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Argument Writing Final Piece Inclusion at FDR Introduction for Assembly

In our most recent unit for english class we have been writing Argument Pieces about an issue we care about and want to help change. I chose to write mine about Inclusion at our school. Although our school is doing very many things to try and help solve this problem like the SLT fun day we need to do other activities and things to continue to solve this problem. Through this I learned many different facts and statistics related to inclusion at our school. I made a video that has pictures while I read my piece of writing. Introductory Paragraph Did you know that 35% of our grade 6 student population is unconscious that there is a problem with inclusion at our school? This shows us that we need to make students at FDR more aware before it is too late. For the most part, Inclusion is a problem at our school and it is getting worse because, of the Language barrier, the fact that we are all contributing to it, and we aren’t doing enough about this problem that is actually helping. Without a doubt, we need to build awareness because we need that 35% to go down because then we can solve this problem. Reason #1 Paragraph One reason why I believe, that the problem with inclusion is getting worse, is because of the language barrier. For example, whenever we are at lunch and break there are always two main groups of people together. The first group is the LatinAmericans. The second group is the North-Americans. The Latin-Americans speak Spanish, and the North Americans speak English. This proves that people feel more comfortable, speaking their native language, and being with others whose native language is the same. People who speak better Spanish, like to be with others who speak better Spanish. People who speak better English, like to be with people who speak better English. We could help fix this if someone who speaks a different

dialect comes over, and then you can switch to the common language of English. Overall, inclusion is getting worse at FDR, and the fact that we all speak different dialects is making it worse. Reason #2 Paragraph Another reason why I believe that people are excluding others at the school is because we are all contributing to it. In a survey I conducted, I found out that the question “how often do you exclude others?” most people said that ⅕ or ⅖ of the time they exclude others. Nonetheless, these numbers are low but if everyone strengthens the problem even a little bit to the problem, it gets worse and worse because everyone is doing it. It is like a ripple. If one person does it then more and more people do it. Then, the more people that be apart of the problem the worse and worse it gets. We can help solve this problem by doing the ripple effect but the opposite. If a few people stop contributing to this problem and then a little more than more people and more people will stop contributing to it too. In conclusion, one reason why people exclude others at our school is, because we are all apart of it.

Reason #3 Paragraph More importantly, I believe the fact that we exclude others at our school, is getting worse because we are not doing enough, that is actually helping. Although efforts are being made, 27/40 people said that we are not doing much at all, or that we are not doing anything that is helping. This implies, that we are trying to fix this problem but however, not much is actually changing. We could help by letting the students decide what needs to be done to help. This way the students can know what is going to be done and it will be their decision if it helps. All in all, we are excluding others a lot and it is getting worse, so we should do something about it. Concluding Paragraph In other words, I believe that inclusion is a problem at our school and it is

getting worse, because of the language barrier, the fact that we are all contributing to it, and that we aren’t doing enough that is actually helping to solve this problem. Finally, I know that we need to do something about inclusion at FDR before it gets worse than it already is.

Georgia argument writing final piece  
Georgia argument writing final piece