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May 15, 2013


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Good! You can find out how you can enter for your chance to win the Red Heart Yarn Prize pack on on our blog, right after you cast your vote for best DW3 design!

You’ve waited long enough,

and we can’t contain ourselves

any longer! After months of planning, prepping, and preparing, we are proud to finally reveal what we have been working on in DW3 with our lovely Crème de la Creme yarn that Red Heart has provided! Discovery each of our designs below; we hope that you find at least 8 new favorites! After you’ve taken a gander, please click on over to our blog to vote for the design that you think is the best! Have more than one favorite design? Good! Voting will be open until 31 May, and you can cast one vote every 12 hours; problem solved! The design that receives the most votes will be revealed in issue #5 of our DW3 Newsletter, and will be revered with our utmost respect as the champion design of DW3! After your vote is given, be sure to enter for a chance to win our Red Heart Yarn prize pack (details will be posted on our blog…)

*RHY to render prize pack, photo may not represent actual prize.


design by katie hanken | Katie Hanken

Retro Flower Blanket and Pillow | design by katie hanken Ah, the versatile granny square! You can do so much with this design! This granny square is inspired by a retro flower quilt that was so cool I thought it would look great in crochet. It was a bit tricky to work out the shape but after much trial and error I am satisfied. Only your imagination sets the limit for what you can make from this design, however, I chose to make a baby blanket and pillow. I worked up this design in my ninth month of pregnancy so there is, of course, little surprise as to who I wanted to design it for - our new baby naturally! With the huge color assortment to choose from in Red Heart's Crème de la crème line I was very inspired to work specifically on this design idea. My yarn stash had lots of colors in it and figuring out which ones to use and how to assemble them together made me feel like a quilter! In fact, I had to acquire some quilter’s advice from my mom to get it just right. I used the colors: Ivory, bright pink, green shadow, navy, golden yellow, tile blue, orchid pink and wood violet in this design and love the color combination I ended up with. I think this design really brightens up and brings something wonderful to a modern interior - especially a baby's room! I am looking forward to seeing our baby learn to roll over and crawl on this blanket exploring the different colors as she grows her first year. And I can't wait to see what other creative crocheters create using this design!


CrazySocks Designs | Danyel Pink

Pretty Little Apron | CrazySocks Designs Your littlest helpers will look adorable in this sweet & colorful apron! The Pretty Little Apron is designed for girls, and will be available in 3 sizes for ages 1-2, 3-5 and 6-8 years. It has a fully adjustable strap and a small front pocket. It can be made in any combination of colors, can be adorned with a variety of embellishments & is very easy to crochet. My own daughter was my main inspiration for this project. She loves to help out in the kitchen, and loves to dress up! She's also a messy toddler, so this apron is also quite functional! I know you will enjoy this project because it is fun to crochet, looks super cute on little girls, makes a great gift, and is something that will encourage your little ones to help out around the house! After you whip one up, go bake some cookies with your little one... Then send me some. I love cookies!


One & Two Co. | Carolina Guzman

Teddy Sweet Hugs | One & Two Co. I wanted to do something that you can use every day, something that is original and funny. I think Teddy Sweet Hugs will be a beautiful memory in your life. It's for babies, for children, for adults, for everyone... Teddy Sweet Hugs can be a wonderful gift, you can make for yourself, or for your children. Teddy Sweet Hugs will be full of memories and happiness. I think people will love it because it's sweet, friendly, fun and a really personal gift that anyone is sure to love and treasure forever. Teddy Sweet Hugs can easily be made for a boy or girl, for a child or an adult, and it can be customized in thousands of ways to personalize it each time.


Frayed Knot | Jonna Ventura

The Perfect Bag | Frayed Knot A piece with fashion, function, and stylish simplicity! There are two chief points to this piece that will make you swoon; the strong stitching, and the amazing cotton yarn it’s constructed with. This genius combination makes for The Perfect Bag; attractive, and strong enough so that you DON’T have to line it! Designing this combination for The Perfect Bag was a huge feat, especially since most crochet bags can stretch, lose their shape, and require fabric lining - and I DON’T sew. The Perfect Bag design is complete with a cross body strap, so it’s great for a gal on the go! With over 60 colors available in Crème de la Crème, you will have endless color combinations to choose from – Why not make a few to match your summer wardrobe! The Perfect bag is stylish and simplistic, but can be a great slate for embellishments too, should you fancy any, and you can easily add some surface stitching or applique to personalize this style.


Mamachee * Crochet Makes Me Happy! | Tara Murray

Molly’s Summer Slippers | Mamachee These slippers are airy and perfect for summer wear. Who are they for? They are for our little ones! I wish that these were gender neutral but they are definitely for the little princess. The slippers will come in sizes newborn, all the way up to 2 yrs. They have an optional strap to help keep them on and it works! These stay on! If I had to describe these booties, I would say that they are: functional, really pretty….they would make me say, “awwwww” if I saw a baby wearing them, they are summery and ummm, well, they are just entirely awesome. The purpose of this pattern is to keep you very busy. Busy making these for all the little girls in your life because all their mommies are begging you for a pair. Haha. Loved using the cotton for this project! Cotton is so great for summer and great to crochet with. My favorite color to use was the gray, it just goes with everything! It is my hope that these booties will grace little princess feet all over the world.


Baca Creations | Salena Baca

Midsummer Wrap | Baca Creations Romantic, seductive, classic. The Midsummer Wrap is a romantic dream for me, and I created it to embody all that I love about this season; long hot days, cool summer nights, and a young at heart notion of romance. I picture this worn off one shoulder, over a strapless sundress, barefoot in the park, while taking a stroll with your sweetheart and enjoying the ambiance of it all. Or, worn in the evening, with red heels and bangle bracelets, a gorgeous speedo model at hand, while dining alfresco and sipping wine at a cafĂŠ in France.


This is a distinct garment; one that is made with springtime lust in your heart and a midsummer dream in your brain. Something made with an adventure in mind, an event to be had, longed for, loved, treasured...

Mad Mad me | Charissa Ragsdale

Happy Everything! (Mad Motif) | Mad Mad me


One pattern for all occasions. It’s true! This multi-textured and colorful motif can be made into just about anything and to show off its versatility, here it is as a bunting to be hung for any season of celebrating. Whether you’re ringing in the New Year, welcoming Spring into the world or decorating cupcakes for a birthday party, I guarantee that this pattern will bring a personal and handmade joy to the event. You can even custom tailor the colors for specific festivities. Choose red, white and blue for patriotic holidays or traditional green, red and cream to lure Santa down the chimney. Why not make one that matches your home décor and leave it up all year long? But don’t think that the Happy Everything! motif is limited to bunting. Heirloom blankets, wearable wraps, ornamental jacket pockets and sensational purses can be worked up all from this same pattern. The cotton yarn recommended for this pattern is perfect to show off the stitch details and holds up well to hanging (keeping its shape nicely and not folding on itself). Another benefit to this yarn is the variety of bright, dark, solid and variegated color options. I hope you enjoy making it and I hope you love what you make!

Playin’ Hooky Designs | Liz McQueen

Eddyline Sunhat, Headband & Belt | Playin’ Hooky I make hats. It’s what I love, I can’t help it. For this project I wanted to venture a little out of my comfort zone and attempt my biggest design to date: a veritable 3-in-1. It’s a hat, a headband, and a belt all in one pattern. I have to admit, it wasn’t my first idea for Design Wars. I envisioned something a little different, but I always knew my design would be centered around chevrons. I love the vintage feel they add and I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of them this season. I get excited by creating looks that can be worn by men, women, and children alike. This pattern is no exception. While the men in your life may not wear a big floppy brimmed hat, they could easily sport the headband anywhere from a baseball game to a block party. For the ladies, add the belt over your favorite sundress for effortless style on your way to a summer BBQ. Added versatility comes with adjusting the depth of the brim or the length of the belt to match each piece to your personal style. All three pieces are also available in a kid’s size perfect for bright cheerful colors just in time to play outside in the warmer months. Summer is almost here and it can’t come soon enough for me. Get ready to go from sunny days to warm nights with this versatile, playful design.


Have you won yet? We’re more than half way

through our Daily Giveaways for Design Wars 3, but there are still plenty of opportunities to win! Here is the remainder of the schedule for this segment – join in the fun!

Who won what, and when?


Brittney Ragon, of Addi & Maci Crochet, shared this lovely picture of the Sarah Slouch Hat that she worked up (Left). This is the winning garment from Design Wars II, pattern by Frayed Knot.

DW patterns and yarns in action Crème de la Crème yarn was used to make these two beauties! Vintage Line Bonnet (pattern by Mellony Bester), submitted by Hookable Goodness. Sunburst Tam submitted by Baca Creations.

Danielle Nims shared a picture of the Mason Hat that she worked up (Right). This is a garment from Design Wars 2, pattern by CrazySocks Designs.

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If you have completed a Design Wars Pattern, or used one of our past yarn picks that you would like to share with us, please e-mail your submission for consideration to:


If you have completed a Design Wars Pattern, or used one of our past yarn picks that you would like to share with us, please e-mail your submission for consideration to:



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DW3 | Issue 4  

Final reveal of all our garments!

DW3 | Issue 4  

Final reveal of all our garments!