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I am not a psychologist, nor do I have a degree in the social sciences. I have a love for people. I've coached hundreds, and interviewed thousands, researched amazing people over 15 years of work and study. To this end I have discovered that when babies are born they seemingly know very little about life on planet earth. I wanted to know what made some people happy, what made some people sad. What I discovered was nothing short of amazing. Since this article is about financial fear, I share my thoughts on that. What children learn as they grow is what is exampled to them. Thought patterns, (both positive and negative), based on others actions and reactions, words used through environmental, social and moral examples during their upbringing. All of these factors bring on important emotional changes that can breed sustainable damage, or immeasurable good to a child, and as in many cases it breeds both. My parents use to make statements like, “money is the root of all evil.” “Only greedy people get rich.” “In order to get anywhere in life you have to be filthy rich!” First, ‘filthy’ and ‘rich’ are not coupled together unless dirty people are the only ones with money. If greedy people were the only people to get rich, then God would not have allowed Joseph to become rich and enable him to feed the multitudes. After hearing negative connotations regrading money, a child is likely to associate being rich with something negative, and wouldn’t want someone to think poorly of them, therefore, even though they might have a desire to have lots of money for a greater purpose, internally they will struggle with keeping money near because of what has been indelibly driven into their subconscious mind. Money means something negative, dirty or evil. These types of messages can structure a world of debilitating fear about managing money as well. These mixed messages are possible to reshape! You are capable of financially freeing yourself from negative associations. Although it might seem simplistic, a daily reminder can help set you free from negative associations but it will take more effort on your part than that simple step.

3 TIPS TO CHANGE THOUGHTS REGARDING MONEY TIP 1: Write down all the negative talk you have heard regarding money, being rich, or living with wealth over your young life and include your negative thinking as an adult. Write it all down and if you need to ask siblings or spouse if they can remember any statements then do so. TIP 2: Write out how you feel each thought might have affected your financial life. TIP 3: Find a way to separate yourself from this way of thinking. Think of possible opposite beliefs that might help you correct your thoughts. Money is not what changes people. People change through choice and right now you want to make a choice to change how you think or feel about money so you can become a better money manager. There are plenty of ways to become a better money manager and plenty of books and resources to head you in the right direction. Go to your local library or google on line to see what some of the best ways there are to continue your education in this process. I'll have more information on our website later about this topic. NOTE: If you have mortgage debt, and you want to find a way to pay it off without changing your lifestyle, click on the orange link that says SMART EQUITY. This is a company that can help you get organized AND pay off your mortgage, and other debts in less than half the time.

Kellie These articles are copy right protected and written to help anyone seeking information to improve their situations, add personal growth to their list of priorities or coach someone they care about. I encourage you to share these articles, and when you do, please make certain they remain in their full,and complete version. Thank you!

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TIP 2: Write out how you feel each thought might have affected your financial life. TIP 3: Find a way to separate yourself from this way of...

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