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Secure Virtual Workspace – Set Up Your Workspace Anywhere Developments in technology has made it possible for the entrepreneurs to give life to the “anywhere office” concept. Today, it is the need of every organization. A reason why secure virtual workspace has gained significant prominence over the past few years. A secure virtual workspace or desktop is scalable and can be managed easily as it keeps apart the operating system from the user workspace. This helps in making desktop provisioning easy. Workspace virtualization leads to cost savings for an enterprise and addresses other concerns related to desktop delivery and management challenges. The approach however is very cost-effective. Leading IT brands have come up with secure virtual workspace solutions that help in centralized desktop management. The process puts into work a patent-pending technology that helps in delivering secure virtual workspace or desktops anywhere and anytime. They are able to operate on almost any device and hence lead to better user experience, cost savings and other operational and functional benefits. Secure virtual workspace solutions offered by eminent companies comprise of a virtual desktop platform that helps IT to provision, configure, manage and deliver virtual desktops from an unified management unit, thereby making it easy for the IT administrator to enhance operational efficiency and cost. Secure virtual workspaces are offered to customer’s on-demand. It includes several methods at work such as WAN, LAN, or internet. This software helps in setting up a sound and flexible IT infrastructure where it is possible for IT to respond quickly to any organizational requirement. Today enterprises are looking forward to a flexible and secure virtual workspace that will not involve expensive licensing and would be able to support the concept of “ anytime and anywhere office”. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider whilst opting in for a virtual workspace system. They areTo ensure security acquiescence at every endpoint Taking note of the count of remote users that the enterprise will have to support Recognizing the security status and device kind Take in data encryption to halt useful data staying on endpoints Take all security measures against all external threats The secure desktop solutions need to be flexible so that it can include unmanaged as well as managed devices Attaining a secure virtual workspace with the help of desktop virtualization software enables an organization to bring down the ownership costs and security threats of having separate PC’s. It also helps in enhances desktop management through its consistent services and helps in optimizing the infrastructure and the storage required. ● ● ● ● ● ●

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Secure Virtual Workspace – Set Up Your Workspace Anywhere