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Godzilla 2014: An Old Tale with new twists & ingenuity BY DESTINY FRADL

On the 14th of May 2014, “Godzilla” another Gareth Edwards action adventure monster movie was released in Belgium. Edwards is known in the indie scene as a director that knows how to create something special with very little. His most known work, “Monsters” is about an alien invasion through the eyes of a skeptical journalist who agrees to escort an American tourist through the infected zone in Mexico back to safety behind the US border. It is a movie that transcends the monster genre with sensibility. His ingeniousness knows no bounds. Therefore it does not come as a shock that his take on “Godzilla” is fresh and resourceful. It is far more impressive than your average monster flick and surpasses the original. These two movies have some similarities, like the dark atmosphere Edwards induces in his work but they are still worlds apart in areas such as script and drama. “Monsters” might be an action movie but “Godzilla” is action packed. The 2014 reboot “Godzilla” is a compelling story of human courage and resolve in the face of gigantic

creatures causing havoc created by nature itself and Godzilla who comes to restore the balance while humanity holds its ground. The main actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays Ford Brody gave a stellar performance. He showed a very collected and mature character compared to his previous performances in “Kick Ass”. While Bryan Cranston most notably know as Walter White in “Breaking Bad played his father Joe Brody. It was a surprise seeing Heisenberg playing another character but he excelled at it. Ken Watanabe playing Dr. Ishiro Serizawa was not his usual self; his character lacked depth and was mostly just starring star struck at something far away during the whole movie. “Godzilla” did have one flaw. It had a Hollywood ending which is predicable but, it also had its gems. The beginning of the movie is very powerful and the movie has a nice pacing throughout. Some of the visuals were jaw dropping beautiful and the action sequences were well coordinated. The sound was lyrical and gave the movie its grand feeling. The dark atmosphere kept you on your toes. The movie as a whole feels very realistic and it makes you

feel that there is something otherworldly out there. If you enjoy epic monster movies than Edwards take on “Godzilla� is a definite must see.

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