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Existing community and civic buildings in Sidomulyo / Kricak cater for all groups and individuals. As part of the construction techniques ventilation and daylight is sparse making occupation uncomfortable and limited.


Outdoor public spaces are slowly being appropriated as the demand for space increases. Due to the existing conditions as hypothesised in the previous photo, communal and civic activities occur outside also.


Dominant construction materials used are heavy masonry which is not suitable for a hot, humid climate like Indonesia. These heavy masonry materials also have high potential to cause injury during natural disasters.




Double Skillion Roof The difference in ridge height allows for good ventilation and good daylight access. The gap can be f illed with glass, open weave fabric, mesh or woven bamboo.

Raised Skillion Roof The raised roof provides great cross-ventilation and solar access. Minimal heat radiation is transmitted as the ventilation prevents this. The gap can be f illed with glass, open weave fabric, mesh or woven bamboo.

Water Tank Water tank kits can be purchased and installed, alternatively, a thoroughly cleaned 44gallon drum linked to a roof gutter system can collect water for washing and cleaning.

Drainage Pit Water that falls from the roof lands in a pit f illed with gravel. Water drains to the ground preventing water to enter buildings, cause mould and welcome mosquitoes.



Roof Hatch Vents hot air through roof and can be opened and closed in relation to weather conditions. Minimal daylight access yet this is dependant on the hatch size.

Bamboo Facade (Horizontal Spaced) Small spacing between each bamboo length provides ventilation and daylight access. Privacy can be achieved by an internal woven bamboo curtain.


Pin Join Details Pin joining structures allow for movement preventing major damage to buildings as the impact is absorbed. Lashing helps hold the structure during violent movement.

Spaced Bamboo Flooring Old tires f illed with concrete provide good footings for light weight buildings and place the f loor above the ground allowing good ventilation of the f loor. Small gaps between the f looring allows for cooling air to pass through and vent the space.

Sloped Edge Water f lows down the slope and away from entering buildings helping to prevent water damage and dampness.

Private Well A well cleaned 44gallon drum, concrete tank or similar can be housed in the f loorspace of lightweight buildings. The water is kept cool and can be accessed through a f loor hatch.

Heavy Bottom, Light Top Heavy construction such as brick and concrete is best kept to a minimum height. During earth tremors and major f looding the heavy material is less likely to cause any major injury when fallen. A lighter upper construction is more f lexible as it can move freely with any disruptions.


Ventilation and Pressure Relief Ventilation bricks are often used in the gables of roofs and upper walls but when placed at the lower part of walls it allows for pressure relief during f looding and ventilation allowing the lower part of buildings to dry faster, reducing mould and dampness.

Applied Awning An applied awning not only shades windows and doors from direct sunlight but also prevents rain from entering these openings by directing the water away.



Bamboo Facade (Ends Showing) Bamboo pieces are stacked within a frame. This provides good ventilation and daylight access with good privacy still achieved.

Sheet Metal Roof ing vs Tiles Tiles are heavy and can cause seriously injury when forced off a roof during an earthquake. Sheet metal roof ing is light and can be easily installed.


Loft Space A loft space not only provides extra living space but also allows for a dwelling to still be used during minor f looding.

Drainage Pits Trenches dug around the perimeter of buildings and f illed with gravel act like storm gutters. Excess water is returned to the ground quickly and prevents any still water causing damage to buildings.

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Community Building - realities/strategies/opportunities  

An investigation into the realities, strategies and opportunities when considering Community facilties in a village or Kampung environment....

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