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Reba Sutton White Chapel


Improvements For Florida Elections

by Susan Latvala Pinellas County Commissioner

by Jack Latvala Senate District 20 As many of you know, elections in the great state of Florida have provided fodder for political pundits and late-night comedians in the past. As Chairman of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, one of my responsibilities during the 2013 Legislative Session was to help improve the system to assure the efficiency and accuracy of our elections in Florida. With the input of dedicated Supervisors of Elections from around the state, we made important changes this year to election laws to guarantee that our elections process is the best it can be. Supervisors of Elections have consistently advocated that the “one size fits all” approach simply does not work in a state as diverse as Florida. They are right. The Legislature took into consideration the concerns of Supervisors of Elections and provided flexibility in the hours, dates and locations of early voting. Given this new latitude, Supervisors, not Tallahassee, will be able to assess the needs of their local communities. Our own Deborah Clark, Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, helped to write the new law. Under the new law, counties will provide a minimum of eight days and may provide up to a maximum of 14 days of early voting. The bill also expands currently authorized sites to include fairgrounds, civic centers, courthouses, county commission buildings, stadiums and other public locations. Supervisors will now be able to provide for a minimum of 64 hours up to a maximum of 168 hours of early voting. The new law also helps to protect the security of and clarify the processing of absentee ballots. If a voter requests that an absentee ballot is to be sent to an address other than the voter’s home address that is on file, the request must be done in writing and signed by the voter. Voters who forget to sign their mail ballot envelopes can file an affidavit with their Supervisor of Elections in order for their

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The legacy of the Reba Sutton White Chapel in Palm Harbor goes back nearly 90 years when it first opened its doors as a Methodist church. Through the ages, it has been used as a library and as a food pantry. In 1999, Pinellas County acquired the property and used a state grant to restore the building to its former splendor. Though the White Chapel structurally was in very good shape after so many years, county crews spent many hours refurbishing the pine wood floors, replacing the tin roof, repairing stained glass windows and adding modern air conditioning and sprinkler systems. The Reba Sutton White Chapel and Harbor Hall in Palm Harbor will soon be under new management. In 2003, the White Chapel was dedicated to the public. Both the chapel and the adjacent Harbor Hall were brings in an average of $1700, so it isn’t hard to imagine the White leased to Old Palm Harbor Main Street for maintenance and operation. Chapel paying for itself and then some. For the money, CSA Palm Fast forward ahead ten years, and we see some new faces come Harbor will book your reservation and set up the tables and chairs. into play. Planning and catering the actual affair will be the responsibility of the Final negotiations are underway to allow the Palm Harbor Commuparties involved. nity Services Agency (CSA Palm Harbor) to maintain the White Chapel Already, letters have gone out to all the brides-to-be and others property, taking over after Old Palm Harbor Main Street made the deciwho have reserved the facility for future events. CSA Palm Harbor wants sion to focus more on promoting the Old Palm Harbor Historic District. to assure these folks that nothing has changed regarding use of the CSA Palm Harbor has stepped in, eagerly anticipating adding the White White Chapel property and that the facility will be open, clean, set up Chapel property to its family of recreation facilities and local parks, and ready for their big day as promised. running it in conjunction with the Centre of Palm Harbor. Nearly 90 years of history sits along Georgia Ave. in Palm Harbor. The first step is to fix up the White Chapel and Harbor Hall, The Reba Sutton White Chapel and adjacent Harbor Hall perfectly enbringing the facilities up to full operational readiness. Both buildhance the Old Florida feel of this historic part of Pinellas County and we ings will be tented for termites and other maintenance issues will be envision that they will be important parts of the Palm Harbor commuaddressed. Then, the staff’s goal is to maximize use of the property nity for many, many years to come. by making it available for weddings, sweet 16 parties, bar mitzvahs, To find out more, or to book an event at the White Chapel/Harbanquets and business functions during the week. CSA Palm Harbor bor Hall, contact the Palm Harbor Community Services Agency at may even get the property involved in some Chamber of Commerce or call Event Manager Trish Harrison at events. The goal is to pay for the operation and maintenance of the (727) 771-6000. ◆ White Chapel property solely through rental and user fees. The property already has bookings through December of 2014, with events, Susan Latvala is available at (727) 464-3276 or you can email her at even multiple events, taking place every weekend. Each special event

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Informer law enforcement

The Sheriff’s Beat by Bob Gualtieri Pinellas County Sheriff Reading, writing and arithmetic. It is the end of summer fun and the beginning of homework, new friends and “back-toschool” excitement. The 2013-2014 school year is underway and safety is an important lesson for both students and parents. In the coming months, Pinellas roadways will be full of school buses, car pools and children riding bikes and walking to schools across the county. Safety is always a high priority to all of us here at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Whether your child commutes to school via bus, bike or their own two feet, it is important to remind them to always be aware of their surroundings. Walking with your children or accompanying them to the bus stop is always the best practice. If a child has to travel on their own, there are several tips they should learn to make their trip to and from school a safe one. Children should be taught never to take shortcuts. Remind children to stay in populated areas and avoid vacant buildings and lots. Having your child walk with a

property appraiser

The Value Of Portability by Pam Dubov, , CAE Pinellas County Property Appraiser As we discussed in last month’s article, property values in Pinellas County have begun to increase for the first time in four years. While this is a good economic turn, it is also a plus for folks who have had the benefit of Homestead Exemption for a number of years who want to move and establish homestead elsewhere in Florida. Why? Because of the Save Our Homes Cap and Portability. The Save Our Homes Cap becomes effective on a home after the first year Homestead Exemption is granted and it limits annual increases in the assessed value (also known as capped value) of a parcel by 3 percent, or the Consumer Price Index,


From Your Local Officials group of friends or a “buddy” is also helpful. If your little ones have to travel before the sun rises, reflective tape or clothing is encouraged. They should walk on the sidewalk and in a well-lighted area. If a sidewalk is not available, children should walk facing traffic and bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic. School crossing guards will be on duty before and after school to help students cross busy roads safely. Children should be taught to follow the instructions of the crossing guards and that they are a “safe” person to go to if they are ever in need of assistance. Drivers are reminded to take extra precautions throughout the school year. Drivers should be alert, as there will be more buses and cars on the roadways each morning and afternoon. Plan ahead and add a few extra minutes to your commute. Exercising patience near schools, crosswalks and bus stops is also encouraged. School zones will require reduced speeds and brief stops as the crossing guards assist younger students negotiate busy streets while walking to school. Florida law requires that drivers bring their vehicle to a full stop when approaching any school bus displaying a stop signal. Motorists must then remain stopped and are prohibited from passing the bus until the signal has been withdrawn. This law also applies to motorists driving in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus unless there is an unpaved space of at least five feet, a raised median or some other type of physical barrier. By following the law and these simple suggestions you can help us to lead the way for a safer Pinellas. ◆ Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is available at (727) 582-6200, fax (727) 582-6459.

whichever is lower. This year the cap percentage was based on a Consumer Price Index of 1.7 percent, so most homeowners will experience a fairly small increase in their capped value. As the market increases, like it has in some areas of the county this year, the difference between the just (market) value and the capped value also increases. When homesteaded property owners move and apply for Homestead Exemption on their new Florida home, they can also apply to transfer or “port” that difference between the two values to the new home. The differential is subtracted from the new home’s assessed value, along with any exemptions the homeowner may have qualified for, resulting in the taxable value. The larger the port amount, the lower the annual property taxes will be on the new home. Hopefully rebounding property values will be the beginning of a continuing trend. Our office will continue to track the activity in the marketplace and determine values accordingly. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns related to the Save Our Homes Cap, Portability or any other property value matter. ◆

supervisor of elections

tax collector

Caution When Renewing Your Driver License

New Legislation Changes Election Laws

by Diane Nelson Pinellas County Tax Collector

by Deborah Clark Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections

No one wants to overpay when getting a driver license. But, that is exactly what is happening when people renew their license online through websites that aren’t associated with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). How does this happen? When you search Google for “Florida Driver License Renewal” a number of websites appear at the top of the page. Most of them are not government websites. While you can renew your license through these sites, they charge an extra fee. We want to make sure residents in Pinellas are using the official state site at for driver license and motor vehicle transactions. We encourage our residents to call our office if they have questions or visit the Tax Collector’s website at which links to DHSMV. With summer coming to an end, we are preparing for our annual tax bill mailing at the end of October when we will mail nearly 400,000 bills to property owners in Pinellas County. We are encouraging property owners to pay their taxes online through our website, bypassing the longer waits we typically see in our offices during tax season. Each year, we work to improve our online payment system and taxpayers can now make their

We are pleased that the elections bill (CS/HB 7013) was passed by the State Legislature and signed by the governor. This bill includes many improvements to the election process, some of which are: • Voters who forget to sign their mail ballot envelopes can file an affidavit with their Supervisor of Elections up to 5pm on the day before the election in order for their ballots to be counted. • Voters who make out-of-county address changes at the polls are allowed to vote regular ballots if the county uses electronic poll books as precinct registers at the polls. • Voter signatures on precinct registers can be used to update voter records, providing more current signatures for Canvassing Boards to use when validating mail ballots. • Supervisors of Elections have more flexibility in early voting days, hours and locations – allowing them to assess the needs of their local communities, re-evaluate current sites and consider other locations. Pinellas County has provided early voting the Sunday prior to the election when statutorily allowable and will continue to do so once this bill takes effect in 2014. Our primary goal is for all voters to

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My Community mayor’s corner

City Budget To Be Approved This Month by Mayor George Cretekos City of Clearwater The City of Clearwater’s preliminary budget for 2013/2014 was released by Bill Horne, the City Manager, and the Clearwater City Council has approved a tentative millage rate of 5.1550 mills. This is the fifth consecutive year that the millage rate has remained the same. The General Fund’s operating budget for next year is projected at $114,923,880. The first public hearing on the tentative millage rate and the budget is scheduled for September 3rd at 6pm. The second and final public hearing will be held on September 19th at 6pm. Both public meetings will take place at Clearwater City Hall and citizens are encouraged to attend. At the September 19th meeting the final millage rate and the budget will be adopted by the City Council. Next year’s budget is very similar to the current one and no major initiatives are planned. It is the manager’s intent to maintain service levels while facing double-digit increases in property and liability insurance, as well as other increases in personnel costs, medical expenses and workers’ compensation.

Countryside In order to balance this year’s budget, the City Manager has directed staff to hold the line on staffing expenses, although City staff is now 20 percent smaller than six years ago. The City Council has also been requested to approve the reallocation of $1.4 million from the General Fund’s reserve account. This is likely to be approved since the economy is improving and additional pension’s savings is anticipated to be realized in future fiscal years. Otherwise, service cuts would have to be made. While the City is planning on maintaining its current millage rate, other jurisdictions that impact a resident’s total tax bill may not. Furthermore, an improving real estate market and adjustments allowed under the “Save Our Homes” amendment may increase property values. For Clearwater, taxable property values increased 3 percent to $7,734,673,154, but this is still well below the $11.2 billion of 2007. Consequently, the City’s property tax revenue is approximately $36.5 million. Like all municipal governments, Clearwater also obtains revenues from franchise and utility taxes which are anticipated to be less next year. Other sources include business taxes, licenses and permits, communications and sales tax receipts, fines and intergovernmental funds. Finally, much has been written about the solvency of municipal governments. The City of Clearwater is solvent and its pension plan is approximately 95 percent funded. The City also has over $17 million in reserves for natural disasters and unexpected, one-time expenses. Clearwater is not Detroit or Stockton, and its City Council and staff are focused on maintaining fiscal responsibility. ◆ Mayor George Cretekos can be reached at (727) 562-4050 or by email at

and many more surprises. Register your team by September 16th as an “Early Bird” and receive a special personalized gift. Watch art come to life! The Chamber will be hosting the “2nd Annual Chalk Art Festival” on he Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce October 25th-27th along Beach Walk on south has some very exciting events coming up. Clearwater Beach. More than 20 chalk artists will Join them in celebrating the adorn the promenade with crebeautiful autumn season with ative works of art as they comthe “18th Annual Golf Tournapete for cash prizes. The Chalk ment” fundraiser and the “2nd Art Festival is a free, familyAnnual Chalk Art Festival” on friendly community event. For the Bay Walk promenade. the little ones there will be a The Chamber will be hostKid’s Chalk area so young aspiring the “18th Annual Golf Touring artists can work alongside nament” on October 21st at the chalk artists as masterthe Cove Cay Country Club in pieces unfold. Artists will begin Clearwater. Registration will work on Friday afternoon and begin at 11am followed by a BBQ work through the weekend on buffet luncheon. The excitement their compositions. The judging will continue with three Holeand awards ceremony will take in-One Grand Prizes (2014 Merplace on Sunday afternoon at cedes-Benz, Jet Ski, $10,000), 1pm. Over $3,000 in total prize Silent Auction, Raffles, Putting money will be awarded in size Contest with a Twist, Closest to Aspiring chalk artists will color along the category, awards of merit and Beach Walk promenade in Clearwater Beach. the Pin Contest, Long Drive ConBest in Show. test, Trophy Presentation, Special Master of CerFor more information on these events or to emonies, 19th Hole Party and Awards, Hospitality sign up visit or call Ann Challenge (a tournament within a tournament) Locke at (727) 447-7600. ◆

Clearwater Beach Chalk Art Festival


senator latvala from page 1 ballots to be counted. The affidavit must be filed by 5pm on the day before an election. Voters will be able to track their ballot online in a free access system to assure that their absentee ballot is counted. For more information concerning the free access system, voters may contact the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections office at (727) 464-6788 or visit Late voter registration will now be allowed for military personnel and accompanying family members who have returned from a military deployment or activation. They can register up to 5pm on the Friday before an election. Voters who move to


another county but haven’t yet changed their voter registration may vote a regular ballot provided the new county uses an electronic database as their precinct register. Thanks to the efforts of committed legislators, staff and Supervisors of Elections, the changes produced in election laws this session by HB 7013 will make our elections process in our rapidly growing state more efficient and more friendly. If you have any questions on this legislation or other issues, contact my district office at (727) 793-2797. ◆ Senator Jack Latvala, (R-North Pinellas County), District 20 is available at 26133 U.S. Hwy. 19 North, Suite 201, Clearwater, (727) 793-2797.

September 2013 l Bringing Home Community News™


In Full Swing This Fall by Tracey Reed Countryside Library Manager August was a reset month here at the Countryside Library. This was a hugely successful summer – thanks to all of the Summer Reading participants and program goers. September starts up again after Labor Day with all sorts of programs to usher in the school year. This year, our Tuesday youth programs focus on American Sign Language (ASL). While learning any second language starting at a young age has many benefits as children grow, ASL is special because there is research that shows that children as young as five or six months can communicate with limited signs. If you think about it, many children do this already with signals that those closest to them learn to distinguish. Teaching them ASL allows them to begin the process of learning a structured language early in life. Parents learning it with them assist in learning early communication skills. It also has shown to reduce tantrums and give skills in conflict resolution and reduce frustration due to a lack of communication skills. When a child can communicate in a way that parents and caregivers can understand, it reduces that frustration and allows them greater freedom of expression. Check out our September “Signing for Little Ones” on Tuesdays at 10:30am from September 3rd through 17th. We continue the program through the fall and winter on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the same time. We also have our “PreSchool Storytime” and “After Hours Book Club” on Thursday mornings at 10:30am. Also highlighted this month is one of my favorite programs, “College Application Essay Preparation” on Saturday, September 7th at 2pm. Maria Gerakios, Countryside High School AP English Teacher, has presented this incredibly popular program for sev-

countryside high school

College And Career Fair


alling all students, parents and the general public. We need you to save the date for Countryside High School’s “5th Annual College & Career Fair” on October 2nd from 6-7:30pm. If you are interested in finding out about college, other post-high school educational opportunities or even what career choices make sense for you, you won’t want to miss this event for finding out the latest and greatest in what colleges, major employers, area businesses, military recruiters and vocational schools have to offer. Over the years this career fair has expanded to include some of the best schools and employers from across the nation. This is your chance to talk one-on-one with a college recruiter or business professional about a career that interests you. This prestigious, lifechanging career fair is free to attend. So, bring your family and tell your friends. The Cougar Career Center is also seeking additional universities, vocational schools, military institutions and local businesses to exhibit at this event. The attendance at this annual career fair has skyrocketed to over 800 students, parents and members of the community. For more information contact a volunteer at the Cougar Career Center at (727) 725-7956, ext. 2079 or email ◆ Countryside High School, Gary Schlereth, Principal, 3000 State Road 580, Clearwater, (727) 725-7956.

eral years here, showing teens ways to improve their application essays and make the process both easier and less scary. This is part of our “College Preparation Series” which included the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting...To Go To College” program that took place this summer and the ever-popular “Hack the SAT” program with Countryside High Alum and National Book Award Finalist Eliot Schrefer, which will happen at the beginning of 2014. These programs are designed to make the experience of college applications and heading off to school less stressful for all (parents and teens alike). We don’t leave the rest of you out either this fall. Our adult programs are also back in gear with “Tips and Tricks for Self-Defense” on Saturday, September 21st at 2pm. Learn simple ways to defend yourself when needed and get up and moving for your safety, health and quite a bit of fun. Continuing programs include our Wednesday film series, “Big Screen Biographies” including big names like “Peter the Great” (September 4th) and “Johnny Cash” (September 11th). Get the full schedule at the library or on our website. I am also thrilled to continue our partnership with Clearwater’s Aging Well Center and BayCare for “Get Healthy at the Countryside Library: Cancer Prevention” on Wednesday, September 25th at 12pm. This program, that runs on the fourth Wednesday of every month, covers all sorts of health related topics from healthy eating to hip replacement. Check the website for monthly topics. All in all, it is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy year. Stop in and check out what’s going on with the new library, read a magazine or check out a book or DVD. We are glad you are here. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Library at (727) 562-4970 or visit the website at The Library is located at 2741 State Road 580.

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My Community mayor’s corner

Jobs Are The Key To Recovery by Mayor Dave Eggers City of Dunedin For our generation, September will always be remembered as the month that our enemies attacked New York City and the very essence of America’s peace and tranquility as we knew it. Much like our grandparents remember where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked, we will each know our exact location when the towers were attacked the morning of September 11th, 2001. We better understood the feelings of disbelief, bewilderment, horror, sadness, and then anger, and pride of country as we began to realize that morning was no accident. The weeks and months and years ahead, found our country evolve from fear to focus, to common purpose, to increased pride of country, to questions of security versus freedom, to increased debate, to some divisiveness, to a little apathy, and then to a deeper understanding of democracy and freedom. As such, our country is stronger today, so let us remember on Patriot’s Day, all we have learned and all who gave their lives trying to save others. As an aside, we also celebrate Labor Day and each of us is probably a little more appreciative of the jobs we have. For those who are unemployed, the past five to six years may have been the toughest in your lifetime with loss of work, income, families and homes. My sincerest hope is that the light

tax collector from page 3 online payments through a secure, free e-check feature that transfers money directly from their bank account. Paying online is quick and convenient and we highly recommend it for our property owners. I would also like to recognize my employees for their recent efforts to support our Pinellas community. Last month, our employees led an internal fundraiser for the family of Ireland Nugent, the young girl recently injured in a lawn mower accident. More than 200 Tax Collector employees participated in a casual-dress Friday fundraiser,

supervisor from page 3 have access to ballots and be able to participate in our representative democracy. Regarding early voting, the bill: • Requires the current eight days of early voting, with an option for up to 14 days, including the Sunday prior to the election. • Requires at least eight hours per day, with a maximum of 12 hours per day. • Requires early voting in all Supervisor of Elections offices and provides an expanded list of additional optional locations. In addition, the bill: • Moves the Primary Election from 12 weeks to 10 weeks prior to the General Election. • Sets the Presidential Preference Primary on the first Tuesday that the rules of the two major political parties allow without penalty. • Provides that mail ballots can only be issued on election day in an emergency in which a voter cannot get to his/her polling place; the voter or a family member must sign an affidavit to state the emergency in order to pick up a ballot. • Limits the first ballot summary to 75 words for constitutional amendments proposed by the Legislature. • Requires a voter to provide a written, signed request if a ballot is to be mailed to an address other than that on the voter file.

Dunedin at the end of the tunnel is symbolic of good days ahead; my sincerest hope, is that Congress remembers that jobs are the key to recovery and that small businesses are where the majority of jobs have been lost and where they must come from in the months ahead; my sincerest hope, is that each of us appreciate our work and have better success finding employment in the weeks and months ahead. Finally, remember to let your elected officials know how important your City is and how important it is for them to remember that we are still having difficult times; to balance all that we have and to keep with fiscal conservatism and careful growth. This City has weathered some difficult times with a dramatic reduction in personnel, coupled with little or no reduction in services. As we start to realize a stability of income to the City, let us become vigilant of every dollar spent, while we strive to maintain our quality of life and current levels of service. May the coming school year for your children be a success; may the coming months bring you employment and greater job security and may God bless each of you and your families. ◆ Dave Eggers can be reached at (727) 298-3001 or

city news

Public Meeting Notice


Commission Workshop will be held on Tuesday, September 17th at 9am in City Hall Chambers located at 542 Main Street. The purpose of the workshop is discussion of Comprehensive Plan Element Review and proposed “Chronic Nuisance Ordinance” discussion. The meeting is open to the public. For more information call (727) 298-3000. ◆

where we relaxed our dress code in exchange for donations. Together, they raised more than $750 for the Nugent family. I am honored to work with such a generous and caring group of public employees. For more information on driver licenses, property taxes or other Tax Collector services, visit our website at or call us at (727) 464-7777 to speak to a customer service representative. ◆ For information about Tax Collector services, visit or call (727) 464-7777.

• Provides that all races on 10-day overseas mail ballots be counted, not just federal races as currently mandated. • Makes it a misdemeanor for a person who accepts payment or other benefit for requesting, distributing or collecting mail ballots from possessing more than two ballots per election in addition to his/her ballot or a family member’s ballot. • Allows for late voter registration until 5pm on the Friday before the election for anyone returning from a military deployment or activation. • Extends the 100-foot no-solicitation zone to apply to Supervisor of Elections offices during times when voters may pick up and vote mail ballots in the office. The bill will take effect on January 1st, 2014. Another election-related bill, CS/CS/HB 247, will require that voter registration applications include a space for an email address and an option for a voter to request sample ballots by email. This bill takes effect on October 1st, 2013. The Legislature also passed a comprehensive campaign finance bill, CS/CS/CS/HB 569, which takes effect November 1st, 2013. To view House Bill 7013 and other bills visit For more information call (727) 464-VOTE (8683). ◆ Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark is available at (727) 464-VOTE or or (727) 787-6070

parks and recreation

Starlight Concert Series by Jorie Peterson Program Coordinator


he popular outdoor “Starlight Concert Series” returns to Highlander Park every Friday night in September from 7-9pm. The free concerts in the park, sponsored by the Dunedin Parks & Recreation Department, are family-friendly and feature a wide variety of musical styles. The Sindoon Stage features a grassy picnic area plus a playground for the kids to enjoy under the open sky. Concert goers can bring their own picnic dinner or purchase food and beverages from Mr. Bill’s Fine Foods beginning at 6pm. The menu will include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, fries, pulled pork sandwiches, funnel cake, soda and water. It is recommended that you bring your own blankets and chairs to sit on as picnic tables are limited.

Starlight Concert Series Performers

9/6, “Fast Lane” – favorite classic songs from the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Van Morrison, the Beatles and more. 9/13, “Mud Flappers” – seven piece mini-orchestra featuring outlaw country Johnny Cash, blue grass Earl Scruggs and gypsy swing á la Django

organic gardening

How To Safely Repel Mosquitoes And Enjoy The Outdoors by Jai McFall Organic Living Garden Center We have all had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito with the resulting skin irritation and itching. There are a variety of solutions available to help alleviate this problem in your yard.

Things You Can Do

• Eliminate standing water. Drain all standing water in and around your yard – even in small containers such as empty flower pots, spare tires, kiddie pools, etc. • Stay indoors at dawn and dusk. Mosquitoes feed in the early morning and at twilight, so if there are a lot of mosquitoes in your area, try to stay indoors at these times. • Watch what you wear. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, particularly red and violet, so wear lighter and brighter colors. Also, wear long sleeves and pants. • Don’t drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol may boost the sugar content in your sweat, making you more attractive to mosquitoes.

Bug Sprays – Beware!

Be sure you know what you are putting on your skin. The following list will give you a quick breakdown of what is in some of the most popular repellents on the market. • DEET: A neurotoxin that not only inhibits the nervous system of mosquitoes and other biting bugs, but also our own. • Picaridin: Supposedly a safer neurotoxin than DEET. • IR3535: This ingredient, derived from natural compounds, is what makes Avon’s “Skin So Soft” work so well. It can be irritating if it gets in your eyes but is otherwise safe. • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil: This and other oils work well for a few hours. Recently, I came across the best solution I have ever found. “Sprinkler Magician” is a newly

Reinhardt. 9/20, “Betty Fox Band” – dynamic quartet playing blues and funk-infused soul that “will pull at your heart strings and make you dance.” 9/27, “Legendary JC’s” – North American blues, funk and soul. Highlander Park is Vince Gizzi, Parks and located at 1920 PineRecreation Director hurst Road. Parking is available at Highlander Park along Michigan Blvd. Handicap parking is available at the Dunedin Community Center on Pinehurst Road and the Dunedin Fine Art Center along Michigan Blvd. Bring the entire family to enjoy the sounds and the atmosphere at this community-oriented event. Warm evenings and great music will make for an awesome night. In case of inclement weather check the City website at or call the Dunedin Parks & Recreation Department at (727) 812-4530 by 6pm for cancellation information. Concerts that are cancelled will not be rescheduled. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Rec Center at (727) 812-4530 or visit the website at The Rec Center is located at 1920 Pinehurst Road.

patented approach to pest control that kills and repels mosquitoes and other biting insects. It is an all natural formula with organic ingredients for the control of biting pests. When sprayed in your yard it kills mosquitoes on contact and lasts until the next rain. You can hook it up to your sprinkler system for an automatic way to create a protective shield around your yard. It can also be used inside your pool area or lanai. I sprayed it in our yard and was amazed how fast those pesky mosquitoes were gone. This product is now available for purchase at the Organic Living Garden Center. Check out our website at or call us for more information. ◆ Jai McFall is available at the Organic Living Center, 13064 Indian Rocks Road, Largo, (727) 324-4435 or

The Organic Living Center has moved to a new location. The new address is 13064 Indian Rocks Road in Largo.

Hale Senior Activity Center 9/2, Diabetes Support Group, 10:30am. 9/5, Quilter’s Social Corner, 6-9pm. 9/5 & 9/19, Brain Games, 1:30-2:30pm. 9/10, Congressman C.W. Bill Young, 9-11am. 9/10, S.H.I.N.E. Presentation: Medicare, 10am. 9/17, Seminar: What Everyone Taking Medication Should Know, 10am. 9/18, Wear Your Special Hat Party, 12pm. 9/19, Scrapbooking Memory Makers, 6-9pm. 9/24, Seminar: Preventing Falls, 10am. Mondays, Duplicate Bridge, 5:45-9:30pm. Tuesdays, Sculpture and Painting Come Together in Paper-Mache, 1-4pm. Tuesdays & Thursdays, Tai Chi, 9:30-11am. Tuesdays & Thursdays, Duplicate Bridge, 12:45-4:15pm. Wednesdays, Gulf Coast Community Services Free Professional Counseling, 10am-2pm. Wednesdays, Movie Series, 3pm. Wednesdays & Fridays, QiGong, 9-10am. Thursdays, Chair Yoga, 9:30-10:30am. Thursdays, Sketch Group, 6-8:30pm. Thursdays, Snell’s Square Dancing, 6:30-9pm. The Hale Senior Activity Center is located at 330 Douglas Ave. in Dunedin. Call (727) 298-3299 for more information. ◆

Bringing Home Community News™ l September 2013


My Community library

Calendar Of Events by Rhonda Settle Staff Member 9/3, Friends of East Lake Library, 6:30pm. 9/10, Advisory Board, 6pm.

Special Events

9/7, SAT/ACT Prep Class, 12-2pm. Parents and students, join us as scholastic experts provide tutoring sessions to help teens prepare for their SAT and ACT tests.

East Lake 9/11, Book Launch, 6pm. Come join newly published author Kitty Park as she hosts a reception to launch her novel. The book is loosely based on her father’s life as a St. Louis, Missouri police officer. 9/12, Investing 101, 11:30am. “Make Sense of Retirement” will be this month’s program. Lunch will be provided. Registration required. 9/13, Chef’s Table, 12pm. Find a recipe from your favorite cook book, prepare the dish at home, then bring it to the library to share with other fabulous cooks at a yummy potluck. 9/17, Author’s Showcase, 6pm. “Pearls: Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore” by BonSue Brandvick is this month’s feature. This novel is based on a young woman whose psyche is invaded by a Victorian spirit who resides at the historic Belleview Biltmore Resort.

ORTHODONTICS Braces & Invisalign

...Because Because Personal Orthodontic Care and Expertise Matter to You and Your Family!

Dr. Jeremy Albert & Family

• Invisalign and Clear & Metal Braces • Low Down-Payments, No-Interest Financing • Most Insurances Accepted ––– Two Great Locations! –––

Palm Harbor • 781-7475 Trinity • 376-2770 Always Accepting New Patients!


$300 OFF

Braces or Invisalign New patients only. Must present coupon at start. Not valid with other discounts. Expires 9/30/13

Free Initial Exam & X-Ray New Patients Only. Not valid with other discounts. Expires 9/30/13

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS 9/3, Yoga Story Time, 11am-12pm. Bring the whole family for a special story intertwined with fun and healthy yoga postures. 9/18, Read to Bailey, 4pm. Children can read to Bailey, a wonderful therapy dog to help improve their reading skills. 9/21, Saturday Matinee, 1pm. Come join your friends for a delightful movie that the entire family will enjoy. Tuesdays, Toddler Story Time, 10:15am. Children enjoy stories and songs while sitting with their favorite grown-up. Ages birth to 3 years. Tuesdays, Preschool Story Time, 11am. Come join Miss Cheryl for a story and a craft. Ages 3-5. Wednesdays, Infant Massage and Yoga, 10am. Learn calming massage and yoga techniques for infants up to crawling age. Wednesdays, Lego Club, 3pm. Join your friends and make new creations at this popular offering. TEEN PROGRAMS 9/28, Teen Movie, 1pm. Join the ELCL Teen Group and watch an entertaining and exciting movie. Hint: The third time is a charm for this man with an iron presence. Saturdays, Teen Council, 3-4pm. Gather with the ELCL Teen Council to help coordinate events for the teens in our community. Bring a friend! Teen Tutors. Free assistance with Math, English, Reading and Biology. Registration required. ADULT PROGRAMS 9/4, Book Club, 6:30-7:45pm. This month’s selection will be “An Invisible Thread” by Laura Schroff. This book is the heartwarming and inspiring memoir of Ms. Schroff’s deeply touching encounter with an 11-year-old homeless boy in New York City. 9/10, ELCL Cinema, 1pm. Watching a movie is a great way to spend an afternoon. 9/18, Fiber Arts Group, 6-7:45pm. Share your

Needle Arts skills. Bring any projects you are working on. All needle crafts are encouraged. COMPUTER CLASSES Computer Boot Camp. Call for a one-on-one session with our teen experts. Registration required. Saturdays, Master Computer Class, 12pm. All skill levels will benefit from this one-on-one assistance in Word, Excel and more. Registration required. Sylvie’s Boot Camp. Learn all about your new iPad, Nook or Kindle. Call the library for dates and times. Registration required. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Library at (727) 773-2665 or visit the website at The Library is located at 4125 East Lake Road.

Volunteer Tutors Needed For LEGO Mindstorm Robotics Program


ew tutors are needed to provide long-term weekly mentoring for the third session of East Lake Library’s robotics program. The volunteer tutors will work with middle school students using the LEGO Mindstorm sets at the library. Computer programming experience is a plus. Come make a difference in a child’s life. Get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities in your local community. Tutors must be available from September through the end of November. The library is located at 4125 East Lake Road in Palm Harbor. Call (727) 773-2665 for more details. ◆

Do you want to know how you can support Education?

Let me spell it out for you...

“HERE’S THE BUZZ” Join the Palm Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce for the

1st Annual “Adult Team Competition”

SPELLING BEE September 27, 2013 • 6 - 9pm


The 1st Annual Palm Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce Spelling Bee is an “Adult Team Competition” fundraiser to be held at The Centre located at 1500 16th Street in Palm Harbor. Proceeds to benefit the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. for financial assistance in support of area school programs and/or student educational endeavors. Light refreshments and snacks available plus a Cash Bar.


Tickets: Adults $10 • Seniors $5 Students can attend for free!

Become a sponsor of this event for as low as $100 and receive a special “Honey Bee” gift.

For tickets or more information call the Chamber at (727) 784-4287


September 2013 l Bringing Home Community News™

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My Community library

Movies And Popcorn by Bert Weber Library Director The first Friday of each month the Oldsmar Library offers the “Movies & Popcorn” program. This program was started in November 2012 with just one person coming to see what we were showing. Each month attendance has grown with more people wanting to see the movie. The movies have ranged from a Christmas classic and Oscar winners to new blockbusters just released on DVD. In previous months, the library has shown movies about presidents, spy thrillers, colorful fantasies and family dramas and comedies. The library has scheduled for September a movie about a woman who works in the admissions office of a prestigious college and how she deals with the pressure of all the hopeful applicants and their families. October will be a huge production based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald book, with lots of glitter and glamour and musical numbers. November’s movie is the tale of a group of illusionists and how they rob banks during performances and then give the money to their audience. The movie selections are shown at 1pm on the first Friday of each month and take place in TECO Hall. The popcorn is popped fresh just before the movie, so it is almost like being in a movie theatre.

Oldsmar Call the library at (813) 749-1178 to find out the title of the movie for the month. We hope to see you at the movie!

September Highlights

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS 9/13, LEGO Club, 2-4pm. Get creative with DUPLO and LEGO blocks. Kids of all ages are encouraged to stop by and play. Mondays, Battle of the Books Training, 6pm. Prepare and train for the Battle of the Books. Starts September 9th. Grades 3-8. TEEN PROGRAMS 9/17, OTAB/Teen Coffee House, 6pm. New members always welcome. Grades 6-12. ADULT PROGRAMS 9/10, Computer Class: eBooks and eBook Readers, 2pm. Learn how you can carry a whole library in your hands. No registration required. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Library at (813) 749-1178 or visit the website at The Library is located at 400 St. Petersburg Drive E.

Calling All Young Singers


he Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus is holding auditions for singers in grades 2-12 for the 2013-2014 25th Anniversary Season. No experience is necessary and singers of all ability levels are invited to audition. The Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus offers exceptional choral education and artistic experiences with performance opportunities around the Tampa Bay area including Rays and Lightning games. Rehearsals are held both in Temple Terrace and St. Petersburg. To schedule an audition call (813) 977-5558 or visit ◆

city council

Potential Oldsmobile Museum To Showcase Automotive History by Vice-Mayor Janice Miller City of Oldsmar In 1916, Oldsmar was founded by Ransom Eli Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile. As a Council Member of the City of Oldsmar, one of my highest priorities is to celebrate and share our unique history with others. What better way than with an Oldsmobile Museum? I have successfully started discussions with the Oldsmobile Museum in Lansing, Michigan to develop our very own Oldsmobile Museum in Oldsmar. Lansing is willing to send classic

Oldsmobiles on a rotating basis for exhibition. I have also been in touch with Tom and Sandy Roe. Tom is the great-grandson of Ransom Olds. Tom and Sandy have an old REO waiting to be “parked” in our museum. Oldsmar is privileged to own some of these classic automobiles and I have been able to personally contribute a convertible to the collection. We are blessed with the board members of the Oldsmobile Clubs of America who have fallen in love with our City and who are interested in helping Oldsmar make this great opportunity happen. The National Oldsmobile Club is willing to contribute toward the funding to assist with the shipping of the museum cars; plus provide old hand printed posters and many other relics from the early days of the Oldsmobile. Oldsmar is making They are even willing to assist strides...we are with the interior changing fast! décor of the new museum. Oldsmar City Council is excited about the increased opportunities an Oldsmobile Museum could bring to the City. Oldsmar is making strides with the Tampa Road Corridor, Market Square and the Multi-Modal Transit Plan – we are changing fast. We are not your father’s Oldsmar anymore! ◆

Community News Bringing Home

Pick up a copy of Bringing Home Community News at Publix, Winn-Dixie, Sweetbay, Cody’s in Tarpon Springs, Wal-Mart in Dunedin, CVS & 7-Eleven.

2012-2013 Small Business Of The Year Award Recipient


reen Tech Termite & Pest Control, Inc. of Palm Harbor was awarded the “2012 Small Business of the Year” award on October 5th. The award was presented by the Greater Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce at the 35th Year Coral Gala Annual Awards Banquet. Green Tech Pest Control has been servicing the Tampa Bay area since 1980 and provides pest control treatments for residential, commercial and industrial accounts. They also specialize in Subterranean Termites and Drywood Liquid Termite Treatments. Lawns and ornamentals are treated with a full service program that is second to none. Green Tech also does fumigations for Drywood Termites. Frank Nabozny, the Certified Pest Control Operator in charge, is also licensed in real estate, which is helpful when Realtors are requesting termite inspections for real estate closings. He has a supra key for the lock boxes. Green Tech Termite & Pest Control, Inc. would

L to R, Frank Nabozny and Nicki Chandler, the winners of the “2012 Small Business of the Year” award. like to thank the Greater Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce for recognizing them with the “2012 Small Business of the Year” award. They would also like to thank their loyal customers for trusting them with caring for their homes and businesses. For more information about Green Tech Termite & Pest Control, Inc. call Frank or Nicki at (727) 789-5084. ◆ or (727) 787-6070

Bringing Home Community News™ l September 2013


My Community palm harbor recreation

Message From The Recreation Director by Erica Lynford Director of Parks and Recreation To say this summer has been a busy one would be an understatement. We have been host to hundreds of kids here at the Centre this summer. From cooking camp to Camp Adventure, our facilities were enjoyed by so many. The motto we adopted this summer, once quoted by Motivational Speaker Brad Barton, said, “We really don’t know which kid we are reaching and how we are reaching them, so we have to do the best we can with each of them, every time.” The staff worked tirelessly to provide an affordable and safe environment for the close to 1000 families that called our facilities their summer fun destination. I have a great story and being able to share it with the community makes it even more special. We had a camper so very excited after attending their first day of camp that they called their Dad, who is serving in the military overseas. The Dad called us to share that being away from his child, while he serves in our armed forces, was a little easier knowing his child was having a great time in Summer Camp! If my staff ever wondered if they

Palm Harbor have any effect on the lives of the people in our community, this sure answers that question. How blessed are we to be in the business we are in and having the capability to change one life at a time. CSA Palm Harbor, on behalf of the Palm Harbor Community Services Agency (PHCSA), will soon be managing the Reba Sutton White Chapel and Harbor Hall located in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor. As of this writing, we are in negotiations with PHCSA and Pinellas County to formulate a lease agreement. Old Palm Harbor Main Street, Inc., the board that previously managed the two buildings, has decided to focus more on enhancing the visibility of the Downtown District by continuing to organize Downtown events. October will be here before we know it and so will our annual Health Fair. Save the date of Thursday, October 3rd from 9am-1pm. We will have plenty of health vendors as well as free health screenings. Don’t miss out on this great event.

Words To Live By

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale

September Highlights

9/20, Dinner/Dance, 5-8pm. Come join us for a great meal and live entertainment. Dinner is served from 5-6pm and live entertainment will begin at 6pm. 9/27, Ice Cream Social, 2:30-3:30pm. Free ice cream for all that come and visit us for some delicious treats. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Centre at (727) 771-6000 or visit the website at The Centre is located at 1500 16th Street.

Emphasizing Lots of Love & Patience

• • • • •

Implantable Pain Pumps Botox injections Epidurals Facet injections Radio Frequency Lesioning

teams can purchase “buzz bucks” (bribes) to stay in the game if the word was spelled incorrectly. The team captain will determine the final spelling. Spell the word incorrectly and be buzzed out to the hive! Words are chosen from Scripps Howard Rules and Regulations. Our fun event encourages team play, bribes, costumes and table decorations. Trophies will be by Connie Davis, President/CEO awarded for Best Costume, Best Theme and Best Join us this month Spellers. A light dinner will be served to team particfor the “1st Annual Adult ipants. Team sponsorships are available with plenty Team Competition Spelling of benefits including a special “Honey Bee” gift. Bee” on September 27th Spectators can join in on the fun for an from 6-9pm at the Cen- admission price of $10 for adults and $5 for seniors. tre located at 1500 16th Students are free to attend. A Cash Bar will be availStreet in Palm Harbor. able as well as snacks for purchase. For more inforThe Spelling Bee mation visit our website at is a fundraiser created or call the Chamber office. to benefit the Palm HarAs always, I look forward to promoting your bor Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. business, club, school or organization and educatfor financial assistance in ing and helping you as a support of area school pro- 1st Annual Palm Harbor citizen (we grams and student educahave plenty of information tional endeavors. Sponsors for you in our office). Feel include SML Project Managefree to call me for an apment, Inc; Sun Trust Bank; pointment or visit our ofJordan Myers, Keller Williams; fice and see what we are Nationwide Title Clearing; P3 all about. We have monthAgency; Mmmm Delicious ly Good Morning Palm Cupcakes; Chick-fil-A; DocHarbor Coffee Hours, Luntor’s Urgent Care; Huntington cheons and Meet & MinBEE BRILLIANT...BEE SUPPORTIVE...BEE INVOLVED Learning Center; Jay Richmond gles. You can learn more Photography; Walgreens; Stealth Wealth, LTD and about us by reading our monthly newsletter on our Bringing Home Community News. website and “Liking” us on Facebook. ◆ To participate in the event, put a team of four members together and enjoy a night of fun. Come Greater Palm Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce, as a spectator and watch our adults spell without 1151 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor, (727) 784-4287, computers and spell check! It is a collaborative effort of the team to spell a word correctly and Hours of Service: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.


Here’s The Buzz

Spelling Bee

“The Grooming Salon where your dog is treated like Royalty!”

Knee Pain?

Just off Alt. 19 in Quaint Old Palm Harbor

1010 Ohio Ave. • Palm Harbor • 727-771-1761

McBee’s Garage, Inc. Two Convenient Locations 3190 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater 33761 5145 Deer Park Drive New Port Richey 34653

Accepting New Patients


Locally Owned & Operated Since 1985

DOMESTIC & FOREIGN REPAIRS ALL MAKES & MODELS Air Conditioning • Belts • Brakes • Engine Diagnostics Tires • Oil Changes • Steering & Suspension Exhaust Systems...and More! 927 Virginia Ave. • Palm Harbor, FL 34683

(727) 789-5706

All major insurance plans


September 2013 l Bringing Home Community News™

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Cash, Checks & Major Credit Cards Accepted

We Are Committed To Excellence In Providing The Best, Most Comprehensive Orthopedic Care Possible.

CALL 727-725-6231 TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY 3251 McMullen Booth Road • Suite 201 Clearwater, FL 33761

Brian C. Oliver, M.D.

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My Community library

IndieFlix: A Streaming Film Festival Experience by Lisa Kothe Library Director September is National Library Card month and the Safety Harbor Library has something new you can get with your card! Through the generosity of the Friends of the Safety Harbor Library, the library is pleased to announce the arrival of the “IndieFlix” online streaming film resource. IndieFlix offers thousands of premier films and award-winning independent movies, shorts and documentaries from around the world, free to Safety Harbor Library members with their library card.

Safety Harbor Accessed through the library website at, members create an account on IndieFlix with their Safety Harbor Library card number to gain unlimited access to streaming film-festival hits, including the best of Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca and more. IndieFlix is available on Apple, Android and all internetenabled devices. Films can also be watched on your TV with a Roku or Xbox device. Once you create your account, you can enjoy films anywhere and create specific search criteria for the type of film and desired length you want to view. For more information contact the Reference Desk via email at or call (727) 724-1525, ext. 4112. Visit our website today and look for the IndieFlix icon and all of the other great resources you can get free with your library card.

September Highlights

9/10, Practically Pikasso Plate Painting Party, 2pm. Paint your very own keepsake plate. Sponsored by the Friends of the Safety Harbor Library. Material cost is $5 per participant. Registration required. 9/12, Jay Hopler Poetry Reading and Discussion, 6:30pm. Join us for an evening with awardwinning poet Jay Hopler as he reads and discusses his new poetry. 9/19, Viva 500 Relive Florida’s History Lecture

My Community library

New Library App by Cari Rupkalvis Library Director We now have a mobile app that offers a variety of resources to meet your library needs. The Pinellas Online Portal (POP) app is provided through the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative (PPLC). This new application is free to download and easy to use. One of the features of this app is a library locator tool for all PPLC member libraries including Tarpon Springs. You can find library addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation. Directions with maps to library locations are offered as well. Our countywide library catalog is also available to search for books, CD’s, DVD’s and more. With your PPLC library card, you can view your account information, place holds and renew items. In addition, this app has an ISBN barcode scan feature to help you locate and reserve materials. More resources, including eBooks and eAudiobooks, are accessible through the Pinellas Online Portal app. You can log on to your digital account and choose from hundreds of eBooks and eAudiobooks to check out. Once you have checked out these digital materials, the items are available for immediate download to your mobile device. Another feature is a selection of our countywide research databases. “AtoZ Databases” has millions of business and residential directory listings that are useful to businesses, job seekers, students and many others. “Biography in Context” is an online database with biographies from awardwinning Gale reference and multi-media content, such as videos and images. “Gale’s Literature Resource Center” contains a wealth of information including full-text articles, critical essays, book reviews and full-text poems and stories. “Mango Languages” is highlighted on PPLC POP as a special eResource with its own mobile app. Mango provides courses in several different languages, such as Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese. A fun session is

Series: Cuban Fishing Ranchos in Tampa Bay, 6pm. Jeff Moates, with the Florida Public Archaeology Network, will discuss how important early Spanish/Cuban fishing camps were to the development of Tampa Bay. CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS 9/5 & 9/19, Creative Writing Club, 4-5pm. Get your poems, short stories, novel excerpts and scripts work shopped. Learn vital craft techniques and improve your skills. Come prepared to share with 8-10 copies of your work. Ages 13+. 9/12, Wee Discoveries, 11:15am-12:15pm. Come play with age-appropriate discovery stations designed to encourage creativity in learning with STEM goals in mind. Adult participation required. Ages 2-6. 9/14, Game On!, 2:30-4:30pm. Come hang out for an afternoon of board and video games. You can play multi-player games like “Mario Kart” and “Just Dance” on the Wii. Or, you can sit down and play board games. Tweens and Teens. 9/17 & 9/20, Tail-Waggin’ Tutors: A Dog is a Reader’s Best Friend, Tuesday 4:30pm and Friday 3:30pm. Is your child nervous about reading? Tail-Waggin’ Tutors may be the perfect answer. These dogs are specially trained to listen patiently while a child practices reading and gains more

confidence. Registration required. 9/24, Starlight Puppet Show, 7pm. Come in your pajamas and snuggle down with your favorite blanket or stuffed animal for 30 minutes of sleepy-time stories. 9/25 & Every Saturday, LEGO League, 3pm. Bring your friends and join us for creative building with LEGOS. Ages 4+. 9/27, Yuck at the Library, 4pm. Observe and assist in conducting messy science experiments while learning scientific concepts such as viscosity, nucleation and non-Newtonian fluids. Registration required. Grades 2-8. 9/29, Parent/Tween Book Club, 3:30pm. Join our new book club just for tweens and their parents. Ages 9-12. Mondays and Thursdays, Homework Help, 4-6pm. Bright Futures Scholarship students will be at the library to tutor and assist students who are struggling with their homework. First come, first served; no reservations. Grades 2-8. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Library at (727) 724-1525, ext. 112 or visit the website at The Library is located at 101 2nd Street North.

Tarpon Springs even offered in Pirate. Instruction is also available for people who wish to learn English. We hope you enjoy this new way to access our library resources. To download the PPLC POP app, type in on your mobile device’s web browser and click to install. For additional information contact our library at or the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative at

September Highlights

Computer Training: One-on-one instruction tailored to your needs. Call or stop by for an appointment. 9/6, Craft Club, 4:30pm. Join us to make a oneof-a-kind masterpiece to take home. Registration required. Ages 6-12. 9/7, Viva Florida 500 Film Festival, 11am. Join us for the screening of a theatrical release or documentary film featuring Florida as a topic or locale. Call the library for the current month’s showing. 9/13, Family Movie, 3pm. Enjoy a current release feature that is fun for the whole family. Call the library for movie title. 9/14 & 9/21, Cinema Saturdays, 11am. Watch newly released films. Seating is limited to the first 80 people. Call the library for movie titles. 9/16, Wee Sing with Mrs. Music, 10:30am. Join us for a preschool singing program. Have fun learning colors, numbers, letters, sign language and Spanish. Ages 1+. 9/18, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” Party, 3pm. Join us to celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Day” with stories, games, a craft and refreshments. Ages Pre-K+. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes, call the Library at (727) 943-4922 or visit the website at The Library is located at 138 E. Lemon Street.

Sunset Beach Cleanup


he Tarpon Springs Recreation Department is co-sponsoring the Sunset Beach Cleanup on Saturday, September 28th from 8-10am as part of the Florida Coastal Cleanup in association with Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Inc. Please help us keep our local beach clean for all to enjoy! Sunset Beach is located at the west end of Gulf Road in Tarpon Springs. Trash bags and plastic gloves will be provided. Participants will need comfortable clothing, a hat and tennis shoes. For more information call Scott at (727) 942-5628. ◆ or (727) 787-6070

tarpon springs recreation

Back-To-School Days by Margie Prichard, CPRP Recreation Supervisor No matter how old we are, we still have fond memories of going back to school. I so looked forward to my new school clothes and checking out what everyone else was wearing. As parents, we breathe a sigh of relief when our children head back to school. No more worries about how to keep them occupied during the summer months. But now... what to do with them after school? We have a lot of opportunities for children here in our department: • Cheerleading: Fridays, 6pm, open to ages 6-14, $7/week plus $15 registration. • Tae Kwon Do: Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Saturdays, 8:45am, $50/month. • Judo: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:30pm, $50/ month. • Youth Basketball League: Tuesdays, 6:30pm,

Enjoy a fall sunset at the beach while listening to the “Road House Band” play some classic rock tunes. open to ages 9-13, $55 for the season. We also have a lot of fun stuff for adults to do. Check out our website at for more information. September 19th is the date for our next beach concert. The “Road House Band” will be playing some classic rock tunes starting at 7pm at Sunset Beach. The concert is free thanks to our friends at Florida Hospital North Pinellas. Pack a picnic dinner and your beach chairs and enjoy a fall sunset in Florida. A free shuttle bus will be available between the beach and the high school. ◆ For a complete list of monthly programs and classes call the Rec Department at (727) 942-5628 or visit the website at The Rec Department is located at 400 S. Walton Street.

Home Show Comes To North Pinellas


n September 7th and 8th, Innisbrook Resort and Spa will be home to the “North Pinellas/Pasco Home Show” in Inverness Hall from 10am-5pm both days. With all of the major home shows being held in Tampa and St. Petersburg, there has been a need for a local show in the North Pinellas/Pasco area. The Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce is hosting this major home show to cover this need. This time of year people are beginning to think about their homes for the Holidays and this is a great opportunity to talk to local professionals of all kinds. Businesses will range from decorating and fixing-up to full remodeling. As well, there will be a host of home accessories and seminars showcasing new products. Local restaurants will also be at the show serving up samples from their menus. For more information call the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce at (727) 937-6109. ◆


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September 2013 l Bringing Home Community News™

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Community Calendar

Community Events And Club Happenings


ue to the over whelming response for community events and club happenings club and event information must be submitted each month. The deadline is always the 12th of the month for the following month’s publication. Email your information to: Ongoing thru September, Nature’s Food Patch hosts free seminars for health and wellness. For a complete list of seminars and more information visit 9/6, Belleair Women’s Republican Club Meeting and Luncheon, 11:30am. Social hour 11:30am, meeting at 12pm. Speaker will be Ken Burke, Clerk of Court. Belleair Country Club, 1 Country Lane, Belleair. Tickets $22. R.S.V.P. to (727) 595-1791 or 9/12, “Micro-Irrigation Basics” Class, 2pm or 6:15pm. Doris Heitzmann will provide an overview of basic micro-irrigation principles. Participants will learn about the design, installation and maintenance of the systems and how to retrofit from a traditional irrigation zone to micro. Sponsored by the UF/IFAS Pinellas County Master Gardeners. Palm Harbor Library, 2330 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor. Class is free, registration requested at or by calling (727) 582-2603 by 9/11. 9/17, Clearwater Garden Club, 6:30pm. Willow Lamonte will discuss the ancient practice of folk herbalism and share how our ancestors used wildcrafted plants seasonally and ways they preserved them for future use. Refreshments and herbal swap. Visitors are welcome and first meeting is free. 405 Seminole St., Clearwater. Call Emily Wenzel at (727) 365-8574. 9/18, Butterfly Gardening, 9:30am. Join butterfly expert Lois Weber and her realia (caterpillars, butterflies and host plants) for a talk on Butterfly Gardening at the Safety Harbor Garden Club meeting. The public is welcome. Refreshments and plant exchange. Safety Harbor Museum, 329 S. Bayshore Blvd., Safety Harbor. Call (727) 724-9560. 9/18, West Pasco County Genealogical Society, 12pm. “Determining Type of Record in Foreign Languages” presented by Debbe Hagner at 12pm.

$5/member, $7/non-member. Reservations suggested. Regular meeting at 2pm with a discussion on creating personal Holiday gifts for the entire family. Faith Lutheran Church, 5443 Sunset Rd., New Port Richey. Call Debbe Hagner at (727) 271-0770 or visit 9/19, Pasco and North Pinellas Ombudsman Council Meeting, 10am. An ombudsman is a specially trained and certified volunteer who has been given authority under federal and state law to identify, investigate and resolve complaints made by, or on behalf of, long-term care facility residents. Interested parties should attend as volunteers are needed. St. Anne Byzantine Catholic Church, 7120 Massachusetts Ave., New Port Richey. Call Lynn V. Penley at (727) 376-2788. 11/8 thru 11/10, 3rd Annual Pasco EcoFest. Event will include a fine art show, kayaking, nature walks, geocaching, live music and entertainment, drum circle, Eco Market, free yoga, belly dancing and hoop dancing workshops, kid’s art and public art projects and food trucks. Sims and Starkey Parks, New Port Richey. Call (727) 809-2306. Every Sunday, Scottish Country Dancing, 6-9:30pm. Beginners 6pm, joined by experienced 7pm. No partner necessary. Scottish American Hall, 917 Louden Ave., Dunedin. $3 per night. First time is free. Call (727) 787-3805. Every Monday, Nar-Anon Family Group, 7pm. Crystal Beach Community Hall, 517 Crystal Beach Ave., Palm Harbor. Every 4th Monday, Central Gulf Coast Lodge, Sons of Italy, 7pm. Italians and non-Italians who are interested in Italian heritage and culture are welcome. Italian lessons are available. Meets at the Elks Club, 237 S. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs. For more information call (727) 787-3344. Every Tuesday, Recovery International, Struggling with anxiety or depression, 1pm. 475 East Lake Rd., Tarpon Springs. Call (727) 942-4095. Every Tuesday, Upper Pinellas Singles Dinner (50+ non-denominational), 6pm. Our Lady of Lourdes, DuBois Hall, 750 San Salvador Drive, Dunedin. $8 at the door. Call (727) 403-0129 or email Every Tuesday, Nar-Anon Family Group, 6:45pm. All Saints Church, 1700 Keystone Rd., Tarpon Springs. Every Tuesday, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA), 7-8:30pm. FA is a Twelve Step recovery

Palm Harbor 9/11 Memorial Service September 11, 2013 • 10am

Curlew Hills Memory Gardens 1750 Curlew Road, Palm Harbor Program Highlights Include: Master of Ceremonies, Reginald Roundtree Senator Jack Latvala Palm Harbor Middle School Choir Pinellas Sheriff’s Office Flight Unit Fly Over Fire Department Honor Guards City of Dunedin Pipe Band For more information call (727) 784-0454 program for anyone suffering from food obsession, over-eating, under-eating and bulimia. Clearwater Community Church, 2897 Belcher Rd., Room 103, Dunedin. Call Rea M. at (727) 501-2125. Every Tuesday, Palm Harbor Community Chorus, 7:30pm. Fun evening of singing. No audition required. The Centre, 1500 16th St., Palm Harbor. Call Bernice Seigel at (727) 939-2951. Every Tuesday, Nar-Anon Family Group, 8pm. First United Methodist Church, 411 Wood St., Dunedin. Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday, The Palm Harbor Lions Club, 7pm. Meets at Fairway Pizza, 2901 Alt. 19, Palm Harbor, September through June. Learn more about the world’s largest service organization at All Snow Bird Lions are invited to attend. Every 3rd Tuesday, Clearwater Community Woman’s Club, 10am. Coffee and refreshments served at 10am, meeting 10:30am. Clearwater Main Library, 100 N. Osceola Ave., Clearwater. Call (727) 535-2612 or visit Every 3rd Tuesday, GFWC-North Pinellas Woman’s Club, 6pm. Women Living the Voluntary Spirit serving the community since 2003. Social time 6pm, call to order 6:30pm. Safety Harbor Library, 101 2nd St. N., Safety Harbor. Call Dottie Russell at (727) 742-4800 or visit Every 4th Tuesday, The Ronald Reagan Republican Club of Pinellas County, 6pm. Meets at Kally K’s Restaurant, 1600 Main St., Dunedin. Dinner 6pm, meeting 7pm. Call (727) 736-8087. Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday, Tarpon Talkers Toastmasters, 6:30pm. Be more confident at pub-

lic speaking. St. Petersburg College, Klosterman Rd., Kappa Portable Building. Call (727) 942-9008. Every Thursday, Genealogy Assistance, 1-3pm. Help with ancestry research. Study Room 4, Dunedin Public Library, 223 Douglas Ave., Dunedin. Every Thursday, Italian Lessons, 5-8pm. Presented by the Sons of Italy Central Gulf Coast Lodge #2708. Beginners 5pm, Intermediates 6:30pm. Palm Harbor Library, 2330 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor. Call (727) 787-3344. Every Thursday, TOPS Weight Loss Support Group Meeting, 9am. Weigh in 9am, meeting 10am. Union Street United Methodist Church, 1625 Union St., Clearwater. Call Margo at (727) 791-6972. Every Thursday, Palm Harbor Toastmasters Club 8248, 7-8:30pm. Community club meets at the Centre, 1500 16th St., Palm Harbor. Guests welcome. Call Jack Lynch at (727) 542-6100 or visit Every Thursday, Recovery International, Struggling with anxiety or depression, 7:30pm. 1812 North Highland Ave. Call (727) 942-9008. Every 2nd Thursday, The Newcomers Club of Greater Dunedin, 11:30am. Dunedin Golf Club, 1050 Palm Blvd., Dunedin. For reservations call Barbara Howell at (727) 734-0733. Every 1st Friday, Tarpon Springs Princess Chasco Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1:30pm. Tarpon Springs Public Library, 138 Lemon St., Tarpon Springs. Call Pat Jackson, Chapter Regent at (727) 934-9825. Every 1st & 3rd Friday, “Laughter Masters” Toastmasters Club, 6:30-7:30pm. AAMCO Building, 27989 U.S. Hwy. 19 N., Clearwater. Visitors and guests are warmly welcomed. Call (707) 694-5683. Every Saturday, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA), 8:30-10am. FA is a Twelve Step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, over-eating, under-eating and bulimia. Clearwater Community Church, 2897 Belcher Rd., Room 103, Dunedin. Call David Y. at (727) 786-3113. Every Saturday, Nar-Anon Family Group, 10am. United Methodist Church, 207 Buckingham Ave., Oldsmar. Every 3rd Saturday, Friends and Family CPR Course, 12pm. Hosted by Sunstar Paramedics, 12490 Ulmerton Rd., Largo. Free course but no certification card issued. Call (727) 582-2068. ◆ For more information contact the club listed.

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September 2013 l Bringing Home Community News™

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