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The New Chip of the Old Block The evolution of global market has brought in a new concept in this technology hungry world – “Desktop as a Service”. This concept envisages outsourcing of the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to any software service provider. This concept of using virtualised applications on desktops is quite an attractive option from a business point, as it tends to reduce costs with increased efficiency and agility. Desktop as a service is an innovative method of desktop management similar to sharing a server but with complete control for the end user. Similar to cloud computing, this technology is sought after by organisations as a part of its IT strategy. Organisations tend to look into the high performance levels that can be delivered while cutting costs in conventional IT infrastructure development and maintenance. Typically this involves a multi-tenant architecture so that companies who are interested in using these get an opportunity to do so at a premium for a particular time period. Desktop as a service (DaaS) provides customised solutions for each market segment that is generally stored and managed centrally and is provided on demand basis. This delivery model involves the management of back-end responsibilities such as data storage, backup, security of data and upgrades as a part of the service provider responsibilities. The customer’s access to the desktop is independent of device, location or network. This centralized desktop management not only brings in significant savings on revenue, it also provides the organisation seamless online as well as offline computing even on the move. Besides, it provides the client the choice of using any platform or Operating system. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides one with a number of operational advantages like: ● Facilitates migration to different operating systems from a comfortable zone of older versions. ● Handles the compatibility issues of the software in such cases, working on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. ● The multi-tenancy architecture of DaaS uses a single version of a software application to serve multiple clients. ● Customers have the freedom to change only some parts of the application as per their requirements. ● Everyone in the organisations has access to the same desktop irrespective of their job code, position in the organisational chart. ● Mobile workforce can access their desktop globally thus ensuring continuous business. In addition, this service offers cost effective solutions for the IT industry by eliminating the high cost of web based computing by the organisations. Further it also reduces the complaints of crashed Operating System and hard disk failure by providing a secure Desktop as a Service. Click here for more on Desktop virtualization, virtualization solutions

The New Chip of the Old Block  

The evolution of global market has brought in a new concept in this technology hungry world – “Desktop as a Service”. This concept envisages...

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