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Welcome to Destination Harstad Where adventures abound! Harstad is situated at the heart of Northern Norway, at the gate to the Vesterålen and Lofoten islands. This is a region with the opportunity for unforgettable adventures in nature. Accessible and mighty mountain landscapes, spectacular views and a unique archipelago. This is the place to find a quiet spot for yourself, drink clean water from trickling rivers or fish at sea or in one of the many mountain lakes. This brochure gives an insight into the many attractions and activities available in the area. Harstad, with its population of 23,000, has always been, and still is, an important centre of commerce and culture in the north. Harstad lies at the centre of an exciting region: Kvæfjord with its world famous strawberries, and Nupen,

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voted the most romantic place in Norway from where one can see the midnight sun. Bjarkøy, the seat of the Viking chief Tore Hund, can boast an impressive archipelago, a bird rock and white-tailed eagles. The boroughs adjacent to the airport, Tjeldsund and Skånland, are known for their many mountain walks, white sandy beaches and beautiful fjords. Skånland even has its own beach for winter time bathing. You will also find old Sami settlements here and a cultural landscape bearing witness of settlements throughout thousands of years. Visit us at the tourist office for further information. WELCOME!

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Harstad Tourist Office

Destination Harstad

Rikard Kaarbøsgate 11 Tel. + 47 77 01 89 89 Fax + 47 77 01 89 80

Rikard Kaarbøsgate 11, Postboks 654, N-9486 Harstad Tel. +47 77 01 89 89. Fax +47 77 01 89 80 Opening hours Daily 14th June-14th August 10.00-18.00 Mon-Fri 08.00-15.30 (off-season)

Destination Harstad is a regional marketing company for southern Troms and Ofoten, covering the boroughs of Harstad, Kvæfjord, Bjarkøy, Skånland and Tjeldsund. Our services include tourist information, sightseeing tours, guide services, conferences and coordination of cruise ship arrivals.

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Destination Harstad AS does not accept responsibility for printing errors or alterations to information/timetables or prices contained in this brochure. photo front page © Ørjan Kristensen


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Useful information EMERGENCY NUMBERS Fire: 110 Police: 112 Ambulance: 113 GENERAL OPENING HOURS Banks: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 09.00-15.00. Thursday 09.00-16.00. Main post office: Weekdays 08.3018.00. Saturdays 10.00-15.00. SHOWER/LAUNDRY Kaikanten Mat and Catering AS at Sjøgata 8 offers the following services to boat travelers and other tourists: shower facilities, toilets, coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers. Sale of food and drinks. Open: Mon-Thu 11.00-24.00, Fri-Sat 11.00-04.00, Sun 12.00-24.00 (may be extended weekdays in summer – further info on tel +47 77 00 67 00).

LUGGAGE LOCKERS There are coin-operated luggage lockers at the bus terminal and in the waiting room at the express boat pier. GUEST JETTIES/SMALL BOAT MARINA Harstad • Harstad Båtforening. Tel. +47 41 56 55 • Harstad Gjestehavn Tel. +47 77 00 12 12 • Harstadbotn Båthavn Tel. +47 77 06 61 71/+47 91 33 47 81 • Grøtavær Båtforening. Tel. +47 402 33 998 / 908 24 240

MIDNIGHT SUN AND POLAR NIGHTS The midnight sun is present in our region from 22 May – 18 July. During this period, the sun stays above the horizon, and it is daylight 24 hrs a day. The sky must be clear and there must be unobstructed visibility in order to see the midnight sun. The long dark polar nights last from 2nd December – 10th January. There is only a twilight-type of dusk for a few hours around midday, and the ‘blue light’ towards the south is particularly beautiful just before it becomes dark.

Gratangen • Foldvik Brygge Gjestehavn. Tel. +47 45 67 88 50 post@

NORTHERN LIGHTS ’Aurora Borealis’ is the Latin name for the northern lights – solar winds meeting the atmosphere in a zone around the magnetic north pole. It is only possible to see the northern lights when it is dark and the sky is clear, from August to April, and they are most intense from 10 in the evening until midnight. The Harstad region is the perfect place to experience the beautiful and intense play of colours coming from the northern lights.

Bjarkøy • Bjarkøy Hamn, Neergårdsvika. Tel. +47 77 09 02 99 • Bjarkøy: - Gammelhamn Båtforening, Trond Markussen tel. +47 77 09 02 73 / + 47 414 62 057 • Bjarkøy Båtforening, Jens Hanssen tel. +47 77 09 01 45 /+47 905 46 077 • Meløyvær Småbåtforening, v/Oddbjørn Martin Luther tel. +47 90 89 75 25 - email:

INTERNET CAFE • Harstad Tourist Office, Rikard Kaarbøsgate 11, Mon-Fri 08.00-15.30, and daily 10.00-18.00 during the period 14thJune – 14th August every day. Access to internet cafe by appointment at: • Skånland Borough, 08.00-15.00, tel. +47 77 08 95 10 • Skånland Library, Tue 12.00-20.00, Thu 16.00-20.00, tel. +47 77 08 94 70

Skånland • Evenskjer small boat marina. Tel. + 47 911 916 63 • Tovik small boat marina. Tel. +47 900 23 528 • Grovfjord small boat marina: Tel. + 47 907 35 731

PARKING Coin and credit card operated ticket machines in Harstad city centre. Parking fees apply Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00 and Sat 08.00-15.00. Free parking on Sundays. Long-term parking for up to 1 week at the following public car parks: Fisketorget, Kaikanten Mat and Catering AS, Havnegata indoor car park, Trekanten indoor car park at Grottebadet and Amfi Bertheus indoor car park. There are two large car parks, which are free, outside the city centre on the main routes leading into the city. Overnight parking is prohibited here. Free parking outside towns in the entire region! HARSTAD LIBRARY Havnegate 3. Tel. +47 77026185 Opening times: Mon. 10.00-16.00, Tues-Thurs 10.00-19.00, Fri.10.00-16.00, Sat. 10.00-14.00. Closed Sundays. (Open July and August 10.00-16.00)


RESCUE SERVICE (CAR TROUBLE) • NAF. Tel. 08505 • Harstad og Omland Bilberging AS, Evenskjer. Tel. +47 91 19 73 10 • Holand S. Bilberging, Evenskjer. Tel. + 47 901 53 680/+47 77 08 5330.

Infoguide Harstad 2011

Kvæfjord • Leikvika, Borkenes. Tel. +47 97 07 78 85 • Elde Båthavn, • Refsnes, Flesnes and Hemmestad have smaller marinas. Enquire locally.

Tjeldsund • Fjelldal Båthavn. Fjelldal Båtforening, v/Evald Joakimsen, tel. +47 918 79 967. • Ramsund Båthavn. ROS Båtforening v/ Jostein Lunde. Tel. +47 76 93 86 35/+47 472 32 134 • Kongsvik Båthavn. Kongsvik Båtforening v/Jan Hanssen. Tel. +47 95 79 00 28 • Kjærfjord Båthavn. Kjærfjord Båtforening v/ Einar Kristofferson. Tel. +47 918 34 272. What’s Happening? List of events available at Harstad Tourist Office, tel. +47 77 01 89 89. or – see page 37. Look us up on Facebook! Separate programmes available from: • Harstad Concert Hall, tel. +47 77 02 81 00, • North Norwegian Festival of Culture, tel. +47 77 04 12 30, • Harstad Race Track, tel. +47 77 07 25 00,

Transport 24-hour timetable information service for buses, the coastal steamer, express boats and ferries in the county of Troms. • Tel: 177 •

• Skaaneviks Bilruter AS, Fjelldal Tel. +47 76 93 87 07 - • Harstad Taxi. Minibus 16 seater. Tel. +47 77 04 10 20 -

COASTAL STEAMER Calling daily at Harstad. Southbound: Arrival 08.00, departure 08.30. Northbound: Arrival 06.45, departure 08.00.

CAR HIRE • Avis Car Hire, Storgata 25, Harstad. Tel. +47 770 61 945 • Avis Car Hire, Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. Tel. +47 769 82 133 • Europcar Car Hire Samagata 33, Harstad, Tel. +47 77 01 86 10 • Europcar Car Hire, Harstad /Narvik Airport, Evenes, Tel. +47 76 98 21 20 • Hertz, Harstad Harbour, Harstad, Tel. +47 900 82 228 or +47 67 16 80 00. • Hertz, Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes Tel. +47 415 82 228

EXPRESS BOAT AND FERRIES • • • Good connections to Finnsnes, Tromsø, Bjarkøy and Senja with express boat. Flights Avinor Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. Tel. +47 67 03 41 00 AIRPORT COACH BUSES ROUTES The region has an extensive bus network throughout the region, with good connections to the rest of Northern Norway. COACHES • Veolia Transport Hålogaland, Torvet 8, Harstad, Tel. +47 95 19 29 91 - • Evensen Buss, Idrettsveien 27, Borkenes, Tel. +47 90 19 36 90 -

Bus Routes: RUTEBUSSER: • Harstadområdet

Airport Express: FLYBUSSEN:

TAXI • Harstad Taxisentral AS, Strandgt. 20, Harstad, Tel. +47 77 04 10 00 – Taxi rank at the city centre bus terminal. • Airport taxi service must be booked in advance, Tel. +47 77 04 10 00 • Skånland Taxi. Tel. +47 77 08 59 10 TRAVEL AGENT • Via Travel Harstad, Storgata 2, Harstad, tel. +47 77 01 22 65 BOAT HIRE Contact the tourist office for further info, tel. +47 77 01 89 89

Express Boats: HURTIGBÅT:

• Harstad - Finnsnes - Tromsø • Harstad - Bjarkøystedene - Senja • Harstad - Engenes - Brøstadbotn

• Harstad - Harstad/Narvik Lufthavn

Coach Hire TURBUSSER - Tlf. 78 40 70 00 Ruteopplysning, ring 177



Infoguide Harstad 2011

Photo Š Olav Solberg

“You should approach slowly from the sea You are close and distant as you go ashore To a town of old pictures and history And some songs you still don’t know.” From ‘Song to the town’ written by Kari Bremnes

Photo © sør-troms museum

Photo © Ivan Arntzen

Harstad -

The Culture Capital of the North

Population: 23 200 - Area: 364 km2 - -

Harstad is situated on Hinnøya, the largest island in Norway. It is the third largest city in Northern Norway and an important centre of commerce for the entire region. The paved market square in the city centre is only a short walk from shops and cafes. Harstad is known for its high-quality restaurants and cultural events throughout the year. Several annual festivals take place, such as, Bakgården, Ilios and a Northern Norwegian Beer Festival. The annual North

Norwegian Festival of Culture takes place the last week in June, when streets will be teeming with people and there are music in pubs, churches and concert halls. The coastal steamers meet at the city centre pier every morning, and the express boat heads north to Senja and Tromsø. Harstad is generally sheltered from rain and wind. Forests, mountains, fjords, islands and miles of trails entice you to unforgettable experiences in nature all year.


Photo © einar veimoen

Photo © turid ingebrigtsen

bjarkoy Population: 535 - Area: 75 km2 - -

The historical kingdom of Bjarkøy consists of 365 islands of various sizes. The borough is known for its beautiful nature – a fantastic island landscape with high mountains and white sandy beaches forming a very popular and exciting archipelago. Bjarkøy is rich in cultural monuments and has

many visible traces from the past. The borough also boasts a multitude of organized activities, including sea fishing or mountain hikes. From the north side of Grytøy you get a wonderful view from the Grytøy mountains. Municipal centre: Nergårdshamn.

Photo © Laurits torbergsen

tjeldsund Population: 1.328 - Area: 312 km2 -

Tjeldsund has been a vital traffic vein between the north and south throughout the ages. The name of the strait, and eventually the borough, is derived from the word ‘tjelle’, which means to camp for the night. Archeological finds in the region bear witness to settlements going back several thousand years. The most well-known is the Steinsvik sword from the Viking Age. One part of the borough is situated on Hinnøya, another on the mainland and yet another on Tjeldøya. Towns are Kongsvik, Ramsund and Fjelldal. The borough is host to the Ramsund Naval Base and Norways Firefighting


Infoguide Harstad 2011

school in Fjelldal. Culture is vibrant, and there are a wide range of voluntary organizations and businesses, focusing on innovation and enthusiasm, working hard to make Tjeldsund a good place to live and work. Nature entices you to outdoor activities and experiences, such as fishing on a summer’s night, playing along the seashore, biking on Tjeldøya, eight wonderful walks or hikes in Kongsvikdalen or on Hinnøya, to mention but a few. Several events and attractions can be visited in the region; Trolldagan in Kongsvik takes place at the end of August.

skånland Population: 2.854 - Area: 465 km2 - -

Skånland offers a spectacular nature and a choice of activities and adventures on land, at sea and in the mountains. The road from Breistrand in the south winds its way through a host of beautiful and exiciting villages on its way to Evenskjer. The coastal culture road has become a concept, heading north along the fjord from Tjeldsund Bridge to Grovfjord and Gratangen. Along the way, you pass many exciting enterprises and attractions in an active coastal culture environment. You can taste traditional food based on local produce,

or you can take a boat trip by sail or engine. Here are many marked trails in beautiful and captivating landscape, from inland mountain landscape to coastal landscape. Here are also rich natural resources with opportunities for sea fishing from land or by boat and inland fishing in rivers and lakes. The borough has a Sami population, and is rich on Sami and Norwegian history, culture and tradition. Skånland, situated on the mainland by Tjeldsundet, is truly the gate to Hinnøya and Lofoten. Municipal centre: Evenskjer.

Photo © jostein eldevik


Population: 3.060 - Area: 512,7 km2 - -

Local tourist info: Rådhuset, Bygdeveien 26, 9475 Borkenes. Tel. +47 77 02 30 00

The borough of Kvæfjord with its magnificent landscape, has always been perfect for agriculture and fishing. Finds on the island of Kveøya point to there being settlements from around 300years BC. Many items dating back to the Iron Age and Viking times have also been found. Kvæfjord is known for its sweet and juicy strawberries that are ripened slowly under the light of the midnight sun, as well as the production of high quality potatoes and vegetables. Kvæfjord and Gullesfjord are excellent fjords for fishing in and there are also many fine lakes where one can fish for both trout and char. The area can also offer many berry picking opportunities. The whole borough offers a rich and varied bird and wildlife population and is therefore a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature photographers. By road the way

to Lofoten and Vesterålen goes through Kvæfjord and from Harstad the route is shortened considerably by taking the ferry from Refsnes to Flesnes. This trip offers a variety of experiences in nature and a detour to the beautiful island of Kveøya is recommended. Close to where Gullesfjord ends, a roundabout gives you the choice of several directions. E10 east towards Tjeldsund and Harstad and on to the E6. E10 west towards Lofoten, Rv 85 to Vesterålen and the ferry connection to Kvæfjord and Harstad. Fv 103 to Moelv and Gullholm. Kvæfjord is an excellent walking area both summer and winter. The Melåplateau is recommended and can be reached from several places. Gullesfjordbotn as well as Kvæfjordeidet with its fantastic ski runs during the winter. The grade of difficulty varies from pensioner runs to climbing challenges.


TURLAGSHUSET i Folkeparken (tidl. Speiderhuset)

Vi leier ut lokaler til Møter og kurs Private ulike arrangement Barneselskap i litt “røffe” lokaler Rimelig overnatting - 2 stk 4 sengs rom Bestilling/info: E-mail: eller tlf. 974 31 806 Harstad Turlag • Postboks 227 • 9483 Harstad foto: øyvind arvola

Sommer hele aret! En solid partner for det LOKALE NÆRINGSLIV tebad t o r g . 770 www 70 41 Tlf. 7


Infoguide Harstad 2011

Accommodation 1 GRAND NORDIC HOTEL Strandgt. 9, Harstad Tel: +47 77 00 30 00 Fax:+47 77 00 30 01

Grand Nordic Hotel is a Rica hotel in the centre of town within reach of most of what the town has to offer. Shopping, express boat, coastal steamer, concert hall, cinema and Harstad spectacular water park ‘Grottebadet’ is only 5 minutes away. Our hotel boasts a Narvesen papershop, pub, pizza bar, bar, restaurant and lobby shop. In addition we have a large capacity conference area with several meeting rooms. Nordic Hall can seat 320 at a conference. Welcome!


All the rooms are fully reburbished to give our guests the optimal setting in which to relax. You can enjoy free newspaper, coffee, tea and fresh fruit all day, ecological breakfast, afternoon coffee with homemade cakes/waffles and, not least, an evening buffet with warm dishes. DVD player in all rooms and a large reception library free for our guests. Feel at home!


The town’s largest and newest hotel can be found at the city centre pier with a beautiful view across Vågsfjorden. It has modern conference and business facilities. All rooms have parquet floors and kettles. We offer free coffee and a choice of newspapers and magazine is available. The hotel is within walking distance of most of what the town has to offer. The hotel becomes a Junior hotel during the summer, taking extra care of its younger guests with a childrens’ breakfast buffet, playroom, childrens’ film channels and other activities.

Havnegt.3, Harstad Tel: + 47 77 04 08 00 Fax: +47 77 04 08 01

Sjøgata 11, Harstad Tel: +47 77 00 08 00 Fax: +47 77 00 08 08


A genuine collection of buildings dating back 250 years. Pier restaurant, conference rooms, hotel rooms in a unique style Sandtorg and special suites! At the only historical hotel in the county of Tel: +47 77 02 80 00 Troms we have 23 rooms sleeping 56.The oldest wine cellar Fax: +47 77 02 80 01 in North Norway, bath tub, 18 hole mini golf, pier fishing and optional action sporting activities at sea. Camping, boat jetty, fishing with boat hire. Open all year.


Valhall is an adventure centre on the island of Krøttøy in Bjarkøy outside Harstad. Experience nature all year in the most northern inhabited archipelago in the world, and stay the night in a refurbished building previously part of a military coastal fortress. Reasonably-priced family rooms sleeping 5. Functional double rooms with wardrobe and bathroom. Sauna.


Røkenes guesthouse offers accommodation in a farm store dating from 1700. Sleeps 6 in 2 double rooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Suitable for families in a quiet detached building. Bridal suite available in main house dating from 1750.

Krøttøy Tel: +47 77 09 00 00 Fax: +47 77 09 00 01

Ervik, Harstad Tel: +47 77 05 84 44 Fax: +47 77 05 84 40


Nessevn.55,Harstad Tel: +47 77 07 36 62 Fax: +47 77 07 35 02 postmaster@harstad.

Situated by the sea in idyllic surroundings 5 km south of Harstad. Hire of cabins, tents and camping ground. Our service area is modern, comprising a kitchen, washing machine and tumble dryer and a specially adapted utility room with shower and toilet facilities for wheelchair users. Small cabins sleeping 4 in one room with hot plate and fridge. Bring your own bed linen, pots and pans and cutlery. Medium-sized cabins sleeping 4 with a lounge and one bedroom. Kitchen corner, TV, shower and toilet. Bring your own bed linen. Large cabins – sleeping 4 in 2 bedrooms. Lounge and kitchen, TV, shower and toilet. Bring your own bed linen.









Photo © øyvind arvola

ADOLF GUN – one of the worlds largest land based guns

Guided tours 14th June – 14th August: Daily 11.00, 13.30, 15.30 15th August – 31st August: Daily 12.00 Entrance fees: Adults 60 kr. Children 30 kr Own transport necessary. Groups by appointment. Tours by appointment all year. Inquire at tourist office for prices.

Photo © einar veimoen

Photo © Ivan Arntzen

HARSTAD TOURIST OFFICE Competent guides - experiences you will remember! Souvenirs - postcards, hiking maps, clothes, local crafts and much more. Activity info - bicycle trim, top 10 peaks, top 10 paddling trips. Free brochures to different destinations. Time tables for busses, boats and ferries. We can help with dining, accommodation, attractions, activities, sights and planning events. Drop in, we are here for you!

Harstad Turistkontor Rikard Kaarbøsgata 11 Tlf: +47 77 01 89 89 Photo © Ivan Arntzen

Photo © sigrid schrøder

Photo © einar veimoen


Heggenkollen, Harstad Tel: +47 77 07 06 44 Mob: +47 97 97 75 11 heggenkollen@

9 SOLTUN FOLKEHØGSKOLE (HIGH SCHOOL) Evenskjer Tel: +47 77 08 99 30 Fax: +47 77 08 99 40

Harstad Villmarksenter is situated at the top of Heggenkollen in close proximity to the city centre, with great views in all directions over sea and land. From here you can choose many trails for mountain hikes or just relax in the sun on one of our many porches and enjoy a hot chocolate while letting the impressions sink in. We have 8 rooms of basic standard, with a family berth sleeping 3 per room. Shared shower and toilet facilities.



Soltun Folkehøgskole can be found where the counties of Troms and Nordland meet – by the lush Tjedsundet – a peach in one of Europes least polluted areas. Open all summer.


The main building contains 17 rooms sleeping 75. Shower in every room and toilet facilities on every floor. Skarheimen is a detached 2-floor building with single and double rooms, 11 in all sleeping 18. Shower and toilet facilitites in the hallway. You can cook your own food in a well-equipped kitchen. The lavvo camp on one of the many islands can sleep 160 people. Excellent venue for swimming, island hiking (nature trail) and evocative excursions in the beautiful midnight sun.


The farm is in the borough of Gratangen, a distance of approx 30 km from the E6 and 90 km from Evenes airport. Bakkemo was built in 1870 and was restored in 1994 in an old style. Self-catering: Two cabins for hire with 3 rooms, sleeping 6 and outhouse, plus the restored ‘Steinhytta’ more than an hour’s demanding walk from the road. Boat hire. We own a private road up to the mountains, i.e. above the timber line, where you can transport people and equipment to the very top.



Old Sami settlement in very beautiful surroundings, vacated in the 1950s and later restored. Accommodation in lavvo (Sami tent) and turf hut. Booking in advance all year.



Stall Meyer lies in the wonderful borough of Ibestad where you can experience great mountains, pleasant fishing spots, the midnight sun and northern lights. Accomodation available in the Stall house where there is room for 9 people in 3 rooms. We also have an annex accommodating 4. Hire of grill cabin and annex in the mountains. Open all year.

Grøtavær Tel: +47 77 06 05 70 Fax: +47 77 06 56 99

Gratangen Tel: +47 76 95 29 95 Mob: +47 916 95 097 Fax: +47 76 9779 18

Tovik Mob: +47 905 92 574

Rolla, Ibestad Mob: +47 48 19 15 85


Tjeldsundbrua, Evenskjer Tlf: + 47 77 08 93 00

Tjeldsundbrua Inn and Hotel is out in the countryside at the end of the Tjeldsund bridge, just 18km from Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes. The hotel is ideally situated for travelers whether travelling for business or pleasure. The area around the Tjeldsund bridge provides wonderful opportunities foroutdoor activities. The hotel has 25 rooms. All of which have own bathroom, TV, minibart, telephone and free wireless internet. We also have 9 great sea houses of very high quality. Placed at the edge of the water they are a good alternative, giving complete freedom to larger groups. Tjeldsund Inn and Hotel has 2 meeting rooms in addition to a combined conference and party room. With modern AV equipment. Wireless internet and a fantastic view, you have all the ingredients for a great meeting. Capacity – 80 people.




Traditional northern Norwegian food Speciality: Home made fish dishes depending on season. Mon – Fri dinner for 100kr.

At venerable Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse, 6km outside the centre of Harstad, you can enjoy a quality meal in historical surroundings. The ancestral farm has been run by the same family since 1673 and the 10th generation welcome you. The farm was the first in Northern Norway to be awarded the Olavsrose by the foundation for Norwegian Cultural Heritage. This award is proof of historically cultural experiences of high quality. Contact us for an unrivalled food experience either in the old barn or main house.

Bestill bord på 77 06 55 00 eller

Ov er n

atti n



a n d li g e omgivelser i stabburet


hver dag 1. juni - 31. august kl 12-20 eller etter av

Open every day during the summer. 1st June – 31st August. 11.00 – 18.00à la carte - småretter - kaker - søndagsbuffet or by appointment. Open by appointment the rest of the year. Utstillinger og salg av husflid

Exhibition and sale of local crafts Tel. +47 77 05 84 44 Røkenes Farm – 6 km from Harstad


Infoguide Harstad 2011

tlf. +47 77 05 84 44 - Røkenes Gård - 6km fra Harstad



Rikard Kaarbøs Plass 4, Harstad Tlf: + 47 770 65500

Well-earned culinary joy. Considered one of northern Norway’s best restaraunts. Known for its exciting and tasty food prepared with the very best of local produce. A taste of North Norwegian hospitality at its best. Situated in Gamle Hoelgården in the city centre market square. A place to find peace and harmony. Open Monday to Saturday from 17.00. 2


Strandgata 30, Harstad Tel.+47 77 06 61 40 Fax: +47 77 06 71 40 www.nordlæ

Come and try our tasty menu and experience real North Norwegian culture! Shrimp is on the menu every Wednesday. Jam every Thursday. Don’t forget our popular friday steaks. Live music every weekend. Kitchen is open until 23.00 every day, Sun-Mon 15.00-01.30, Tue-Thu 15.00-01.30, Fri-Sat 15.00-03.30. Welcome! 3


Harstad Tel. +47 77 06 12 57

Our slogan is Good Norwegian Home-cooked Food! Kaffistova is the oldest cafe in Harstad, established in 1911 and owned by Troms Ungdomsfylking, serving good home-cooked food with local ingredients. Homemade cakes, cold or hot food for meetings, conferences or parties. Conference room for hire. Open Mon-Fri 08.00 – 18.00, Sat 09.00 – 15.30 and Sun 12.00 – 17.00. 4

4 TRONDENES HISTORICAL Welcome to our table. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and CENTRE home and cake in an historical environment while you enjoy the - a section of Sør-Troms panoramic view over Vågsfjord. Museum. Summer hours: 10.00 – 17.00 Tlf: +47 77 01 83 80 daily from 14th June – 14th August Otherwise open on Sundays from 11.00 – 16.00 Closed high days and holidays. 5 5 SANDTORGHOLMEN HOTEL

Our pier restaurant can seat 100 people. We serve homemade food with emphasis on North Norwegian tradition and culture. You can enjoy a wonderful meal on the pier to the sound of the waves beneath you.


Experienced catering company, catering for small groups or large crowds at big events. Has been taking care of the culinary requirements of weddings, confirmations and other events for many years. We also deliver lunches and ‘overtime’ food to businesses on a daily basis.


”Røkenes Farm is a pearl in the north. Majestic landscape, beautiful old house with an atmosphere to feel at home in, unbelievably hospitable hosts, professional kitchen with the tastiest homemade food. Little wonder one always wants to come back.” Ingrid Espelid Høvig. An undisturbed environment with today’s pressures kept at a distance, providing the frame for any event. Beautiful setting for lunch, dinner, meetings, weddings or other events, either in the main house dating from 1750 or in the barn dating from 1899. Exclusivity and quality are keywords when one thinks of Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse.

Sandtorg Tlf: + 47 770 28000 Fax: + 47 770 28001

Fruhallarn 1, Harstad Tlf: + 47 770 71220 Fax: + 47 770 71266

Harstad Tel.: +47 77 05 84 44 Fax: +47 77 05 84 40






Corporate outings, weddings, confirmations, family gatherings, excursions for local organisations. Tailor-made events for you. Small or large groups: the pier loft seats 250/main building seats 70.


Restaurant seating 25-30 people with a friendly atmosphere. Exciting menu consisting of North Norwegian food with a maritime touch!

Grøtavær Tlf: + 47 770 60570 Fax: + 47 770 65699

Krøttøy Tel: + 47 770 90000 Fax: + 47 770 90001


Tovik Mob: + 47 905 92574 www.vilgesvâ


Cafè and delicatessen shop Amfi Bertheus, Harstad Tel: +47 77 01 27 60 Mob: +47 93 20 72 53

Sami traditional food served in scenic surroundings. Home-made and delivered by local suppliers. Reindeer meat, traditional Sami cakes etc. Advance booking all year. Open days with activities and catering.

Shop as well as an informal café and delicatessen during the day. The most unique party premises with a warm and friendly atmosphere in the evening when the shopping centre is closed. We cater for parties up to 25 people. If you’re looking for a special setting for your party, the shop is the perfect place! We make lunch packs to order, and can offer catering or take-away. We tailor-make gifts consisting of food produce such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and other products. Perfect for the one who has everything!


With a lovely view over the beautiful Tjedsund and the venerable Tjeldsund bridge, we are pleased to be able to serve a variety of dishes from our quality conscious kitchen. Our inn is licensed and is popular with individuals and groups alike. We have a comprehensive catering menu with food for all occasions.


Our food preparation is based on local produce and we avoid the use of pre prepared. We accept orders for a large variety of dishes from a simple dinner to a 3 course meal or buffet. Food can be served in any of our buildings. Turf hut seats 15–20. Lavvo (Sami tent) seats 70-80. Banquet hall seats 80-90. Cellar bar seats around 30.


Harstad’s newest and trendiest bar and diner with an innovative and creative concept combined with excellent service. We have an exciting lunch and dinner menu and a party atmosphere in the evenings. We recommend you try one of our refreshing cocktails. Grunder is known for its interior and special atmosphere. We will gladly tailor any event to your own requirements.

Tjeldsundbrua, Evenskjer Tlf: + 47 77 08 93 00

Heggenkollen, Harstad Tel: +47 77 07 06 44 Mob: +47 97 97 75 11

Fjordgata 2, Harstad Tlf: + 47 770 03200 Mob; + 47 90 13 88 84 Fax: + 47 770 03201


Infoguide Harstad 2011









Large menu consisting of Chinese, Mongolian and international dishes. Exciting food with lots of taste! Take-away available by advance booking.


The café is ideally situated down by the harbour. Here you can let your mind wander while savouring a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a piece of homemade cake to the smell of the sea and the view across Vågsfjord. Whether you are travelling or just taking a break from shopping, in addition to homemade cakes we can offer a wide range of lunch dishes. The café is on the express boat pier and we have a waiting room, luggage lockers and free wireless internet connection. In addition we can offer: Pavement café in summer Licensed premises Homemade cakes and finger food etc, to order Hire of premises for meetings and events. Get in touch for prices. Opening hours: 10.00-16.00 Extended opening hours during the season.

Rikard Kaarbøsgate 18, Harstad Tel. +47 77 06 24 00 Fax: + 47 77 06 99 80

Tel. + 47 77 07 30 11 Mob: + 47 90 82 95 42


Photo © ivan arntzen


Activities HARSTAD GROTTEBADET WATERPARK Harstad, tel. +47 77 04 17 70 - Northern Norway’s greatest water park inside a mountain in Harstad city centre! A spectacular adventure with tropical weather all year round. In among grottos and waterfalls young guests will find water slides, water cannons and wave pools. There are diving towers and sports pools for training and exercise or therapy pools and jacuzzis if you simply want to relax. The Arctic Training Studio is also located here. In other words: we cater for all needs, and you are guaranteed your perfect moment. HARSTAD VILLMARKSENTER Harstad. Tel. +47 77 07 06 44 / +47 979 77 511 We can offer various activities in cooperation with Aktiv Events, Harstad. Harstad wilderness centre and Aktiv Events can offer packages with activities and catering. Amongst the many exciting activities on offer, we can mention; ATV driving, paintball, axe throwing, shooting simulator (hunting), clay pigeon shoots, archery, air rifle shooting, hunting camps and fishing camps. Get in touch! ROUND TRIP AMONGST ARCTIC COASTAL PEARLS Experience a boat trip in Vågsfjords archipelago. Trip lasts 2 hours. The express boat MS Stjernøy takes you from Harstad to the islands just outside the town. It stops at Kjøtta, Sandsøy, Bjarkøy, Krøttøy and Senja. During the summer the boat goes in the Sundvoll strait, where the main attraction is a bird rock with almost 10,000 nesting birds. Tickets can be bought at the tourist office or aboard the boat. Sailing times available at the tourist office. AKTIV EVENTS – A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE Harstad. Tel. +47 900 74666/451 38368 [451EVENT] – Aktiv Events supplies adventures. In cooperation with our business partners we can supply the complete experience with transport, catering, activities and challenges. Accomodation, music and entertainment. We offer paintball, archery, axe throwing, sumo wrestling, gladiator fights, fishing trips by boat, bike or ATV, abseiling down mountains or buildings. Driving 4 wheel drive vehicles, ATVs, snow scooters, Fun Car (car with back to front steering), everything within water sports and many fun team building challenges such as cross country skiing relays, wheelbarrow relays, spider net, labyrinth games, Da Vinci bridge building etc. Bouncy castle packages. Possibly the largest choice in northern Norway with bouncy castle activities. Castles, slides. Fun Ballz. Suitable for fairs, festivals, jubilees and other events where you would like to provide activities for the visitors. We arrange birthday bashes for young and old and outdoor camps for schools or other groups who would like to be outdoors and experience something different. We have several large lavvoes (Sami tents) complete with tables, benches and reindeer hides for several hundred people. In cooperation with, among others, Harstad Race Track, Heggenkollen, Solli mountain and B&B Touring. We are able to offer really exciting arenas for our activities combined with catering, music and entertainment. Get in touch for ideas and suggestions for your perfect package. We look forward to giving you a different experience.


Infoguide Harstad 2011

HARSTAD BÅTUTLEIE Harstad. Tel. +47 46 93 93 93 - www.harstadbå Quicksilver 580 Pilothouse 2008 model. It has a sizeable cockpit seating up to 6. Max 4 adults. The boat has a 75 hk Mercury OptiMax, ensuring that you get to the best fishing banks as fast and safely as possible. If you want to take your family on a daytrip, this boat will give you the best protection from wind and rain. B & B TOURING Harstad. Tel. +47 95 48 67 78 – 2 Ring Powercraft RIB boats. 500 hp. per boat giving a speed of up to 55knots. Capacity for 12 passengers per boat. With these boats we can transport our guests quickly and safely to our archipelago. We offer sightseeing with the focus on northern Norwegian coastal culture and maritime wildlife. Eagles, seals and whales can often be seen during our trips. From our house at Sundvollsundet on Bjarkøy you can admire the teeming bird life on bird rock while also enjoying pleasant company with good food and drink. During the summer we can offer groups a full days whale safari trip from Harstad to whale grounds outside Andenes. We also have other full day trips available to Tromsø, Lofoten, Vesterålen or around Hinnøya for example. If desired we can also tailor packages for various events, by ourselves or in cooperation with others. Anyone in normal good shape can take part. This is an experience one remembers. RØKENES MANOR AND GUESTHOUSE Harstad, tel. +47 77 05 84 44 - Old trading post and guesthouse dating back to the 16th century. The property has been in the same family for 10 generations, since 1673. The gallery in the former barn is the setting for an exhibition by the Harr siblings. Sale of crafts from local producers on Låvebrua. Open daily from 1st June – 31st August. Open Sundays throughout the year, otherwise by appointment. There is also a 9-hole golfcourse on the property. Welcome! FESTIVAL OF NORTH NORWAY 18th-25th June 2011. Harstad. Tel. +47 77 04 12 30. - Join us for the biggest North Norwegian cultural festival and choose among 150 performances of music, theatre, dance, exhibitions and film, with the very best national and international performers. Childrens’ festival, where youngsters will be entertained by exciting performances and educational arts and craft workshops. The festival also includes a youth festival: NUK++. HARSTAD CONCERT HALL Tel. +47 77 02 81 00 – Ticket office opening hours: Mon-Sat 12.00-14.00 See our web site for this up to date programme. Closed for holidays from week 27 to week 31 inclusive. Welcome to one of the largest concert halls in this part of the country where you can choose from more than 150 large and small events each year. Each year more than 40,000 visitors make their way to Harstad Concert Hall to enjoy national and international stars or local artists on stage. Here you can enjoy everything from chamber music, opera and ballads

Activities to theatre, rock concerts and comedy shows. The concert hall offers a wide range of high quality experiences within entertainment. In addition to the professional artists, Harstad Concert Hall is also a very important arena for many of the town’s amateurs of all ages. The great hall can seat 1000 and has a large and modern stage that can house a symphony orchestra, operas and other large arrangements. The little hall is suitable for more intimate performances and can have a café layout or amphitheatre for 165 people. Harstad Concert Hall is the main arena for northern Norway’s yearly festival of culture. HARSTAD CINEMA Tel. +47 77 00 16 00 (ticket telephone) – Ticket telephone opening hours. 16.30-21.00 Saturday 14.00-21.00 Tickets can also be purchased from our website or from the ticket machine in the foyer. Harstad cinema shows films every day and has wide choice with weekly premieres and films to suit most tastes. In cooperation with Harstad Savings Bank we have our own summer showings in July and August. (See web site for info and programme). Our film halls can seat 400 or 75. Harstad cinema went digital in the spring of 2010 and can now offer films in 3D. up to date programme and information can be found on our web site. HARSTAD RAMBLING ASSOCIATION - The association regularly organizes day and weekend walks and various events suitable for families and youths, both summer and winter. See advert in Harstad Tidende. Its unmanned cabins on Hinnøya and the mainland are let out to the public. See our website for further info or contact Harstad Tourist Office. RACING Tel. +47 77 07 25 00, The northernmost racing track with totalisator board situated in beautiful surroundings approx 5 km from the city centre. Exciting races with V5etc bets for great winnings. In addition, adventure days for associations, organizations, businesses and private people, many come here to have an eventful and motivating day. See our website or call us for more info. Contact us for further info! TEQUILA SPORT Tel. +47 99 52 97 54. Tequila is northern Norways’ largest supplier of kayaks, canoes and equipment, We can help find something suitable for your requirements. Pop into our shop in the centre of Harstad or visit our internet shop How about a paddling course this summer? We have kayaks and equipment for hire. GAMNES FARM Tel. +47 90 50 86 60 We are currently developing Gamnes Farm and Harstad Hestesportsenter into a wonderful place to be. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a pleasant experience with options to go riding or racing, fishing, have a cup of coffee or just look around. Let us know if you will be coming on your own or with family or friends.

SOLLIFJELLET ALPINE CENTRE Tel. +47 77 07 78 33 Situated 7 km west of Harstad. Open from November until May. Slalom: 2 slopes/lift. Snowboard: 1 halfpipe. Snowboard and twin tip skiing with 2 big jump, humps and rails. GOLF Harstad Golfklubb, Tel. +47 77 06 94 73, fax +47 77 06 94 91 - 9-hole park set in a park and forest landscape, par 68. Harstad Golfcourse offers a magnificent experience of Northern Norway’s beautiful nature guaranteed to impress even the most discerning golfers. The light summer nights mean you can play golf around the clock! These unique qualities, combined with a challenging and entertaining layout, make Harstad Golfcourse a memorable experience. GRØTAVÆR WHARF Grøtavær. Tel: +47 77 06 05 70, Grøtavær Wharf offers many different holiday adventures both at sea and in the mountains. Our offers include hire of 50 foot boat with skipper and good fishing facilities (certified for 28 people), preparation/freezing of fish in a vacated fishing reception plant, boats with outboard engines, canoes, kayaks, rowing boats, grilling/open fires/accommodation in an island lavvo camp, nature trail, guided mountain hikes, large events on the pier loft seating 250 people, self-catering accommodation or full board for groups, abseiling/climbing in 10 km on a climbing wall.

BJARKØY: VALHALL – A SEA OF ADVENTURES! Krøttøy, Tel. +47 770 90000, fax +47 770 90001 - From the top of the island, there is a panoramic view of the archipelago where you can experience the midnight sun and northern lights without interfering lights, therefore the name of the island of the Northern Lights. Valhall can offer eagle safari by boat, visiting the islands where the majestic whitetailed eagle is nesting and hunting its prey. Photo safari by boat. We will visit a local family of seals. They are very curious and will often swim right up to the boat. The island tours are real adventures, because you do not know what will happen. Sometimes there are birds catching fish, other times we might catch a glimpse of otters and even whales. Underwater safari is a combined tour by a traditional boat and a boat where you are sitting below the water’s edge so that you can see everything through windows below sea level. You can also hire a bike and cycle between the islands, or find your own special beach and dream yourself away from a busy day. We offer deep sea rafting with RIBs, conference rooms, boats and kayaks for hire and can tailor-make packages for groups or businesses.


Distanser: (km fra Harstad) Alta.......................... 566 Andenes.................. 176 Bodø........................ 326 Evenes....................... 44 Finnsnes.................. 124 Kiruna..................... 305 Narvik...................... 130 Nordkapp................ 803 Polarsirkelen.......... 365 Sortland.................... 79 Svolvær.................... 143 Tromsø.................... 305

Kystkulturveien Ferger: Harstad (Stangnes) - Sørrollnes Harstad (Stornes) - Grytøy (Bjørnerå) Grytøy - Sandsøy - Bjarkøy Lødingen - Bognes Bognes - Skarberget Svolvær - Skutvik - Skrova Melbu - Fiskebøl Refsnes - Flesnes Bodø - Værøy - Røst - Moskenes Sommerferger: Harstad (Stornes) - Skrolsvik Andenes - Gryllefjord Botnhamn - Brensholmen Hurtigbåt: Harstad - Engenes - Brøstadbotn Harstad - Finnsnes - Tromsø Harstad - Bjarkøystedene - Skrolsvik - Flakstadvåg Svolvær - Skrova - Bodø

Tromsø Brensholmen





Andenes Flakstadvåg








Sørrollnes Gratangen






Bjerkvik Narvik





Borkenes Sortland











Leknes Skutvik Moskenes

Å i Lofoten

Harstad kommune Bjarkøy kommune Tjeldsund kommune


Kvæfjord kommune Skånland kommune


Til Stornes Grytøy (ferge) Bjarkøy (ferge) Skrolsvik(sommerferge)

Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus


Adolfkanonen Trondenes

Fv6 Russevika

< Til Nupen, Aunfjellet(Keipen), Borkenes/Kvæfjord

Altevågen Bergsvågen Laugen

Trondenes Kirke Trondenes Historiske Senter

Hagan Stien langs sjøen



sø m ro T -

d ta rs a H åt ta gb i t ru r tig r Hu Hu

867 Fv6








Harstad Kulturhus Bibliotek Høyskolen i Harstad


< Til Borkenes/Kvæfjord Refsnes (ferge) Harstad Travpark Vesterålen Lofoten Sollifjellet Alpinsenter







Utsiktspunkt over byen Gangsåstoppen

Heggenkollen Stangnes

Fv12 Landsåshallen

Gangsåsbotn Harstadbotn



Fv12 Kanebogen stadion

Stangneshallen Friidrettsstadion

848 ad rst Ha rge Fe



Harstad Camping

s ne oll ørr -S


Til Flyplass Narvik Lødingen Lofoten - Kartrettigheter: Chili Harstad



Welcome to Trondenes fortress - The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest land based gun The gun battery was built by the occupying German forces during the Second World War. All four guns are intact and one of them â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Adolph Gun â&#x20AC;&#x201C; is today a museum. The fortress is a monument to all the prisoners of war who died here during the building work, and all those who were driven from their homes due the extending of the line of defence during the Second World War. In the bunker under the gun there is an exhibition showing the guns history, building


Infoguide Harstad 2011

and planned use. There is also a coastal artillery collection of equipment and instruments that were used by the German coastal battery during the Second World War and later by Norwegian Coastal Artillery. Contact Destination Harstad for guided tours. Tel. +47 77 01 89 89 Guided tours during the summer.

Activities SKÅNLAND VILGESVÀRRE Tovik, tel. +47 90 59 25 74 - Restored sami settlement in very beautiful surroundings, abandoned in 1958. Accommodation in Sami hut or tent. Sami food. Activities such as trout fishing, canoeing, archery, lassoing, nature trail, berry and mushroom picking, exploring a cave and old sacrificial site. Season – all year. Tours (groups too) by appointment. M/K ”FOLKVANG” Grovfjord, Tel. +47 95 04 56 11 - Astafjord Kystlag is preserving local coastal culture with a special emphasis on the boatbuilder Nils Skandfer from Skånland. They have restored the 55 foot beautiful cutter from 1911 to its original state. The boat may be seen from its regular pier at ‘Huset i Havet’ in Grovfjord. Sailing trips and accommodation by appointment.

RÅ VIDEREGÅENDE SKOLE Established 1957 with horticulture and gardening training. Today the school has the following subjects on offer: organic gardening, flower decoration, restaurant and cooking, health and social subjects and sports. During the summer, the school opens its doors to guests wanting to see the demonstration beds for plants adapted to the north Norwegian climate. Group tours and food by appointment on tel +47 77 78 94 00, Mon-Fri 08.00-15.00. NUPEN Nupen bordering on the borough of Harstad is a popular place known for its view over Andfjord and the midnight sun during the season. (20/05- 20/07). The area has been awarded the title ‘’Norway’s most romantic place’’ by a well known travel magazine. The area is also in use outwith the summer season and is well worth a visit even when the weather is not at its best. During the winter there is no light pollution for those of you who would appreciate an uninterrupted view of the northern lights or the starry sky.

ICE BATHING Visit the unique beach in Evenskjer and go swimming! A tradition has developed to celebrate ice swimming on a specific day of the year, this year on Saturday 3rd December. A record will be attempted, prizes awarded and food served at Skånland Ungdomshus.

OLAÅSEN GÅRD Kvæfjord, Tel. +47 41 50 38 55, - We offer many different activities using animals and farm facilities. The lavvo is our base, seating up to 50 people. We can take you riding in the mountains in summer, sledging or being pulled by a horse while you stand on skis in winter, northern lights watching, along with a wide range of activities and group competitions. Food and drink can be included in the price. Accomodation available on request. Welcome to our farm!



Kongsvik valley Lush and beautiful valley on Hinnøya, surrounded by mountains and summits. From Kongsvik the road goes 6km into the valley where evidence of time gone by abounds. Evidence of settlements, farms, reindeer farming, cafes and social meeting places of varying kinds. The Rødrap troll family live under the shadow of the Rødrapan mountain. The lush landscape has a great variety of plant types. Reindeer and sheep are farmed in the area. The Kongsvik valley and the surrounding areas offer a mountain of opportunities for memorable outdoor experiences. A trail goes up from Sætran in the Kongsvik valley to Kvanto where it meets Harstad Rambling Associations trail from Storvann.

STALL MEYER Selseth. Tel. +47 48 19 15 85 – We welcome individuals and companies to our lovely island. In our great landscape with mountains and fjords the scene is set for the good experiences. Amongst other things, you can choose from activities such as snow scooter trips to fish through the ice or see the fantastic northern lights, dog sledging, hunting, hire a horse, guided mountain hikes with our without catering, children’s birthday parties with horse riding our ATV driving included. Imagine riding on the mountain, saddle off the horse and just enjoy what nature has to offer. Take a bicycle trip to or from Harstad through the borough of Ibestad. We can offer accommodation and transport along our below sea tunnel. Hire of lavvo (Sami tent) accommodating 35. All year.

MS NAVER`N Skånland, tel. +47 90 03 36 79, 67 foot former fishing boat from 1968, max 12 passengers. Fjord cruises, also accommodation onboard.

KVÆFJORD DEER FARM IN GULLESFJORD Tel. +47 971 79 432 The farm is situated in the village of Våtvoll. Around 40 animals are grazing in the enclosure. They are inquisitive and easy to get good photographs of. Visits by appointment.


Photo © einar veimoen

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Photo © einar veimoen


Infoguide Harstad 2011

Photo © aktiv events

Attractions/Sights HARSTAD The Adolf Gun Tel: +47 77 01 89 89 / One of the largest land based guns in the world, built by the German military during World War II. It is the only completely restored fortification in the world. Guided tours: 14th June14th August: Daily at 1100, 1330 and 1530. 15 August – 31st August: Daily at 12.00. Entrance: adults NOK 60, children NOK 30. Please note: Visitors must arrange their own transport for the tour. It is 1 km from the gate to the gun, so transport is necessary. Groups must book in advance. Off-season: guided tours only available by appointment. Trondenes Church Tel: +47 77 01 89 89 - The world`s most northerly stone church, dating back to the late Middle Ages (1250). The church is set in scenic surroundings and boasts several treasures and a beautiful interior. Open church: See and www.destination harstad .no. Guided tours by appointment all year. Trondenes Historical Centre – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Tel: +47 77 01 83 80, - Set in historical surroundings on the Trondenes peninsula, 3 km outside the city centre. The exhibition gives you an insight into the history of the Harstad region from early Stone Age and until today, with emphasis on the Viking and Medieval ages. History is enhanced by the use of a multimedia show, lights, sounds and smells. Let our gift shop, café and patio with fantastic views tempt you. Open: 14th June – 14th August: daily 10.00-17.00. Off-season: Mon-Fri 10.00-14.00, Sundays 11.00-16.00. Closed on public holidays. The museum also has several exhibitions and events during the year. See for further info. Heritage Trail at Trondenes Take a walk in the cultural landscape at Trondenes along a marked trail through lush and green countryside teeming with birds, past Asbjørn’s two boathouse turfs, several burial mounds and a 2000-year old farm mound. The more recent and painful history has left its marks, with a German camp, Russian prisoner of war camp and Finnmark camp. The path has been signed in Norwegian, German and English. Gallery NordNorge Harstad. Tel. +47 41 68 62 55 - Information about exhibitions and opening hours can be found on our web site. Gallery NordNorge is an arena for a wide spectre of different artistic expressions and promotes both local, national and international artists. The northern Norway Festival of Culture has a yearly exhibition here and the gallery is also used for concerts and other events during the festival and otherwise. Gallery NordNorge is here for everyone and entry is free. Voluntary contributions are welcome. Skjærstad Herring Oil Factory – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Skjærstad, Harstad. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - The factory was opened in 1922 and was operational for 6 years. Since then, it has been left in its original state. The season lasted from September until Christmas, and the factory was a result of the biggest and most important commerce at the time: the herring fishing. Open by appointment.

Grytøy Bygdetun – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Lundenes, Grytøy. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80, - With its 6 buildings and more than 3000 registered artefacts, Grytøy Bygdetun is one of the finest museums in North Norway. Barn with traditional agricultural tools and machinery, boats, fishing equipment and nets, as well as a fishing hut. You can get an insight into a coastal culture which is now disappearing. Open Saturdays during the period 18th June- 27th August from 11.00-14.00. Open by appointment all year. Sandtorg Bygdetun – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Sørvik, Harstad. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80, - Museum comprising 7 buildings close to the main road in Sørvik. Ursinstua from 1789 contains household articles, furniture, textiles and clothes depicting the way of life for all farmer-fishermen in North Norway many years ago. The forge, stables and sheriff’s jail contain a rich selection of tools from years past. Open by appointment all year. ’ANNA ROGDE’ - a part of Sør Troms museum Harstad. Main Office. Tel. +47 77 01 83 80 Shipping Office. Tel. +47 77 00 55 10 / +47 92 01 88 48 – The oldest sailing schooner in the world built in 1868 takes us out to sea while we stand shoulder to shoulder raising the sails. We soon have ten white sheets waving above our heads. The creeking of the mast and wooden hull mixes with the blowing of the wind while we plough through the waves. Below deck in the galley the smell of homemade food tickles our noses. Welcome to an unforgettable voyage. Tempted to a roundtrip on Vågsfjord, northern lights safari or Ski and Sail? Inquire above. Harstad Church Tel: + 47 77 01 89 89, - Harstad was separated from Trondenes as a parish on 1 July 1954. Four years later, on 3 August 1958, Harstad Church was inaugurated. The architect was Jan Inge Hovig who later designed the cathedral in Tromsø. The church is situated in the city centre on historical grounds: an administration building was built here in 1650 by sheriff Jens Hind. It is one of the first “working churches” being built in this country, as it, in addition to the church hall, also has a congregation hall, church lounge and kitchen used for various activities by the congregation. The church is sited on one of the town’s most beautiful sites, it is low and in harmony with its surroundings. It is built like an arrow to the sky wrote the architect Jan Inge Hovig. St. Sunniva Catholic Church Tel: +47 77 06 36 96 Wooden church from 1893. Hans Egedes Minne Chapel at Elgsnes, approx 30 km from Harstad. Røkenes Manor and Guesthouse Tel: +47 77 05 84 44 - Old trading post and guesthouse dating back to the 16th century. The property has been in the same family for 10 generations, since 1673. The main house was protected during the Second World War. The farm mound was also protected. Norwegian Cultural Heritage awarded the farm the Olavsrose in 1977.The gallery in the former barn is venue


Attractions/Sights for an exhibition by the Harr siblings. Sale of crafts from local producers on Låvebrua. Beautiful setting for lunch, dinner, meetings, weddings and other events, either in the main house from 1750 or the converted cow-shed from 1899. Accommodation in the 16th century farm storehouse. There is a 9-hole golfcourse on the property. Restaurant and café open daily during summer from beginning of June to the end of August. Open Sundays throughout the year, otherwise by appointment. Welcome! Sandtorgholmen Hotel Tel: +47 77 02 80 00 - A collection of buildings dating back over 250 years. At the only historical hotel in the county of Troms we have 23 room sleeping 56, pier restaurant, conference rooms and a winecellar from 1752. Harbour with docks. Traditional farm storehouse converted into a bridal suite. Camping, boat mooring, excellent fishing grounds with boat hire. Activities for the whole family in idyllic surroundings. Harstad Villmarkssenter Tel. 77 07 06 44/ 979 77 511 - Harstad villmarksenter, Heggenkollen, is situated in the middle of naturally beautiful area. From here we can arrange short or longer fishing trips or mountain hikes for the more adventurous. We have several good viewpoints well worth a visit. There you look over Harstad by day or night. We hope that one of the largest collections of stuffed birds and animals in Europe, a legacy of the late Harald Westnes from Bjarkøy, will be installed during February 2011. Over many years Harald Westnes has created a unique collection of animals and birds. The collection consists of over 1500 species. Harstad wilderness centre will take care of this collection and from February 2011 it can be seen by people from all over the world.

KVÆFJORD The Kvæfjord Cake Tel: +47 77 09 25 10, In September 2002, the Kvæfjord Cake was elected Norway’s National Cake in a nationwide election. The cake is already famous for its good taste and delicate appearance. You may buy the original Kvæfjord Cake in local diners. Recipe and info from Kvæfjordkakas Venner, an organization promoting the development of cultural businesses. Leaflet available at Harstad Tourist Office. Trastad Samlinger – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Oscars veg 6, 9475 Borkenes, Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - Trastad Samlinger is a documentation centre and museum for the nationwide history and art of the mentally handicapped. The centre shows the history of the mentally handicapped after the second World War, and tells the unique story about how people deemed non-trainable were able to develop and express themselves through their art. Here is the largest collection of art and pottery objects made by mentally handicapped people. The collection was produced in the former Nord-Norges Åndssvakehjem and contains 26,000 objects. Trastad Samlinger is the only gallery and museum in Norway incorporating art from groups other than those defined under the term “fine art”. Summer season: 14th June – 1th August, open Tue-Sun 11.00 – 16.00. Off-season by appointment.


Infoguide Harstad 2011

Hemmestad Wharf – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Tel: +47 77 01 83 80. Address: Hemmestad, Kvæfjord - An ocre pearl by the sea, where time has stood still for almost 200 years. History can be found everywhere: country store, cod liver oil barrel and the Nordland boat resting in the sun. The former tradepost is today a museum where the old pier house is intact alongside country store, post office, storeroom and exhibitions. Let the animal life at the pier, boat hire, exhibitions and café tempt you. Summer season: 14th June – 14th August, open Tue-Fri 10.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 11.00-17.00. Off-season by appointment. Culture Trail Skallan - Rå – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Address: Borkenes, Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - Culture trail with tracks after animals and people dating back to the Iron Age. Farm sites and grave mounds. The trail is signposted. Kvæfjord Church Kirkevegen 2, 9475 Borkenes. Tel: +47 77 02 21 51. Cruciform church built in 1867. Inaugurated 30th July 1867. Altar cabinet and pulpit dating from the 1700’s. Season: all year by appointment. NUPEN Nupen bordering on the borough of Harstad is a popular place known for its view over Andfjord and the midnight sun during the season. (20/05- 20/07). The area has been awarded the title ‘’Norway’s most romantic place’’ by a well known travel magazine. The area is also in use outwith the summer season and is well worth a visit even when the weather is not at its best. During the winter there is no light pollution for those of you who would appreciate an uninterrupted view of the northern lights or the starry sky. KVEØYA – The island lies in the middle of Kvæfjord and was connected to Hinnøya in September 2010. Amongst other things there is a nature trail going along the back of the island, a farm museum and a collection of old farm requisites as well as the Kveøy days which attract a large public. On our web site there is a good description of our heritage trail which includes many interesting places to stop. From the top of the island you can view 7 fjords and during the winter there are ski runs where you can have a spectacular skiing trip with the sea on all sides. DEER FARM IN GULLESFJORD Tel. +47 971 79 432 The farm is situated in the village of Våtvoll. Around 40 animals are grazing in the enclosure. They are inquisitive and easy to get good photographs of. Visits by appointment.

BJARKØY Historic Walks Tel: + 47 77 04 85 00, Walk through the history of Bjarkøy along the oldest railway in Troms or on the paths between bunkers and guns in the coastal battery from WW2. Contact Bjarkøy borough for further info. Sandsøy Church The church was finished in 1888, built by local people after the cruciform church was moved to Bjarkøy. Open by appointment.

Attractions/Sights Bjarkøy Church Beautiful wooden cruciform church from approx 1765. Originally built on Sandsøy, but moved in 1886. Open by appointment. Ole Ottesastua – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Address: Øvergård, Bjarkøy. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - This typical North Norwegian building from approx 1870 gives us a glimpse of the cramped conditions people used to live in until the 1960s. Up to 9 people were living here, and the largest room of the house was only used at Christmas. Stands on top of a very large farm site, and it is possible that this may have been the home of Tore Hund himself! Open all year by appointment. Culture Trail The marked culture trail passes through a landscape with many cultural monuments and is a wealth of finds from the Iron and Viking Ages and up to the 1800’s. The most famous are finds from the Chieftain’s seat and the Bjarkøy Family, the most powerful family in North Norway during the Viking Age. Brochure available at Krambua, town hall, library and Ole Ottesastua. SOMMARRO, SANDSØY In the Middle Ages this was the home of a catholic priest. The buildings are gone now but the area is partially reconstructed. Sommarro lies adjacent to trails leading to Iron Age graves in Hallevika.

SKÅNLAND Astafjord Church Modern, beautiful working church built in 1978 in stone and concrete. Architect: Harald Hille. Tovik Church Tel: +47 77 08 95 37 Very beautiful wooden church from 1905 with fine ornamentation and many cultural treasures. Architect: N. Saxegaard. Skånland Church Tlf: +47 77 08 95 37. Evenskjer Large beautiful wooden church built in 1901. Architect: Carl J Bergstrøm. Open by appointment. Artscape Nordland Tel: +47 77 08 95 10/ +47 412 04 161 Sculpture ”7 magiske punkter” (7 Magic Points). Beautiful and mystical circular iron scupture, 7 metres in diameter, weighing 25 tonnes. Situated by the water’s edge in a beautiful setting approx. 5 km north of Tjeldsund Bridge along the R825. Artist: Martti Aiha, Helsinki. Good parking M/K Folkvang Tel: +47 95 04 56 11 Astafjord Kystlag is preserving local coastal culture with special emphasis on the boatbuilder Nils Skandfer from Skånland. They have restored the 55 foot beautiful cutter from 1911 to its original state. The boat may be seen at its regular pier by ‘Huset i Havet’ in Grovfjord. Guided tours by appointment. Huset i Havet Tel: +47 997 03 959 The former Evenskjer school from 1921 has been moved to Grovfjord and restored by Astafjord KL and Grovfjord IL to its

new setting as a culture house. It is very important to people as a local venue and keeper of history and culture. Helleren Kraftstasjon – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Main Office.Tel: +47 77 01 83 80. HLK. Tel. +47 77 04 25 00 Helleren, Skånland - This power station is an important part of our industrial history and was commissioned in 1958. The machinery, turbine and generator are from 1907 and 1905, with a power of 1.8 and 2.83 MW. The machinery is unique, and there is only one in Notodden in addition to this. The plant is a low pressure plant and the dimensions are huge. Next to this plant is the new power station, and the technical development over the past 90 years comes to light. Open during office hours throughout the year by appointment. Steinsland Klyngetun – a section of Sør-Troms Museum Steinsland, Skånland – exit from the E10 at Tjeldsund bridge. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80, - The clustered buildings at Søndre Steinsland farm are incorporated in a traditional courtyard museum, and this courtyard formation of buildings was normal along the coast of Norway. From around 1850, however, most of the cluster courtyards were disbanded, and therefore this museum at Steinsland is very rare indeed. Aronstua is nicely furnished with authentic household articles and furniture from the 1920s. The cowshed comprises an exhibition linked to the Sami culture in the borough of Skånland. The farm storehouse has been furnished as a country store. Open by appointment. Vilgesvàrre Tel: +47 90 59 25 74 - Restored Sami settlement in very beautiful surroundings, abandoned in 1958. Accommodation in Sami hut or tent. Sale of Sami food. Activities such as fresh water fishing, canoeing, archery lassoing, nature trail, berry and mushroom picking, exploring a cave and old sacrificial site. Culture information. Winter activities. Tailor-made events for conferences, outings, businesses and other groups. Welcome to a unique adventure with Sami culture and traditions! Season: All year by appointment.

TJELDSUND Kongsvik valley Lush and beautiful valley on Hinnøya, surrounded by mountains and summits. From Kongsvik the road goes 6km into the valley where evidence of time gone by abounds. Evidence of settlements, farms, reindeer farming, cafes and social meeting places of varying kinds. The Rødrap troll family live under the shadow of the Rødrapan mountain. The lush landscape has a great variety of plant types. Reindeer and sheep are farmed in the area. The Kongsvik valley and the surrounding areas offer a mountain of opportunities for memorable outdoor experiences. A trail goes up from Sætran in the Kongsvik valley to Kvanto where it meets Harstad Rambling Associations trail from Storvann. Tjeldsund Church Hol. Tel: +47 76 91 91 40, Ofoten Church Office, Mon-Fri 09.00-14.00 Beautiful long church consecrated in 1901. Baroque alterpiece from the 1700s. The organ dates back to 1861 and has been in the church since 1931. It is among Norway’s most valuable historical instruments.


Foto: Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Opplev Vågsfjordens skjærgård Experience a two-hour round trip by boat in the skerry of Vågsfjorden Zweistündige Rundfahrt in Vågsfjorden



Skrolsvik Bjarkøy




Prøv en rundreise på vakre Vågsfjorden. Billettpris kr 195,- for voksne, kr 95,- for barn. Billetter kjøpes ombord eller på Harstad turistkontor. Ta kontakt med Destinaton Harstad på telefon 77 01 89 89 for mer informasjon. Se www. for oppdatert ruteinformasjon.


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Tickets are sold on board the vessel or at Harstad turistkontor. For more information please contact Destination Harstad at +47 77 01 89 89.

Tickets sind verkauft an Bord des Schiffes oder am Hartsad turistkontor. Weitere Informationen finden Sie Destination Harstad + 47 77 01 89 89.

Attractions/Sights Tjeldsund Museum Stokke. Tel: +47 76 91 91 00. Schoolhouse and teacher/parish clerk house from 1869. Exhibition of old domestic objects. The museum has also an exact copy of the Steinsvik sword and its own boathouse with two Nordland boats. Season: 30 May to mid-September, open by appointment. Tel +47 76 93 76 44 / +47 913 36 941 or +47 76 91 91 00 Tjeldsund kommune. Tjeldnes Pilot and School Museum Tjeldnes. Tjeldnes Bygdestue. Tel: +47 909 72 231 The museum is situated in Tjeldnes Bygdestue, former Tjeldnes school, from 1903. The exhibition contains objects related to the pilotage service and describes the development of the service from the first local pilot to the establishment of a national pilotage service in the district. The school exhibition contains objects from Tjeldnes school. Season: 29 May – 4 September. Open by appointment. Tel +47 76 93 78 13 / +47 76 93 78 17 / +47 909 72 231. Footprints to the North - Hovsveien Hol. Tel: +47 76 91 91 00. Hovsveien is a more than 1000 year old road which passes through a rich cultural landscape with cultural monuments and finds from the Stone and Iron ages. The old church road connects Ballstadstraumen to the church in Hol. The culture trail Hol-Hov is 2 km long and starts at Tjeldsund church. From the old farms Hol and Hov there is a wide view across Tjeldsundet. Roadsigns with historical information along the way. The leaflet ‘Hovsveien – Tjeldsundet gjennom tidende’ is available at the town hall in Hov. The Steinsvik Sword – Ancient Monuments Tjeldsund Museum, Stokke. One of the finest viking weapons ever found. It was found on Steinsvik farm and can be linked to a chieftain seat in the area. An exact replica is at Tjeldsund Museum, and the original is kept at Oldsakssamlingen in Oslo. Boathouses at Sand – Ancient Monuments Two large boathouses at Sandsosen recreational area, the largest from the Iron Age is about 40 m long and has possibly been housing longships larger than Gokstadskipet. The adjacent boathouse, probably from the Middle Ages, is 25 m long and may have housed a ‘leidangskip’, one of the king’s warships. The boathouses may be linked to the chieftain seat at Sand, which, according to the saga, was the home to powerful Viking chieftains in the 11th and 12th century. Burial Grounds at Ripelen – Ancient Monuments A collection of 11 stone burial mounds, among the oldest in the region and telling the story of a well-established farm settlement as far back as late Iron Age.

Coastal Fortress at Forholten Ramstad. Forsvarsbygg (owner). Coastal fortress from 1916 by the northern outlet of Ramsundet. The battery was built to defend the naval station in Ramsund and gain control of Tjeldsundet. The establishment of this naval station and the batteries at Forholten and Ramnes by the southern outlet of Ramsundet was part of the fortification of the defence of Northern Norway. The batteries at Ramnes were also designed to control Ofotfjorden and the Narvik harbour, which was an important shipping harbour for iron ore.Artscape Nordland – Media Thule Myklebostad. Skulpturkameratene (owner). Telefon +47 76 93 81 53 / + Tjeldneset Nature Reserve Tjeldnes, on the southwest side of Tjeldøya. Valuable coastal area on Tjeldnes with a natural adjacent plant and animal life. Special value is attached to the occurrence of ‘strandeng’ and being a venue for nesting and resting wetland birds. Established in 2002. LAVANGEN/SALANGEN Lund Wharf Sjøvegan, Salangen. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - The beautiful Lundbrygga in the centre of Sjøvegan was built between the wars on the site of an older pier. Lund Wharf was more than just a trading post, it was also an important meeting place for the locals. It is still a meeting place today but with a different focus. The permanent exhibition gives a taste of the coastal culture in Salangen at the same time as the museum also has more temporary exhibitions. Make time for a cup of freshly brewed coffee in a maritime setting. Open 23rd June- 14th August. Tues- Sun 10.00- 18.00. Rest of the year by appointment. Salangsverket Salangen. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - Deep in Salangen is the huge body of Salangsverket and the old memories embedded in its walls of a Klondyke with its chaotic rush and catastrophic depletion. That was before calculations could tell you that further extractions of iron ore would not be profitable anymore. Today, the tall construction is returning to nature as a reminder that everything is transient. Open all year. Salangen Bygdemuseum - Prestbakken, Øvre Salangen. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 Courtyard museum in a beautiful and fertile agricultural area in Øvre Salangen, where settlers arrived from the south and cleared the land at the end of the 18th century. The collection consists of the farmhouse ‘Limostua’ from 1870, cow-shed, storehouse, barn, forge and mill. Open all year by appointment.

Krambuvika Bygdemuseum Address: Tennevoll, Lavangen. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 - Artscape Nordland – Media Thule Welcome to a charming rural museum in beautiful surMyklebostad. Skulpturkameratene (owner). roundings. The main pier building , ”Sverrebrygga” houses Telefon +47 76 93 81 53 /+47 905 58 566, a cafe and exhibitions. There are several other buildings in A wooden building, a house built for spectators. The Icelandic the courtyard: nethouse, boathouse, forge – and not to forget artist, Olafur Gislason, is captivated by the dialogue between ‘Jennystua’, a charmingly furnished crofter’s house in strong the spectator, the artwork and the environment. Spectators colours. Open all year by appointment. are asked to write or draw their thoughts and attach them to the walls of the building. Open all year.



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Photo Š ruben krokstrand


Photo © ninna myrvang

Photo © ellen lian

Wandering - tips From around the 15th of June until the 1st of October we can be pretty sure that the mountain tops will be without snow. The time before and after vary from year to year. If one stays under 350 metres above sea level and near the coast, the season will of course last a little longer. The weather changes quickly in the mountains and we recommend that you have a suitable map and compass. Remember warm wind and waterproof clothes in your backpack. A hat and gloves might also be a good idea if one is close to the top of the mountain.

At Harstad tourist office you can buy hiking maps and get good tips. We are also the service office for the Norwegian Ramblers Association. Here you can buy keys and get information regarding their routes and cabins. Web sites with trip suggestions in the area: – -


Recommended Hikes:

Photo © Eidar Tøllefsen


(1 km from Harstad centre) Has a marked grid of trails and wide woodland paths, also adapted for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Lit runs of 4 or 8km. A wonderful base for walking or jogging on changing ground. Beautiful lakes and 6 adapted ‘gapahuker’ (covered shelters with benches and a fireplace).

KEIPEN (490m above sea level)

Length: 4km there and back Estimated time to summit: 25 mins Suitable for: most people Start - stop. Drive to Aun mountain [approx 8km north west of Harstad]. Keipen is on the left side of the road up to Aun mountain. There are 3 lakes, one after the other on the right hand side. By the 3rd lake there is a little road into a car park. Equipment: No special requirements. Map: Hiking map for Vesterålen, Hinnøy. Marked Trail: No. Good path. Water: Keipen lake Route Description: Good path to the top. Slightly hilly and some boggy at the beginning. Sloping path towards the top. Near the top we find the lovely Keipen lake with the option of lighting a fire. Path continues on the right of the lake to the next plateau. There is a very steep drop down to the ocean. Fantastic view to the west and possible to see the midnight sun!


Length: 3.5km there and back Estimated time to summit: 25 mins. Suitable for: most people. Start- stop: Car park at Toppenveien. Drive to the roundabout at Kanebogen shopping centre [ 3km south of Harstad.) Drive past Shell and take the second right, Gamle Stangnesvei. Signposted from here to the car park at Toppenveien. Equipment: No special requirements. Map: Hiking map for Harstad. Marked trail: No. Good path. Water: No. Route description. Good path to the top. Slightly hilly birch trail. Benches and binoculars at the top. Fabulous view over the town.


Infoguide Harstad 2011

Photo © jørn heløe

Photo © tor anders grøvan

MUSVANNET [330] Length: 9km there and back Estimated time to lake: 1hr and 15mins Suitable for: Most people. Good road. Nice jogging route. Start- stop. Folkeparken. Folkeparken is 5 mins from the city centre. Drive up behind the hospital to the large car park at the end of the road. Equipment: No special requirements Map: Hiking map for Harstad Marked trail: Partially Water: Drinking water after 2km. Route description: From Folkeparken take the gravel road ahead to Grunnvannet. At the junction at the end of the lake continue straight ahead along the gravel road. (slightly down and left) The road is called Fjellveien. Follow the road down and then up to a junction. Sign posted for Musvannet. Follow the road straight ahead. At Musvannet there is a ‘gapahuk’ and opportunity to light a fire. HINNSTEIN [560]

Length: 6-7km there and back Estimated time to summit: an hour to an hour and a half Suitable for: most people – bit demanding. Start –stop: Medkila school. Medkila school is approximately 5km south of city centre. Turn off at the sign to Statoil Hydro and right after Skeidar furniture store. Continue up past the school. Park just past the children’s nursery. Equipment: No special requirements Map: Hiking map for Harstad Marked trail: No. Good path. Top visible from start. Water: Small streams. Route description: Follow a good path from car park. You come up to the left side of Hinnstein finding the path to the top. Fabulous view to the north, south and east.

Photo © kjell gustavsen

SÆTERTIND [1094] Length: approx. 15km there and back. Estimated time to top: 4-5hrs. Suitable for: Hill walkers and well trained. The last bit to the top is demanding. Start – stop: From Harstad drive south, past the Tjeldsund bridge towards Lødingen. Park by Sandtorg sports field. Sign posted. Equipment: No special requirements but good shoes are recommended. Map: Hiking map for Vesterålen- Hinnøya Marked trail: No. Good path. Keep left. Visible from the road. Water: Sporadic before last climb to top. Route description: Follow path from football field, through the gate. The road goes up towards Årbog lake, 258m above sea level. ( Alternatively follow the path up the west side of the river). From the lake continue south where you will find a path to a cabin. From here follow the posts to the top. Same way down. If you go down along the road on the north side of the river, make sure you go straight ahead where the paths cross when you come down to the plain by the sports field. If you don’t, you will end up at the north side of the river, and will have to follow the road right down to the E 10 and south up to the sports field again. KVITNESVETTEN [303m]

Length: 6km there and back Estimated time to summit: 40mins. Start – stop: Car park at Tjedsund Bridge Inn and Hotel in Skånland. Path begins on opposite side of the road. Equipment: No special requirements. Map: No known map, but not necessary. Marked trail: Well sign posted along the whole path. Good path. Route description: Good path. A little steep halfway up, but generally a good easy path. Fantastic view across Tjeldsund. Take drinking water.

Photo © ketil olsen

Photo © Astrid marie iversen

VILGESVARRE [200m] Length: 7km there and back. Estimated time to settlement: 50mins. Suitable for: most of us. Start – stop: Car park Elvesletten at south end of Blåfjell lake in Sandmark. Drive to Tovik, follow sign from junction before Statoil. [17.5km north of Tjeldsund Bridge Inn and Hotel] Follow road and sign straight ahead for about 7km, left at the sign and information board, over a little bridge. Continue to car park. Equipment: Good hiking boots. Map: Hiking map for Vesterålen –Hinnøya. Marked trail: ‘’Footsteps to the north’’ signposting all the way. Good path. Drinking water and catering: Food and water to order. See web site! Good drinking water. Route description: Good path, bit steep at the beginning, nice and easy, slightly hilly birch trail rest of the way. Very beautiful settlement, with fishing place, nature trail, peace and quiet. Further information/ map: SABUS AS. Tel. +47 905 92 574 TOP TEN PEAKS

INFORMATION: Top ten peaks is a well established hill walking opportunity for people of all ages. Through Top Ten Peaks you take part in hikes to 5 easy and 5 moderate peaks in the area around Harstad. Chosen peaks enable you to take part whether you have just learned to walk or are nearly 100yrs old. Nice reward, a mug with a motive from this year’s peaks if you have reached 7 peaks. [5 for children up to 12 yrs of age] Further information can be obtained at Harstad Tourist Office or look up



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Shopping/Business Partners

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GENERAL SHOP OPENING HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 09.00-16.30. Thursday 09.00-18.00. Saturday 10.00-15.00. SHOPPING CENTRES Amfi Bertheus Fjordgt. 1, Tel. +47 77 06 51 99 - Weekdays 09.00-19.00. Saturdays 10.00-16.00 Amfi Kanebogen Skillev. 5, Tel. +47 77 07 04 13 - Weekdays 10.00-20.00. Saturdays 10.00-16.00 Sjøkanten Senter Verkstedv. 1, Tel. +47 77 02 89 00 - Weekdays 10.00-20.00. Saturdays 10.00-20.00. NB: 08.00-22.00. Saturdays 08.00-20.00. NEWSPAPER Harstad Tidende, Storgt. 11. Tel. +47 77 01 80 00 - BANKS • DnB NOR asa, Sjøgt. 5. Tel. +47 77 62 96 00 - • Harstad Sparebank, Rik. Kaarbøs pl. 2. Tel. +47 77 00 28 00 - • Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge, Strandgt. 7. Tel. +47 02244 - CAR DEALERS Arne Johnsens Bilverksted AS, Samagt. 33. Tel. +47 77 01 86 00 - GROCER OBS Stormarked, Sjøkanten Senter. Tel. +47 77 02 89 00 - HAIRDRESSER Beauty Salongen, Sjøkanten Senter. Tel. +47 77 06 36 35 - GIFTS/SOUVENIRS • Trastad Design, Asbjørn Selsbanesgt. 2. Tel. +47 77 02 24 20 - • Harstad Tourist Office, Rik. Kaarbøsgte 11. Tel. +47 77 01 89 89 OFFICE SUPPLIES Copy Safe as, Seljestadv. 58. Tel. +47 77 00 24 40 - ELECTRICITY COMPANY Hålogaland Kraft as, Rødbergv. 14. Tel. +47 77 04 25 00 -

ASSOCIATIONS AND ORGANISATIONS • Harstad Skøyteklubb. Tel. +47 90 58 81 67 - • Harstad Turlag. Tel. +47 97 43 18 06 - • Harstad Kunstforening. Tel. +47 95 89 56 25, +47 91 85 88 50, +47 94 38 85 71 - • Sollifjellet Alpinsenter. Tel. +47 77 07 78 33 - • Totonor AS. Tel. +47 77 07 25 00 - • Harstad Golfklubb. Tel. +47 77 06 94 73 - • Harstad Jeger og Fiskeforening. Tel. +47 77 07 06 44 - MUSIC Mario’s Musikk, Strandgt. 13-15a. Tel. +47 77 00 10 50 - TRANSLATOR Dragland Oversetter, Tovik. +47 Tel. 90 12 50 02 - ACCOUNTANCY Sør-Troms Dataregnskap, Strandgt. 22. Tel. +47 77 06 10 01 - ADVERTISING • Chili Harstad as. Tunneset 2. Tel. +47 77 00 14 80 • Vizuelli. Tunneset 10. Tel. +47 77 00 11 00 TEXTILES/ARTS AND CRAFTS • Lillings Garn og Vevstue, Rikard Kaarbøsgt.7. Tel. +47 77 06 67 90 • Ellens Pelsstudio, Storgata 17. Tel. +47 77 00 65 55/ mob. +47 452 91 795 RACING Totonor, Harstad Travpark, Langmoan. Tel. +47 77 07 25 00 EDUCATION Høgskolen i Harstad, Havnegt. 5. Tel. +47 77 05 81 00 LAUNDRY/CLEANING Rentex as, Havnegt. 6. Tel. +47 77 00 11 70




HARSTAD • 18.-25. JUNE 2011 • 23.-30. JUNE 2012





Photo: Ole Kristian Losvik, Ellen Berit Dalbakk, Einar Nymoen og Øivind Arvola


Infoguide Harstad 2011

What's happening in 2011?

Photo © sør-troms museum

Listen under er et lite utvalg av begivenheter i Harstad-regionen. På nettsidene finner du en mer utfyllende arrangementsliste. Måned Arrangement


Januar 07.-09. COOP OBS Cup 2011, Landsåshallen www.landså 09. Nyttårskonsert kl 1400, Kultur I Troms & Arctimus, Grovfjord Arr. Astafjord Kystlag 09. Nyttårsmarsj, Dypvik / Tovik / Sandstrand Arr. IL Santor / Tovik Sanitetsforening 12. ”Reise i drømmetida” med Bålfolket, Turlagshuset Arr. Alternativt Forum Nord 15. Nyttårskonsert, Forsvarets Musikkorps NN 20. Sollunsjkonsert 21. Radio Harstad 25 år, Jublieumsshow 22. Dansegalla i Nordic Hall 22. ”Ungdommens plass i mediebildet” Arr. Radio Harstad – debatt kl 10.00, HiH 22. Rockekonsert for ungdommer, Stangneshallen kl 17.00 Arr. Radio Harstad 27. Chet Baker spiller ikke her (Hålogaland Teater) 28. Harstadkonferansen

17.-19. Nordnorske VVS dager 19. Stor tombola, Grov Skole Arr. Grov Sanitetsforening 19.-20. NKK internasjonal hundeutstilling 25. Vilt og vakkert (Trine Rein og Lars Monsen) April 01. Sykehusrevyen 02. Konsert Harstad Kulturhus ”Se og hør – med Sama skolekorps” 13.-17. Tour De Andørja Free ride by HeliTeam 23. Påske-rennet, Kjønna Grendehus Arr. Kjønna IL 29.-01. Knax Cup 2011, G/J 7 år til G/J 12 år, www.landså Landsåsbanen

Mai 03. Bloom – Danseforestilling (Riksteatret) 08.-10. Gjør din bolig bedre – messe 09. Klubbmesterskap i sykling, Skånland Skole på Evenskjer Arr. Breistrand Cykleklubb 11. Pernille Sørensen – Flink Pike 17. Kafé i Hålogalandshallen - konsert kl.13.00 Februar 21. Humanistisk konfirmasjon 03.-06. Ilios festival 2011, Harstad 24. Bob Dylan-forestilling 05.-06. Spar Kamper (nasjonal serie i 28. Hålogalandsstafetten, Harstad sentrum Håndball) i Harstad - Labb og Line miniløp, stafett, hovedstafett. 05.-06. Urkraft- Kurs med Lilli Bendriss Underholdning og Catherine Behr, Trondenes 09. Evig Ung – Humorforestilling Juni (Riksteatret) 11.-12. Motorfesthelg, bilcross, rallycross, crosskartløp 12. Ungdommens Kulturmønstring Kvalifiseringsløp til NMK`s Landsfinale 19.-27. Kulturuka i Midtkommunen Bilcross Junior. 25. Baby Universe (Riksteatret) 17.-19. Nord Norges treffet, Landsdelens 26.-27. Ungdommens Kulturmønstring i ETS, største og beste MC treff! Fjelldal Samfunnshus ETS - kommunene 16.-18. Blues Festival 27. Michael Jackson Tribute 18. Ølfestival, Tovik Ungdomshus Arr. U. IL Yggdrasil (Norges Korforbund) 18.-25. Festspillene i Nord Norge 27. Skånland-rennet (tidl. Boltås-rennet) 19.- 24. Nord Norsk Håndballskole Breistrand Grendehus Arr. Skånland Sportsklubb 20.-25. NUK 23. St. hans aften, Mars feiring Trondenes Historiske Senter 05. Legenden Johnny Cash 23. St. hans arrangement, (Benny Borg) fjæra ved Steinsland Grendehus Arr. Steinsland UAL 15. Albert Åberg (Riksteatret) 23. Turmarsj til Vakkerstadlia, Grovfjord ved Ica


What's happening in 2011?

Måned Arrangement


24. Festspill lekene i friidrett på ”nye Stangnes friidrettsbane” - Kveld arr. Gratis inngang, kiosk salg. 24.-25. Evenskjerdagan / Bluesfestival 25. Festspill lekene i friidrett på ”nye Stangnes friidrettsbane”. Opplev barn og unge fra hele Nord-Norge. Gratis inngang, kiosk. 25. ”Night of Thunder 2011”, Harstad/Narvik Lufthavn, Evenes 25.-26. Midtsommerstevne i sprangridning, Skånland Stall, Evenskjer 27. Cruiseanløp av ”Insignia” Juli 01.-03. Sommarhelg i Grovfjord, M/F Folkvang 100 år Arr. Alle lag og foreninger i Grovfjord 02. Sommarhelgstur til Myklevollkollen, Grovfjord 03. Sommarhelgstur, Vakkerstadlia og/el Tvillingsvatnan-Hilleshamn Medio Den Nord-Norske Alternativ festivalen, Folkeparken - Anita Larsen:Tel. 45005582/Ann-Kirstid Arr. Alternativt Forum Nord Brustad.Tel. 90898788 08.-10. Tour de Andørja, Triple Challenge 09. Tour de Andørja for Kids 10. Åpen dag på Vilgesvàrre 10. Cruiseanløp av ” Albatross” 14. Lunsjkonsert, Organist Maria D. Rasch i Skånland Kirke 17. Åpen dag Vilgesvàrre 21. Lunsjkonsert, Organist Maria D. Rasch i Skånland Kirke 27. Cruiseanløp ” Albatross” 27.-31. 100 års Jubileumstur med M/F Folkvang Grovfjord / Dverberg 28. Lunsjkonsert, Organist Maria D. Rasch i Skånland Kirke 28.-31. Màrkomeannu, samisk kultur og musikkfestival, Evenes 29. Olsok–Gudstjeneste, kafèutsalg, Steinsland Klyngetun Skånland Prestekontor/Steinsland UA-lag 30.-31. Friidrettsstevne/Barentskampen, Stangnes Friidrettsbane, Kiosk salg, gratis inngang


Infoguide Harstad 2011

August 04. Cruiseanløp av ” Silver Cloud” 04. Lunsjkonsert, Organist Maria D. Rasch i Skånland Kirke 06. Morgans Fest, Gratangen 06.-07. ”KOV-Elingen” i Kasfjord Medio Den Nord Norsk Øl Festival 19. Båttur med M/F Folkvang, Gratangen, Foldvik 19.-20. BAKgården 19.-21. Foldvikmarked 20.-21. Motorfesthelg, bilcross-, rallycross-, - crosskartløp, Midlings Pokalløp 27.-28. Gårdsmarked på Ebbestua, Tovik Arr. Solveig Simonsen 27. ”Tovikingen” Lavvopub i Tovik Arr. Tovik Velforening 27.eller 28. Topptur til Novatind / Topptur til Revtind – VÆRforbehold September 03. Tour De Andørja Terreng 04. Åpen dag Vilgesvàrre 11. Turmarsj, Steinsland Arr. IL Kjønna 11. Turmarsj, Kjønna Grendehus 16.-18. Tjuvstarten seniorturnering i Håndball 16.-18. Alternativmesse 18. Turmarsjer; Sletta-Bjerkvik/Herjanger, Ole Krok-tur, Grovfjord 19.-23. Kystkulturuka Grov Skole 22. Klubbmesterskap i sykling, Breistrand Arr. Breistrand Cykleklubb 22.-23. Høstfestivalen, Evenskjer Arr. SOIF m.fl 24.-25. Arctic Cup Superfinalen, Rally cross November 18.-20. Førjulsmarknad i Stangneshallen Arr. Stangneshallen AS 25. Adventskonsert i Skånland Kirke 25. – 27. Kraft-Cupen Aldersbestemt Håndballturnering Desember 03. Den store Isbadedagen i Skånland, arr. 5. året på rad Isbadestranda på Evenskjer 17. Juleavslutningskonsert kl 17.00, Soltun Folkehøgskole Arr. ETS Kulturskole 18. ”Julevandring til Betlehem” på Sandtorg Bygdetun 31. Vassdalsvann – Nyttårsbål, Sandneset kl 11.00 2. og 3.helga Julehus i Ebbestua, Tovik Arr. Solveig Simonsen

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Experience the world’s largest toothed whale in it’s right element from May – September We have arranged whale safaris in Andenes since 1988, which combine research, learning and adventure into one unique experience. We offer: The shortest distance to the whale watching grounds, qualified guides, whale guarantee and the Norwegian Whale Centre featuring a multimedia presentation, restaurant /café, pub and souvenir shop. *We see whales on 96% of our trips. If the trip is not sucessful, we offer you a new whalesafari for free (you need to make a new booking yourself). Or you will get your money back. Your choice.

Booking/info.: Hvalsafari AS, P.B. 58, N-8483 Andenes Tel.: + 47 76 11 56 00 E-mail:


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This brochure gives an insight into the many attractions and activities available in the area. Harstad, with its population of 23,000, has a...