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April 10, 2012

A psycho-thriller inspired by a former investment bankerʼs disillusionment with Wall Street

THE HOUSE makes Ontario premiere at the 10th Female Eye Film Festival The House is Vancouver based writer/director Desiree Lim’s latest feature film which will play at the 10th Female Eye Film Festival 2012. Lim is known for more lighthearted material in her previous films such as family comedy Floored By Love and romantic comedy Sugar Sweet, along with many other shorts that have played on the LGBT film festival circuit worldwide since 1996. The House marks Lim’s first venture into the darker realms of the human experience, a mixed genre supernatural psycho-thriller that evolves around the living and the dead in a haunted mansion. It is also Lim’s fourth film with longtime creative partner actor Natalie Skye (Floored By Love), with Skye playing her first lead role in a feature film. This microbudget film attracted some of Vancouver’s top actors that include Zak Santiago (Human Cargo, The Assistants), Alex Zahara (Open Range, 2012), Emilie Ullerup (Arctic Air, Sanctuary), Zahf Paroo (Defying Gravity, Scooby Doo 2), and David Richmond-Peck (V, The Firm). The House recently won Best Screenwriting (Desiree Lim) and Best Performance Award (Natalie Skye) at the 2012 Vancouver Women In Film Festival. The House begins with Jean Kaneko (Natalie Skye), a former Wall Street banker, returning to Vancouver from a soul-searching trip around the world. She retreats into a friend’s empty vacation home only to find the place haunted by tormented souls – a washed-up drifter (Zak Santiago), a cynical college professor (Alex Zahara), his bitter sister (Emilie Ullerup) married to a devoted husband (David Richmond-Peck), and a disgruntled cab driver (Zahf Paroo). As Jean reluctantly confronts these souls as tormented as herself, they inevitably end up in an entangled mass of secrets and lies… “The lead character is actually inspired by Nomi Prins, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker turned journalist/writer. I wanted to explore the theme of a group of souls who are trapped in limbo and not able to move forward in their lives,” says Lim. “For Jean, who’s still alive but has lived like the “walking dead”; for the ghosts, who have passed on but unable to move on in their afterlife – both the living and the dead are spiritually and physically stuck in a point in time.” The House is not a conventional ghost story but a gripping psychological study on the lives of characters that come from different social and cultural backgrounds, forced to confront each other and themselves on the choices they have made in their lives. Set primarily in one location, this imaginative film is a mixed genre of horror-thriller-suspense drama that roams in and out of the lives of lost souls, weaving reality with the other side. A ghost story that meditates on the precious gems along with the missed opportunities in this precarious thing we know as life.

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