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Seema Elegant Salon 9503-132 St • 778-858-7450 3RD LOCATION

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FREE CUT with Hair Color

FREE FACIAL with every treatment

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Hair & Skin Salon Ltd. & Laser Clinic

778.593.7141 #101-6955-128th St., Surrey


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Available at

All Indian Stores,

U M n B s ~ E I d I K ~ ` s E I v e i v ` D K @ l K @ l

VERKA FOOD INTERNATIONAL LTD. Toll-free: 1 877-710-8081 | T: (604) 507-3300


Email: | 13025-80 Ave., Surrey BC



& Curry House Catering for all occasion

APR / MAY 2014

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"At Virk Law Group, we treat you and your legal matter with professionalism, confidentiality & respect.”

PARMJIT S.VIRK Personal Law Corporation


Personal Law Corporation

k m r S I E l i l t I g yS n

P Ym l I l ` E

• Business & Contract Disputes • Shareholder & Director Disputes • Real Estate Disputes • Construction Disputes • Professional Negligence Claims • Franchise & Home Disputes • Builders Lien Claims

• Divorce • Nullity / Annulment • Cohabitation / Separation Agreement • Pension Division • Claims against In-laws • Child / Spousal Support • Guardianship / Contact Orders / Custody / Access • Asset / Property Division

j n r l i s i v l i l t I g yS n • Major ICBC Claims • Employment Disputes • Estate Litigation & Wills Variation Claims • Medical and Dental Malpractice • Private Insurance Disputes • Defamation • Debt Collection Matters

TEL: 604.596.4342 FAX: 604-596-4312

1005-7495-132 St., Surrey, BC V3W 1J8

v D I E ` d Md ~ E q yK Ub s Ur q m us k ` n n UM s m r i p q

Dr. Gurdeep S. Bhangu & Associates B.Sc. (Pharm) UBC, D.M.D. (Hons) Univ. of Manitoba

isakhi a V y p p a H To All !

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P Ym l I f YN i t s t

Comprehensive Dental Care Complete Implant Dentistry Hospital Dentistry / General Anaesthesia Children's Dentistry Wisdom Teeth Surgery / Extractions Oral Cancer Screening Mercury Free Restorations Gum Treatments & Surgery Root Canal Treatments Smile Makeovers Dentures (On Staff Denturist) Orthodontics (Braces / Invisalign / Clear Aligner Therapy) • Crowns, Bridges • Bonding, Veneers • Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

q uh ` f yf YN t l i e Mm p l ~ t l e I s ` f yk ol v ` i j b h @l h Y Affordable solutions available with Dental Implants!

SURREY n v N yE q y S ` m E q y i f z I t l B ` e I c ` r yn MU #203 7928 - 128th St. v I k E YN f d I E m Yr j N Ys I E k y s r y i p C l y1 1 s ` l ~ (In York Business Centre) E up ` i e Mt m YN t m r I z ~ n MU ( 9 0 % G t @ q N os v y ` v ~ i d d M y l Ys k d yh o j I E ` i e E ~ n MU r f YI e S yn ) E ` r h yh ~


Specializing In: • CUSTOM JOGS & ANGLES Residential & Commercial • Topline Aluminum Patio Cover • Car Ports Insulated Patio Roof • Glass or SDP Acrylic Patio Roof Complete Deck Renovations • Home Front Dome Type Plexi Roof & Vinyl Work • Custom Built Sunroom Enclosures

(Deck Waterproofing)

10’x10’ Quality Work at Reasonable Rates Free Estimates

Patio $ Cover





604-614-5600 Email:

s up r v I z yl e I i e MS or YN s v I z ` n ` l g x q y 100% p Ys yv ` p s

1 0 , 1 5 , 2 0 s ` f yk ol s ` l ~ d y g r Mi t f p ye yb l p l Yn h Y| •l ` e I P i e MS or YN s •i k Rt I k l i e l n Ys i e MS or YN s •t Yk s I E q yt r @k f r ` i e v r ~ l e I s p YS l i f s yi b i l t I i e MS or YN s •i v i z t r i e MS or YN s •t r Yv l i e MS or YN s •p r oi v Ms q oNb ` h r k v r yj •f YN t l E q ym Yf I k l p l Yn t ` i e m q yp Ys yd I i h P ` z q . . . • RESP, RRSP •m n I b Yk t r m i e MS or YN s E s I Nq uh ` n UM a uh i d Md yh ~

j oq uh ` n UM q yq uh ` f y p i r v ` r n UM c ` h I d ` h Y! #301-8128-128 St., Surrey (Payal Business centre)




k I q us I Nk r z yi v c h o? Arvinder S. Kalsey

Avineet S. Kalsey

Business Solutions & credit counselling services “Helping You Become Debt Free”

604-951-8984 SURREY ABBOTSFORD #205-12033-92A Ave. #1A-2497 Clearbrooke Rd.

E s I Nq uh ` f I m d @d k r s k d yh ~ . . . ` p x ~ k r z ` 50% q @k G t ` a ux i v c •E •b YN k r p s I i v c r Yi f t k ` r f f Yi b t i v c •k •i n @j I k r z y/ l ` e I n E ` P k r Yi f t •E ` e I . s I . b I . s I . d yk r z yi v c Yn yf ` r Yi v a Ue yj Ms I k r z y •k -CRA d yi e n k m d yk r z y yr ol k r z y -GST p •k ul Yk S n k ` l ~ n UM r ok x i v c •m z d Ur I d I g ` r n S m YN t n UM r ok x i v c •p R` p r t I P or s k l oz r n UM r ok x i v c •k r Yi f t k ` r f a up r b h uq i z E ` d ` i v E ` j n UM r ok x i v c •i e k C ot I G @t i v E ` j d r a up r p ym YN t b x ` a ux i v c

15 v i r E ~ q oNv @D d ` q z r b ` S ` m E q yv I k E YN f q yv I E p ON i e Mt m YN t s l Ys k d yh o m u@F l ` s l ` h m S v r ` i b l k ul m uP q E q yg up q TORONTO: CALGARY: EDMONTON 905-789-8984 403-714-8984 780-716-8984 Toll Free: 1-866-790-8984

m Or t g yj d ` m ` i h r q uh ` f yd r v ` z y’ q y

s uK r ` j p r m ` r


E ` p x I m Or t g yj j l d I E d ` k r n i v @c s h ` i e q ` l e I m Yn UM m Ok ` i d A E q yE ` p x yi v E ` j d yK r c yd yh z ` r ~ f ` l r ~ d I b @c q k r o|

m ` r i k t i v c m uk ` b l yd yr yt l v o k s yv I m u@l d I i n @j I m Or t g yj •i p ` r k p Roj Yk t ~ l e I a us ` r I m Or t g yj •v I P ` i e n ~ s / t r ~ s P r •r Yz I f YN S I E l / v p ` r k m Or t g yj •r v yNE ` e yi e m I g r ~ t s l e I p Yi k j •n •l YN f s b i f v I z n / h ol i f Mg l YN f

Surrey Mortgage House


$1,500 q`k bcwE (kwnUMnI Aqy ApryjL PIs iv`c) • bRokr PIs nhIN • vDIAw sMBv ryt • kMnstrk`Sn mOrgyj dy mwihr

• pRI AprUvl, trWsPrj, rIPwienWnisMg • Awpxy ibzns vwilAW leI mOrgyj

Pravin Narotam 604.349.3824 pravin_narotam

Parmjit Gill 778.918.0486

Rachhpal Malhi 604.626.5899 rachhpal_malhi

Shannon Dhesi 604.787.4020 shannon_dhesi

Tony Rana 604.340.1773 tony_rana

* Offer may be changed, extended, or withdrawn at any time without notice. Legal and appraisal fees are covered up to $1,500 provided members use a solicitor or a notary public from a pre-approved list for their mortgage transaction. Offer available until June 30, 2014. The offer benefit may vary depending on the type of mortgage transaction the member is seeking. Make Good Money (TM) is a trademark of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union. ®HANDS & GLOBE Design is a registered certification mark owned by World Council of Credit Unions, used under license.


Dr. H.Dhanju & Dr. J.Dhanju

DHANJU Dental Care


Laser Whitening of Teeth & A Bright Smile

Mini Implants New & Emergency Dental Patients Always Welcome GET YOUR ORAL CANCER SCREENING & CLEANING APPOINTMENT

Loose Dentures? We have affordable solutions with Implants

We offer following services: • Dental Implants • Metal Free Dentistry • Children Dentistry • Porcelain Veneers • Orthodontics (Braces) • Smile Enhancements • Zoom teeth whitening • Root Canal Treatments • Crown & Bridge Work • Invisalign-Clear Aligner Therapy



Richmond Centre Dental Clinic #1946-6060 Minoru Blvd, Richmond Centre Mall next to Coast Capital Saving No. 3 Rd

604.276.2442 SURREY

Newton Crossing Dental #7126 King George Blvd, Next to Wings Restaurant

604.591.8999 Morning, Evening & Weekend Appointments Available













105-7638-129A Street, Surrey. Email: •


APR / MAY 2014

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Your Galaxy S5 deserves Canada’s largest LTE network. TM


Only Bell gives you over 100 live and on demand channels2 to watch on the

like S Health and a built-in heart rate

5.1” screen with razor-sharp resolution.

sensor. Plus, pair it with the Gear Fit for

The 16MP camera with 0.3 second

Samsung Galaxy S5TM superphone

auto focus takes pictures worth


sharing. Upload from anywhere with Bell’s blazing-fast LTE speeds.1



2-yr. term with select plans $699.95 No term

your next Galaxy

just got better

Available at the following Bell stores:

Cloverdale Cloverdale Square village 778 574-4447

Delta Sunshine Village 604 599-9099

Surrey Panorama Village 604 574-3957

Offer ends April 30, 2014. Available within network coverage areas available from Bell Mobility; see Paper bill charge ($2/mo.) applies unless you register for e-bill and cancel your paper bill. Other monthly charges, e.g., 9-1-1 Fees (AB: $0.44, SK: $0.62, NB: $0.53, NS: $0.43, P.E.I.: $0.70, QC: $0.40), and a one-time connection charge ($35, now $15 on a 24-month term for a limited time) applies. If you end your Commitment Period early, a Cancellation Fee applies; see your Agreement. Subject to change without notice. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. (1) Based on total square kms of coverage on the shared LTE network available from Bell vs. Rogers’ LTE network. See for details. (2) Available with a Bell TV and Bell Mobility post paid plan with the Mobile TV add-on. Mobile TV includes 10 hours/mo; $3/hr thereafter . Content and channels subject to change without notice and blackout periods may apply. Select live channels and on APR MAY 2014 programming from your Bell TV subscription are available and content viewed over Wi-Fi at home may vary and will count towards your monthly Internet data usage. See (3) With new/ activation on select 75plans. To News With A Desi View see eligible plans, visit Samsung Galaxy S5 is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., used in Canada under license.

Happy Vaisakhi

To All From Guru lucky & Family

Spice Up

Your Life with

All natural authentic gourmet Indian Snacks made from time honored family recipes since 1942 Guru Lucky Snacks are made in Canada with Canadian grains and lentils. These snacks are made with all natural ingredients and spices, no artificial flavours or preservatives and are wheat and gluten free. Made with canola oil, Guru Lucky Snacks have no trans fat, no cholesterol and are high in fiber and protein.

Now available in Eastern Canada

H.B.KAYSONS LTD. 7660-134th St., Surrey BC Canada V3W 7T8 Tel: 604.594.9800 • Fax: 604.594.9852

 0 Trans Fats  High in Fibre  No MSG  All Natural  Gluten Free Ingredients visit us at for whole range of products

Ready to eat snacks available in packages and bulk at all major supermarkets and IndianAPRStores / MAY 2014

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Mouth Watering

Sweet, Snacks &Namkeen...

#14-16, 6828 128th St, Surrey Tel: 604.572.0403 or Fax: 604.594.0233

#124-15299 68th Ave., Surrey 83 Tel: 778.578.4444 or Tel: 778.551.0143 DEC / JAN 2013

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Desi Today Punjabi - April 2014  
Desi Today Punjabi - April 2014