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ADDRESS: Iatrou Zanna 14 ~ Thessaloniki ~ Greece Phone: 0030 2310 8676 87 ,0030 2310 3516 77 Fax :0030 2310 3516 78 Email: Citizenship: GREEK Birth date: 06/06/1982 Marital status: Married with one child University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture, Bsc Eng. In architecture Rating: 7.95 / 10 (5 YEARS STUDIES) Architectural design in particular the urban planning and Building. Design interiors and small objects. Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and Planning. History, theory and criticism of architecture, urban planning and design. The Humanities and Social Sciences and the organization of space (Philosophical sociological-anthropological -psychological etc. aspects of human behavior). Audiovisual and Plastic Arts and Design. Virtualization Technologies -Computers and Media. Manufacturing technologies and management and planning of the Environment (bioclimatic architecture etc. The old-NIkiti: report in village with plentiful on the analysis of data from 1900 onwards, in urbanization, development, deployment and that the settlement was influence by the socioeconomic factors dealt with the morphological features of the buildings, both internally and externally. Restoration of small traditional total Nikiti -Chalkidiki -refers to surveys, pathology, rehabilitation, reuse and conversion of two dwellings in hostels with landscaping of buildings and unification. Lyceum of Agios Nikolaos Chalkidiki 1999 (excellence awards) First Certificate in English (Lower)(1997 ) Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2007, Mac, operating of computers (degree control 270 hours)

AutoCAD (2D-3D) 3ds Max Graphisoft ArchiCAD Adobe Photoshop, APPLICATIONS: Adobe illustrator Premier InDesign Quark XPress MS Office (office suite) Skype INTERNET: handing Pc 270hours Program telecommuting and teleconferencing, e-mail.

WORKSHOP Trainee Architect -Technical MEKENER-THESSALONIKI-14-7-2003-14-09-2003 Participation in the study-manufacturing factory in landscaping in Kilkis STATE OF TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece) FROM THE OCTOBER 2008 REGISTRATION : 119120

Work experience

Jobs Architect Engineer, Architectural office, Constantinou Karavassili-Thessaloniki -2008-2010 Assistant architect in architectural studies in residential houses and shops. Involved in issuing building permits, architectural studies in high-rise buildings, residential units and independent country in the sea and mountains. Landscaping, photo-realistic presentation of the works on billboards and a presentation document. Architect Engineer, owned Architectural office, GD ARCH + DESING -Thessaloniki -2010-2012 Finally, as owner, I worked in interior design and renovation of interior spaces. With the seven-storey building with design apartments, underground parking and landscaping. The design storey stone country house and landscaping. Erection of three storey apartment building and basement.


Ability to cooperate and draw information from various scientificfic areas the proportion of group work. Learning different methods of scientificfic research collect data from different sources (internet, conferences, books, testimonials) and analyzing them. The ability to work autonomously. Design and development experience in high and medium rise residential apartment. The ability to deliver a conceptual design from commencement to completion. Ability to deliver work in a given year. Learning design programs. Interior design Participated in discussions where organized in University of Thessaly with guest architects and writers. Observation also DO.CO.MO.MO. the colloquium lecture presentations and discussions where held in our school


LECTURE -GEORGE PLEIOS 09/10/2007 LECTURE -MOUKANIS GEORGE LECTURE -ZAMPELAS HELEN LECTURE -VAITIS ALEXANDER LECTURE -Panagiotis MATZIARAS LECTURE -NAVRIDIS NIKOLAOs LECTURE -KOURKOULOS ANDREAS LECTURE -JOSE SUAN BARBA LECTURE -Dimitris Fatouros LECTURE -MICHAEL MANIDAKIS LECTURE -KOTSAKI Emilia LECTURE -Maria Theodorou International Scientificfic Conference -eCAADe2006, Communicating Space (s) I 'Circle short seminars during the TEE-DOM June 2009 'Planning applications Greece: from theory to practice Greek' Seminar KENAK the tee -the SCM February 2011

Portfolio :

Airport at Volos

Expo 2012 GREECE




Despoina Giannoulidou  

architect, interior design,

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