DeSoto Magazine October 2015

Page 51

Let’s go Glamping

By Debra Pamplin. Photography courtesy of MaryJane’s Farm and Westgate River Ranch

Across the nation, nearly every campground has a ‘glamping’ section. Glamping is a glamoured-up version of camping, most often with the comforts of home. For those who don’t like sleeping on the ground, but appreciate sleeping in the great outdoors, glamping provides a great combination of the two. While the majority of glamping locations feature conveniences such as air conditioning, electricity and indoor plumbing, there are some glamping locations located within the South that stand out from the crowd. Tree houses, an old train car and modern, oversized safari tents join the ranks of glamorous camping. The term glamping originated aptly in the rural Palouse hills of Idaho. Mary Jane Butters, owner of Mary Jane’s Farm in Moscow, Idaho, says she coined the now everyday

phrase through a conversation with a farm guest. “I invented the word years ago while sitting around a campfire eating breakfast with my wall tent B & B guests. One of the husbands said, ‘I told my wife she was crazy when she said she wanted to come here for a weekend. What!? You want to pay good money to sleep in a tent and use an outhouse? But now that I’ve been here, I get it. I’m going home to create the same kind of thing in our back 40. I’ll put together the camping part of it and leave the glamour to her.’ I replied, ‘Exactly, and call it glamping’”, said Butters. Butters has made it a mission to sleep under every tree DeSoto 51