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Lawn or No Lawn? A lush green lawn may not add the kind of value to your home that many think it does. Over the course of the last few months, real estate values have experienced recovery in many areas. As this unfolds, many homeowners and investors are again considering how various improvements can enhance value and sales opportunities. The landscape is the first impression one has of a property, and it usually affects about 10% of the value. Many real estate agents and homeowners feel that a lush green lawn can instill a sense of majesty and worth to a home. They also make the point that to have a "play area" for the kids is highly appealing to many families.

The Argument for Florida Native Landscaping However, speak to most realtors and they will espouse the belief that a home with a lawn will have a better chance of selling because the outdoor space would have a family play area. Ask others who understand what it takes to maintain a St. Augustine or Zoysia lawn in Florida and they may not agree. It is an ongoing debate. In fact, you can make a strong case against the value an extensive lawn adds to a property. As the population becomes more aware and sensitive to the use of chemicals on the lawn, concerns are growing about how these chemicals can be toxic to humans and pets. Since the lawn winds up being a play area, direct exposure is possible and not everything is known about the effect this has on people, children, and pets.

Benefits of Florida Native Landscaping An eco-conscious home buyer would consider the benefits related to a landscape that is a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and other native fauna. This could be a wonderful environment and learning experience for any family. Talk about an area for activity! The discovery and understanding of ecosystems and how they can connect may be able to take place in your own back yard. By integrating a modest vegetable garden and a selection of edibles that are hardy in your area, you can increase your families understanding of where food comes from as well as reduce your grocery expenses.

Save Money! A cost conscious home buyer who is aware of the work it takes to maintain a lawn-dominated landscape would consider the savings resulting from minimal maintenance, little or no chemicals and fertilizer, and minimal amounts of water to be a significant advantage.

Irrigation costs are also a big factor. As water management districts implement "water hog" taxes to discourage the installation and maintenance of water hungry landscapes, the expense of watering this type of landscape becomes even more substantial. The use of edibles can also increase the savings by providing a return on investment.

Better for the Environment Finally, educated and environmentally aware home buyers will find solace in the fact that they are doing what they know is right for their environment. By reducing mowing, you reduce emissions involved with driving around to various accounts and running the mower; only the latest model mowers have emission control. We all understand the potential hazards involved with the overuse and improper use of chemicals and fertilizers. Finally, as the population rapidly grows, water resources are becoming more and more precious. By conserving now in the landscape, we can help to ensure the future for our children. By installing a minimal amount of turf, substituting native or non-invasive plant material, and integrating a modest amount of edibles; you can appeal to a wider range of home buyers while also doing something that makes sense in many categories. Please visit the Earthwise Horticultural Services portfolio page for photos of no turf, native, and Florida friendly landscapes For more information visit landscape Designer Orlando. We specialize in residential landscape design, installation, and improvements. We also offer supplemental services such as landscape clean up, trimming, weed control, irrigation repair, mulching, speciality fertilization, and sod replacement.

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