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LAUREN D as Rapunzel in 2013


nce upon a time, in the year 2013, in a gorgeous, chic high rise apartment, there lived a very fashionable woman. Her skin like porcelain, her eyes glistened brown. She wore a black body suit interwoven with gold and a, delicate, one-of-a-kind skirt.

But her most impressive feature was her golden, waist length locks that she let flow free.


She wears it with grace.

Like a crown on her head.

A lucky prince may one day come along...

But until then, she enjoys her view, bathing in the sun’s warm glow.

CREDITS Model Lauren D. Hair Lauren D. Makeup Lauren D. Bodysuit American Appareal Skirt Handmade by Desiree Nguyen Bib Necklace Forever 21 Location Downtown San Diego Fur blanket Ikea (rug) Chair Ikea Photographer Delighted Images Creative Director Desiree Nguyen Story Desiree Nguyen

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Issue No.1, Lauren D. as Rapunzel

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