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Everyone is a designer of his everyday life, designers say. However, the meaning of design and the purpose of a designer, is not something that is easily understood or generally familiar to people. Aesthetics is a notion that embraces almost everything around, metaphorically expanding on many different levels. Subsequently, a discussion based mainly in theory is bound to have limitations. Design gives theory a realistic dimension. Design applies the fundamental principles of aesthetics to everyday life. Talking about graphic design, we talk about applied arts, about communication, about solutions to problems and interventions in the world that surrounds us. Somewhere around these thoughts, an idea started forming about an event that would bring the public closer to design. A public that would want to see, to understand, to be informed. About an event that would make the public more familiar with design. The Design Walk. An unplanned talk at a tavern in Thession. Three design studios that happened to have lunch together, at a noon break from work, talking about the area of Psyrri, about design and the groups that have gathered in the neibourhood. An idea that came naturally and was carried out in good spirit and lots of personal work. 14 design studios, in the centre of Athens is not something that can go unnoticed. Here, people with common interests, similar backgrounds and studies, both in Greece and abroad, parallel working fields and the same love for the Athens downtown, opened their offices, creating –not on purpose, but then again not by accident– a professional map, a dynamic field of applied arts in the centre of the city. The main goal of the Design Walk was to «create noise», to inform. Connecting with the other designers and introducing themselves to the public was also an intention. The designers opened the doors of their studios, welcoming friends, acquaintances, the curious and passers by and presenting a new idea: small autonomous graphic design exhibitions, with work that covered a large field of visual communication. Design and typography, illustration, photography, video and installations by Greek and foreign designers. Every studio chose a medium and worked hard to make it happen. Bold ideas that completed one another, giving a spectrum of information. Experimental projects, interactive games, graffiti, etchings, small stories, collages and installations. Guest designers, both from Greece and other countries, work that was created especially for the Design Walk, work created by designers invited to participate in the event, comments on urban culture, coexistence of the mainstream and the underground. Every office an exhibition. An exhibition with work created freely, without commercial boundaries or limitations that originated from a product that needed to be promoted.

The Design Walk started as an exhibition. A three-day exhibition, with the creative studios open to the public that would want to walk in and check out their work. An opportunity for those who know or those who want to know what design in Athens is about. New stimulus, ideas, suggestions and opinions from 14 studios that opened their doors to show that they are here, to show what they do and what they can do, but also to accentuate a side of graphic design that is not client-oriented. The Design Walk started as an exhibition and ended up a celebration. The neibourhood, the time of the year, the proximity of the studios, the media promotion, it all helped for the public to respond to the work of the design studios in the best possible way. Studios filled many times a day. Groups filled the lanes of Psyrri, with map in hand, searching for their next destination, commenting on what they had seen and who they had met. Designers ran for a quick visit to other studios. People looked for the participants, to congratulate them, to ask for information and details. This was the general atmosphere in Psyrri, for three happy tiring days. This is how the Design Walk began, in January 2007. Τhe Design Walk catalogue is also a “walk”, a reminiscent stroll to the exhibitions, presented by the 14 studios, a documentation of this first attempt, concentrated, informational, commemorative.

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Το Bios παρουσιάζει την ομάδα eBoy, που έχει τη βάση της στο Βερολίνο, τους δημιουργούς που εισήγαγαν στο design την επανα-χρήση της 8-bit αισθητικής. Οι eBoy δημιουργούν επαναχρησιμοποιούμενα αντικείμενα από pixels, τα οποία χρησιμοποιούν για να χτίσουν πολύπλοκα artworks.

Bios present the group eBoy, based in Berlin, the group that introduced the re-use of the 8-bit style to design. eBoy create re-usable pixel objects, which they employ in building complicated artworks.

Bios Πειραιώς 84, 10438 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3425335


Bios Pireos 84, 10438 Athens. Tel. +30 210 3425335



Παρουσίαση των moving image projects της ομάδας Jutojo, αποτελούμενη από την Julie Gayard, designer, τον Toby Cornish, σκηνοθέτη και τον Jony Braun, αρχιτέκτονα. Πρόκειται για μια ομάδα νέων δημιουργών που ζουν και εργάζονται στο Βερολίνο με βάση το Mitte, περιοχή με πολλά κοινά με την περιοχή του Ψυρρή. Ασχολούνται με projects που αφορούν όλο το εύρος της γραφιστικής δημιουργίας, prints, films, visuals, screen video panoramas καθώς επίσης και με site specific commissions.

Presentation of moving image projects of the group Jutojo, which consists of the designer Julie Gayard, the director Toby Cornish and the architect Jony Braun. Jotujo is a team of young people that live and work in Mitte, Berlin, an area that has many things in common with the area of Psyrri. Jutojo work on various design projects such as print, film, visuals, screen video panoramas, as well as site specific commissions.

mnp Βασίλης Μαρματάκης, Κατερίνα Παπαναγιώτου. Βορέου 10, 10551 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3252832


mnp Vassilis Marmatakis, Katerina Papanagiotou. Voreou 10, 10551 Athens. Tel. +30 210 3252832




Ένα τοπίο απελευθέρωσης και χαλάρωσης για τους περιπατητές του Design Walk. Μια εγκατάσταση-άσκηση πάνω στη δημιουργική διαδικασία, ένα εν δυνάμει brainstorming στο οποίo προκύπτουν συζητήσεις, ανάλογα με τα άτομα που βρίσκονται στο χώρο, τη μεταξύ τους σχέση και διάθεση.

The Switch Design Agency created a scene of liberation and relaxation for the walkers of Design Walk. In HOME SWITCH HOME, the appropriate conditions for free communication on creative matters were ensured. A fire, a carpet, low lights, minimal sounds, a multifunctional relaxing piece of furniture (“hameleon”), views, experiences, memories, pillows that offer ideas for discussions (“sleep on it” series).

Στο HOME SWITCH HOME, εξασφαλίστηκαν οι Κ. Σ. (ΚανονικέςΚατάλληλες Συνθήκες) για ελεύθερη επικοινωνία πάνω σε δημιουργικά θέματα. Μια φωτιά, ένα χαλί, απαλός φωτισμός, αφαιρετικοί ήχοι, ένα πολυμορφικό έπιπλο χαλάρωσης (“hameleon”), απόψεις, εμπειρίες, μνήμες, μαξιλαράκια με «πρώτες ιδέες» για συζήτηση (σειρά “sleep on it”). theSwitch designAgency Σαχτούρη 3, 10553 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3219034

HOME SWITCH HOME is an installation –exercise on the creative process. An ongoing brainstorming in which several conversations take place, according to the participants, the relation they have to each other and their mood. theSwitch designAgency Sahtouri 3, 10553 Athens. Τel. +30 210 3219034





Ένας φόρος τιμής στο παιχνίδι, με αφορμή τη διερεύνηση των νοητικών δεξιοτήτων, όπως αυτές αξιολογούνται μέσα από τα γνωστά μας IQ tests. Παρουσιάζεται το IQube, μια παιγνιώδης κατασκευή που δικαιώνει αυτή την εγγενή ανθρώπινη κλίση προς τον πειρασμό της ανακάλυψης και της εξερεύνησης του αγνώστου. Οι παίκτες συναινώντας σ΄αυτήν την πρόκληση ενεργοποιούν τη φαντασία τους και εκφεύγοντας από οποιαδήποτε παγιωμένη αντίληψη ανταποδοτικής δικαιοσύνης παραδίδονται στη διασκέδαση.

A tribute to games, inspired by the exploration of mind skills, the way those are set by the generally known IQ tests. A presentation of the IQube, a structure that justifies the tendency we all have towards discovery and exploration of the unknown. Accepting this challenge, the players use their imagination and, forgetting all stereotypical beliefs on justice, give in to delight.

Στις επόμενες σελίδες παρουσιάζονται τρεις από τους γρίφους της έκθεσης, προκαλώντας τους επίδοξους παίκτες να τους λύσουν. Η λύση του γρίφου είναι πάντα ένας μονοψήφιος αριθμός. Typical mutations Eric Parks, Δημήτρης Χασαπάκης, Παναγιώτης Χατζηδάκης. Λεπενιώτου 21, 10554 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3244400


In the following pages, three of the exhibition’s puzzles are presented, daring prospective players to solve them. The solution to the puzzle is always a one digit number. Typical mutations Eric Parks, Dimitris Hasapakis, Panagiotis Hatzidakis. Lepeniotou 21, 10554 Athens. Tel. +30 210 3244400



Μια εγκατάσταση στο διάδρομο ο οποίος συνδέει τις διαφορετικές καλλιτεχνικές δραστηριότητες της WARDA.

The studio presents an installation, in the corridor connecting the different artistic activities of WARDA.

Μια παρέμβαση που συμβολίζει τη σχέση μας με τις αντιθέσεις της περιοχής του Ψυρρή, τις σκληρές καθημερινές εικόνες που τείνουμε να συνηθίσουμε.

An intervention that symbolizes our relationship with the various contrasts one finds in the area of Psyrri, the hardcore every day images that we tend to become accustomed to.

WARDA Ιωάννα Κωστίκα, Ελισάβετ Μωράκη, Βασιλική Παναγιωτοπούλου, Farida El Gazzar. Aισχύλου 27, 10554 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3236339


WARDA Joanna Kostika, Elisavet Moraki, Vassiliki Panayotopoulou, Farida El Gazzar. Aishylou 27, 10554 Athens. Tel. +30 210 3236339




Εστιασμένοι στη –λιγότερο ή περισσότερο– οργανωμένη πολυπλοκότητα του Ψυρρή, οι We design παρουσιάζουν στιγμιότυπα αυτού του λειτουργικά διαφοροποιημένου συνόλου: Εργασία, φαγοπότι, χορός, μουσική, πόρνες, ναρκωτικά, αγορά, σκουπίδια. Eικόνες που αποκαλύπτουν τις διαφορετικές όψεις της περιοχής του Ψυρρή.

Focusing on the –more or less organised– complexity of Psyrri, We design presents snapshots of this altered ensemble: work, eating, dancing, music, prostitutes, drugs, the market, garbage, all images that reveal the different sides of the area of Psyrri.

We design Φίλιππος Φωτιάδης, Σέργιος Φωτιάδης, Θεανώ Πετρίδου. Αισχύλου 27, 10554 Αθήνα. Τηλ. 210 3232414


We design Philippos Fotiades, Sergios Fotiades, Theano Petridou. Aishylou 27, 10554 Athens. Tel. +30 210 3232414

Design Walk 2007  
Design Walk 2007  

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