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Did you know I’m a NORMAL gal? I’m a Mom, a housewife, a happy globe-trotter, a pet owner, and a crochet enthusiast with more yarn in my office than grass in my yard! I’m just like most of you! So, why Design Wars? I noticed that most crochet designers were silently admiring and supporting each other, but none of us had specific means of networking in meaningful ways. We’re all so different in taste and design, so we should be finding ways to collaborate that showcase our talents, and support each other! Then one day the concept dawned on me; let’s create a forum that showcases our talent in a fun and challenging environment. Thus Design Wars was born! This is my forum, but I’m not a conglomerate enterprise; I’m an average Jane with a growing list of ambitions and dreams that I’m going after! This forum launched a year ago with crochet designers who I admire and want to showcase, and I’m still running this challenge with that exact same pursuit! I believe in this forum, and I’m working hard to assure you can trust and believe in me! Long live Design Wars!


Salena (SB), on behalf of Design Wars: Has DW changed the way you function as an artist / designer? How? Carolina Guzman (CG); owner of One & Two Company: In my shop designs I continue working in the same way, first I take Carolina’s Colorful Owl Rug design was a public favorite last challenge, and notes of ideas I want to do, draw several sketches and I make voted best in each of these categories: Design to Gift, Use of Color, and Use of a prototype. When I'm happy with the result I do the final Yarn! This owner of One & Two Company was kind enough to chat with us after version. But when I do it for Design Wars my process is she won, enjoy! somewhat different. DW has its own characteristics and for this reason I try to find a design according with the yarn selected and the colors available, always looking for interesting and original design. SB: What are you working on now? What's exciting in your shop? CG: My creations are centered on appliques and children's products. I'm still working on my security blankets, for which I have many new ideas. Also after many requests, I have launched little amigurumis based on my loveys. Thus, you can make the blanket first, and when your little one grows you can convert into a cute amigurumi. And of course a lot of new projects that are coming, new rugs, puppets, baskets... all following the spirit of my designs, be original and creative. SB: What pattern do you think we should feature as our next CAL on the blog? Why? CG: I can't decide on one, all Design Wars designs are great. DW fans have a very important role, are an essential element and this is why I think they should choose their favorite design.







For Design Wars 5 I created a "Reading Corner Mobile & Pillows Set". My idea was to create something colorful that would inspire kids to read. I also wanted to make something that would work in a room for a long period of time, not only for a nursery. I think the fans will love it because it is different, it is fun and it has a meaning. As far as colors go, I used as many as possible; I love colorful, but the design can be made in the colors of your choice to match whatever room you desire. I hope you love it as a much as I do! 8

I love to design shawls and cowls. This wrap has the best of those two items in one! It looks like a beautiful triangle shawl which can be draped to your liking, but has two keyholes to close the shawl like a cowl so it won’t slip off. The combination of an oversized hook and a delicate knit-look stitch make this cowl light, drapy and very comfortable to wear. Once I started making examples I couldn’t stop and used a lot of different and preferably contrasting colors, the pattern comes with a lot of color inspiration varying from 2 contrasting colors to stripes or even a colourful patchwork design. The basic pattern provides three sizes: baby, child and adult! It is an easy pattern, suitable for advanced beginners and experienced crocheters too! I think this pattern represents anything I try to stand for as a designer, it’s beautiful, practical, different, customizable, and wearable and I think you’ll love it!


I've wanted to design a hooded cowl for a while now. I've always loved the elegance of cowls and being a person that dislikes the cold weather, the hood adds a delightful warming touch. The Serene Reflections Hooded Cowl represents the serenity of a calm river, a slight ripple reflecting the beauty around it. This cowl has a Crystalized twist on the rising popularity of the hooded cowls, an infinity cowl that can also be made with less length if no hood is preferred. The Serene Reflections Hooded Cowl has off set shells make this pattern flow throughout and drift around the face. This stitch combination is perfect for 3 colors, enhancing multiple wardrobe options for anyone over the age of one. Use subtle colors or bright colors, or even a rainbow of colors for an ocean of possibilities.


As soon as I saw the color variety in the Red Heart Soft, I just knew I needed to design something that took full use of the wonderful rainbow available. This yarn is so soft and chunky that it just seemed so perfect for snuggly, warm slipper socks. Designed with pretty much everyone in mind, they come in 5 different sizes, ranging from child to adult, so the whole family can have a pair. The colors can easily be adjusted to meet the recipient’s taste, especially with the wide variety of color choices available in this yarn. Inspired by my family, who are always in need of something to keep their toes warm, these quick to crochet accessories are worked toe up with an inbuilt heel and finished with the apache stitch on the cuff.


What is this pattern? It's a hat! It's for your head and I think it's pretty awesome and unique. I should show you the stack of swatches that I worked up trying to get this stitch pattern to work right, there's a stack, that's for sure. I wanted the pattern to look difficult but be easy for me to write up and easy for the crocheter to understand. I'm excited about this pattern because it totally rocks and my husband likes it (my biggest critic and supporter). It's got loads of texture and people might wonder if it's knitted.


What crochet design do you wish you thought of first? Are there any that blow your mind? I’m absolutely in love with Doris Chan’s “Rockin‘ Red Dress”. The silhouette is classic and the beautifully textured “quiver stitch” yoke that fades into a flattering point at the waist makes this dress so special and stunning! I think this design is a shining example of wearable modern crochet fashion. I can only aspire to be as talented as Doris one day. Oh, and the design is inspired by Star I’m sold. Do you wear your own crochet goods? Which pieces? Most often I give things away as gifts even when I intend on making it for myself. One piece I crocheted to keep was an intricate lace bathing suit cover-up to wear on vacation. My then fiancé managed to get it caught on a piece of luggage and rip it after I only wore it for an hour. Somehow I found it in my heart to still marry him, haha! Recently, I finally did make something for wedding dress!


Get to know Abigail Haze!

Which of your crochet pieces do you feel best represent you?

She made this dress!

My “Roommate’s Favorite Sweater” is a piece that definitely represents who I am as a designer. It’s a fabulous color-blocked sweater jacket that is worked in the round in bulky weight yarn. I love to make garments that are youthful and modern but with a classic “wardrobe staple” appeal. I think my “Political Science Skirt” is another piece that showcases what I’m trying to accomplish with my work. It’s a sassy and chic ribbed pencil skirt that has so many versatile outfit options. I’m dedicated to designing crochet fashions that women would love to wear in their everyday lives. Women should feel confident in wearing their treasured pieces that they’ve spent hours stitching! I hope my designs offer the opportunity to do just that. :-)



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