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entrees king prawns and chicken in rice paper with glass noodles Vietnamese mint, coriander dipping sauce 17 gf oxtail braised in star anise and lemongrass, with Chinese green onion pancakes and chili jam 17 pork, shiitake and bamboo potstickers with black rice vinegar and pickled ginger dipping sauce 16 Thai style fish cakes, kaffir lime and snake beans with sweet chili aioli 17 gf “Kajang� style beef skewers on lemongrass with peanut sauce 17 gf

salt and pepper squid wok tossed in chili and garlic with sweet soy and lime 16 shared platter beef satay, fish cakes, potstickers, rice paper roll 15 per person min 2 people

mains king prawns jungle curry or Malaysian sambal style with snake beans, bamboo shoots and lychees 32 gf pan seared salmon on tom yum broth with prawn dumplings and oyster mushrooms 32 duck breast on red Thai curry with caramelised pineapple, apple eggplant and roasted shallots 32 gf free range chicken roasted in banana leaf and Balinese spices with bean and coconut lawar 30 gf whole snapper fried in BirdCage spices with Asian slaw sesame, lime and soy dressing 32 grilled grain fed sirloin, coriander seasoned and served with “crying tiger� sauce and glass noodle salad 30 gf Berkshire pork belly braised in sweet soy and star anise with tamarind, coriander glaze and cucumber kim chee 30

Vegetarian served as entrĂŠe or main course eggnet filled with oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, snow peas and daikon tossed in hoisin and chili e 15 m 26 gf roasted butternut pumpkin in yellow curry with apple eggplant, snow peas and cashews e 15 m 26 gf miso grilled eggplant topped with fried silken tofu with dashi and ginger sauce e 15 m 26 gf

sides duck fat kipfler potato


wok tossed Asian greens


green paw paw salad


steamed jasmine rice


desserts lemongrass and ginger brulee over a pineapple and mint compote 15 tapioca pearls with sweetened coconut cream and seasonal fruit (dairy free) 14 banana fritters with salted coconut caramel and vanilla bean ice-cream 15 chocolate marquis with walnut brownie and raspberry sauce 16 Bailey’s Irish cream and organic espresso over vanilla bean ice-cream 15

A selection of coffee, tea and liqueurs are available or join us in the bar for our Vietnamese espresso martini or your favourite nightcap

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