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Mobile Workforce Solution: Ensuring Business Continuity The globalization of the enterprises has led to the development of customer support services across geographical boundaries. Over the past years wireless networks, devices, and applications played a major role in supporting voice, email, ordering, and tracking the most basic enterprise applications. With the technological innovations such as 3G Networks, smart phones and WiMax devices, organizations can now expect an integration of wireless technologies, application and platforms to enhance the mobility of the workforce and organizations as a whole. The usage of the Internet broadband connectivity in 90% of the establishments, mobile voice services and Voice over Internet protocol being adopted by most industries, the mobile workforce is going to be enveloping the industrial sectors. However, to deploy an effective mobile workforce solution requires a number of elements that needs to be looked into. The elements that forms the perquisites for extending mobility to the enterprise include wireless or broadband mobile services, electronic devices (notebooks, wireless cards, PDA’s), service control centres, enterprise application and business application platforms. To successfully deliver mobile applications to users demands an integration of customized software, server and data center middleware, and networks. A survey report on the US employees showcases the evolution of the mobile workforce. With various innovations in mobile technology, statistic show that 89% of the US companies offer telecommuting, 58% of companies are considered as virtual workplaces and nearly 67% of workers are dependent on wireless computing. Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that by 2012 there would be a growth of 15 million jobs with most of the growth in the services sector. However, with though organizations look for business continuity and employee productivity through mobility of the workforce, they are not prepared with a clear strategy of a secure workspace. The IT sector is faced with a challenge of providing enterprises with mobile workforce solutions, which would not only empower the mobile workforce with a secure workspace irrespective of the location, time or device but also ensure business continuity for the enterprise. The development of cloud computing technology and innovative desktop virtualization platform with built-in features such as advanced caching and synching technology, provides the mobile workforce an anytime access the corporate desktops and workstations. Further making use of the cloud computing technology increases the speed and agility while reducing delivery costs. The on-demand deployment, and Internet based delivery of services of virtualization platform helps the

organizations to empower their mobile employees to work on their personalized corporate workspace form any location. This offers the enterprise a mobile workforce solution which can be extended to the work at home call center executives, thus ensuring business continuity, improved business agility and unhindered productivity from all angles. Also read on - Virtual workspace, WindowsAppStore

Mobile Workforce Solution Ensuring Business Continuity  

The globalization of the enterprises has led to the development of customer support services across geographical boundaries. Over the past y...

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