DeSoto Magazine June 2016

Page 71

Something Old, Something New Today’s Wedding Trends

By Cheré Coen. Photography courtesy of Lizzy Hill and Houmas House

Like fashion and home décor, bridal dresses, wedding ceremonies and the receptions that follow are subject to trends. So what’s new in the world of nuptials? “A lot of the trends of 2015 are continuing into 2016,” said Lizzy Hill, who owns Chancey Charm, a Memphis wedding planning company. “But one thing I’m seeing is more greenery than florals, although florals still have their place.” “Ceremonies are featuring large leaves such as Southern magnolias on table tops,” Hill explained, “or fresh greenery used as table runners.”

On the other hand, Claire Kiamie of One Fine Day in Oxford is seeing florals used in a new way. “Hanging florals are really in this year,” Kiamie said. “We’re loving some of the pieces we’re doing.” Other trends Hill has witnessed are asymmetrical designs and personalized pieces Hill calls “fun and funky.” Both styles are a move away from traditional wedding ceremonies. For DeSoto 71