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Confusion is a dangerous zone. It typically leads to inactivity and lamenting, no matter the size of the decision. So how can you feel comfortable about a decision when all you feel is dazed and confused? I was watching my cat chase her tail and of course I’m laughing while watching her…and I could tell she was irritated, but for a few moments I was certain I saw fear in her eyes. She remained completely focused on herself until she eventually got disoriented, angry and confused. Nothing was forcing her to chase her tail and maybe for a brief period she thought it was fun, but something changed right in the middle of her play. She eventually stopped, got up, shook it off, and I let her outside to run after the neighbor’s cat. Humans are the same way. We get all caught up in looking at the load, the stresses, the pain, and we focus on ourselves and our mess without even realizing it. We sense disorientation, confusion and eventually anger. Sometimes the pain is so great we want to run, as fast and far away as we can. No matter how intensely you feel confusion, no matter how overwhelming the problem might seem, DO NOT GIVE UP! Remember - Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the disregard of it. Fear gets intermingled with confusion and until you choose to stop, shake it off, and move forward, you will keep chasing your tail. Did you look in the mirror this morning? Did you see someone in the mirror who looked as though they were chasing their tail? Or did you see a hero making a tough decision? Courage isn't reserved for those who aren't afraid - but for those who disregard their fear because a life changing decision is about to happen. What you sow, or focus intently on, is what you will continue to reap. Read more articles about how to change your focus on our site.

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Once they are confused, they then do nothing