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There is a new book called, The First 30 Days, Your Guide to Any Change and it was written by Ariane De Bonvoisin. Ariane explains how she traveled the world, and while doing so, casually interviewed over 1000 people asking anyone she could how they handled change. She found that no matter where in the world we come from, we all deal with good change and bad. She discovered that the individuals who successfully handle change do so through positive beliefs as they move through life. She believed they are also realists, because they understand that things might get tough, but they remain very positive about getting through, whatever the change is, with grateful hearts. Any emotion you resist will rule your life like a king. In order to accept change of any kind, you have to first accept it. If you focus on a belief that you ‘can’t’, then that is holding you back from an opportunity to grow in your thoughts and in your feelings. •

Fear, for instance, paralyzes you for life unless you can move beyond it.

Doubt will keep you from moving forward because you have no true conviction it will work out.

Impatience, you might have had an estimated time frame for something but it didn’t work out, so you wanted to give up on it because of being impatient.

Guilt produces feelings of low self worth.

Blame, most often given to our parents or spouse, but in doing this it will further delay the changes for maturity.

Shame, how others will look at you is a concern if a change is made.

Deciding to be an optimist will impact the way you move through change. You will decide if you live in a friendly universe or an unfriendly universe. Whichever way you decide, it will impact you to your core and you will live out the messages you believe to be true. You will use terms such as “This always happens to me.” “Nothing good can come out of this.” “Why can’t I be lucky like that?” Ariane also talks about a change guarantee, an inner belief that something good will come out of this. This is by far the most important thing you can believe about change. Sometimes it’s the most difficult thing to feel, but that ‘change guarantee’ is vital to how you feel towards what change you are about to make.

We’ve all grown up with change but we don’t acknowledge it as such. We graduate, we move, we have children, we get fired, we lose a home, and you can either embrace it or fight it. Whatever it was that got you through those changes before can most certainly pull you through this one also. How you cope is very personal for everyone; some people pray, some journal or exercise, some create a resume’ of all the good that came out of their life changing experiences. Whatever method you need to have, do it. Change itself isn't bad. It's how you deal with it that makes the difference. Learn to grow through it. Are you defensive, angry, confused, or are you teachable, open, allowing to take in what you need to understand from the choices you made that brought about these changes? It's all in how you look at life friend. If you enjoyed this article feel free to share it in its entirety.


• Doubt will keep you from moving forward because you have no true conviction it will work out. • Blame, most often given to our parents or...