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August 7, 2009 WTF?! We can't open! Yesterday, the city notified us that the mobile food vendor's permit used by DessertTruck is no longer valid. For reasons too confusing and vague for us to understand, the city denied the permit holder the right to renew his permit. What does this mean? We can't sell on the street to passersby. It does NOT mean we are out of business - we will continue to cater private events and find a way to open to the public again. As for all the knotty red tape that binds all mobile food vendors, we're developing a special ray gun for that. Thank you in advance to all our awesome customers who patiently await our return in one form or another. And a big thank you to our crew, present and pa st for supporting us – Bill, Colin, Craig, Grace, Jenica, Kevin, Lawpo, Luis, Mallory, Susana, Travis& Vincent! We'll post updates on our website and Twitter feed as they become available. A bientôt! Jerôme Chang DessertTruck