, but he is still working on his table manners.

In March, Luke flew to Louisiana for Holly and Klein’s wedding where he once again became the center of attention.

Luke’s Family

Luke has three very pretty girl cousins; Grace, Sophie, and 2nd cousin Jackie. Plus two not so pretty boy 2nd cousins, Matt and Sean.

Luke checks out cousins Matt and Sean. Luke’s Baptism outfit was made from Grandma GG’s wedding dress.

Luke is a very active young guy.

“Cool Hand Luke� loves to chill in the water.

But after all that activity it’s time for a nap.

Luke is a happy baby with big smiles for everyone.

Luke Moves toTampa

In August, Luke moved to Tampa where he enjoys rocking on the front porch and watching all of the people walking by.

Halloween Luke the “lobster-man” was ready for trick or treating.

Luke loves to play in the park.


Luke’s 1st Birthday

Luke loves to tour the neighborhood in his new wagon.



Luke's Magazine  

Luk'e first year album

Luke's Magazine  

Luk'e first year album