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25 Reasons for a New Website in 2013 The New Year is all about resolutions and reinventing yourself for the upcoming months. What better way to refresh yourself and your company than with a new website for 2013? To help coach you through muscling out of this coma of brand staleness, we’ve outlined 25 reasons why you need a new website in 2013. Below is a list of 25 reasons for a new website in 2013:

1. Going Mobile Strengthen your brand with a mobile version of your current site to provide your users the option to contact and find you while on the go. With mobile web design moving into the main market, businesses are able to provide a better experience for their users. Don't get left behind! Give your customers instant and easy access to your business and gain a lead on your competitors with a custom mobile website.

2. Content Management Content Management Systems (CMS) allows you to update and maintain your website from any location without any prior programming knowledge. Since CMS is web-based, changes to your website can be made from any location with an internet connection. Keep your website up to date to the very minute with new content, articles, images, and graphics.

3. Social Media Integration Most older websites weren’t built for social media and are not favorable for integration. Your business needs a website that works with the Internet today so that you can be where your users need you. An updated website allows for all of your social media favorites to be in one spot (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

4. Improved Conversion Rates Your website is an investment, so improving your conversion rate is a critical aspect of ROI. Maximize your conversion rates through providing the right information, funnel strategy, and call-to-action buttons to help guide your visitors through the right channels. Track and measure these visitors through various forms of goalconversion tools.

5. 24/7 Availability Around the Clock While your business may have certain operating hours, your website does not. People can come visit your website any time of the day serving your client around the clock...without charging any overtime! Customers appreciate the ability to surf and navigate for information on their own time, which is often after hours.

6. Instant Feedback

A website can give you feedback instantly. Users of your website can send you e-mails, fill out contact forms, find your social media, comment on your articles, and contact you through the website to provide their overall opinion about what you’re offering.

7. Persuasiveness When you have a popular web presence, you can bring in more visitors and show the assurance of your work. You can get instant success and attract new business for your company. Display your value proposition and key differentiating factors to help set you apart from your competition, and persuade your customers through a well balanced website.

8. Professional Image An up to date website helps you create a professional image. A website designed professionally can attract visitors which can turn into new customers. Credibility is key when it comes to repeat customers, and it makes you look professional with a growing fan base.

9. Custom Look and Feel Using a template is an easy way to end up having the same website layout as someone else. Having a custom design allows for more time to be spent on your website and each site is unique and ferocious in its own individual way.

10. Call to Action Make sure your visitors are doing what you want them to. Your website acts as a guide for your visitor to ensure they know where they should be going next and how to perform a certain action. Achieve this through various forms of call to action buttons and funnel strategies to maximize your conversion rates.

11. Expanding your reach Strengthening your web presence easily increases client traffic. Your website can reach visitors across the entire globe to increase exposure and customers around the world. Adding a cutting-edge design can attract new customers and boost your credibility.

12. Sell your products online Being a part of e-commerce allows you to generate business transactions on the Internet. Shopping carts are designed and customized depending on your products, services, and check out requirements. Through a back-end control panel, you can access and manage customer orders, payments, and invoices. Your website becomes an important tool in producing business through e-commerce!

13. Strengthen your brand

Brand identity summarizes your company’s personality and reflects how you want your product or services to be recognized by your users. Branding includes logos, names or symbols that users identify with your company and design a website consistent with that image using customizable content.

14. Latest Lead Generation Tools Social media is a great way to bring in potential clients to your website. Through your website, these clients can get to know you better and can even reach out to you to have you contact them. Once you have that information, you can connect with them and bring more people closer to your site.

15. Memorable User Experience Ensure your website is helping your visitors achieve a purpose, then make it the most enjoyable experience possible. Your website should be both visually appealing and assist with the goal the user is looking to achieve. This will craft a memorable user experience that will ultimately improve your conversion and adoption rates.

16. Improve your Search Engine Ranking (SEO) To increase your popularity on the Internet, Search Engine Optimization is a main reason for achieving a higher page rank. Competitive analysis's are run, popular key words are reviewed, as well as implementing a strategy for a full page SEO campaign. Boost your keyword rankings on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

17. Cross Browser Compatibility All Web browsers (ex: Firebox, Chrome, Safari, etc) deliver websites differently. Testing and debugging for various browsers ensures your website is accessible and ready for all versions of the Internet! Don't lose customers because your website falls apart in different browsers.

18. Interactivity without Flash Strong visual stimulation allows for an awesome user experience. The design of your website can make or break the success of your business. Interactive design allows for creativity and something different from most sites. With modern technologies like HTML5/CSS3 your website can offer great visual interactivity without the load of Flash.

19. Logo Enhancements Using a logo that is different from any other company allows you to be unique and different from others and shows how you’ll be perceived by your users. Creative and custom logos are far better than something that can be made from a template.

20. Promotional Tool

Having a website is the most convenient and professional way to promote your business. It is a continuous promotion of your business and far less expensive. Having a website is easy to update and saves you and your company time to spend elsewhere.

21. Responsive Layout Responsive Design provides an optimal viewing experience. It is easy to read and navigate and can be used across all media platforms. Web design teams can use fluid layouts which allows more sites to be viewed more easily across multiple screen sizes and devices.

22. Track Visitors through Analytics Know your visitors: Where they came from, what they searched, how long they spent on various topics of your website. This data helps you improve the overall user experience of what your visitors are looking for and actually doing on your website. Seeing these metrics is 1/2 the battle. You must understand the information so you can maximize your website’s efforts.

23. Staying Ahead of Competition Making a website for your company or doing a redesign allows for you to stay ahead of the curve and have the newest design tools on your page. The better your page looks, the higher your chances are to bring in new clients as well as have repeat business.

24. Credibility The more professional and advanced your website is, the more credibility it can give your company’s website. If it has all the features and looks pleasing to the eye, more people are apt to stay on your page and may find something they could potentially use to become a future customer.

25. Funnel Strategy It’s important to understand the ‘path’ we want the visitor to take on your website. Ultimately through a balance of providing bite-sized amounts of information, graphics, and appropriately placing your call-to-action buttons to help funnel your visitor to the appropriate channels through your website. This helps improve your bounce rates, user experience, and ultimately conversion rates.

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25 Reasons for a New Website in 2013  

The New Year is all about resolutions and reinventing yourself for the upcoming months. What better way to refresh yourself and your company...